pokeball set


The much awaited for pokeball dice and the sets will be in the shop today (5/20/17) And guess what? I made my own GalaxyBall!! I love it and I need more in the future lol. Also have a spring flower set. This was a trial with some bigger flowers and I’m not sure if I can get them again but I’ll try because it’s a fun little flower set! Have a couple marbles lightning sets and my personal new favorite is that cobalt set. It looks like velvet! Oh man…it was an experimental “let’s see what happens if…” and I love the results. Ok sale at 10am PST! If you’re not used to my sales they tend to go REALLY fast. So refresh is your friend :)


Pokemon Ft Azeroth Part 2 

http://davichigaming.tumblr.com/post/81980474928/pokemon-ft-azeroth-updating-till-limit   part 1

Like to help for future pokemon ft WoW crossovers?

Any whole body gifs of Pokemon as seen in the following gifs would be appreciated, simply inbox me with the link to such gifs.


The large commission has been finished! I’m now open for more commissions, message me privately or through Skype (hardrocker37) for more information.

A single Pokemon with a Pokeball is $6, any set of three is $15. Evolutionary stones or items such as incense or berries may be used in place of a Pokeball.


Here’s a neat little trick to play Pokemon Go with a landscape view.

Go to the pokeball and hit the settings icon in the top right.

Flip your phone sideways and click the “report high-priority issue” button.

Hit yes to confirm

Once it takes you to the website, double tap your home button to view the apps you have running in the back ground, then immediately go back into Pokemon Go.

That should be it!


My crochet escapades for the last month….Pokeball sets for my husbands “Pokemon League” at Tsubasacon in West Virginia this month, a crocheted Flareon purse for my friend Sarah and the now deemed “Impossiblanket” I’ve been working on since last winter that will eventually be Mega Gengar for another member of the Pokemon League (Sarah was nice enough to pose with it for me at the comic shop despite it only being a 4th of the way done at that point)..Today I spent the afternoon packing for the con