@anarchycox has ruined my life by suggesting I think about BruceClintTony. 

  • Clint would have such confidence issues. He’s dating two of the most brilliant men in the world, one of whom is a literal billionaire. He’s not sure why they’re slumming with a carnie who’s only worth something because he’s good at killing men with pointy sticks.
  • Bruce is in awe of Clint because he’s one of the only people who isn’t afraid of The Other Guy. In fact Clint treats the Hulk with the same love and sarcasm that he shows Bruce – “Hulk, darling, could you give me a lift to that building over there? Try not to break it, I need it for a look out.”
  • Because of this the Hulk goes absolutely mental when Clint gets kidnapped by Hydra. Clint smiling through broken teeth when Hulk busts through a wall – “Aw, did you miss me?” Clint being utterly surprised when Hulk cradles him to his chest and says yes.
  • Tony nearly crying the first time he sees Clint working on one of his robots. Not because he’s afraid that Clint will break them, but because he’s talking to them the whole time. “Dum-E stop poking me, I can’t fix your wheel if you keep bumping me.” Clint laughing and responding to Dum-E’s indignant beeps. Clint brushing off Tony’s amazement – “Just a few loose screw. No big deal, Tony.”
  • Tony building Clint an outrageous coffee maker that syncs with Jarvis, so that Clint always has cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Clint suggesting totally mundane dates for the three of them that the other two would never think of. Bruce is hilariously bad at bowling, while Tony is the reigning skee ball champion. 
  • Neither of them will ever play darts with Clint. 
  • Bruce teaching Clint and Tony how to cook. Tony has Dum-E waiting by the fridge with a fire extinguisher and only cuts himself once, while Clint somehow manages to burn the soup. 
  • Tony being amazed that Clint always seems to know exactly what they needs. A cup of coffee will appear at his elbow when he’s working in the lab at 3 AM. Bruce will be starting to stress out and Clint pops up suggesting yoga and incense and probably a lot of sex to get all the tension out.
  • Tony is always excited about yoga because it always ends in sex. 

I’m rambling and I need help because this ship is suddenly consuming my very soul.

swaglordyoongi  asked:

Hi!! Can you do a BTS reaction where the boys are single dads and their child gets lost, and it's the reader who finds them and stays with them until they come back to find their child? Does that make sense ? 😂

Hello! Don’t worry, we understood what you were saying! Thank you so much for your request, sorry it took awhile for us to respond!

(We couldn’t resist making these scenarios kind of long, they were so cute! Hope you don’t mind!)

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

BTS Reacts To You Finding Their Lost Kid

Jungkook: You’d be wandering through the mall, looking for a new dress for your friends wedding. With the dress in the bag, you started to walk to the exit, when all of a sudden there’s a small poke on your leg. “E-excuse me, can you help me find my daddy?” “Oh! Well, um, I can try! When did you get lost?” The little boy would be looking up at you with tears in his eyes. “W-well, I told him I had to go to the bathroom, but when I came out, I didn’t know where daddy went.” You give him a friendly smile and grab ahold of his hand so you wouldn’t lose him through the mall. “Why don’t we go check the shoe store? That’s the closest thing to the bathroom. Don’t worry! We’ll find him!” With your words, the little boy cheers up. Reaching the store, you walk inside only for your ears to be filled with a little squeal from the little boy. “Daddy!” Your hand is let go as the little boy runs up to his dad, who picks him up and swings him around. “Hey there little bud! I’m sorry, I wandered off! I just thought that I should get a new pair of timberlands while we’re here!” You watch the cute scene with a big smile in your face. Jungkook notices that someone else came in with his son and walks up to you. “Thank you so much for helping my son. I really should have waited for him to come out of the bathroom.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Oh it’s fine! He was very friendly! You’re doing a great job with him. I’m Y/N, by the way.” You stick out your hand and he places his out as well. You notice how big his hands are compared to yours. Probably compared to anyone’s. “I’m Jungkook! It’s nice to meet you Y/N!” There’s a small silence before he speaks up again. “So…what’s a beautiful girl like you doing here alone?” You’re eyes widen in surprise at the sudden change in this man, before you blush. “Oh I was just getting a dress. My friend is getting married next week and I’ve been putting it off for awhile.” “Well, i’m sure it’ll look beautiful on you. Thank you again for bringing my son back!” Just as he was starting to walk away, you spoke up. “If you aren’t busy next week…would you maybe want to come with me? I don’t have a date and I’d really like to get to know you and your son more. If you don’t mind of course! Oh my gosh unless you’re seeing someone then just ignore everything I’ve said-” “I’m not seeing anyone. I’d love to accompany you!” You both exchange numbers before Jungkook heads off. With a silly grin on your face, you watch the man and his son leave, you can’t help but thank your procrastinating self for putting off getting a dress.

