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Sidney spends nearly every spare moment of the next month with Geno but that’s not enough to ease the sting as they lay tangled together the night before Geno will leave for Pittsburgh.  They don’t have a lot of words—they’ve both said them all so many times—so they lay together, trading soft kisses, slow touches; soaking up as much of each other as they can one last time.

Sidney whines when Geno starts to pull away, tries to pull him back in.  Geno winks at him. “Just for a second, Sid.  Have present for you.”

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The Necessities

Prompt 14 of 642: What three essential items would you take with you (if you were exiled)?

“Condoms, lube, and Dean.”

Castiel burst into a fit of hysterical, drunk giggles and rolled back onto Benny’s bottom bunk.  The other buzzed and drunk people laughed and giggled in awkward amusement as they tried not to look at Dean.  Dean was staring at his best friend with his mouth hanging open like a particularly dumb species of fish.

Philosophy had seemed like such a safe topic for drunk people.  To be or not to be?  Is the world nothing but shadows on a cave wall?  Would you kill one person to save nine, or let someone else kill all ten because killing one person, even for a “good reason” was morally wrong?  Stupid stuff from Ethics 101.  And someone had brought up Napoleon.  And how he was exiled to Elba.  And then the question became where would you want to be exiled to?  And then Charlie had asked what three things would you take with you?

And that had come out of Castiel’s mouth.

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anonymous asked:

karasuno finding out that their s/o is friends with the aoba johsai 3rd years?

If this wasn’t the type of request you were hoping for, let me know and I can work something out B’)

Sugawara, Ennoshita, Kiyoko and Narita would be the most chill with this. Their s/o is free to befriend whoever they want and that’s okay with them (but they’d still ask a few questions). Chances are that they might be interested in meeting them with their s/o, leaving their differences on the court, but if not then they wouldn’t mind hearing about them once in awhile.

Asahi, Kinoshita, Yamaguchi, and Daichi would want to know how this happened (Asahi hesitant to ask this) but overall would be fine with their s/o’s friendship. Of course they’d be a bit worried (some more lowkey than others), but they would trust that their s/o knows what they’re doing and wouldn’t pry into it too much (except for Tsukishima who’d poke fun at this revelation).

Nishinoya, Tanaka, Hinata and Yachi would be losing their shit. Their s/o must have some mad connections to befriend the 3rd years over at Seijou of all places. Of course they would want to know every detail on how they all met and where did this friendship come from and maybe if they could gather some info on each of the 3rd years that “the team can use to it’s advantage” (Yachi). Or they’d just be flat out nosy (Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata).

Kageyama and Tsukishima would be puzzled to say the least. Why would anybody want to befriend the opposing team, especially the 3rd years of Seijou WHICH includes Oikawa? They’d want to know if their s/o really got along with the Grand King himself (they did) and if they were possibly interested in dating him instead (they weren’t). Both Kageyama and Tsukishima would find themselves keeping a sharp eye out for any of the third years, making sure they wouldn’t pull anything funny with their s/o.

Vernon: We Can Be Kangaroos Together

anonymous asked: can you do the imagine based off of that one cute ask? like the one about Vernon and his cute little pooch? thanks (insert hearts)
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Summary: even tho this has been disproved because he literally has those skinny boy abs and bean pole arms ;-; it’s still a gr9 concept that I look forward to happening one day….

“Come cuddle with me.” He whines, a practiced pout playing on his lips. You look over at him, blankets wrapped around himself, looking like he may actually become a part of your bed if he doesn’t get up soon. You smile.

“But you look so comfy and adorable right now.” You say, but you’re already closing your book and standing up.

“I’d be even more comfy and adorable if we were cuddling.” He says, still pouting. You smile and lean down, covering it with your lips for a brief second before laying down in the space that he’s made for you.

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Ducktective Theory

Ducktective is foreshadowing the events of Gravity Falls. 

In Headhunters we have the biggest clue to Stan having a twin bro, Wax Stan. And in the same episode, Ducktective was introduced. Both Ducktective and Gravity Falls rely on a heavy mystery element, so Ducktective can be seen as an in show parallel of Gravity Falls.

In  Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, well after Ford became canon, Ducktective makes a return. Why is this significant? Well, in that episode they satirize the Stan having a twin twist. This links Ducktective to a major plot point in the show. But, here’s where it gets interesting…

In that episode, Ducktective turns out to have an evil twin. A twist that they’re using to poke fun at the revelation of Ford. The evil twin is a parallel to Ford… 

Originally posted by gravityfalls-gf

But, is Ducktective’s evil twin simply a joke making fun of common Soap Opera tropes? Or is Ducktective still foreshadowing the series? And if he is, he might just foreshadow Ford turning evil. Or possibly that Ford will not bring good things to Gravity Falls.

Just a theory. What do you guys think?

A Slip of the Tongue

In which Solas forgets to watch his words, and has to face their consequences.

  • Solas/Lavellan, 3270 words. An argument, some pining, and an unintended revelation. 
  • Poking a bit of good-natured fun at the da’len/hahren endearments that get used in Solavellan fic a lot. They don’t bother me, but wow would my Lavellan not be the type to put up with that, once she saw him as a potential lover.
  • On AO3 here

It is just after a battle with a group of Venatori that the word slips out. The Inquisitor and her companions were traveling back to Skyhold from the Exalted Plains, and walked around a corner and directly into the middle of one of the enemy camps. There had been no time to plan or strategize; nothing to do but immediately attack. Lavellan had taken a slash across her arm after allowing one of them too close—sacrificing her own safety rather than break off her spell before it was complete. It was brave and stupid, and she’d singlehanded killed the other three instantly and saved them all at least another ten minutes of brutal fighting for her efforts.

Solas was not pleased.

“That was reckless,” he snaps, fingers grazing over the wound as his healing magic slowly repairs her flesh. “You cannot put yourself at risk like that.”

Lavellan grimaces, squinting in the harsh afternoon light of the Plains. “I survived. It was worth it.”

It has been weeks since they traveled together to Haven within the Fade— weeks since she kissed him, and since he abandoned all better judgment and kissed her back. It was probably hypocritical of him to be making such accusations about her impulsiveness, but he is reluctant to admit to himself that the twist of panic inside his chest as the knife slashed into her had more to it than just losing the “Inquisitor” and the Anchor.

Weeks since he begged for more time to consider, and has been silently fuming with himself for letting his heart get tangled in with this mess he’s created as well.

And for not kissing her again as soon as she came to him in this world, a sly voice inside his head—one that sounds much younger than his real one—chimes in.

He ignores it. He has had to often, of late.

“It would not be worth it if you had not,” he argues instead. “You are not just another fighter, da’len. You are the leader of this Inquisition, and putting yourself heedlessly in harm’s way benefits no one.” He takes a breath to continue his lecture, but stops as he glances up from her cut to be met with a furious stare.

Da’len?” she echoes, snatching her arm back.

He lets her go in his surprise.

Da’len?!” The anger in her voice grows as she repeats the phrase. “Did you just call me a—“ she stops, unable to finish the sentence in her sudden irritation.

He has, he realizes somewhat belatedly, made a mistake.

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