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Night People

Prompt: “Can i request a smutty scenario with werewolf v in heat?”
Word Count: 5,160
Genre: Smut
Summary: Around this time of year, Taehyung always advises you to stay away from him, but there’s nothing you want more than to see what he’s like when he’s turned.
A/N: So this is a werewolf AU obviously, but I just wanted to mention that there are some “violent” parts when it gets smutty. Also I know it’s hella long and I’m sorry. Please go easy on my gentle soul.

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3 Days

When it was around this time of year, Taehyung always said it was best to stay away from him. Though you had been friends for years, he never wanted you to see that side of him. He said he was too dangerous and that it was best for you to not see him when he wasn’t capable of controlling himself. You understood that he was trying to protect you, but a part of you had always been curious to see what he was like when he turned. You had seen all the movies and read billions of books, but you wanted to see what it was really like. Of course, you respected his decision and tried your best to silence the nagging voice in the back of your mind.

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All I Ever Needed

Paul Lahote Imagine

Paul x Reader

Prompt: A good old opposite’s attract story.

Word Count: 1,071

Authors’s Note: This is pretty messy because I really needed something to be up- so here it is. Sorry for not posting been so busyyyyy. Lovessss xx

Warning: None

You went to the same school as the pack, you had easily became friends with Seth and that had drawn you to La Push. You were timid and shy, only speaking when spoken too and were use to keeping thoughts to yourself. People thought that you were so cute and innocent, a lot of people becoming protective of you.

One night you were invited to one of the campfires that the pack were doing. You easily gave in when Seth gave you puppy eyes and a little pout. “Cool! But uh wear something warm!” He said giving you a little cheeky smile before bouncing of to class.

Never in your life have you ever met Paul. You always heard Seth and Embry going on about him but you never questioned about it.

When you showed up, e/c eyes cast down your h/c hair covering your face as shifted from foot to foot. “Y/n! Seth told me you were coming.” You glanced up in surprise to see Embry who immediately wrapped you in a hug. You smiled up at him as Seth joined next to him,

“C’mon! The stories starting soon!” Seth chirped a massive smile on his face. You giggled when he grabbed you pulling you towards a log. “We’re just waiting for the others to show up.” Embry sat next to you, food somehow in his hand.

“What’s the story about?” You asked softly as you watched the fire, returning your eyes to Seth.

“Well it’s a legend between our tribe. Saying that we are descended form wolves.” Seth said, watching your face. You raised your eyebrows curious about it. He flicked your nose, “No spoilers for you.” You giggled rolling your eyes.

The sound of crunching leaves alerted you, you looked up to see a group of boys, with no tops on coming out the woods. A blush was on your face as you hid behind Seth’s arm. Embry noticed, as did Seth and started to giggle at your shy state. 

“Don’t worry. They won’t bite.” Embry teased lowly to you. All you did was poke out your tongue. As your e/c eyes wandered back to them, they were shoving each other until your eyes landed on a pair of brown ones.

Paul was surprised to see a girl seated between Seth and Embry. He could obviously see how shy you were, just by they way you tried to hide behind Seth. “Awe look. Someones got a girlfriend.” Jared teased beside Paul, immediately getting shoved by Paul. Paul looked back up only to lock eyes with your pair of e/c eyes. He sucked in a breath, stepping back in surprise, eyes widening. 

His imprint

“Awe Paul has his imprint.” Jared teased shoving Paul forward who immediately shoved him back. “Quit it!”

Your eyes widen in surprise. There was a tug pulling at your heart. A tingly sensation coming over you as Seth and Embry watched you with knowing eyes.

Seth and Embry eyed each other and nodded. 

Months later you and Paul had grown closer. So close that he and the pack revealed their secret to you; shifters. It took a while for you to take complete hold of the situation but then on out- everything was good.

Everyone knew about you and Paul getting closer, everyone trying to warn you that he was no good. He’s a hot-headed, violent person and can hurt you easily. This was mostly from people at school and from a few of the pack members.

Again you heard it. Seth wanted to hang out but you were hanging out with Paul in the woods, “I’m sorry Seth… But we can hang out tomorrow?” Your voice was soft, you e/c eyes peering up at his brown pair that seemed a little bit hurt.

“N-no. T-that’s okay…” He walked away before you could say anything, a coat of guilt covered you and your heart started to throb.

You soon started to listen. Everyone was telling you to keep your distance, so you did. You even stopped going to La Push. Only hanging out with Seth, Leah and Embry. 

Guilt still ran through you, you hadn’t even warned Paul and that’s what made it worse. At school you had seen him get angered more easily, get into fights, all the while people were telling you had done the right thing. But it didn’t feel like it.

As you sat at your desk away from Paul who was staring you down, you placed in your earphones even though your phone was dead, just so it was a sign of, please don’t talk to me. A pair of girls sat beside you,

“Oh my gosh. Did you see Paul? How he beat up that poor boy?”

“Girl, yes! He’s fucking crazy.”

You glanced over at Paul who’s, fists were clenched. The girls tried to seem quite but he heard and you knew he did.

You couldn’t take it after hearing a certain comment, 

“Good Y/n leaving him.” Anger boiled in you when she said that.

Ripping out your headphones, slipping out your seat, you glared at the two girls who were shocked at your outbursts, everyone was. You weren’t like that. Always calm and collected. But they had pushed it.

Stomping towards Paul who also sported a shocked face, you grabbed it and smashed your lips against his. Everyone gasping in surprise.

He kissed back immediately, a smirk against your lips.”I’m sorry,” you muttered drawing back from him, “about everything I put you through. That I listened to what they all said…”

Instead of saying anything else, he dragged you out the room, grabbing your bag in the process, as soon as you both were hidden in the woods. He turned to you and picked you up into a kiss. 

Sweet and long with so much want.

“I missed you. God I fucking missed you.” He sighed, nuzzling your cheek.

Wrapped into each others warmth you realized something, “Paul my grades! Paul the rumors!” You panicked bouncing in his arms. He groaned as you tried to climb out his grip.

“I thought we were having a moment!”

“I thought I wanted a good school history!”

“It’s just one period!” He whined. You shifted to look at him with a pout. A roll of his eyes, “fine. But you owe me a lot of time.” A smirking plastering his face, sending a wink to you. “Lucky for you…It’s Friday.”

