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“ah, f-forgive me, you’re just so cute, um… right, your question! that’s right, ah, this politoed doesn’t actually have much to do with sumo at all! according to this town’s history, it was the original guardian deity of this area, though i hear they’re called ‘totem pokemon’ nowadays… we don’t have one guarding our town anymore, so instead we have this shrine dedicated to the original one so that we may continue to ask for its continued protection and guidance.”

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Friend@Star: Me know what like to miss friend. It bad. Hurts. Me hope you find friend. No one deserve no friend, it sad.

Star was surprised, but mostly confused.  This mon had the same scent as one of the giants that battled in that city.  It obviously must be a relative of the one that died, but it was so… SMALL compared to the other!

“…You are right.  It does hurt.  It is almost the kind of hurt I felt when father was gone, I do not like it. “

She wanted to ask questions, but considering the way the winner reacted… She thought better of it, in case the subject angered this one too. 

“Thank you very much…”


Star was worried.  Her pouch was… weird?  She already had enough trouble for how she looked and how she was.  The thought that something else may be too different was not comforting. 

“Um… yes… as far as I know… I hope to have my own soon, sometime after settling into my new home…”

Her ears drooped and her voice wavered a bit

“And yes, kind of?   I keep some food and money in my bag. The bag is kept in my pouch.  Does that count…?”

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“that jirachi child… i’m almost certain he is the very same one…”

“what are you mumbling about over there?”

“nothing. by the way, may i ask what happened to your friend?”

“he… he pushed himself too far protecting me. he hasn’t woken up since, and he keeps shivering, like he has a fever.”

“i see. we should hurry, then. there aren’t many humans around at this time of night, but your friend shouldn’t be outside much longer.”

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