The first three characters from Pokeblend, a new ask-blog I’ll be working on! So far none of them have names except for Lionel, the Purrloin with the Luxray spikes.

The premise of Pokeblend is basically that each Pokemon was an experiment of cross-breeding. The color schemes are whack due to the fact that they are far down the family tree, thus their colors are not simply a mix of their parents’. 

It’s based off an idea that I had with a good friend of mine about “what if Pokemon eggs hatched as a mix of the parents and got crazier down the line?”

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anonymous asked:

you are all super cool! you should tell us more about yourselves! ouo

Lionel: I’m a Purrloin-Shinx cross, Level 30, Stage 2 evolution. I am superior in any and every way, as I’m the starter, and therefore the most loved of the test team. Apparently I’m of the bold nature, something to do with my leader status? I dunno, the white-haired freak doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I like the one with the pointy hair better. They claim I look like some cat from a thing? I don’t know though. One time they gave me this really tasty Pokepuff and it was the best thing I ever ate and I was really happy and then there was one time when…


Sula: Eevtales. Level 20, timid nature. Stage… 2? Yeah, stage 2. Still waiting on that Ninetales part. 

Jean: Level 19. Also stage 2. Some kind of early evolution in the Blitzraptor line. I’m just a normal Pokemon, really.