313- Fake Tears

Dark Type: Ward. Wash away an opposing force by the power of tears, without ever having to shed a single one. This spell is designed to get rid of a negative person or energy without having to give them any more energy to unintentionally encourage them to keep going.

What You’ll Need~

  • A bowl
  • A piece of chalk
  • Salt
  • Water


  • In your bowl mix warm water and salt. Try to remain calm and cool as you do this, keeping all intense energy or feelings away from this.
  • Do not speak as you mix it, only think to yourself “I care no more for you, your energy, or your drama. I have nothing more to give you, and so you shall leave.”
  • Continue repeating these thoughts until the solution is thoroughly mixed.
  • Pour the mixture over a small piece of chalk, this representing your target, slowly. Stay straight faced and calm, repeating your thoughts. Do this slowly until the chalk is all the way dissolved.


  • I would suggest you do this in the dry sink where the chalk can wash away down the drain.
  • You can add cinnamon or pepper to your fake tears mixture for an extra kick, but honestly I wouldn’t bother. On one hand it could make this a little more curse-like, but on the other it counteracts the point of no longer caring about the person or thing in question.
  • The chalk can be a color to represent the subject!
Magickal Properties of Ghost Type

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Death, fear, grief, trickery, loss, a playfulness/lack of seriousness at times, illusions, strong negative emotions (spite, jealousy, sadness, vengeance), sustaining oneself with the power taken from others, otherworldly magic, curses, grudges, loneliness, mystery, beyond the physical.

Ghost types. They’re scary, they’re sometimes mean, and at times they’re downright dangerous. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t Ghost types out there who we can form meaningful relationships with, or that the type itself has nothing positive to offer. It just means be careful! The anime mentions a mysterious ghost world, beyond the regular Pokémon world, where Ghost types thrive and lost souls wander. I don’t think there’s a trainer out there who completely understands the nature of the Ghost type and what it’s capable of. That makes it powerful, but it also means unpredictable.

Ghosts are linked with the supernatural, unexplained, and mysterious. They represent an obscuring of information/clarity/understanding. They can slip into the shadows, turning invisible. Many can cause illusions as well. The power of obscuring is very useful when you want to hide a secret… or hide just yourself! Spells to keep information hidden or to figuratively turn invisible to avoid being noticed can be achieved with Ghost help!

Ghost type (and, granted, Psychic type, but that’s more linked to the mind, and Fairy type, but that’s more recent) is often associated with magic. Mismagius is a great example. A pure Ghost type, and based off of traditional witch iconography, this Pokémon is a powerful magic user. Their magic covers a broad range too, it’s not all scary and dangerous! Mismagius can cause headaches and frightening illusions, but can just as easily cast love spells and happiness spells. (Check its dex entries!) A Mismagius companion can be a powerful boost to your magick!

Many Ghost types can turn other’s negative energy into fuel or power. While on the surface it seems like a good idea to let a Ghost Pokémon companion leech off your negative emotions as per some sort of symbiotic agreement, let me just say, this is dangerous if not handled correctly. Some Pokémon sap life energy in addition to negative emotions. Some do it without meaning to even with trainers they have strong bonds with. You can utilize your negative emotions for powerful magic. Ghost Pokémon can help you with it. You can help Ghost Pokémon in turn. But some serious boundaries of safety need to be set. Strong negative emotions make for powerful yet dangerous magic. Be careful!

Curses. Everyone has an opinion on them. I won’t say too much but, Ghost type is ideal for cursing, if you do that. I don’t really curse myself. But there’s literally a Ghost type move called Curse. (Granted, it was previously ??? type, but it was still always associated with Ghosts.) And even if this isn’t strictly a curse, if you hate someone, and you feel stronger when they feel bad, you’re literally doing what Ghost types do. Sometimes there’s bad people in the world, and sometimes we just gotta Ghost ‘em.

Ghosts can help you get in touch with aspects of yourself beyond your psychical body, and this physical world. Ghost types usually don’t have a solid body. There’s a lot we can learn about ourselves from how they experience the world.

Ghost types can help you process death. An actual death in your life, or a metaphorical death of sorts. They can work with you and can help you.