Home Invasion (Peter Parker x Reader)-Part 1

Character Pairing: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 3,140 (might have changed I went back a revised a bit)

Warning: Rape mentions, cussing, literally the title (if that’s even a warning you never know with Tumblr)

 You hated being home alone. When your parents first told you that they had to go to a family friend’s wedding, you panicked. You pleaded to go with them, not because you had wanted to see the ceremony, but because you couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping in the apartment all by yourself. Of course they had said no, just for the sake of airfare prices, but it wasn’t that much of a letdown since you didn’t even know the bride and groom anyways. Being the stubborn girl you were though, you were relentless with your parents about going, until they finally bribed you into keeping your mouth shut. 

 Not surprisingly, you spent half of the money they gave you on takeout food, since cooking for one is just too much of a hassle. Plus, cooking for just yourself was yet another reminder that you were completely alone in your apartment. 

 Grabbing the brown paper bag of food and a soda, you made your way over to your room. You plopped down on your bed, and began to flip through channels on your T.V. It didn’t take long to find a good movie, this one in particular was actually one of your favorites, so you were quite content, getting swept up into the storyline almost immediately.

 Although, at some point while watching, you felt a wave of loneliness hit you so abruptly, it made your heart sore. You all of a sudden craved the presence of another person with you, just to keep you company. Knowing this feeling wouldn’t go away on it’s own, you called the first person you wanted to be with at the moment. Your best friend, Peter Parker.

 Tapping on his contact, and putting your phone to your ear, you waited patiently while listening to the dial go off every few seconds. Normally, he’d pick up within seconds, the sound of his eager voice greeting you was what you had expected. But after a couple of minutes of waiting, when he answered, he spoke in a low, hushed tone. “Hey [Y/N.]”

 “Hey Peter, so my parents aren’t home now and I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to come over a-”

 You stopped talking when you heard shuffling sounds and yelling on Peter’s line. Where was he? “Parker, are you okay? What’s going on?” You questioned, your voice heavy with concern. 

 As the phone was silent, you stood up from your bed and began pacing nervously, waiting for him to answer. Your worry only began to heighten every time a sound other than Peter’s voice emitted from your cell. You began to consider hanging up on him and dialing 911, but then you realized that would be pointless since you have no clue where he is. He definitely wasn’t at home judging from the sounds of cars every so often. Finally, after a few minutes of waiting anxiously, he responded. “Look [Y/N],” he sighed, a bit of guilt laced in his voice, “As much as I’d like to come over, I’m sorta caught up with some stuff right now.”

 You frowned, not only because he was rain checking yet again- even more-so when he knew you were all alone, but also because you were distraught about this whole phone call. Why was he acting so weird? Peter had been acting off for a while now, but this was a whole new level for him.

 “I’m sorry, I know how much you hate being home alone,” he whispered now, rushing through his words as if he just wanted to end the phone call, which made you even more upset. “I’ll make it up to you though, I promise.”

 As you heard the three beeps that signaled Peter had hung up, tears began forming in your eyes, causing a stinging sensation. Closing them, you pressed your fingers against your eyelids, trying to wipe away the feeling. How could he be so indifferent with you?

 Peter had been different for a while now, and you’ve grown so used to this side of him, you chose to ignore it for the most part, almost becoming blind to it. Almost. Every now and then, you would catch him in a lie while he tried to make an excuse up for why he didn’t have time to hangout with you, but you never dared to confront him about it. It just wasn’t your style. Well, it wasn’t your style until now. This was your last straw, and you promised yourself the next time you see him, you’d ask him what his problem is.

 Although you didn’t want to admit it, you were scared Peter was just blowing you off because he didn’t want to be your friend anymore. Maybe he was getting sick of you, found you to be clingy, and he was just too sweet of a guy to ever say that to your face. It was a horrible thought that made your heart hurt every time you’d think about it.

 You sat on the edge of your bed, shoulders hunched forward and your head in your hands just crying, drowning in your thoughts. Even though Peter had done this for a while now, it just dawned on you how much you missed him. The intense pain of loneliness you had felt before dulled out after a while but it still hurt. You somehow knew this discomfort you felt wouldn’t go away until you could see Peter again. You wanted to hear his melodic laugh as you told him a joke, and hell, you would sign up to be a comedian if it meant listening to that forever. You wanted to see his cute little grin when he’d walk up to your locker in the hallways at school, greeting you, his eyes lighting up when you smiled sweetly back at him. You missed the science banter between him and Ned, always being on his side, even if he was wrong. You couldn’t wait to see the next time he’d awkwardly stumble, and you as always, would laugh your ass off as you watched his cheeks bloom with a tint a of red. Don’t even get started on the way he speaks with such passion about the Stark internship. He was so dedicated to the job, it made you happy he found something that he loved so much. You missed everything about him. 

As you dozed asleep, emotionally and physically drained, you had one last thought before you completely slipped unconscious.

 I think I like Peter Parker.

 You woke up to the sound of glass breaking outside of your bedroom. It sounded a bit muffled, but it was loud enough to wake you up. Maybe it was just a cup falling in the kitchen, you tried to reassure yourself. A few moments after the crash though, you heard the distinct sound of footsteps. They sounded a bit farther off outside your room, but you knew for sure that these noises were coming from your apartment.

 Now fully alert, you swung your legs around to the side of your mattress and stood up cautiously, not wanting to make any noise. Your heart began to thump hard against your chest as you tiptoed silently to your door. A plan of escape began to form in your head, which had nothing to do with going through the main doors as an exit, but you wanted to see the intruder’s face before leaving. After all, if the police were to catch this guy when you notified them later on, they’re going to need a description. Grasping the doorknob, and giving it a slow turn, you smoothly swiveled your door open and poked your head out.

 Your eyes scanned your apartment, quickly locating the invader. Judging by their height and broader shoulders, this person was a man. His back was facing you as he was tearing apart your living room, not even bothering to keep the noise level down. 

 That’s when a thought popped in your head. He seemed to have known that your parents would be gone, since he obviously isn’t being quite stealthy. This is someone you knew. Someone who was a neighbor in your apartment. He must have assumed you had gone away with your parents if he was being so careless at the moment.

