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most people think ‘pan’ stands for pansexual or panromantic when in fact it stands for panic, which incidentally is what i do all day


Desperate times, desperate measures. Or something like that

(What she’s referring to)

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1. I had a thought yesterday that was basically just: like 90% of all their problems would be solved if madara had met tobi at the river and not hashi. And like thinking about it more deeply, it actually maybe wouldn't? BUT LETS IMAGINE. tiny grieving tobi at the river bank watching this loser trying to skip a rock across and blathering about some impossible notion of peace and like, being civil while acting as if they're under a ceasefire until he starts poking problems into the dream like,

u know that no matter what some clans just will not negotiate" “how are you going to get this clan and this clan to make peace they’ve been feuding over a stolen dog for 200 years” and basically madara eventually develops a rep as an extremely violent good-will fairy, solving people’s problems because sO HELP ME GOD WE’RE GONNA HAVE PEACE AND YOU’RE ALL GOING TO LIKE IT!!

Tobi eventually introduces hashi to mada even though mada’s a possessive preteen who doesn’t like sharing so he’s like SUPER AGAINST THIS IDEA but tobi’s just: he’s an idiot, but he’s strong. I think you’ll get along great. (m: WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!? t: you know exactly what it means, blockhead.)

bonus: when they’re like 30-something madara finds out that whenever he started getting good at skipping stones, tobi would use his water affinity to just PLONK pull the stones into the water like a magnet because the boy just doesn’t like to lose okay it’s not his fault madara never figured it out 




***Omg so as I was doing my laundry I was folding a couple pairs of lacy underwear and though “hmmm I wonder how each of the guys would react to seeing or finding a fancy pair of their s/o’s underwear. So I wrote a scenario for each. I would also like to say 1.)  if there are any grammar mistakes I’m sorry, I was typing fast so I could finish this and go to bed. 2.) Gladio and Ignis have a little more in them and I’m sorry Noctis and Prompto aren’t as “flirty” I guess within the scenarios, but I just imagined those two being a little more innocent so to speak? I dunno but anyway I hope y’all enjoy! ***

Noctis: You were laying down, the pain in your hip slowly subsiding, but still there. You and the boys had just gotten through a battle with a behemoth. And while you were all victorious, not everyone was unscathed. Unfortunately, that “everyone” was really just you. While the boys got cuts and bruises, you got a rather gnarly gash in your side, just above your pelvis. As you were dodging one of the monster’s attacks, his horn sliced your side. It was more of a superficial wound, but that didn’t mean it bled any less. Noctis walked into the tent to check on you. “How are you feeling?” He said kneeling down next to you, a look of concern on his face.

               “Like a million gil of course.” You replied, attempting to sit up. Noctis reached his arms behind your back and gave you a lift so you didn’t have to strain yourself. “My clothes are covered in blood though.” You said looking down at yourself. The blood not only stained your shirt, but it seeped into the side of your pants and presumably your underwear.

               “Do you have a change of clothes in your bag?” Your prince asked glancing over his shoulder to your backpack which was near the front of the tent. “Yeah I should. Can you get it for me?” He turned and reached for the sack and handed it to you. Opening it, you took out the several potions and bangles you carried. “Ah here we go,” You said, getting to the bottom of the purse. You pulled out a clean blue top, a pair of pants, a sports bra, but also a pair of dark pink lacy underwear. From the corner of your eye you could see Noct’s face turning red as he released a cough and looked away. You looked at him and glanced back down to the panties. “Sir, are these making you blush?” You grinned.

               “Wh-what no of course not.” He stammered.  You leaned over and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “It’s okay. You would have seen them eventually.” You whispered playfully and he released a chuckle, shaking his head. “You’re a mess.” He said, returning your peck with a kiss on the lips.

               “We both are.” You said after pulling away and giving him a warm smile.

