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Steven universe: Rocknaldo

I have to admit all the offended SU fans amuse me.


Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)


One problem with the New 3Ds XL: Its hard to share photos… 

I actually tried logging on to Tumblr and Deviantart on my ds but they didn’t work properly. I also tried Twitter. I was able to log on but not post pictures…also it thinks my 3DS is an iPhone so that’s a little weird… 

On the old one I could just pop the SD-card straight out from the side. On this one though I had to open the back cover with a screwdriver to get it out. All the while I was terrified of accidentally breaking something.

But I got the card out and managed to transfer the images on to my computer.

So here, enjoy a rock-dog and adorable poison firelizard. 



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This one ended up being a bit of a “Labor of Love”. My adobe license went all wonky and while I had started working on this 3-4 days ago… I was only able to work bit by bit on it. About 5 minutes in?  I got kicked out of illustrator by virtue of the fact that is STOPPED WORKING.  An bad artist blames the tools, I hear the old addage in my head. Well… What if a sculptor’s chisel melted. Or shattered. Or someone stole it even? Not a perfect analogy mind you, but boy did it bother me that one of my favorite pieces of software wouldn’t function.  

So I took extra care with this chubby little dragonfly. If it took 4 days to make. It was going to be good. :)

How I see the signs (Virgo)
  • Aries: a overall great pal. You're sometimes a bit emotional and dark, but I understand that you have a complicated personality and can't help it. I love having deep conversations with you and you're really fun to hang out with.
  • Taurus: AYYY HOMIE. you're always outgoing and fun and even though you eat all my food that's ok. I'll always pack extra snacks for you
  • Gemini: you're like this cute awkward little plant and ily so much. You have a great sense of humour and never have a problem with poking a little fun at yourself.
  • Cancer: SUCH A SWEET LITTLE CINNAMON ROLL ILY ILY ILY. If you're ever having bad feels just say so and I will come save u
  • Leo: I kind of pretty much don't like most of you sorry
  • Libra: yo homes, don't be sad or lonely. I am here for u let's go shopping
  • Scorpio: u guys seem chill and fun and are in really good fandoms
  • Capricorn: I LOVE YOU MY LOGICAL LITTLE BEAN. really really fun to hang out with and great to talk to
  • Sagittarius: pretty fun and chill and good sense of humour
  • Pisces: SUCH a sweetheart, really supportive, and comes up with the best plans and ideas. We balance each other out and I love you

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My top 5 Pokemon pet peves

I wrote top 5 so now you can read the 5 numbers and not even read any of the content. If you are one of the people who read things, hello, hope you’re having a lovely day. Anyway, I want to go over the top 5 things in Pokemon that just stir me with a special ting of rage.

Event Only Legends: Event only legends are some of my favorite Pokemon, what my problem is that why is X Pokemon only at X store for one week in a special code that they will most likely make you buy product to get in this the year of lord Arceus 2016? We have Wifi, all events should work with wifi with additional in store promotions or do that for shiny legends some shiny legends have never even been given out. I think that these event Pokemon would be better served being able to be obtained as special events in the game, give them story, a reason to exist that makes them extra special instead of being a Pokemon you download and can’t use anyway. There is so much wrong with Pokemon being locked to events still and it just needs to stap.  

Start Pokemon Sex Ratios: There is a subtle sexism here in the fact all starters begin with a 75% male ratio. This means that despite the sex divide in Pokemon being statistically dame close to 50/50 they just assume that male is the universally more desirable sex for a long time combat partner.  The ratio should be 50/50, flip of a coin type stuff. Pokemon is a game that is enjoyed by everyone regardless of gender, let starter Pokemon have a 50/50 shoot.

One Time Gimmicks: I hate when Pokemon company is like here have this cool thing, now you’ll never have it again. Custom trainers and Pokemon following you are two of the biggest examples of it and I am sure we’ll see even more of it come Pokemon S&M, It’s okay to let some features become streamlined. I want to see things built on not torn down and removed.

IVs: What!? Iv’s make Pokemon special Do they really, “My Pokemon sucks worse then it should, wow.” Oh gee but I got a perfect IV Machamp. IV’s devalue wild Pokemon totally because well who needs this little loser when I can IV breed one to have much better stats, a perfect hidden power attack, and you know also do a dance. Having IV’s really just doesn’t service any experience of the game that isn’t better done with EVs. It’s an extra mechanic that really just makes the competitive scene even more prone to hacking then it needs to be.

Lack of ownership of the trainer: Red is me, all the trainers are suppose to be me but I feel like I really don’t get to be this person. So much of the design is to help me feel like this trainer is me but I sort of just exist in this linear uninteresting story, I wear the clothing they decided for me, and the trainer doesn’t personally feel much like me. I think just giving a few more choices to mess with the sequence of the game could help, giving choices might help and for sure what would help is the return of character customization. At the very least if you’re going to not let me change clothes at least let me decide between the male or female outfit because some people of one gender like the clothing that game freak thinks only the other gender will like. Let me at least get to pick out of the two avatars outfits.

There we go, that was all the nerd rage I had in me for nitpicking little things that won’t really stop me from buying the next Pokemon game. I do hope these things are addressed and what are your Pokemon pet peeves?