Okay then my phone just ate that ask or it sent privately...

I was sent an ask for 5 facts about Dapple from simblroonies

1. Dapple secretly wishes to see the past. More so than even Tranquil. She’s fascinated by the fashion or so she thinks. They don’t really a firm grasp and it tranlates into a huge mashup of all the decades. 1920’s to the early 2000’s

2. Dapple really looks up to Opal even though Opal is younger.

3. She has never picked out her own clothes for fear they won’t match. If only she could get her hands on a sewing machine she’d try to create something all her own.

4. Sparks McScales kinda freaks her out.

5. Dapple dreamwalked once but doesn’t remember. In fact the only one who does is Merlot.

anonymous asked:

Now that she can see colors... Does that mean Dapple can use her shifting abilities to its full extent? :ooo

It’s a very strong possibility. Guess we will have to wait and see~