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Jimin:  Jimin and his little boy would be walking around the amusement park, enjoying the sights and sounds of others riding the roller coasters. The sights would always take him back to when he came here with his family. Soon, the boy would tug on his dad’s hand. “Daddy! Can we get cotton candy!?” Giving his signature smile down at him, he nods his head. “Sure! What’s an amusement park without some cotton candy!” He tells the little boy to wait for him, setting him up on the bench before making his way over to the stand. When he has the sugary treat in his hand and turns around, his boy is nowhere to be found. Jimin goes into a state of panic, and starts to run around the park in search of his precious little boy. He soon spots him holding onto the hand of a beautiful girl, who is searching the crowd of faces; most likely for him. Sighing in relief, Jimin runs up to you, giving you a grateful smile while pulling the boy into a hug. “Thank god you’re safe! And thank you so much! I take my eyes off of this little guy for one minute and he runs off on an adventure!” The smile you give him makes him stop and stare in awe at how bright it is. “It’s no problem at all! He’s a really sweet kid, I’m glad you two are reunited.” You look down at the kid and speak to him. “And maybe next time you go on an adventure you can bring your dad along, yeah?” “Okay!” The boy responds enthusiastically. “Daddy! Can she come with us for the day! We can all go on an adventure together!” Jimin looks at you, and after getting an eager nod, he looks back down at his son. “Why not?” The boy squeals in excitement as the three of you make your way back around the park. “I’m Jimin, by the way.” “I’m Y/N! It’s been a pleasure meeting you!” “Oh the pleasure’s all mine, Y/N.” with a wink sent your way, you make your way back to the cotton candy stand, after realizing that Jimin had dropped the treat in his rush to find his son. Even after giving the sugary treat to the little boy, he couldn’t help but think that the sweetest thing he’s gotten today was the chance to spend the day (and hopefully more to come) with you.

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Taehyung: Taehyung would take his kid to the toy store. He would say to his son that it’s time to get a new toy to play with, but really Taehyung would get so excited by all the cool new gadgets and gizmos. Minutes after walking into the store, he’d get distracted and wander off in search of a cool new toy. With Taehyung distracted, the kid would go off on his own, mesmerized by the sounds and colors off all the toys. Soon he’d bump into you. “Oh! Hi there! Are you lost? Where’s your parents?” You would ask him, he’d respond with a little giggle, saying that it’s only his daddy. “He was somewhere over there! But I wanted to look at all the toys!” You’d smile at his own carefree little smile. “It is a cool place isn’t it? But we should get you back to your daddy, he must be worried. Plus, you won’t be able to get a new toy without him!” The kid would look up at you with an exaggerated face of horror at the chance of not getting a new toy. He’d grab your hand and tug on it. “Let’s go! C'mon hurryyy!” With a small laugh you’d follow him, but only to be stopped by a man. “Oh thank god! There you are! You scared me! I didn’t know where you went!” You assumed this was the father as he ran up and hugged the little kid. Realizing that you were there, he stood up and greeted you with a sheepish smile. “I’m so sorry! I got so distracted by all the toys I kind of just wandered off on my own…” You laugh, shaking your head. “It’s alright! He wasn’t any trouble at all! He’s very sweet, I’m just glad that you found him in this massive place.” He’d laugh in response, and you stare at him. He has the same carefree smile and nature as the child. Thinking that all is good, you start to walk off, only to be stopped by the father. “Wait! Um…seeing that you helped me and, I think you would be able to help me keep track of this little guy…would you maybe want to look at the toys…together? I-I mean only if you want! It’s just that you’re so pretty and you seem cool and I don’t want to bother you-” “I’d love to! I wouldn’t mind spending more time with you. You seem pretty cool, seeing that you’re in this place anyways.” You both laugh, the kid pulling you both off into the direction of the toy cars. “I’m Taehyung, by the way.” “I’m Y/N. it’s nice to meet you!” “Likewise! And thanks for staying with us. But now I’m worried that the toys won’t be the only thing distracting me.” He sends you a wink and follows his kid. And with a blush and a shy smile on your face, you follow him; never more grateful for shiny cars and robots than in that moment.