 Breaking yourself out of thought, you suddenly had a brilliant idea. It would just take being careful and waiting for the perfect moment. Grabbing your cell phone from the pocket of your hoodie, you opened the camera app, holding it up to the man. As you were waiting for the burglar to turn his face, something caught your eye on the phone screen. Squinting to try and make out what it was in the dark, your eyes widened as you put your hand over your mouth in horror when you realized what he was holding. It was a knife.

 At this point, you honestly couldn’t care less if you shot a good picture of his face or not, you just wanted to get the hell out of there. Preparing yourself, you took a deep breath and with shaking fingers, pressed the camera button.

 You knew what your mistake was seconds too late. 

 You kept the flash setting on.

 The whole living room lit up in a bright light, the burglar whipping his head in your direction. This man definitely lived in your apartment, you’ve seen him around before, but you never learned his name.

  When his cold, menacing eyes met yours, you felt the dread of your mistake wash over your whole body like a wave. It was the most horrible feeling you’ve ever felt, the realization of how dangerous this whole situation was, now that he knew you were here.

 Thinking fast, you swiftly slammed your door shut, locked it, and pushed a chair up against it. You didn’t know how you even managed to do that, since your whole body was shaking due to the fear coursing through you like venom. You ran towards your window, beginning to turn all the safety locks your parents had installed on it. 

 “You can’t escape from me, [Y/N].” The man said, his voice so sinister sounding, you couldn’t help it as a chill ran down your spine. The way he addressed you was so… final. Almost as if he was one hundred percent sure he was going to catch you. Finalize you.

 Heart rate quickening at that thought, you began using all the strength in your arms to pull up the window, but cursing loudly to yourself when it wouldn’t budge. The locks were jammed from all the years of never opening this window, you always opened the smaller one, but you were much too big to fit through that one.

 “C’mon [Y/N], think, think, think,” muttering to yourself as your eyes scanned across your room, until they landed on baseball bat. You couldn’t help yourself as you let out a cry of relief, rushing over to the other side of your room to grab it.

 Ironically enough, you always kept that baseball bat beside your bed in case anything like this were to happen. You could cry you felt so grateful that your past self was crazy-cautious enough to go through the measures of putting it there.

 You were just about to swing the baseball bat into the window to smash it when you heard it.

 First, it was just heavy pounding against your door.

 Then it was the distinct sound of wood cracking under pressure.

 He was breaking down your door.

 Knowing your door would only take a few more blows, you hastily struck your window with the bat, the sound of breaking glass sharp in your ears. The cold city wind rushed in as soon as the window had been smashed, nipping at your nose, but you didn’t care.

 You had to keep moving if you wanted to make it out of this alive.

 You swung one of your legs out of the window, straddling it, and planted your foot on the fire escape platform. The glass was cutting into your thighs and hands but you didn’t feel anything at the moment. You were numb, the only thing that mattered was escaping. 

 As you began to bring your other leg around the window sill, you saw a shadow move in the corner of your eye. Your neck snapped to the side and you couldn’t help it as you let out a shrill shriek, seeing the man break through the door with a loud CRACK, not even pausing as he stalked towards you. You stumbled onto the fire escape, and strangely enough, the panic didn’t fully set in until now. Panicking lead to not being able to think straight, and not being able to think straight lead you to making possibly the worst decision you’ve ever made: you started running up the stairs instead of down.

 A sob escaped your lips when the realization of this mistake hit you, but it was too late anyways. The man was behind you, already climbing the set of stairs you just finished going up. You didn’t dare to look back, fearing that you would freeze up if you didn’t like how close he was getting to you.

 What would happen once you reached the top? There was nowhere to go once you got to the roof. Would the man quickly end your life, so there were no witnesses to his burglary, or would he make you suffer? A shudder ran through your body as you thought about the possible ways he could slowly kill you off. 

 You didn’t know whether or not this was the final chapter to your life, but one thing was for sure. You would keep fighting until there was no use. When you couldn’t run anymore, you would crawl. When you couldn’t crawl anymore, you would drag yourself inch by inch, still trying to get away. That’s just how you were. You were too stubborn to give up.

 You were so swept up in your thoughts, you didn’t even realize you had reached the top. That’s when the fear that you had pushed away this whole time, tucking it into a corner of your mind, was rushing back with an overwhelmingly intenseness to it. The feeling was so strong, it knocked the wind out of you, leaving you a heaving mess, gasping for air. This was it. You were done for.

 And he knew it. 

 The man chuckled, probably because you now stood in front of him, all thoughts of escape gone. You were like a deer in headlights. Eyes wide, moving sporadically, feet planted, body frozen in place. Not knowing where to go. 

 Ever since you were young, you’d always made fun of the stupid teenage girls in horror movies that just stood in place as the killer approached them. Now in their place, you gulped down the lump in your throat as you realized how they had felt.

 The knife in his hand gleamed under the moonlight, now so foreboding-looking, you couldn’t help it as tears began to form in your eyes. Being the stubborn girl you’ve always been -not wanting to show any signs of weakness, you fought them, trying to not let any spill, but it was too late. They were already silently streaming down your cheeks.

 As you started backing away from him, not daring to turn around in fear he would jab his knife in your back, it didn’t hit you until you felt the heel of your shoe step back into nothingness: this was the edge of the roof. You had gone your limit, and now there was truly nowhere to run. A sharp pain poked at your stomach, and you let out a whimper as you looked down to see the tip of the blade pointed at you. The man was now so close, your chests were almost touching, which made you shudder with disgust. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, waiting for him to make the final move of killing you. But that never happened. 

 “Now, why don’t we stop playing games,” he said, jabbing the knife against your skin a bit more, “And let’s start having some fun.” His disgustingly grimy hands skimmed the waistband of your jeans, tugging them slightly and you recoiled as much as you could. As he began unbottoning your pants, thoughts raced your mind so fast, it was hard to keep track of them. 

 It was the way he said it that made you have a feeling what he was about to do to you would be far worse than death. So cold and unforgiving. He was looking for another way to show that he had more power than you, more control. He wanted you to be scared and backed into a corner, that’s just the way his sick, twisted mind worked. But you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of this: you refused to.

 “Fuck you.” You said, surprising even yourself with the way you managed to snap out those two words. It was so hatred-filled that if words could kill people, this man would be dead and gone. You spit in his face just to have one last accomplishment before you did it.

 Before you let yourself fall back.