Prompto:  It wasn’t until you had gotten out of the shower that you realized you had forgotten your clothes and towel on your bed. “Shit” you whispered to yourself. You and the boys were sharing a hotel room in Lestallum for the night, and while Gladio, Noctis, and Ignis had decided to go to the market, Prompto was still in the room, so walking out naked was not an option. Sure you two flirted back and forth, and sure something was probably there, but you weren’t going to find out by walking out and strutting your stuff. Opening the door open you popped your head out. “Prompto are you there?” You called out. “Yeah Y/N.” The boy responded, “Is everything okay?”  

               “Yeah nothing is wrong!” You assured him, “But, um, I left my things on the bed can you bring them to me?” You could hear Prompto’s boots hit the carpet, “Yeah no problem!” You poked your head out a little further and could see him jogging to your bed. He was at the bed now and he went to grab your items but stopped. A look of confusion spread across your face as he stood there for a couple seconds and you realized; your underwear was sitting on top of the pile. Your eye grew wide and your cheeks began to turn read as you stared at the lacy blue panties. Oh gods you thought to yourself. “Oh my gosh Prompto I am so sorry.” You blurted out. Your voice seemed to bring the boys back to reality as he clumsily grabbed the pile. “N-no its okay!” He awkwardly laughed while flashing a smile. He handed you the clothes, “Besides, blue is my favorite color! And I’m sure they look really good on you!” The way he said the word “really” which was slow and drawn out gave you butterflies. Your eyes widened as did his. He was just trying to be nice, but he also didn’t think before he spoke. “O-oh gosh. Th-that’s not what I meant.” He stammered, “Not that you wouldn’t look hot, because you look good in anything! And blue is my favorite color, but I d-didn’t…”

               “Prompto!” You laughed, “It’s fine. Thanks for the clothes.” You said, quickly shutting the door behind you. Once the door was shut you leaned back and tried to process the events that had occurred. Although it may have been awkward you couldn’t find yourself not smiling and your heart fluttering in your chest.

Gladiolus: It was your turn for date night and rather than going out like you two always did, you decided instead to invite Gladio over and cook for him. This would also be the first time he would be coming over to your apartment. Sure you two had been together for a couple months but you normally did not let anyone come over. The apartment was your own personal space and you wanted to keep it that way; that was until you met Gladio and you wanted to show him every part of your life. You had straightened everything up and the smell of the pasta you were cooking filled the air. You were in a simple green dress and your hair braided down your back. A little makeup, nothing much since it was just going to be the two of you. You heard a knock at the door and when you opened it, Gladio was standing there with a confident smile and a bouquet of flowers. “Hey.” He smiled.

               “Hi.” Was all you could muster. He was in his normal attire; a leather pants, boots, and a leather jacket, this time however with a shirt underneath.  “Are those for me?” You asked, gesturing to the roses in his hands.

               “Yeah they are,” He replied handing them to you, “Roses are still your favorite right?” He asked, with a hint of nervousness in his voice. You gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and reassured him, “Yes they are.” He let out a sigh of relief and stepped into your home.

               “Nice place ya got here.” He said, waltzing around the living room. “And what is that smell?” He asked, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath.

               “Spaghetti.” You said to him from the kitchen, where you were putting your flowers in a vase. Gladio walked into the kitchen and glanced around at everything. “You want a tour of the rest of the place?” You asked him. The giant was rummaging through all your drawers and opening the cabinets. “Sure.” He said while intently looking inside your fridge. You showed him the bathroom and spare bedroom and then your own. “Well this is it!” You said opening it for a brief moment before beginning to close the door. “Oh no, I don’t think so.” Gladio said, easily pushing past you, “I want to see your room.” You heaved a sigh and sat on the bed as he walked around. He opened your closet for a moment and released and “hm” as he shut the door. Your vanity had all your makeup on top and he noticed the large collection of lipsticks. “You think you have enough?” He chuckled, looking at your collection. You laughed and replied, “A woman can never have enough lipstick.”