Let me end this on a positive note. A lot of Ghost types love to have fun. They are playful, and love to laugh and joke and play games. The anime episode “The Tower Of Terror” shows that the Gastly line in particular can be very fun loving and playful, even if they do cause damage inadvertently. There are a lot of Ghost types that can be wonderful at cheering you up and making you laugh. When things are too serious (life, death, our worries and fears) these playful Pokémon help us learn to laugh it off a little more often.

The Ghost type can be dangerous. Any of the types can be dangerous, but Ghost types are dangerous in their mystery and the fact we can’t always account for what will happen when working with it. But every Pokémon is an individual with their own motivations and there are Ghost types out there who will respect you and your safety, and have lots to offer.

Pokémon in Witchcraft (Pokécraft) Masterpost

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Info, Sigils and Spells:

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⭐️paganmovedex (sooooo many different pokemon related spells)

116- Focus Energy

Normal Type: Enchantment. Focus your energy into a keepsake to carry around all day, and keep you on track. Pretty basic, as all you need is your energy and something to channel it into.

What You’ll Need~

  • A small object that you can fit in your pocket or purse


  1. Select your item. It should be easily portable, and something that you can touch when you need to.
  2. Once you have chosen your item, you hold it in your hands, and focus on it.
  3. List what qualities you want to carry for that day. Diligence, attentiveness, patience, or what have you. You can say them out loud or think them.
  4. Store your object however you please. If you feel yourself getting off track, you can take your item out and hold it, remembering what you asked for


  • Good items include stones, crystals, pencils, coins, fidgets, and so on.
  • This spell is more about will and intent than anything. Your object is just a place to keep this energy and to remind you of what you need to do.
Magickal Properties of Normal Type

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The foundation, the basis from which all power is derived, the beginning, simplicity, balance, plenitude, accessibility, familiarity, truth unobstructed, well rounded, adaptability, unbridled potential.

For proof of unlimited potential there’s Eevee, the Porygon line, Kecleon, Type: Null/Silvally, and of course Arceus. Eevee can evolve into 8 different types of Pokémon because of its “instable genetic code.” The Porygon line can learn Conversion and Conversion 2 to change its type. Kecleon’s ability allows it to change its type. Arceus is the Original One who created the Pokémon world, and it is Normal type, proving that Normal is the beginning, and can assume any other type. Type: Null was built based off of Arceus.

(Side note: even though Eevee’s Normalcy is tied to instability, I think the Normal type overall is pretty stable in general, although very adaptable.)

Ditto and Smeargle are also Normal Pokémon that have the ability to create huge change for themselves, via form and move pool respectively. Mimic can be learned by a lot of Pokémon, and is a Normal type move. Metronome is too, and allows different types of moves to be used. A lot of Normal moves change their type depending on other factors, like Natural Gift changing based on the berry being held, or Hidden Power changing type or Secret Power changing its effects based on location. Very adaptable indeed!

An overview of most Normal type Pokémon see that they are usually (land/flying) animal/beast-like, and resemble their real life animal counterparts more closely than other Pokémon types. Normal and Flying type are commonly paired together and there’s a lot of Normal birds, as Flying is rarely on its own, but I’ll explore this a bit more in my Flying type post. Their fur/skin is usually more brown/tan/beige, closer to pigments found in our nature. This is just in general, as some deviate from this. A vast majority of Pokémon are based on real life animals, but their elemental types set them apart from their real life counterparts in ways that the Normal type does not.

So, I’d like to make the argument that Normal type is also about instinct, natural order, nature, evolution (especially with Eevee being Normal), as well as domestic life/domestication as many of the animals in the Normal type are animals close to humans; dogs and cats like the Lillipup line or the Skitty line, cattle like Miltank and Tauros, and although not exactly an obvious animal, Chansey is very closely related to medical care and human hospitals. Which is a good transition into…

Normal type’s healing properties. I would say that Grass type is perhaps the strongest choice for healing, but Normal’s potential for this cannot be ignored. (I would like to add, however, that many Grass healing moves involve leeching life from another Pokémon, whereas Normal healing moves are more self-generative). There are a vast array of Normal type healing moves, and here are a few: Wish, Soft-Boiled, Slack Off, Milk Drink, Morning Sun, and of course Recover. (Two of these moves revolve around food! Kitchen witchcraft anyone?) The Pokémon most closely linked to Pokémon Centers are Chansey’s line and Audino, so the connection between Normal and healing is strong.