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Hoseok: He’d be walking through the streets, on his way to the carnival in town. His big hand would be grasped by his little girl’s smaller one, so they wouldn’t be separated. All of a sudden, Hoseok would be pushed aside as a sudden rush of the crowd pushed the two apart. Realizing that he is no longer holding hands with his daughter, he panics. He starts yelling her name, yelling out for her. He stops and looks in all directions, paying no mind to the rude looks the passersby’s are giving him. Just as he was about to go into full panic mode and break down, he spots her. But the thing that interests him the most is the hand she’s holding onto. A very beautiful woman. The crowd is pushing them up against a local shop, and he sees you looking around for someone. Realizing that you’re probably looking for him, he makes his way over to you two. Reaching you, he speaks first. “I am so sorry! We got lost in the crowd together and I got so worried! Thank you so much for finding her! I’m sorry for interrupting your day.” You shake your head and laugh. He noticed how bright your smile is and zoned out before realizing that you’re answering him. “Oh it’s really no trouble at all! She’s very cute! She’s like a real life princess!” The little girl smiles shyly and nudges her foot against the ground before looking up at Hoseok. “Daddy, why don’t we bring her along!” “Well…that’s okay with me. We’re headed to the carnival, if you want to tag along. Seeing as you did save my child from the crowd.” “Oh I’d love to! I was just on my way there! But It’ll be more fun to spend the day with someone else! Especially in the presence of a princess!” Again, she laughs, and the little girl grabs both your hands and pulls you down the crowded street once again. Hoseok looks over and smiles gratefully at you, glad that you were the one that found his little princess. And maybe, he thinks, maybe…you could become his queen.

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Namjoon:  He would be at the bookstore with his little boy. Namjoon had run out of books to read and decided that he would go get a new one. But, he would get so into the book he was reading that he’d forget about his kid. Scared, the boy would run around looking for his dad. That’s where he’d run into you. You would be flustered at first, seeing this little crying boy run into you and cling to your legs. “Hey, what’s wrong? It’s okay, I’ll help you. What’s wrong?” “M-my daddy! I c-can’t find h-him!” He’d burst into a fresh wave of tears. Thinking that it could calm him down, you’d gently grab hold of his hand and tug him to the kids section. You’d pull him to sit on a chair and you’d sit in front of him. You’d start reading a cute little picture book, making each character have a different voice and make a big deal about showing him the pictures. Soon, the little boy had stopped crying and was paying close attention to the book. Meanwhile, Namjoon had realized that he had lost his kid and started to search the bookstore. When he reached the kid section of the bookstore, he’d spot you two. But instead of coming up and pulling his kid with him; he stops and watches. Thinking that you have a beautiful voice and how adorable you two look. Especially with all the characters voices. Namjoon would smile watching the little scene. When you’d reach the end of the book, and his little boy would smile and laugh clapping his little hands, he would approach you. Standing up, you smile at him. “I’m going to guess this is your little boy?” “Yes. I’m so sorry you had to watch him. I hope he wasn’t any trouble.” “It wasn’t any at all! I enjoyed reading to him! Just make sure he doesn’t run off again!” “Oh trust me! I’ve got my eye on the little sneak!” He’d feel a tug on his hand and look down at his boy. “Daddy! The pretty lady read me a story! Can we read another one? Pleeease?” He’d look to you, and once you nodded your head with a smile, he’d respond. “Alright little man. But only one more.” With an excited clap of his hands, he’d sit back down and wait patiently for you too read another story. Namjoon would stand, leaning against the bookshelf and watching you too. Watching his little boy smile and listen intently to the story, as well as the way your face would change with every character; he thought that he could get used to this.