               He continued on and opened the top drawer of your dresser; your underwear drawer. “No need to go through everything!” You said, hopping off your bed and dashing over to him. He turned around with a pair of red satin panties held up in front of him, giving you a devilish grin. You snatched the garments out of his hand and went to put them back in the drawer. “No need to hide them,” He growled, stepping in front of you. “Gladiolus Amicitia step out of my wa…” You were cut off by the man throwing your over his shoulder and heading for the bed. “Gladdy!” You yelped as he threw you down. The man leaned down and passionately kissed you. You threw your arms around his neck but broke away to say, “Babe, what about dinner?” He looked into your eyes and smirked, “How about we just go straight for dessert?”

Ignis: The pond you all had passed on the way to the haven was not too far away and your party had decided to set up camp early. You still had plenty of daylight left to make your journey to the pond, swim, and be back before nightfall. “Hey,” you said getting the boy’s attention, “I’m going to take a little hike. I’ll be back before the sun goes down.” All of the boys nodded their heads and said okay; all except for Ignis, who looked a little concerned. You grabbed your bag and began your trek back towards the water. It was only about a mile down the road until you came to a small pond. The water was clear and while it wasn’t as big as a lake, it was perfect for a swim. You wiggled out of your pants and threw off your shirt before walking into the water. Your skin was instantly cooled and you quickly submerged yourself, feeling as though all your sins were being washed away.  Coming back up for air, you leant backwards and floated for a while. You were still floating when you heard something. You quickly stood up in the water and listened closer. The sound of footsteps was getting closer and you quickly swam to the shore and ran to your bag to grab your bow.

               “Who’s there!” You yelled.

               “Y/N?” replied a voice. It took you a second to recognize who it was. “Ignis?” You called out. The man appeared around the bend of the pathway that had led you here. He saw you and stopped dead in his tracks. You could see the color in his cheeks rising and he coughed and looked away. You were still only in your bra and underwear. “Oh please, you’ve seen this before.” You said.

               “That doesn’t matter. You allowed me to see you then. I didn’t realize you were swimming half dressed.” The young man spoke, still looking away. You couldn’t help but smile. You both kept your fling a secret from the other boys in order to keep things from being complicated, but in all honesty they probably knew. “Ignis if you don’t like what you see you can just say so.” You said. The young man released a sigh and sauntered over to you. “My dear, I love everything I see. Even down to those black lacy undergarments you are torturing me with.” You let out a laugh as he looked you in the eyes. He bent down to kiss you but you backed away. “You have to get in if you want a kiss.” You teased, taking a few steps back into the water.

               “My dear, why must you be so trying?” Ignis replied while at the same time beginning to undo his shirt buttons.

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I've been thinking aboutit and wondered why SC never do shows like Ellen or Graham Norton and I get it , these shows are the ones where the hosts aren't afraid to "expose" their private lives. Pretty sure they're too afraid to go and do a misstep

UGH I KNOW. I was watching Kit Harrington on Jonathan Ross yesterday and he was telling the cutest stories about Rose and it made me wonder why neither of them have been on any UK shows. I think you might be right though. Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, Alan Carr (is he still doing his show idk?) have no problem poking them for information and I don’t think they could handle it. Oh and Ellen would expose them in 3 seconds flat. 

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I don't know if someone has asked before but what gender does Billi identify with? Or does he not know/pay attention to that stuff? (ps I love your art and characters and everything aaaaaah)

Billi identifies as Male.

He does, however, wear whatever the fuck he wants, because clothes are comfortable and fuck what anyone thinks. He’ll layer clothes all he wants and no one will stop him.

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Jungkook: Confession

Word Count: 1147
Genre: Fluff, slight angst, slight smut
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Summary: The second of a mini series I’ve started, creating small scenarios for each member, revolving around their love confessions for you! I hope you enjoy it, send feedback or requests my way here!

Taehyung | Hoseok | Jin | Yoongi | Jungkook | Namjoon | Jimin


”You’re about 7 hours late.”

You removed the scarf from your neck as you began unbuttoning your jacket, your face drawn with confusion.

“Late? Late for what?”