A final connection I’d like to point out is how many sound-based moves are Normal type moves. Boomburst, Echoed Voice, Growl, Hyper Voice, Roar, Noble Roar, Round, Perish Song, Sing, Relic Song, Screech, Snore, Uproar, etc, etc, etc. Whismur’s line, Normal type, is based on the idea of sound/speakers. Jigglypuff, who used to be pure Normal and still is Normal in addition to Fairy, has permeated much of pop culture, even outside Pokémon fandom, as being a singer who puts people to sleep. Meloetta is a primary Normal type who is a singer and dancer, and Chatot is a Normal/Flying type and is based off a parrot/metronome. Normal is about communication, voice, movement and the sound it generates. If the communication that results from it is a beautiful song or a well expressed thought, great! But sometimes a Roar or a Growl can get the point across just fine.

If you liked my exploration of the Normal type, let me know if you want to see more like this and what types you want to see me cover next! I plan to do them all eventually! Thank you!

261- Will-O-Wisp

Fire Type: Banishing. A spell to keep someone away from you.

What You’ll Need~

  • Something small, that you could easily slip onto someone (coin, scrap of paper, key, bottle cap, etc.)
  • Salt
  • Five black candles
  • A dish


  1. On a dish, put your item, and surround it with the five candles.
  2. Pour salt over your object, and say “With this salt I wither your presence, casting your eye and influence away.”
  3. Light the first candle. “From here you step away.”
  4. Light the second candle. “You will distance yourself.”
  5. Light the third candle. “You will not look back.”
  6. Light the fourth candle. “You will not come back.”
  7. Light the fifth and final candle. “I banish you from my space, to which you will never return. You are not welcome here.”
  8. Once the ritual is complete, blow out the candles one by one, working around in the same order, to destroy the path back to you.
  9. When you can, slip the item on to the person, or into one of their belongings. Backpacks, purses, or pockets will all work. They do not have to keep the item for the spell to stick.


  • If you use a slip of paper, you can also write a banishing sigil on it, or a name sigil.
262- Memento

Dark Type: Curse. Give up something of value for your target to lose something of equal value to them.

What You’ll Need~

  • An item of value to you
  • A black box
  • A black enevelope
  • A pen
  • A small piece


  • Choose your item. It should be something that has meaning to you, and I mean a lot of meaning.
  • Place the item in the black box.
  • On a piece of paper, write down the name of the person you want to effect, and then “May you lose what you hold dear as I have. May your loss bring you pain, and your pain bring you despair.”
  • Put the paper in the envelope, and and let it sit over night. This works best of the waning moon.
  • When you are done, remove the letter, and keep it where you deem fit. Dispose of your possession, preferably still in the black box.


  • To get rid of your possession, you could give it away to someone else, or donate it to Goodwill or what have you. It is best if you never come in contact with it again.
Ability 56- Cute Charm

Charm. This is a spell designed to help you charm your way out of things. Boosts your persuasiveness and charisma.

What You’ll Need~

  • Milk (or the soy or almond varieties)
  • Honey
  • A biscuit or cookie (something you can dip into your beverage of choice)
  • Sigil for charm, preferably on paper


  1. Before you start concocting your “potion”, you first have to make a sigil for charm (or another word that speaks to you, as long as it works for your purpose.)
  2. Charge it, using your energy. Then, place your cookie on the sigil, and let it take in the energy.
  3. Pour yourself a cup of milk (or what have you.)
  4. Say, over your cup, “I nourish myself with good energy, and sustain myself with good food.”
  5. Add a bit of honey, stirring it into the drink. “Today I will be smooth and sweet, like honey. I can subdue and persuade with my words, and convince with my looks alone.”
  6. Dip your cookie into the milk, and eat it. Drink the milk, and then go about your day, knowing you are carrying your intent with you.


  • You could get some icing, if you have it, and draw your sigil onto the cookie directly, and charge it when you eat it.
599- Venom Drench

Poison Type. Curse. This spell is meant as a follow up to to a curse to really make it stick.

What You Need~

  • Lemon juice
  • White vinegar (though any should do)
  • Hot sauce
  • A poppet of some kind
  • Herbs (see the TIPS section for more info)


  1. Make or acquire your poppet, connecting it to the person you’ve already cursed.
  2. Mix a little bit of lemon juice, vinegar, and hot sauce together.
  3. Add the herbs corresponding with the curse you cast previously (see TIPS for help.)
  4. Coat the poppet in the mixture, and let sit for best results.
  5. Done. You can dispose of the poppet, or clean it when all is done if you want to use it again. I don’t suggest the latter, however.