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Yoongi:  “Daad! Hurry up! I want to go play with the duckies!” A smile spreads across Yoongi’s face as his adorable little girl tugs on his hand with all her might as an attempt to rush him, which ultimately ends up failing. “The duckies aren’t going anywhere, sweetheart.” Yoongi and his daughter make their way to the gorgeous lake that sparkles throughout the day. Next to that is the giant, pink weeping willow tree that provides shade to Yoongi’s favorite bench. He plops down and lets out a long sigh. “Ah, your dad is getting old.” He says, rubbing his back. “Daddy, you’ve always been like that.” She says. Yoongi lets out a chuckle, nodding to himself with pride for teaching his daughter how to be so clever. She prances her way to the edge of the lake with her bag of seeds in her tiny hands. “Alright, now, you know the rules.” Yoongi says in his nagging voice. She lets out a long sigh, “Be nice and gentle to the duckies, don’t go into the water, and don’t wander off…” She says in a monotone voice, mocking her father. ‘Yah, don’t give me that. Now you have no excuse if you break the rules.” She ignores what her father says, and turns her attention to the lake, where ducks are now making their way towards her. The sight of Yoongi’s little girl, with her big eyes and giant grin on her face, brought happiness and warmth to his heart. He smiles, admiring his love.  They stayed like this for awhile. Without realizing, however, Yoongi had dozed off in his seat. He opened his eyes to see his daughter was nowhere in sight. Yoongi begins to panic. His heart starts racing as he leaps out of the bench, looking left and right and calling her name. He looks all over the park. The lake, the jungle gym, even the bathrooms. She wasn’t there. Eventually, Yoongi made his way to the swings. And there she was, swaying back and forth in the air with a huge smile across her face. The sound of her giggles never brought Yoongi as much comfort as they did right now. He moves close to her, “Thank god you’re okay! You know not to wander off like that!” He begins to nag once again, out of breath. “You could’ve been hurt…” Yoongi’s voice trails off when he sees you helping her off the swing. “I’m assuming you’re her dad, then.” You say, smiling at him. “Sorry daddy! You fell asleep and I got bored! I waited with the pretty lady for you to wake up!” You blush. “Sorry to worry you! She was wandering all by herself, so I decided to wait with her and keep her safe.” Yoongi smiles and nods, thanking you. The three of you start to take a walk around the park as Yoongi expresses his gratitude towards you for keeping his daughter safe. The conversation is filled with shy smiles, blushes, and quiet giggles until she tugs on yours and Yoongi’s hands. “Up! Up!” She says, bouncing up and down. Yoongi looks at you, almost as if to say You don’t have to. But you smile and grab her hand anyways, giggling as the two of you swing her into the air. Yoongi’s heart flutters, and you pretend not to notice as he looks at you with adoring eyes. He’ll never let his daughter hear this, but maybe breaking the rules isn’t always a bad thing.