 All you remember about falling was screaming. Screaming so loud you felt like you might rip your vocal cords in half. But you weren’t the only one screaming, the wind was too. It was whipping past your ears, blowing your hair in all different directions as you free-fell at a killer speed. This was it. You were going to die. You thought of your mom and dad, and your heart shattered in half as you realized they may think you had just wanted to commit suicide. If only they knew.

 Just as you began squeezing your eyes shut, bracing for the impact, you felt an object ram into you from the side. You let out a gasp of air as the force of whatever hit you knocked the wind out of you. As silly as it sounded, you thought at first it may have been a bird that hit you, but when your eyes snapped open you knew it wasn’t any kind of animal that ran into you. It was a human. More specifically, it was Spider-Man. He saved you.

 Noticing you were looking up at him, you felt his arm around your waist give you a gentle squeeze. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” He said, his voice so quietly comforting, you feel your heart beat steady to a normal pace soon after his words. Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe you had misheard him due to the whistling of the wind as he webbed between buildings, but you could’ve sworn he added in, “I’ve always got you, [Y/N].” 

A/N: Hey guys! So when I had originally thought of this idea, I wasn’t going to make it so long, but I usually tend to draw out stories so there will be a Part 2 to this. (If everyone wants one I don’t know maybe no one will end up reading this just let me know if you’re even interested in a part 2) I was supposed to cram it all into one fic, but I thought that may have been a bit long. Also, I’m very, very sorry there was barely any Peter in this but I promise part 2 will have a ton more of my baby, and it’ll be super fluffy so just you wait!

Mr. Shark

“Peter is a child.” Tony hisses into the phone. He’s keeping one eye on the kid from where he is standing, not hiding just standing, around the corner.

“He’s normally a child Tony, what’s your point?” Rhodey asks, Tony can hear him yawning over the line.

“Yes, he’s normally like 14 though not 4.” Tony is definitely not screeching in distress. “Normally he is my height, not this tiny thing.”

“What?” Rhodey asks, and he sounds more awake now.

“I don’t know, Friday says it’s Peter, but he’s like 2.” Tony peeks out to see Peter trying to pull himself onto the couch, he gets a wave and a gap-toothed grin.

“I thought he was 4.” Rhodey points out, and it sounds like he’s laughing at Tony.

“I don’t know what age he is, he’s small Rhodey. I need help, please come help me with the spider kid.” He pleads, waving back at Peter. Peter starts to toddle towards him.

“I’ll be there tomorrow morning.” Rhodey grumbles, and the dial tone sounds in his ear. Tony’s eyes are wide with fear when Peter bumps into his leg.

“Tomorrow morning?” His voice is little more than a squeak.

“That is what he said boss.” Friday replies, she sounds smug.

“Okay, hi Peter.” Tony greets crouching down next to the kid. “I’m Tony Stark.” He holds out his hand to the little guy.

“Hi!” Peter shouts, grabbing onto his hands. “I like your bobots.” He holds out his arms in the normal kid gesture for pick me up, and Tony does, hefting the kid onto his hip.

“Really, which of my robots is your favorite?” He asks, bouncing a little. Peter squeals excitedly.

“I like the nice wall lady, and the dumb rolly robot, but my favorite is suit lady.” He informs Tony, nodding excitedly. “She’s nice.” Tony laughs.

“She is, isn’t she? You know I think you are her favorite human too.” He pokes Peter’s nose for emphasis. Peter giggles, grabbing onto his glasses with one hand, and yanking them off his face. “Ow.” Tony winces, and the glasses snap in half, apparently the little spider still has some super strength.

“Oh no.” His eye’s go wide and glossy and he looks up at Tony. “Please no mad. I didn’t mean to Mr. Shark.” Tony is trying very hard not to look like he wants to cry. “Please don’t leave.” Peter sniffles.

“I’m not leaving Peter, I’m right here. The glasses are dumb anyways.” He takes what’s left of them from Peter and drops them in the garbage. “See all gone.”

“No gone. I broke the boat and you were gone, no leaving now.” Peter insists, clutching at Tony’s shirt. Tony drops onto the couch, he needs to look put together for the kid, but his heart feels like it’s breaking in his chest. He gave Peter abandonment issues. He was trying to break the cycle, and he failed. Gesturing with his left arm for Dum-E to come over, he tries to soothe the kid.

“I’m so sorry Peter. I shouldn’t have left you then, and I won’t leave you now. I promise.” He pats Peter’s pack in an attempt to be comforting. Dum-E rolls over, blanket clutched in his claw.

“Pinky promise?” Peter asks, holding up his pinky.

“Pinky promise.” Tony links his pinky with Peter’s just as Dum-E drops a blanket onto both of their heads. “Thanks Dum-E.” Tony grumbles, it makes Peter giggle so Tony will consider it a success.

“You’re not mad?” Peter asks.

“Nah those glasses were dumb anyways. I’m much prettier without them.” Tony informs him. Peter reaches out, grubby fingers poking at Tony’s cheeks.

“Your eye is dark under. Aunt May says it’s a bag but that doesn’t make any sense.” Peter informs him. “You put things in bags.” He informs Tony.

“I do not have bags under my eyes.” Tony insists. Peter looks as unconvinced as a four-year-old can. “I get a healthy amount of sleep.”

“Mr. Shark, you don’t sleep, ever.” Peter points out, and Tony doesn’t really have an argument, and he doesn’t really want to correct Peter’s pronunciation of Stark, so it’s time to change the topic.

“Friday, how long until Rhodey gets here?”  He asks.

“Based on his flight plan, he should arrive at the building in approximately 10 hours.”  Friday replies. Tony tries not to look absolutely horrified.

“I’m going to die.” He whispers, Peter pats his cheek comfortingly.

“Don’t worry Mr. Shark, I protect you.” Peter assures him, it’s the cutest thing Tony has ever seen and he’s going to wrap this kid in bubble wrap and never let him outside into the dangerous world ever again.

Study Partner (Taeyong x Reader)

Rating: M, with a side of fluff

(A/N) How goes my fellow nut busters? I’m jumping right onto the request train by giving you some fluffy and a little smutty study partner Taeyong! While our resident being of perfection may have enough sex appeal to shut down a male stripper convention, I think Taeyong/s sweeter side needs a bit more loving too. So I hope y’all enjoy this one because it was really fun to write!!