He didn’t look at you, his eyes remained glued to the television in front of him, his fingers aggressively handling the controller.

“We had a game date? Look, if you’re so forgetful, at least check your phone once in those 7 hours.”

His words were stiff, his mouth wrapping them in anger. You had finally gotten out of your clothes when you walked over to the kitchen to grab some water.

“I’m sorry, I must’ve forgot!” you yelled from the kitchen, his figure visible above the counters, “I went on a date, you know?”

His stopped in his tracks for a moment, his mouth slightly open with shock. He blinked his eyes open after the initial shock, his fingers pressing harder on the controller, his pace unnecessarily fast. He didn’t answer you at first, his jaw stiffening at the realization.


“Yeah.” he spewed briefly, hoping you’d change the subject, “Sounds great.”

You dismissed his harsh demeanor, shrugging at him as you crashed on the couch besides him.

“It was actually fun… For the first time in a while.” you looked at him, shrugging as you sipped on your water.

His jaw was still stiff as he avoided eye contact. He lifted his eyebrows as a pretend impressiveness, his dissatisfaction clear from a mile away.

“Awesome.” he dismissed, once again.

“What’s your problem?” you poked, a slight worry growing.

“You ditch our plans for a random person? At least have the decency to cancel them, I’ve been waiting.”

“What’s it with you?” your brows furrowed, “You’re never this mad. You’ve ditched our dates without cancelling before, too.”

“Yeah, because I was called in for practice or a meeting last minute! Not because I went on some stupid date with some idiot. I’m not the kind of guy to choose random girls over real friends.”

“Don’t play me like that, Jungkook. I forgot our date, I’m sorry! It was spontaneous and I didn’t think it through, but that doesn’t mean that I value a date over you.”

“Sure.” he lifted his eyebrows ironically once again.

“I don’t get it, are you jealous?” you chose your words carefully now, not wanting to overstep or offend.

“I’m not jealous, I just think you’re being unreasonable! He’s just a random guy, he probably just wants to fuck you anyway!” his voice got louder now, your brows furrowing with shock and confusion. Jungkook was never this mad, the unusualness of the situation leaving you slightly speechless.

“Why is it so hard for you to think that somebody is actually interested in me?” you yelled back, lifting yourself from the couch as you stood in front of him, your eyes watering with frustration, “I haven’t been on a date that worked out for ages! I don’t need you to play Debby Downer here.”

He lifted himself off the couch, pacing back and forth, as his face grew red, feeling unusually out of breath.

“Because you’re so oblivious, Y/N! You think everyone that shows you attention is in love with you, well, surprise, they don’t care about anything but fucking you!” his words came out harsher than intended, a sadness laced in his words as he realized what he’d said.

“Y/N, I didn’t…”

“Is that how you view me? As a naive girl with no qualities but being fuckable?”

“Y/N, that’s not what I meant. I don’t see you like that…” he swallowed nervously, trying to pick out his words with care, “I just think that your choice in guys is questionable.”

“You haven’t even met him!” you yelled, “You don’t even know him and you have the audacity to call me naive and him a ‘questionable choice’. What the hell is your problem, so what if they just want to fuck me?”

“You don’t need people that just want to fuck you, Y/N!”

“What do you know about what I need? You’re just jealous somebody else is getting my attention.” you yelled in frustration, your eyes red with tears, and your voice pitchy and unsure.

“Fine, I’m fucking jealous!” he yelled as he lifted his hands in defeat, “I’m so fucking jealous you’re continuously looking for guys, completely dismissive to the fact that I’m right here!”

You paused and looked at him, your features flattening with sadness rather than fury.

“I’m not jealous because you have other people in your life, I’m not a fucking kid. I’m jealous because I’m in love with you and you don’t give a shit.”

“Jungkook, I’ve…”

He rushed to you and cupped your face in his hands as he greedily took in your lips, an attempt to make you his. He wanted nothing but you, an eagerness to take all of you growing as you slowly began returning his kiss.

“Shut up,” he muttered into your lips, “let me kiss you.”

