#643 & #644 Reshiram and Zekrom

I bet you weren’t expecting that. Hey loyal followers and those who forgot to unfollow me alike! It’s Dakota with 2 more PKCNs. I promise I took the usual photos of these, but my tablet must have deleted them. Or I can’t find them.

That handsome young roughigan is my Chinese little brother, Name Omitted. I’m in China for a study abroad program after leaving Orlando and pursuing my minor and future “career” of teaching English. I’m definitely not in it for the money, I’m in it for the lulz.

China’s great though. I’m staying in Tianjin at Tianjin Ligong Daxue, so if you’re here, look me up. I’ll say 你好 and make you a free PKCN.

I made one of the girls on our program a Pikachu that turned out pretty cool too, but I didn’t feel the need to post it.

Other updates on Dakota: Still Single (wink), Senior in College, Knows some Chinese, some guitar, and current Rubik’s cube record is 22 seconds.

If you want to chat, I’m on wechat as dakotathephillips. I’m no longer on facebook. I didn’t unfriend any of you, I just suspended my account. I still love you in the way that I choose to use that word.

So thanks for following, reblogging, and reading. I’m thinking about starting the old business back up. IDK…If this post gets over 100 notes I’ll post the Samus Aran I made a few months ago. If not, no harm done, I’ll just go work at a convenience store.

Much love, Dakota

#025 Pikachu

I was going through the original 151 and thought ‘Who is the most obscure of all of these guys? Who has made the smallest mark on the Pokémon world?“ I came up with either Kakuna or Graveler.

Anyway, here’s the most huggable Pokémon ever! He’s adorable, he’s tough, and he’s…been sold to a guy who lives on my floor.

But that’s okay, because if I’m ever commissioned to do another Pikachu, I’ll do something special. Balloon Pikachu, Surfing Pikachu, or maybe even the lesser known Coal Miner Pikachu.

Thanks for reblogging and following. You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration.

#106 Hitmonlee

And…A KICK TO THE HEAD! I was having my doubts about this one, but then it turned out like this. I looked at it and I was all ‘I approve’.

This one has been swept up. Alex ordered it along with a Squirtle. As of this moment, I haven’t found a can of the proper hue to meet his request.

Do you read the text? Do you? Am I just filling up space between pictures? And now, I shall quote Les Miserables “I am agog, I am aghast! Is Marius in love at last? I’ve never seen him ooh and ahh! You talk of battles to be won, and here he comes like Don Ju-an! This is better than an opera!” Thank you, thank you. I played Gavroche my freshman year of high school.

Thanks for reblogging and following! You are a talented and lovely person.