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Staring out the window of your classroom like some angsty anime character was one of your favorite pastimes. You wished every waking hour you were in this hell hole of a school to be outside, riding your bike through the streets, picking flowers in the park, playing in the stream that ran through town, anything but this class.

It’s not like you were bad at writing and literature, in fact, you were exceptional, the brightest in your class. But you hated the teacher, hated what he made you write. You didn’t want to write about the characters in a Greek tragedy, you didn’t want to analyze Jane Austin, you wanted to write soaring stories about adventurers, magic, and romance. This class made you despise writing, and you loathed that, because writing was one of your secret passions.

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EXO Reaction To You Sitting/Laying in Their Lap

Xiumin: You entered the living room with two cups of hot chocolate in your hands. Rain pounded against the window and lighting flashed every few seconds. Xiumin saw you come into the living room and he opened his arms out to you, inviting you to cuddle with him. You smiled at his cuteness and placed the mugs on the coffee table in front of you before hopping into his lap. He wrapped his arms around you gently, rocking you back and forth in his lap as the two of you relaxed to the sound of the rain against the windows.

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Suho: Suho was reading in his large, comfy, worn out chair in the corner of the living room. The sound of him turning pages was the only sound in the room, until you came home. You kicked off your shoes and sighed, running a hand through your hair. Suho looked up from his book and instantly noticed how tired you were. He watched you quietly; watching you throw your keys in the bowl by the door, hanging up your jacket, and leaning against the front door with a soft thud.

“Y/N.” Suho would call softly. You’d look up, your eyes heavy and tired. Suho would pat his lap, allowing you to tiredly crawl into his hold as he read to you; softly lulling you to sleep in the process.

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Lay: Lay would be strumming his guitar softly, sitting outside on the balcony as the music got ate up by the noises down below, the only one to hear it would be him. You’d go outside and watch him play, smiling softly at him.

“Can you teach me to play?” you asked him quietly, moving to stand in front of him. Lay would smile sweetly at you and place you in his lap, overlapping his fingers with yours as he positioned your hands in the right places. He’d guide your hands and fingers to play the instrument as his chest pressed into your back in a warm embrace.

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Baekhyun: You’d be out with Baekhyun and all the other guys as you stayed in and had a movie night. Regrettably, because of all the people, there was no where else for you to sit. Baekhyun would pat his lap, raising his eyebrows suggestively as he made you sit down on him. The other guys would tease Baekhyun at his eagerness, making you blush, but Baekhyun wouldn’t care. He’d be smug and proud to have his girl on his lap in front of everybody; showing how you belonged to him and only him as he rested his chin on your shoulder to place numerous kisses on your cheek.

Originally posted by baehkkyun

Chen: You and Chen would be playing around on a sunny afternoon; chasing each other and goofing off without a care in the world. After diminishing most of your energy, the two of you would sit down and bask in the sun and cool breeze that rustled the leaves and the trees. You’d crawl into Chen’s lap, enjoying the day with your lover by your side. He’d playfully groan and pinch your sides gently.                                                                                                                     ”Geez baby, you’re gonna crush me! I’m kidding, I’m kidding you’re not heavy at all. I love you.”

Originally posted by overnightprincess

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would be sitting at his desk, writing down new lyrics for the song he was working on. You’d come in and see him working intently and you would sigh sadly. It had been a long day and really you just needed some love from your boyfriend. You’d poke his shoulder repeatedly until he’d look up at you. You’d give him puppy dog eyes, poking your lower lip out cutely.
“Chanyeol, can you pay attention to me?” you’d ask, sitting in his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. Chanyeol would chuckle softly and caress your cheek.
“Of course jagi, you are my favorite distraction after all.”

Originally posted by dailypetal

D.O: You would sit in D.O’s lap randomly, making him look up from whatever he was doing. He wouldn’t mind the close proximity as you cuddled into him, going back to what he was doing previously. If you started to yawn he’d look at you curiously.
“Jagi are you tired?” if you nodded your head yes then he’d put down whatever he was doing and gently place your head down on his shoulder as he sang to you softly, holding you like a mother would hold her baby. He’d help you fall asleep and keep you in his lap as he went back to whatever he was doing before.

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Kai: You’d come home from work or grocery shopping one day and find Kai at home, laying on the couch with his beloved dogs resting beside him. They took up the entire space of the couch, sprawling out there legs over the cushions in different positions. You’d smile at how happy Kai looked being with his furry babies, but you’d feel a little sad that you couldn’t curl up into his side. Instead, you plopped yourself down into the only seat that was left; his lap. Kai would smile and hold you close, gently carding his fingers through your hair.                 ”All my babies together in one place, I must be the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Sehun: “Yah, jagiya, what have you been eating?” he’d tease playfully as you plopped yourself into his lap, your back resting against his legs with your head and feet on oppisite ends of the couch. You’d scowl at him and poke your tongue out at him playfully as he put on a movie. Soon you’d fall asleep in Sehun’s lap, blissed out from the feel of Sehun against your body. Sehun would shake his head playfully at you and click his tongue in annoyance as he petted your hair gently.
“Aish, Y/N, you should’ve waited until the movie was over, then we could’ve cuddled together.”

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Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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The Secret (11)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

With Baekhyun touring in Japan, things quickly went back to normal for you and Zoe. You woke up and wrestled your daughter into her school uniform, dropped her off at school and headed to work, picked Zoe up in the afternoon and took her to one of her many classes. Then it was dinner, bath and bed – for the both of you. It was just how things were before you introduced Baekhyun to your daughter … before you’d even met Baekhyun again after years apart.

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Serving Bitterness

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “This is our first date!” And last you thought’

Genre: fluff, waitress au

Length: 1.8k

A/N: this kind of reader has me written all over them

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

As you picked up the bill, you heaved a sigh at the measly tip the customer had left after he had racked up quite the bill and flipping over the receipt you found the man had left his number. Walking over to the counter you handed it to your friend as you both laughed at the idiocy you were forced to face on a daily basis.

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Let's Do Your Makeup

Request: “Harry Hook imagine where the reader helps him apply his eyeliner? Just super cute maybe?”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

Warnings: None

Originally posted by jayandcarlos

Originally posted by wonderloves

The sun’s rays pierced through the curtains of your bedroom. Signifying that it was a brand new day at the Isle. You checked your clock it was 11. No wonder you slept so good, you hadn’t woken up early. You got up and changed as for hair you decided to leave it down. Right before you were about to leave your room you heard your boyfriend Harry’s lovely voice.