You obeyed, your hands resting nervously at his waist as he ravished you, his tongue begging for entrance. You allowed it, moaning into his lips as they intertwined perfectly. His hands travelled from your hair to your waist where he pushed you closer to him. He squeezed around your hips, his breaths getting heavy with lust. You raised a leg to initiate going further and he lifted you around his hips, his kisses getting sloppier and greedier.
He walked you to the couch where he sat down with you on top of him, your hands no longer nervous as they eagerly rushed through his hair, the sex permeating the air around you. You felt his size beneath you, twitching as it aligned with your folds.

“Oh, fuck, Jungkook…”

He paused, his lips separating from your neck for a moment as he exhaled, “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that…”

You moaned in response, rolling your hips as he tried to gather himself, but eventually releasing your neck as he laid his head back on the couch, his eyes closing as he muttered

“You’re making me go crazy…”

His hands squeezed your ass as you painted his neck purple, smiling into the delicate skin. You retreated, pausing yourself as you looked into his eyes, him opening his at the lack of sensation.

“I love you, too, Kookie.” your voice was small, but words very powerful as you saw goosebumps dominate his skin.

His smile was victorious when the words left your mouth. He cupped your face with his right hand, his face only inches from yours.

“I’m assuming you won’t be seeing that guy again?” he smiled, a confidence growing in his voice.

“Who?” you replied teasingly, seeing how his smile widened.

“That’s my girl.”

Your mouths met again, your bodies soon enough enveloping across the apartment, leaving trails of a growing love scattered everywhere.

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Could you write “We’re not going to break down the door and shout, ‘Die, evil dictator, die!’ It’s immature.” with Tim?

You have no idea how happy I am that you asked for this. If no one did, I was seriously considering just doing it, because lets be honest, this prompt? It was made for Tim. I hope you enjoy the fic.

Prompt List Here | Ask me Here

Tim was going to go mad if he had to look up another article, watch a video, or write one more email on his phone. Technology had come a long way, but nothing, nothing, beat his laptop connected to the Manor’s speedy internet. Especially since he and Babs had beefed it up to run pretty much anything.

He missed the good old days where he could freely connect to the internet and let his fingers fly over the keys in flawless combinations. For two full days he’d done nothing but peck away at the not-at-all-flawless touch screen of his phone. It was long, tedious work, and it was slowly driving him insane. Crane’s fear toxin had nothing on this punishment.

And a punishment it was: he’d been stripped of his wifi privileges for a week. Bruce had even denied him access during patrol hours, marking all the computers in the cave off limits to him. Tim hadn’t decided if it was rightfully given out, or if injustice had been done. He was sure he was some to blame, he’d done little to mitigate the argument between Damian and himself. Yet, he couldn’t help but place the majority of the blame on the Demon Brat himself. Damian had started it, and all Bruce had done to him was take away his favorite katana.

“We need to talk.” The words came a moment before Damian himself perched on the armrest of Tim’s couch.

Speak of the devil, or in this case devil’s child. “I’m still mad at you.” He said pulling himself up from where he’d been lounging.

“Tt.” Damian scoffed before slipping his feet over the armrest to kick them out in front of him on the cushions. “I am here to suggest a truce.”

Tim eyed him for a moment before relenting. He could think of little they could do to worsen their situation, and a few things to better it. Besides, he wasn’t that mad at Damian anymore. It was more of a resentment of the general situation.

“What kind of truce?”

“The kind where we lay aside our differences for a common goal. I believe that together, we may be able to convince Father to lift our grounding.”

It was said with a tone that made Tim think Damian had already tried talking to Bruce on his own. Tim wanted to laugh, he could picture Damian stalking into Bruce’s office, demands at the ready, only to be shot down just as quickly.

The idea wasn’t bad. It was the two of them fighting that had doomed them in the first place. Perhaps together they could move the mountain that was their father. Any hope was enough to make him slip his phone into his pocket and stand.

“Let’s try it.”

