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Some Pokémon related doodles I posted on twitter. I’ve been… such in a big ol Pokémon mood lately. Which is bad considering I have animations to do and other college stuff I need to handle haha.

I might do more later on when I get free time again.

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anonymous asked:

Now that you mention it, the ashen one always seems to grab EVERYTHING they see. Daggers, arrows, weapons, souls. They loot enemies and take things off the ground like it's nobody's business. Maybe the ashen one is a kleptomaniac? I could imagine they were totally trying to steal Ariandel's bowl or Wolnir's chalice and would've too if they weren't attacked right away. *Ashen one zoidberg runs out of the room with a giant bowl over his head* *Ariandel cries* Friede: We'll get you a new one.

FOR REAL THOUGH. I mean the Chosen Undead was pretty grabby too, but The Ashen One just takes it to another level 

First flame? TOUCH. IRINA? TOUCH. And it for the most part, it’s the same cutscene of a hand just slowly, shakily touching the object in question, it makes me laugh so much 


So I mentioned a little bit that Venusaur pappies do most of the work raising infant bulb-buddies, but it seems like an important moment to talk a bit about the Mom-asaurs.

They don’t just up and abandon their little sprouts to be cared for by dad, usually hanging around for the first few weeks to help ween them and gather food, though they do experience the same solitary impulses that all Venusaurs do, but we do know precious little about them after this period compared to the males.

With one very notable exception, whom academics refer to as “Mother Eden”.

Keen consumers of bulbro media will have already learned about Mother Eden, one animated account actually shows her conducting the evolution ceremony for which she’s most well-known. Every year, her flower releases spores that float so high that they hit the trade winds and spread, in some cases, across an entire continent. These spores are like a homing signal, drawing Bulbasaurs from far and wide to her in a regular location.

The location itself isn’t static, but most commonly it’s a fairly barren area with a dead tree in the middle where Mother Eden can get some shade while she waits. When the little bulbies arrive, she leads them in a ceremony that acts like Miracle Gro for their symbiotic flowers, causing them to evolve into Ivysaurs (usually, there are exceptions, which Mother Eden is usually pretty okay about). As a consequence, whilst the men ensure that the offspring are able to survive on their own in the wild, Mother Eden ensures that they continue through their life cycles and provides a lovely anchor point for all Bulbasaurs to feel like siblings. The sheer number of Bulbasaurs blossoming in these ceremonies has been known to promote rapid growth in the region, benefiting the natural ecosystem as well.

That’s not quite all though. Venusaurs are almost notoriously long-lived, but in the course of the last Pokewar the specimen known as Mother Eden was struck by a reflected thunderbolt attack that left her badly injured. Infantry in the region was able to stabilise her and treat her wound, and she went off on her merry way with a huff and a grump. The battalion involved took this incident as a badge of honour and made it very well known in following decades.

Eyewitness accounts of the evolution ceremonies in the past fifteen years… do not show a scar of any such kind on Mother Eden. Additionally, visual documents and written accounts from ancient history also describe characteristics that appear and disappear over time.

This has lead many to conclude that the role of Mother Eden is neither singular nor occasional. Numerous female Venusaurs across the globe take on this maternal role as Mother Eden (in some cases, even males displaying typically-female plumage are sighted in this role as well) to guide the entire Bulbasaur species forward.


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