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Seokjin: Jin and his little boy would be wandering through a festival. The little boy’s eyes would be filled with fascination and wonders. Jin’s would be as well, as he had never been to a festival this big. He would be so amazed by all the sights and sounds, as well as all the food stands, that’d he’d wandered off. The little boy, trying to stay calm he approached a nearby food stand. It was a cute little stand filled with baked goods. You, the one in charge of it, would see the little boy coming. You’d put on a friendly smile and stepped out from behind the stand. “Hi there little guy! What can I do for you?” “I-I can’t find my daddy. Do y-you think that I can wait here?” “Of course! Would you like a sweet treat while you wait? I made them myself.” His eyes would fill with excitement at getting a treat. A few minutes later, Jin would spot his little boy munching on a brownie in front of the stand. Seeing him, the boy would run up and hug his legs. “Daddy! The nice lady made this! Do you think she can make some more for us?” Noticing you, he’d come up, apologizing for any trouble the boy could have caused. “Oh it’s fine. He was very nice. Plus, I’m glad I could give him some of my new baked goods!” Jin, noticing how cute you looked in an apron with your hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, would smile. “Well…seeing as this little guy enjoyed your treats…you wouldn’t mind me taking some for the road?” “Sure! Take all you want! There are plenty!” Once he had a bag full of sweets, he’d start to walk away, before suddenly stopping. “Um…you wouldn’t mind if I asked for your number, would you? You know, just in case you had any new treats to try out. My son would be happy to taste test them. And I would always be happy to see you again.” Jin says with a shy smile and a light blush dusting his cheeks. With a shy smile yourself, you’d write your number down and hand it to him. “I’ll be expecting a call…” “Seokjin…Jin.” Im Y/N! It’s been a pleasure! I do hope I hear from you soon!“ With your friendly smile in his mind, he heads off again holding onto his boy’s hand. Although, him wandering off hadn’t been such a bad thing after all.

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Ouch (Ethan)

You click the car alarm on your car twice. It beeps loudly behind you as you head up the stairs to the warehouse. Your best friends, Ethan and Grayson, were working on filming a new video where they would see who could knock each other off the trampoline first using exercise balls. You knew it wasn’t a good idea but you also knew they wouldn’t listen to you once they had their minds set on something. They were reckless and it was exhausting because you were usually the one rushing them to the hospital or bandaging them up when things went wrong. You open the wide doors and you can already hear Grayson’s obnoxious laughter echoing through the large space. He spins his head in your direction at the sound of the door and chants your name, throwing his arms in the air. This was your usual greeting. 

“Hey. What’s going on?” You laughed, setting your things down on a nearby table. You could hear Ethan groaning behind Grayson but he was still out of eyesight. 

“Well…” Grayson laughed, stepping to the side revealing a shirtless Ethan sitting on the floor, hands fisted through his hair. His head hung between his knees. He was half laughing, half whining in agony. He looked up at you and your mouth dropped open. You tried to fight back laughter but it rippled through you like thunder. 

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Random Prompts - Navia #3
  • Natsu: 0.0 *watching Juvia making a whirlpool inside her glass of lemonade*
  • Juvia: ...w-what is it, Natsu-san?
  • Natsu: Nuthin', I just think it looks cool.
  • Juvia: *sad smile* Gray-sama thinks its childish.
  • Natsu: Che, HE'S childish... *pouts*
  • Juvia: *smiles* ... look at this~ *pulls Natsu's drink out of his cup and makes a sphere with her drink spinning around it in a ring*
  • Natsu: Oooooohh~ ... *takes a straw and drinks the sphere out of the air* :D
  • Juvia: Natsu-saaan~! *laughs together with him*
  • Erza: *pokes her*
  • Juvia: ... E-Erza-san?
  • Erza: *shoves her drink towards Juvia and is holding a straw* Me too.
  • Juvia: ^^,
Not What They Seem (Part 3!!!)

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Part 1

Part 2


And so, as great love stories start, we became friends. If I’m being totally honest, friendship was even more painful than him hating me. With Alex hating me, I knew exactly where I stood. But friendship is like looking through a stained glass window. You can see glimpses of the other side, little, obscure flashes of what might be out there, but the focus is on the big picture. Well, it was exactly like that with Alex. It was little things, like his hand lingering for a second too long on my back, or him taking me out to get ice cream and him holding my eye contact for a second too long, or him refusing to let me pay for my Starbucks in the mornings. But then those little things are quickly squashed by him turning that lingering hand into a playful arm punch, or the photo we take at the ice cream shop being posted on Instagram with the caption “friend of the year.” And it was frustrating. But having these one on one moments with him, the midnight texts when he’s having an anxiety attack or I’m stressing over a big test are the ones that make up for the glimpses of “what could’ve been.”