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When you and Haechan kiss for the first time

Thanks so much for requesting! ^^ I absolutely loved writing this >< I hope you like this and if not, please tell me what I could have done differently~

i swear this boy is the worst bias list wrecker ever, please save me from this sweet, awesome, savage, TALENTED AF, savage, cute, HANDSOME AF, awkward boy T-T why has he grown up so fasttttttttt ><

Words: 1361

Fluff that will either make you squeal or just… cringe

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by haenyan

“Admit it,” you poked Donghyuck’s side with your finger. “Your heart fluttered a little, didn’t it?”

“I don’t think you are cute,” he stayed stubborn even though you kept poking him with your finger. “It’s time to face the truth _____.”

You looked at him - who was just staring at his phone - for a bit before turning away from him, crossing your arms and letting out a sigh.

You two were on a date that really wasn’t a date since you two just ended up staying home. You were sitting on the sofa side by side and for the past hour you had been trying to make him smile by doing aegyo. It hadn’t been a success as it had only resulted in him throwing his savage lines at you which he usually did.

Donghyuck lifted his gaze from his phone’s screen and glanced at you. You had your back turned towards him and you still had your arms crossed. He couldn’t help but chuckle silently at your behavior. In fact, the past hour had been pretty hard for him. Just to tease you, he had not reacted to your aegyo at all even though it made him want to giggle.

“Are you angry?” he asked and you felt his chin land on your shoulder.

You stayed silent.

“What? Are you giving me the silent treatment?” he asked, pouting.

Without a word you shook his chin off your shoulder. This made him slightly worried.

“You aren’t really angry at me, are you?” he asked, just to make sure.

“And if I am?”

There was a brief silence during which he got up and came to stand in front of you. He crouched down in front of you and looked at you with the most adorable puppy eyes ever.

“Are you sure you can be mad at this face?” he asked, not letting go of his usual behavior.

You held in your smile and turned away. He moved again to be in front of you. He sat down in front of you on the sofa and you looked at him expressionlessly. He pouted.

“You are mind-blowingly cute,” he said with a cute tone.

“I am?” you asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. “Of course.”

You doubted his word. “You don’t sound like you mean it.”

He let out a whiny sound. Then he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer so that you were leaning on to him. That resulted in a silence. You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him with a small smile on your lips.

This kind of situations were very common between the two of you. You would have a playful “fight” and then it would end in a sudden silence. You both knew it was all just for fun so you never took the things you said during those “fights” seriously. And, if the other went too far you’d just say it and it would be resolved quickly.

“______,” he called your name while playing with your hair.

“Hmm?” you hummed, listening to his heartbeat.

“Did you change your shampoo?”

“No, but I’m wearing a new body mist,” you said and looked up at him.

“Hmm,” he hummed. “It’s a little weird.”

“You think?” you straightened up, letting go of him. He just looked at you when you tried to smell yourself. “It’s not that different from my old one though,” you mumbled.

“It’s not a bad scent,” he chuckled at your reaction. “It’s just… new. I’ll have to get used to it.”

You went closer to him and leaned on him again but this time his arm wasn’t around you. He opened his phone. You snatched it away from him.

“Hey,” he said and you giggled, getting up from the sofa with the phone in your hands. “Bring it back!” he whined.

“Come get it,” you showed your tongue at him.

“I don’t want to,” he whined, too lazy to get up from the sofa. He reached his arms towards you. “I’ll cuddle with you if you come here.”

You stopped for a second to think about the offer. “Nah,” you turned it down with a smile.

“Then…” he thought about what would make you give his phone back to him. “A kiss?”

You blushed at the mention of a kiss. You two had been dating for a while now and before you started dating, you were close friends which explains how close you two were around each other despite having dated for only a little while. However, you two had never kissed before. Holding hands and hugging weren’t a big deal for you two anymore but kissing… Even the thought of it made both of you blush a little.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, a little flustered.

“What?” he asked, a little flustered too.

“I don’t want our first kiss to happen like that,” you said before walking back over to the sofa and giving him the phone. “Take your phone back.”

He took the phone and you sat down beside him.

“I’ll just settle with cuddling,” you said and leaned on him. He laughed a little and leaned on you.

You two stayed like that for a while. He talked briefly about how his day had been and you did the same after he had finished. He played with your fingers the whole time. He smiled when you spoke, though you didn’t notice him partly because you were so used to seeing him smile but mostly because you were too busy explaining about your not so exciting day.

“You did?” was the only time he interrupted you. You had told him about slipping on your way home since the roads were covered in ice.

You nodded. “I had the hardest time trying to get up, you know? It took me like five minutes before I could stand again.”

“Did it hurt that much?” he asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

You shook your head. “No, it was just so darn slippery. I couldn’t get up even though I kept trying.”

He chuckled. “I’m sad I couldn’t witness that. It was probably hilarious.”

You scoffed.

“So, how did you manage to get up in the end?” he questioned, looking at you for the first time during the conversation.

“This amazingly handsome young man offered a helping hand,” you said and poked your tongue out. “He was really handsome.”

“Are you sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you?” he looked at you, amused.

“Now that I think about it, I think it was just an old man passing by mumbling something about how youngsters these days can’t even walk anymore.”

He burst out laughing.

“It was embarrassing!” you whined.

“Sorry, it just sounds really hilarious,” he laughed. “I would have helped you up immediately if I had been there with you.”

You smiled at his words and he noticed. Without even thinking about it, he leaned closer and pressed his warm, soft lips against yours. You were frozen to place and he pulled away after a bit.

You could only stare at him, surprised.

“I definitely just did that,” he felt giddy about it.

You couldn’t form words. The feeling of his lips on yours lingered on your lips.

“_____?” he called your name after you had been silent for a bit.

“Oh, sorry,” you awkwardly gave a laugh.

“Are you okay?” he asked and only now you noticed that he was blushing quite a bit. You on the other hand felt like your face was red as a tomato.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you said and looked away, feeling shy to look at him.

“This shyness doesn’t suit you,” he whined since he was used to the you who was very comfortable around him. “Did I ruin the mood?”