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This is just art, how are these "little things that are irritating in Pokémon"? Like you're literally just reposting art

Haha my guy this blog is old and we’ve pretty much become an appreciation blog at this point. We’re out here to support artists and reblog cute gifs. There’s hundreds of poke problems we posted years ago and we pretty much got them all. There’s no need to be rude! You can complain about Pokémon on your own blog.

It just seems silly to change our URL at this point, you know?

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as the sin box is open, i'm gonna request for a nsfw fic about 2D and his s/o who is a squirter. thank you dear.

(Sorry if it came out shitty. Tried my best with a little help)

You smiled lustfully up to 2D after he had positioned himself on top of you. He swamped you with kisses, all around you neck to leave behind hickies to show that he had been there. You felt yourself slowly getting pleated to the point of utter satisfaction.

Things truly came to be good stuff when his hands slid down your figure, stopping on your thighs. He looked down at you - his eyes just as lust filled as yours - and watched you kick your lips. He took it as a signal of acceptance, and let his fingers slowly make their way to your clitoris.

You arched your back when he hit it, sending a sweet sensation though your pelvis area. “That’s the spot,” you informed him as you gripped down onto the lavender bedsheets harder. He nodded and began to circle the spot, making sure to go as slow as he could to be a little tease about it. It turned you on beyond belief as it made you feel a climax coming on.

After a while, he reached his head down to start using his tongue. He sucked on your clitoris and vagina in an alternation between the two, knowing that you loved it. It gave you pleasure that others could only dream about. As he gave you oral, his hands softly massaged your inner thighs with yours on top of them.

You gripped down onto his fingers to get his attention. He pulled away for a moment to see you gesturing your fingers. It took him a second to finally realize what he was referring to. He adjusted himself and put his index finger just outside of your vagina, playing around with the opening as he let it circle up and down.

He could see the lust still taking home in your eyes as he dug his finger slowly inside of you. He was already familiar with how to find your g-spot so he was able to reach it with no problem. He poked at it and massaged the spongy area, making you moan in response. He knew you were turned in.

He would eventually get faster and faster, fingering you while focusing on your sweet spot. He stopped when he felt a liquid dripping onto his hand. He looked down in surprise.

You squirted.

You caught on and your face went as red as blood out of embarrassment. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry!” You tried, annoyed that you made it a bit awkward for yourself. You were about to move away from him until he stopped you.

“It’s alright,” he admitted. “I don’t mind. It’s just natural,” he got back into the rhythm, despite the squirted liquids on his hands. “you don’t need to worry about it,” he gave you an assuring smile. You relaxed and let him continue, still nervous about the squirting because it was a new found response you had to pleasure.

At least you didn’t ruin the sheets!

Day 244: With a Gentle Hand

A fic for @quaviver​, who asked for some Texas Toast, with Engie being patient about Pyro being comfortable showing themselves.

When he was a boy, Dell spent his summers on his uncle’s farm. It was a good place for a boy to while away the days, far away from the city. Bee Cave wasn’t like Houston or Dallas by any means, but it gave him a chance to “get his head back in the real world,” as his mama used to say.  A week after school let out he would be dropped off at the bus terminal with his suitcase in hand, and given explicit instructions about not thinking too hard.

His favorite part of those visits had always been helping with the horses. Dell had always loved horses, their bodies beautiful examples of the elegant designs nature could come up with. He would watch them for hours as their powerful muscles moved effortlessly under sleek coats as they galloped through the fields.

Then there were the foals, with their spindly legs and doe eyes, awkwardly trotting along behind their dams. They were all knock knees and energy, playful little things who had no problem poking their muzzles into a jacked just in case an apple or carrot had managed to find its way inside. Summer was after foaling season, so he always arrived just as they were starting to get trained. Not carrying any weight - they were far too young for that - but little things. Wearing a halter, for example, or not being skittish when a man walked up to them. Or being touched. Early on he’d learned that you had to take it slow. One step at a time, earning their trust before going on to the next step.

Pyro was like a foal in that way.

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