But I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t still have a huge, gigantic crush on Alex freaking Standall.

I lived for those little moments, and I let my expectations build themselves up only to be crushed with the transformations afterwards. So I drew. I got my stress out through my drawings. When I couldn’t tell Alex why I was upset at the party where he was flirting with Miranda, I went home, cried for a little bit, blamed it on food poisoning and drew. I drew Alex sitting alone, concentrating on his guitar. I drew Alex smiling at a lunch table, the other faces blurred around him, the central focus on his beaming blonde face. I drew Alex’s hands, the ones that so deftly moved up and down the guitar. I drew his smile, the one that lit up whenever he saw one of his friends, and I drew his frown, the one that appeared whenever Monty was around, or whenever I cried.

But they all were in my sketchbook, my secret, drawn diary, which Alex would never ever see. Until May 19.

May 19 started like any normal day. A boring school day, a Friday, but the air was abuzz with summer and senioritis. Alex drove me home, and we had a meaningless conversation about which Disney movie was best as he sped down the freeway. He turned into my driveway, and jumped out, running over to my side to open the door for me. 

“Thanks, Alex.” I smiled at him as he grabbed my bag, throwing it over his shoulder as my dog raced over to him.

“Hiya, Tucker!” He dropped to his knees, switching into his baby voice as he scratched him behind the ears. Tucker loved Alex. That made two of us.

We headed inside, Tucker following closely behind as we went into my room. “How much does Communications suck?” I groaned, unzipping my backpack and dumping everything out onto my bed.

Alex groaned in agreement. “I know. How many essays can one person write about active listening?”

“I’ll be right back. I just have to grab my laptop charger.” I left the room and walked towards the kitchen, pausing to toss a ball into the living room for Tucker to chase. He bounded across the floor, his claws skidding slightly on the hardwood. I giggled as he raced back over, dropping the ball at my feet. “One more throw, buddy. That’s it. I gotta get homework done.” He raced away, and I grabbed the charger and two glasses of water. I walked down the hall and heard pages flipping from my room, and I entered to find Alex sitting in a beanbag, with my sketchbook open on his lap. But not just open to anything, open to the drawing of a certain blonde haired boy sitting in that very beanbag, a mischievous smirk on his face and his eyes beaming slightly to the left.

My eyes flew open in shock as I dropped the two water glasses onto my carpet.

Alex looked up at me, no shame evident in his face. Actually, he wore that same mischievous smirk as in the picture. “You sure draw a lot of pictures of a blonde kid that looks like me, Y/N.” He said, his voice lilting playfully.

“That…you weren’t supposed to see that. Those. Any of the drawings.” I stammered, turning bright red and dropping to my knees to soak up the water on my rug.  I glanced up slightly to see Alex taking slow, deliberate steps towards me.

“You’re a really good artist, Y/N. Is there a reason you like to draw me?” He knelt down next to me.

I shook my head, refusing to make eye contact.

“C’mon, Y/N. Tell meeeee.” He drew out the e, playfully poking my sides, that same mischievous smirk on his face.

“I drew you because you’re nice to draw.” He chuckled, pulling up my chin to face him.

“You drew me because I’m sexy as fuck and gorgeous, and you know it.”

I snorted. “Sure, Alex. That’s why I drew you.”

He smirked again. “Hey, you said it.” He paused, making sure I was looking directly into his bright blue eyes. “It sucks that I can’t draw….”

I just rolled my eyes, still bright red, as I gathered my sketchbook and shoved it under my bed.

“C’mon, Y/N! This is where you’re supposed to ask why it sucks that I can’t draw.”

I rolled my eyes again, a smile spreading across my face. “Why does it suck that you can’t draw?”