“No, no, no,” you shook your head. “I just… didn’t expect that.”

“Same here,” he chuckled a little. “Was it bad for a first kiss?”

You shook your head. “It was nice.”

You both felt a little shy and just started giggling. The giggling continued until Donghyuck leaned in to give you another quick peck on the lips.

Tough Mudder Wager

SUMMARY: Reader wagers with husband, Jensen, for a tropical island vacation.

CHARACTERS: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Gen, Rich, Rob (mentioned), Jason Manns (mentioned), Osric (mentioned)

WARNING: insecure reader, mild language, PDA, fluff


You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, but your husband, Jensen had appealed to your competitive side, and you could not turn down a challenge.

You were also doing this to shed the rest of the baby weight you had gained since giving birth to your second son nearly three months ago.

You had heard of the Tough Mudder obstacle course before. Jensen, Jared, and other cast of Supernatural had done it the year before. You, of course, could not join the group since you were in the middle stages of your pregnancy.

Jensen promised that if you completed the entire course that he would take you on that vacation that you had been begging for since before you got pregnant with Jax, your three month old.

You were also joined by your best friend, Gen Padalecki, Jared’s wife. The two of them had their own running bet for this challenge.

Gen and you decided to take a separate vehicle, because the guys’ truck was full. You sat in the passenger seat, as your phone began sing that familiar jingle you had specifically picked out for when your hubby wanted to FaceTime. You immediately pressed send, and was welcomed by a car full of your husband’s co-workers, and his best friend, Jason Manns.

“Hey, baby,” Jensen greeted you with a smile.

“Hey, handsome.” You smiled back.

“Every one say hi to Y/N.” He then focused his camera to the back part of the truck.

You were greeted with waves from Jason, Rob and Osric, while Rich gave you the “call me” sign.

You giggled softly.

“I am here too.” Gen said from her spot in the driver’s seat, and you turned your camera to her.

The guys gave Gen the same welcome.

“Babe, I hope you are not driving.”

“I’m not.” He said, turning his phone to Jared, who was in the driver’s seat. “Gigantor is.”

Jared turned to look at the camera and gave a wink.

“Jensen that is not nice.” Over hearing, Jensen’s insult, Gen scolded your husband.

You looked at your husband, who looked a bit annoyed and you suppressed a giggle.

“Sorry, Gen.” He apologized.

“Ha!” You could hear Jared scream in the background.

“I got your back, baby.” Gen yelled loud enough so Jared could hear her.

Obviously, Jared heard, because he returned back with a “thank you”. You and Jensen just give each other a look, that told each other you needed new friends.

“Uh, anyway,” Jensen focused his attention back on you. “You ready for this, sweetheart?”

“Can you say tropical island?” You wiggled your eyebrows, and he rolled his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me, Ackles. You made a promise.”

“Don’t get snippy with me, Ackles.” He retorted. “I know what I promised. But you know what you have to do.”

“I know. I got this, baby.” You said, way too overconfident of yourself. You were freaking out on the inside, but you didn’t dare let your husband know.

“Ok, so, we’re almost there. See you soon, sweetheart. Love you.”

“Love you more.”

You blew your husband a kiss, before the call was disconnected.

When you and Gen arrived, it was at the same time as the boys, and she parked the car right next to Jared’s truck.

Before you could unbuckle your seat belt, Jensen was opening your car door. He grabbed your hand, helping you out of the car, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“You ready to do this, baby?” He popped a kiss on my lips.

“Again,” another kiss, “if you can say tropical island.” You booped his nose.

“Shut up.” He kissed you again.

You pulled away from your husband’s beautiful mouth, running your fingers through the hairs on the nape of his neck. “I am getting my vacation whether you like it or not.”

“Uh huh.” He mumbled, moving his lips to your neck.

“Babe,” you mewled as he hit your spot, “we have an audience.”

Jensen stopped his assault and turned to see Jared, Gen, and the guys staring at the two of you.

“Can I help you?” Jensen questioned.

“We’re, you know, just waitin’ on y’all.” Jared said, his arms wrapped around Gen’s shoulders.

“They have rooms, you know.” Rich joked.

“Shut up.” Jensen glared at your friends, before closing your door, and grabbing your hand.

One hour in and you wanted to die. Your entire body felt like it was going to fall apart, and not to mention you were covered in sweat and mud.

In the beginning, everything was exciting, and your adrenaline was pumping. And when the race began, along with everyone else, you took off, prepared to beat everyone there. Of course, that was your head getting you all gassed up. But now, you were trailing behind the guys, as they jogged to the next obstacle course. You had just finished climbing over some kind of weird wooden wall that you’re pretty sure you got splinters from. Gen, the petite thing she was, was up at the front of the pack, along with her equally active husband.

You were internally cringing, because it seemed as if the more you walked, the further your tropical island vacation was slipping from your grasp.

Goodness you were out of shape.

“Hey,” you turned to see Jensen now jogging beside you. He was also covered in mud. “C’mon, baby, you got this.“ He gave your ass a hard smack to get you motivated, and you really just wanted to collapse.

You looked your husband in his beautiful candy apple green eyes, and you poked your bottom lip out, wanting to give up. He then stuck out his hand, and you reluctantly placed yours in his. He gave you a wink and a smirk, and that was the motivation that you needed. The two of you then started jogging to catch up with the rest of the guys.

Two and a half hours later, you crossing the finish line. You were so proud of yourself for making it through till the very end. But you also felt like you were going to collapse at any second.

Your lungs burned, your limps ached, and you had reactivated an injury in your ankle from a previous dancing incident. At that moment, Jensen had piggy backed you to some of the obstacles.

But goddamnit, you made it.

“You did it, sweetheart.” Jensen picked you up, and you wrapped your tired legs around his waist. “I am so fucking proud of you.” He kissed your neck, before putting you down. “How’s your ankle?”

“It’s ok, now.” You shook it out for emphasis, feeling a slight twinge. “But,” you wrapped your arms around his neck, “you know what that means right? Tropical. Island. Vacation.”

Jensen groaned.

You then cupped his jaw in your hands. “Think about it. Me, you, no kids, secluded island…”

He kissed your lips. “I can get into that.”

“We need to get you a speedo.”

He shook his head, mood changing. “I’m not wearing a speedo.”

“Maybe yellow.” You pretended to ignore his remark about not wearing a speedo.

