poke sona


I almost forgot to post it!

So a few days back I got a gorgeous gift by mail from the awesome @shirodraws

I mean just look at it

My new snuggle buddy ;-;

Awesome happy family ;∆;

And if anyone remembers these, I didn’t expect them to be in my own hands at all and I’m as happy as can be ;-;

Again thank you so so much for this wonderful gift, Satny, you really made me happy <3333 ;-;

Animal person challenge day 17-18

17. Do you consider yourself, in any way, an animal? Do you see yourself self as only human? Both? Neither?
Well apart from the fact that humans are animals. :P
Yeah, I’ve not been able to shake the feeling for a while that I should’ve been a bonobo, physically. So basically I’m rebelling against my humanity right now by just being one non-physically. ;) Lopori 1 Nature 0. In all seriousness I’m a mix of both, though the bonobo bit is veeery significant. 

18. How do you express your identity as an animal-person?
Being active in the furry fandom is a large part of it, since it’s the only real place it’s socially acceptable for people to call eachother non-human animals. And people always make little jokes and puns poking at eachothers’ sona species, and it’s like being acknowledged. 
I’m a collector of primate themed stuff so I have shelves of figures and plushes and books and anyone who’s been in my flat will tell you it’s basically a jungle in there. I do have some of those fake jungle plants you get in reptile tanks nailed to the walls of my livingroom lel. I’ve got an aesthetic going on.