pokeball technology

From the size of a worm to the size of a bulldozer, a Pokeball captures all Pokemon in a beam of light and stows them in what looks like an iPrison for easy transport.

As far as we know, Pokemon, much like everything else, are made of matter. If a Pokeball can condense and stow a living being without harm, that changes the whole world. Even if we’re limiting ourselves to purely organic matter for some reason – putting aside the Pokemon made of rock, or metal, or pure unmitigated terror – the implications of Pokeball technology are huge. Never mind the easy stuff, like food and livestock storage – long distance travel would be a breeze: just pack a whole plane full of people in a rucksack. Unless Pokeballs are fun-size existential boredom hells, living things in the ball aren’t aware of the time passing. Imagine a world without smelling airplane farts. Truly, that is the definition of utopia.

4 Movie Inventions That Should’ve Instantly Saved The World

the pokemon thingo

(Basically in this fantasy, Pokeball technology and the like doesn’t really exist – Pokemon just exist as wild animals and bond easily enough that most people take one as a companion animal.)

(this is not a complete fic, this is two separate fragments of fic that I’ve mostly given up on but somebody asked to see it)

(Percy’s Growlithe was named Smoke because it was a chubby, happy puppy who was so excited about everything that it just puffed smoke out of its mouth all the time. It eventually got so big as a Growlithe that he felt he couldn’t evolve it because he knew it’d turn into a hilariously big Arcanine who wouldn’t fit in his workshop.

Years later, he wonders if he had evolved Smoke, if he could have fought back against the Briarwoods.)

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Okay, so I’m about to hit you with some Pokemon Go Team Leader Headcanons just ‘cuz

Okay, so we all know Candela is the stereotypical tryhard who became the very best through blood, sweat, and tears. She’s the badass main character with a flareon with Naruto-tier determination.

But what I really like is the idea of like this child prodigy Spark who was so afraid he wouldn’t be able to make friends so he viciously overcompensated by being trendy and normal and relateable. And the only people who really know what he was like and is capable of are his childhood friends Blanche and Candela.

And Blanche was the one who couldn’t keep up with their friends. They didn’t have Spark’s natural talent and charisma, they didn’t have the endless drive and experience that Candela built up. But they did have an amazing relationship with their Ralts, who was their starter. Ralts wasn’t very strong, but their empathic connection with Blanche let them know that they were proud of them. And even when Ralts finally evolved, although it became Kirlia, it never lost its connection to Blanche.

Candela remembers the time her entire team was nearly wiped out by a horde of Beedrill, when Blanche arrived with their newly evolved Gardevoir, who kept her pokemon up and maybe saved her life. She remembers how calmly they arrived, a duo like she’d never seen, and how powerful the Barrier Gardevoir created was.
They didn’t hurt any of the Beedrills - somehow, Blanche had just known where she was, found her, and carried her back to town.

Blanche remembers when they were struggling to catch new Pokemon, especially those who wouldn’t react to their psychic presence. Spark insisted that they stop by their grandmother’s lab, where they were working on experimental pokeball technology, and got them a soothe bell and luxury balls. Once Spark knew how to make them, he adapted all of Blanche’s that way.
When Blanche used those balls to rapidly bond with a Garydos, he questioned his choices.

Spark remembers how devastated he was when he lost to the Elite Four. He had researched their types, the individual histories of the champions of the region. He knew what sort of lineups they often used, and everything went according to plan, except that, against all expectations, he just lost.
He remembers how Blanche and Candela believed in him, and told him to try again - except this time, to do it with the two pokemon he was closest to.
And he won. Because he was always good enough.