“Because you’re sexy as fuck and gorgeous and I sure as hell know that.” My eyes shot open with that statement, and Alex leaned in quickly, capturing my mouth with his. He gently placed a hand on my back, pushing me in towards him as he deepened the kiss. I placed a hesitant hand on his shoulder as he knotted his hand in my hair, pressing against me for a few seconds until he pulled back, leaning his forehead against mine. Butterflies rocketed around my stomach as his cool breath flickered across my cheek, and he pressed his lips to mine one more time, very quickly.

“What… just happened.” I said, less of a question than a statement.

Alex just smiled. “Y’know, it’s a good thing I found that book, because I didn’t know if you felt the same way. God, I’ve been waiting for months to do that. But now I can do that whenever I want because holy shit that felt good.”

I smiled, hesitantly looking up at him. “Can we do that again?”

He groaned, pushing me gently to the ground, panting slightly as he hovered over me. “You don’t even need to ask.”

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Junior Soldier, Part 1- Steve Rogers x Barnes!Child!Reader Two-Shot

 To Hydra, the super soldier serum was worth more than its weight in gold. Their scientists had tried desperately to duplicate it, but with no avail. Hydra’s agents scoured the world in pursuit of a few remaining formulas- the Winter Soldier found five after killing Howard Stark. 

   But Hydra needed more.

 So they tried a little experiment to see if they could duplicate the serum- this time, not the serum alone, but a super soldier with it.

 They decided to try and breed a super soldier.

 Bucky was in cryofreeze when Clint, Sam, Steve and Nat busted a small Hydra base, where they had heard some scientists were developing a new weapon.

  It was Steve who found her.

He punched and shoved his way up to a small lab that contained absolutely no weapons whatsoever. In fact, it was empty apart from a tiny little girl of about three or four, asleep on a counter beside a file.

 Cautiously, he approached, wary of some sort of optical illusion or trick. He reached the child, peacefully sleeping, clutching a lock of her long, (h/c) hair in her tiny fist.

  Steve frowned. The girl looked pretty real at close quarters.

Of course, he was still on his guard. To see if she was real and solid, he….stuck out his index finger and poked her. Her (e/c) eyes instantly opened wide as she sat up, looking scared. She cowered when she saw Steve. She was terrified.

 “Uh…hi,” said Steve awkwardly, but mentally thinking that the girl looked very…familiar.

  She frowned, still tense; her breathing was deep but fast.

Steve’s eyes fell on the file beside her. Wondering if it might be hers, he reached out for it.

The girl flinched.

   “Hey,” he said, trying to sound soothing. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.”

  There was a disbelieving scowl on the girl’s face. Steve reached for the file again- this time, she was still, but she watched his every movement suspiciously.

  Steve opened up the file- and gasped. Clipped inside was a picture of Bucky as the Winter Soldier, and the name (y/n) (m/n) Barnes.

 He looked at the girl, then looked at the picture of Bucky. The resemblance was uncanny.

  Oh, god.

  “(y/n)?” he ventured.

The girl’s scowl had relaxed. She nodded to show she was listening.

 “Er, can you talk?” Steve continued, hoping very dearly that she could. It would make befriending her so much easier.

  The girl nodded again.

“W-well, I, uh, I’m Steve,” he said, carefully extending his hand.

  She stared at it for a few seconds, then shook it lightly before withdrawing her hand quickly, almost as if Steve was going to bite her.

  “Uh, this might sound like a stupid question, but dyu know who you are?’ Steve asked.

 “I’m (y/n) Barnes,” she replied softly, in a childish accent.

“What the- is that a kid?” Clint’s voice came from behind Steve, and (y/n) tensed up again, fear showing in her large eyes.

 “Yeah…apparently, Bucky’s kid,” said Steve weakly.


 Clint offered to take her for a while,seeing as he had experience with children, but Steve declined. He had finally succeeded in convincing little (y/n) of two things- that he was her Uncle Steve, and that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

  Once thus convinced, he had picked her up, and she had clung to his neck for dear life, afraid of all the others.

  “Steve, what are you going to do with her?” Sam asked as (y/n) studied him with trepidation.

