my fav @amadryades tagged me to list ten things I love. Thank you love 💕

  • Renaissance art
  • The chills i get when reading The Song of Achilles
  • The scent of jasmine
  • That scene from the film Pandora’s Box where he rests on her knees
  • Watching one act plays
  • Translating poetry
  • Playing with hookah’s smoke
  • Stick and poke tattoos
  • Bruises and bitemarks
  • *singingly* Me, me, me, me

I tag @watsonaesthete and @rufulu

anonymous asked:

O k a y but imagine an au where suddenly a grim reader (lol grim reaper grim reader I'm funny) pops up, just like lazily leaning on their scythe in like s hoodie and jeans, not edgy, and is like "hey fam, can you guys find it down a bit? Take a Sunday off, I'm getting loads of paper work" and just sticks around, poking fun at reaper and asking for autographs

Reaper is honestly the worst because he’s like… constantly dying and resurrecting himself. Do you know how much work that causes for the actual Reapers? We get summoned to you and then nope, you’re fine. What the fuck.

And honestly? Mercy’s entire ‘Heroes Never Die!” shtick is messing them up, too. Like, the boss is upset with this, please, just let me take one of them? At least give yourselves a break from dying so much. It’s getting old.

But bonus angst: Reader can’t touch anyone without them dying. Becomes a problem when they fall in love…


Well that was awkward he was in a wood and there was someone well over him and trying to what poke him with a stick. “Hey. I am alive no need for poking.” She seemed a bit innocent and young and that thing she poked him with seemed like a staff or something.