  • The herbs you add to your mixture should correspond with your prior curse. If you do not know, here are some examples: blueberry for confusion, mustard seed for chaos, etc. I know this is a pretty cheap way to explain things, but even a quick Google search can really help.
  • This spell would be good when paired with other poison-type spells, but that’s more about Pokemon lore then anything.
129- Swift

Normal Type: Charm. A spell to increase your chances of executing another spell properly. Good for tough cases or a lack of room for error.

What You’ll Need~

  • Four bay leaves
  • A round candle in a color to represent you
  • A sharp tool


  1. Start by carving a star around the wick of your candle with your tool. Around the star draw a circle, and then another around that circle. Start with the inner circle and work outwards.
  2. Set the bay leaves in a diamond shape around your candle.
  3. Light the candle.
  4. Burn the left bay leaf. Say “For (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I put my heart and faith into its making and success.”
  5. Burn the right bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I compel accuracy and skill with my determination.”
  6. Burn the bottom bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) I draw power from the core of my being, to do what I must to the best of my ability.”
  7. Burn the top bay leaf. Say “For  (insert name of spell you wish to enhance or purpose of spell) this shall be, for I have put forth the energy to make it so. I focus my magic in upon this spell.”
  8. Envision the spell, and what you want it to achieve.
  9. Say “So it shall be.”
  10. Blow out the candle.


  • If you have room you can draw more circles around the star, always working outwards. This is to symbolize your magic moving outwards from you, to reach your target.
194- Destiny Bond

Ghost Type: Protection. Any spell cast on you will also effect the person who cast it. Please do not forget that this means any spell cast on you, good or bad. This spell also only works once, so if you want long term use you’re going to have to set it up with different poppets multiple times. (I’m going to be honest, I don’t think this is technically a real protection spell, but I’m not sure what else to tag it as.)

What You’ll Need~

  • A cloth poppet
  • Cotton balls
  • A chunk of iron
  • A small candle (like a birthday cake candle)


  • First acquire or make your poppet from cloth, stuffing it with cotton balls. The cotton balls should be white, as to represent the easy change from an absence of color to having something there. (Kind of an artsy reference. Think of it like this: if you add blue food coloring to white cotton it will change blue. If you add magic to vacancy then new energy will be there, and easily detectable. Just a comparison.)
  • Inside your poppet place a piece of iron. This iron is what will link your poppet to your spell caster, representing their life.
  • When you put the iron in, say “This is your heart, that binds you to that who casts a spell upon me. You are linked with the caster, and their magic will be drawn first to you and then back to them.”
  • Place the candle in the chest of the poppet. DO NOT light it.
  • Once inside the poppet, say “You ignite their magic and make it real to them as it will be to me. Good or bad, they will now journey with me until the spell is lifted, and so the fire dies.”
  • Sew your poppet back up. Done!


  • Placing this poppet isn’t really important. It doesn’t need to be hidden away anywhere. Having it out and about would actually benefit you more, as if the poppet is around you it will be in a more direct path of magic that may affect you.
101- Night Shade

Ghost Type: Curse. Inspire others to turn on someone who is toxic, and give them what they’ve got coming.

What You’ll Need~

  • A candle (preferably a small one)
  • A jar or bowl big enough to fit your candle
  • Pebbles


  1. Place your candle in the bowl or jar, and light it. The candle represents the toxic person. Do not close the lid if you are using a jar.
  2. State the name of the toxic person, and say “for every cruel intention you have let poison another you will experience the poison of someone else. Clarity will come to those you have hurt, and together they will turn upon and shun you.”
  3. One by one drop pebbles into the bowl or jar, until the candle is extinguished. If it helps, name a person or victim who you want to turn against the negative figure for each stone you drop in.
  4. When you are done, clean up and dispose of the candle.


  • The candle can be any color, as long as you associate it with the toxic person.
212- Mean Look

Normal Type: Glamour. A spell to make you look fierce, even if you’re not up to a fight at the moment, or really just to make people leave you alone. This one is REALLY easy, the main component is just truly meaning what you want.

