dec 4

i’ve been avoiding doing this. fuck, i’ve been pacing all day trying not to write this. 

the first poem is the most dangerous one. we all know how fruit tastes when it’s too ripe. when we don’t wait long enough. when we don’t let it sit in the air for a while. when we don’t let it age and simmer and breathe.

i want to let us breathe. 

i’ve read too many facts about off brand icing. i can’t stop eating it to keep my tongue busy. keep my throat cool. 

but my mouth is smoking and it burns more and more, each time you tell me you’re honest.

the first poem is the most dangerous one because you’re going to remind me of poetry. it’s not the same now and 

i want to let us breathe.

you’re going to make me soft, aren’t you? you’re going to poke the bitter with a stick ten miles away, make sure i’m not dead, make sure we still have a chance,

but far enough away to protect yourself.  

and you’ll rip me open, like an unzipped dress. i won’t mind it. 

i’m terrified. my heart hurts. my lips are sticky. i’m used to imagining love and pretending i am cared for,

and you’re shouting from your island how much you want me.

i have to write you, don’t i? i have to let this breathe. fuck, i want us to breathe. this is how i say yes. this is how i jump. 

I was at a party full of pretentious art students who lacked depth and a soul and were still going through this whole sad boy/girl thing lol like I stick and poked shit on my legs when I was 18 (5years ago) when will they move on ?!

anonymous asked:

Clem's back, Ellie's back, now all we need to complete the trifecta is a certain blue haired punk and her time traveling gf *pokes dontnod with a stick*

Yeah… I mean TellTale said TWDG Season 3 wasn’t gonna feature Clem, and turns out they were lying. Naughty Dog AND Troy Baker/Ashley Johnson, said Ellie and Joel weren’t returning: turns out that was the hugest lie.

So now it gives me a tiny bit of hope that when Dontnod says “it’s the end of Max and Chloe’s journey”, they’re freaking lying :D

The End of 2016

So I’ve never really been a productive kind of person. I’ve always left things till the last minute, up at 2 am and majorly messing up my sleep schedule. And recently @saadiqahb has been doing absolutely nothing; I have questioned poking her with a stick to check if she was a ghost. 

I don’t know where it came from, but I had an idea that I simply cannot stop smiling about because I think it’s going to be brilliant. I made a game. The game itself is pretty simple, to be productive for the rest of the small amount of time we have of this year. Of course, that put into context isn’t as easy, but we are going to make it happen! And it’s not limited to just us, everyone who’s felt like this year hasn’t been as productive and filled with stuff can make this month count. 

:-D BTW, I’m using my relatively abandoned Side-Blog to post about it, I’m planning on posting every day til The End of 2016, hopefully that will remind me that I have made a promise to do something, anything to make the day go by without being wasted. 

The End of 2016

;; katey’s height in her hybrid form. As I’ve written about before, Katey’s first hybrid form (something she has only unlocked in certain verses) involves her arms shifting into expansive and powerful owl’s wings, large dark brown spots in the shape of her feathers’ speckles ranging across her shoulders and up her neck, long feathers sticking out from behind her ears and poking through her hair, and long strong owl’s legs ending in talons. Katey is typically 5′10″, however - while in this hybrid form, referred to as her harpy form, Katey grows to 6′5″. 

Her body remains the same size, but her already longs grow much longer in their bird-like state.