  “Keep her,” Steve answered without thinking.

 Nat pursed her lips, thinking. Clint nodded understandingly. Sam looked at him as if he had lost his nuts.

 “She’s my best friend’s daughter,” said Steve firmly, as if that settled it.

For the time being, it did. (y/n) wouldn’t let go of Steve, but she did ask him once or twice why all the mean people were lying about on the ground covered in red stuff.

  “They take a lot of that red stuff from my arm,” she said unhappily.

Steve stroked her hair, already attached.

 “Don’t worry, nobody’s going to hurt you now,” he said.



soluscrow  asked:

I started replaying Rescue Team and I forgot how... chill the hero is. 'I'm a poke now? W/e that's cool' 'kid just got kidnapped? I have no idea what I'm doing but w/e' 'another kid is kidnapped? Dad ran away too fast for me to REFUSE to Rescue his kid? W/e may as well do it' 'yeah I don't think I wanna go back to being human after three days as a pokemon lul' 'no idea what a rescue team is? Just met this guy who somehow gave me house? May as well join'

oh my god

rescue team hero has the most chill

darkserena67  asked:

EMOJI EYE AIZAWA WINS, bigger eyes, more quirk shutdown, unless Mic fights dirty, since they're a bigger target for poking >>

T H E   R E S U L T  S ! !!!! T H  E  R  E  W  E  G  O   L A   D   S  TH A NKS F O R TH E M  O N EY

Clint Barton is a freak.

Tony means that in the nicest way possible, really. It’s just that the guy has impossible aim with a medieval weapon, is more flexible than anyone Tony’s ever been with (and he’s bedded an Oylmpic gymnast), and then there’s the whole James Bond assassin thing, except Clint is much more sarcasm and false bravado than class and sophistication. Still, Tony’s pretty sure he’s head over heels for the archer, and he has no real complaints. Well, maybe when he goes away on undercover missions too long, but other than that, things are pretty good.

Then Clint comes down to the lab after a training session.


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DIY Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub

This Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub is a great way to give yourself or someone else an indulgent spa treatment from the comfort of your own shower. It smells good enough to eat and is an easy DIY version of Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Scrub.


  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup granulated white sugar
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 vitamin E capsules


1. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl thoroughly until they are all well combined.

2. To add vitamin E capsule, poke the end with a pin and squeeze the oil inside into other ingredients, discard capsule.

3. Store scrub in an airtight container for up to 3 months.

Apply a palmful or more to arms, legs, shoulders, and chest, rub in a circular motion, rinse off. Moisturize as usual.

These ingredients are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavinoids,  natural exfoliants, and aromatherapy to give you skin a boost and scrub off what life leaves behind.  Use 1-2 times a week for soft glowing skin.

via savingwithshellie.com

Raptor Fan

Owen Grady x reader

Sent in by: anon

You had thought it would be a great idea to bring your son with you to work, as he loved raptors. As you had voiced that idea, the boy had ran upstairs and packed everything (that went by a book filled with dinosaurs and his DS). You had been the one that had pack the important stuff, and one week later - you and (S/N) arrived at the raptor pen.

You had worked there for four months, and rarely got to spend time with your son - and it was the start of a new week, as you had dragged (S/N) out from the bed and handed him the breakfast (that was just something you had made quickly, like a sandwich). As you drove off, (S/N) had fallen asleep once again in the back and you only rolled your eyes at him.

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DIY Vanilla & Honey Sugar Body Scrub


  • 1 1/3 c. coarse, raw sugar
  • 1 1/3 c. dark brown sugar
  • 1 1/3 c. sunflower OR extra-virgin olive OR grapeseed OR almond oil
  • 4 tsp. honey
  • 4 tsp. vanilla extract or 2 vanilla beans
  • 4-6 vitamin E capsules


  1. Mix thoroughly.
  2. To add vitamin E capsule, poke the end with a pin and squeeze the oil inside into other ingredients, discard capsule.
  3. Store in airtight container with lid.