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AX Summary...

So! I’m back from Anime expo!! I went the second and third day, and it was so fun! My feet are totally dead but totally worth it so yeah!! My bro @the-shark-lord went too!!


I saw some hella cool cosplays!! Please let me know if your face in in any of them!!



I also got this really huge aizawa pin from the funimation booth, yes.

I bought a pokemon mystery box! I tried to load the unboxing video, but it didn’t work…

I got 2 cups, a beanie, a pokeball stress toy, some cards, and erasers! I’m salty that I didn’t get a plush….

Test Art

Tested out Marvy Uchida alcohol pens!! They are really nice

I also tested Wacom tablets! It’s ok… The problem is that its so sensitive so my hand kept making marks and it was annoying…

Also squish

I also drew on that wall that they let people draw on

Oh yeah my bro drew stuff too

People I ran into

Met up with @shiny-1urantis!! He’s a cool dude, go follow him!

I also met @bechnokid at the pokemon cosplay gathering, and she was dressed as Grimsley! Glad to see you again! :)

Read more for pokemon cosplay gathering pics!

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Learning how to use chopsticks for the first time is always challenging - this game is supposed to be a fun way to master the correct methods of picking up grains and beans with chopsticks.

I love these chubby little Pikachu beans lol. They have lots of details such as different expressions and female/male tail design.

anonymous asked:

Could you explain pop culture magic to me? specifically ocorina music.. examples please, thank youuu.

(Image from Little Witch Academia)

Pop Culture Magic is the incorporation of different medias (Television, Books, Cartoons, Anime, Video Games, Comics ect) into ones practice.

 One example of this that I do a lot is I’m a huge fan of pokemon so I have lots of plushies and toys still so if i need a crystal charged for a spell or just on the go I give it to my Pikachu and ask that it charges it for me (since pikachu is an electric type and I view charging items like putting the charge in rechargable batteries)
Another example from my end is that I will sometimes use my set of Clow Cards to do Divination/tarot readings for myself. I’ve seen people use Magic the Gathering cards, Pokemon Cards, Yugioh Cards as divination items. 
I have some spare Pokeball toys that i have redesignated as “Spirit Pit Stops” (So like a place for any spirits to come by and rest/visit/hangout that’s all their own)
Those are just some personal examples from my own practice! I have a whole Pop Culture Tag that I reblog PCP stuff to if you’re curious and want to see more examples from others~!

As for Ocarina Music I personally really like to sing/Hum the Song of Storms to whistle up a wind/ storm in my area.

A couple of Legend of Zelda PCP themed blogs that might be able to help more in regards to the songs and their uses:

here are some more general PCP blogs that i follow and love:  

@orriculum (posts tons of PCP spells/Potions ect)

I hope this helps darling thanks for sending this in! If you have more questions feel free to send them in or message me directly!

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I just had a thought: If model guns can shoot actual bullets and do damage, if the Phantom Thieves can pull off those flashy moves without any gymnastics training, AND if Morgana can turn into a car, all because of cognition crap... does that mean Pokeball toys/replicas can work when trying to catch a Persona?

You raise an interesting point, anon. LOL Tbh that would be the BEST and like what if they had an app like a Pokedex (Personadex)??? Like they have a Persona storage app and when they catch Personas, they could scan the Pokeball to transfer the information and the Pesona itself into their phones??? They have like little belts for the Pokeballs strapped on their thief outfits too, and they can pick / switch Personas with their Dex instead of going to a Pokemon Center. HNNNNNGGGG I didn’t realize how much I needed to talk about this until now like I even have headcanons for what types of actual Pokemon the Thieves would use audskjfhdkk. Bless you, anon! ;A;


A pocket-sized Woozi running around the house throwing mini pokeball plush toys at other pocket-sized Seventeen while screaming about how he has to “Catch them all”. Pocket-sized Dino and Minghao would be the only two who let Woozi ‘capture’ them willingly while the others refuse to be taken down without a fight, but when it comes to Jeonghan he would just catch the last pokeball toy with ease and throw it back at Woozi before jumping onto the boy.

“But you’re my grumpy child Jihoonie. How could you catch me when you’re already mine? I should be the one throwing the pokeball at you instead. ”


dimension-x requested to see my Pokeball collection :)
Here is my collection of 1999 23k Pokeballs sold for a limited time at Burger King. I finally got the last ball, Poliwhirl, this year for Christmas, I bought the other five when they were sold in 1999. Poliwhirl was always out of stock!
Poliwhirl (closed, wrapped ball. I am undecided if I want to open it. Thoughts?), Jigglypuff, Togepi, Mewtwo, Charizard and Pikachu. I did not photograph each card individually or the authenticity card for every card (each are individually wrapped in original packaging), though every ball has one.
I apologize for the not-so-great photos, they’re difficult to photograph due to being so shiny.