What You’ll Need~

  • Eyeshadow


  1. When you are done, you can use these words to seal the spell, “My eyes are daggers, and you don’t want to get cut.”
  2. Envision all of your stress and frustration that led up to needing this spell, and picture it all going to your eyes, ready to be beamed at anyone who dares bother you.
  3. Apply your makeup as you deem fit. This is your warpaint.


  • If you don’t want to wear makeup that is a-okay. You could just focus your emotions into your eyes and call it a day, but that doesn’t look nearly as fancy. 
98- Quick Attack

Normal Type: Charm. A short and simple spell to give yourself a speed boost to get you through you quickly through your day.

What You’ll Need~

  • A pebble or other small object


  1. Hold your chosen object in your left hand, and say “From here I sit, stagnant, yet I prepare.”
  2. “I will move quickly through my day, and complete my business with equal speed. I will work fast and move with speed and skill.”
  3. Toss the object from your left hand to your right, and say “Like that I shall pass from dawn to dusk, and finish what I started.”


  • You can keep your object with you, if you want, but it’s not necessary.
  • You could use an object that corresponds with what you want to get done, or what you want to pass with ease. Pencil for school or an essay, a ring or personal object for an interaction with someone else, or a coin for work.
189- Sweet Kiss

Fairy Type: Glamour. Give yourself any needed charisma, and open yourself up as someone who is friendly and positive.

What You’ll Need~

  • A piece of candy
  • A marker (and maybe a slip of paper)


  1. Unwrap your candy, and put it in your mouth. Do not immediately chew or swallow it.
  2. Contemplate its flavor and texture. How the it makes you feel is important, as this is what you want to reflect.
  3. If possible, write a sigil or positive message on the wrapper. If this cannot work, use a bit of paper.
  4. Store the sigil/message until the end of the day. When you are done, dispose of it. You can start again tomorrow.


  • I would suggest the paper, if you want to carry it around during the day, as a wrapper in your pocket or purse seems untidy.
  • Different candies can mean different things for you! Use this however you please.
268- Charge

Electric Type: Protection. A spell to strengthen the boundaries of your home, room, or other safe space.

What You’ll Need~

  • A sheet of stickers (or magnets, small trinkets, etc.)
  • Two yellow candles


  1. After choosing what you are going to charge, lay them before you and say “With you I put my heart, and my intention to protect myself an my place.”
  2. Set up the items you want to charge to protect your space in between the two candles, which should be one on your right and the other on your left.
  3. Light the left candle. “I call upon my spark, to electrify my plane marked by these tokens.”
  4. Light the right candle. “No one who intends harm can enter this space without receiving a shock.”
  5. When you are done, you may extinguish the candles, and go about placing your stickers/what-have-you.
  6. As you place each item, tell it that “You hold drive, you have my power.” Do so until you feel you have sufficiently covered your area.


  • The main places your markers should go are doorways, windows, or around very specific areas or objects you want to protect. They don’t need to be super obvious, as long as they form some kind of boundary.
172- Flame Wheel

Fire Type: Charm. In the games, Flame Wheel not only does damage to your foe, but also can unfreeze the Pokemon who uses it. This spell is designed to not only break a curse, but to shoot it back at whoever cast it.

What You’ll Need~

  • A piece of white or blue paper
  • A pen
  • Matches
  • Salt
  • A jar with a lid
  • Something sharp (nails, thumb tacks, etc. Do be careful though!)


  1. Fill the bottom of a jar with salt, and anything sharp, as long as it is metal or glass. Do not use plastic.
  2. On your piece of paper, write the word “curse.” Alternatively, if you know what the effects of the curse are supposed to be, or best yet, the name of who cast the spell, write that.
  3. Light the paper on fire, and drop it into the jar.
  4. Speaking is optional, but if you want to you can address the problem, letting it be known that the caster will be burned back, and that you will not be harmed
  5. Once the paper is sufficiently burned, close the jar, and shake it up.


  • I would be careful if you write down the effects of the curse, as if that is not exactly what is being cast, it will not cancel out what you forgot to write down. If you write down a curse that has not been cast at all, nothing will happen.
  • Like most magic, their is an extent to which this will work. This won’t be as effective on bigger or really complex spells, or at least not in breaking it. You may have to do more to ensure your safety. Regardless, you have sent negative energy back at the caster.