“I told you I am not wearing a speedo.” He repeated, gruffly.

“Maybe with polka dots.” Again you ignored your husband, but you squealed as he pulled you closer, grazing his teeth across your neck.

You were happy because you finished the obstacle course. You were getting your tropical island vacation, and you were going to convince your husband that he was wearing that speedo.

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Monsta X reaction to another guy sending looks or staring at their girlfriend

A/N: IM BACK GUUYSSSSS! Lol, I’m sorry for not posting for the past few weeks. I hope you guys enjoy this!! credits to the owners for this gif.

requested by anon!


Originally posted by dazzlingkai


You were waiting for Shownu, oblivious enough to notice the stare of some dude right across your table. Tapping your feet on the floor, you glanced around, only to make eye contact with the dude, who gave you a creepy smile. Just in time, Shownu arrives and sees the dude right away. He passes you your drink and excuses himself.

Babe, here’s your drink… Excuse me for a sec..”

You followed him with your eyes and see that he warned him without any hesitation. The dude gulped down a big amount of saliva before leaving the cafe in a hurry.

What did you do?”

I nicely told to him to piss off. *smiles widely at you*”

Originally posted by kihqun


Wonho kept on staring at the guy who continued to give you looks. You, on the other hand, was busy blabbering about something that you’ve notice or heard of. Wonho, at first, let the dude off the hook since he thought that he was looking at someone else but after a couple of glances, he was right that he was looking at you. Having enough of the dude, he glares at him and notices that it barely affected the dude so he looks at you and smiles.

Babe, I’ll be right back, okay?”

You weirdly look at him and nod. By the second Wonho stands up while angrily looking at the dude, the dude whimpers and scrambles off before Wonho could even reach him. You’re actually confused since he went back to sit beside you.

Okay…. I thought you’ll go get something or go to the washroom?”

“Oh, I changed my mind. Where did we stop?”

Originally posted by yoonjih


Lee Minhyuk, this boy was literally quick on his feet. The two of you were happily eating when this dude decides to wink at you. At first, Minhyuk was confused if the dude winked at you or at him since the two of you were looking at the dude. The two of you decided to brush it off and continued to enjoy your meal when you nudged him and told him that the dude continued to give creepy looks. Minhyuk didn’t like that. He literally didn’t like the thought of some dude giving his girl the looks.

When Minhyuk was walking towards him, a lady went towards the dude who was giving you creepy looks and smacked him on the head with a bag. Actually, he was caught by his girlfriend. Minhyuk was left there, dumbfounded if he should give the dude a word or just go back to your table.

Originally posted by kihqun


Coming out from the bathroom, he sees this dude walking up to you and decided to give you some creepy looks, trying to hit you up. You looked uncomfortable as you tried to fidget your way out of that situation. Kihyun, on the other hand, was really sensitive that day. His blood boiled but he kept it cool. Walking towards the dude, he leans in and places a hand around the dude’s shoulder. His ears were red like a monkey’s butt and you felt sorry for the dude who was going to face the wrath of Yoo Kihyun.

Oh, are you hitting on my girlfriend?

“What do you mean, your girlfriend?”

The moment those words left the dudes mouth, you could see Kihyun’s hand tightly gripped on to his shoulder with a smile. The dude fell on both of his knees before asking forgiveness. Kihyun removes his hand and the dude hurriedly scrambled on to his feet and left.

Originally posted by j00h0ney


It has been weeks since the two of you last seen each other. Meeting up at the cafe near their company, the two of you chatted before buying a cup of coffee for each other. In the midst of your chat, Hyungwon noticed some random dude who kept on looking at you. This literally bothered him. Hyungwon didn’t think twice and immediately looked at him and glared.

Do you want to die?”

You were startled by what he just said and followed his gaze, only to see a dude sweating really hard. Hyungwon was about to stand up when the dude stood up and bowed at the two of you before leaving the cafe.

The nerve of that punk… Tsk, why are you so pretty, huh?”

“What do you mean? -,-”

“Nevermind. Next time, you’ll be wearing a face mask with me okay?”

Originally posted by hyungnu


The two of you were busy looking at Earthenware Jars for the soybean paste and red chili pepper paste that the two of you were going to make the next day. When you were busy looking at the jars, Jooheon noticed the young lad, who was assisting the two of you, kept on staring at you. Jooheon gawked at the young lad and actually threw a fit.

Seriously, seriously? Wow, you still have the audacity to stare at my girlfriend when her boyfriend is just right behind her?”

The young lad became flustered and immediately excused himself. You sighed at Jooheon and gave him a look. Jooheon, being Jooheon, pouted and started to whine.

But babe… he was staring at you. Awww…. babe don’t give me that look. Huhuhu he was staring at you and I just… can’t stand here and continue to let him look at you.”

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk


Changkyun left you for a moment to go get some banana milk. Once he successfully got his banana milk, he skipped back to the aisle that you were in when he noticed the dude, that was standing a couple of meters away from you, continued to look at you. He places the banana milk on the cart and blankly stared at him. Well, he was confused at first.

Why is he still there? Wait… .why is he staring at [y/n]? Changkyun continued to ponder on the question when he finally realized why the dude was staring at you. Changkyun would walk up to the dude, leaving you dumbfounded.

Excuse me, I know my babe’s freaking gorgeous and all, but can you stop staring at her before I poke your eyes out of its socket?”

Hate To Break It To You

Pairing:  Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning:  Swearing?

A/N: Something I found in my saved files, since I’m working on a few things I figured I would post this. It’s probably crap, but enjoy it. Hahaha.

@chrisevansthedoritobastard   @holahellohialoha  @almightyunnie @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  @iwillbeinmynest @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @goodnightwife @irepeldirt  @yourtropegirl  @bellejeunefillesansmerci  @buckyb-avengers  @winterboobaer  @mrhowardstark  @rileyloves5 @ria132love

Originally posted by undercoverfandoms

“Oh please Steve, come with me.” You bat your eyes, poking out your bottom lip pleading with him. “Don’t make me go alone.” You smirk at him as he sighs shaking his head trying to not laugh at you. You’re leaning over the bench press watching Steve deadlift, your eyes travel over his biceps pausing momentarily taking in their glory and size, before breaking eye contact in hopes Steve didn’t catch you gawking.

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