poke plaza

  • The Pokemon company: reveals entire island pc system, completely shattering normal gameplay once again
  • The Pokemon company: reveals an entire online city so you're more connected than ever
  • The Pokemon company: gives more glimpses at fashion in the alola region
  • The Pokemon company: announces a demo coming within a matter of days
  • The Pokemon company: confirms ash greninja is in the game
  • Fans: that cat better not stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Harder Mode:
  1. No use of Pokemon Refresh
  2. No trades (locally or globally)
  3. No Z-moves
  4. Exp. Share always turned off
  5. No legendaries (including Zygarde)
  6. No Festival Plaza or Poke Pelago
  7. Battle style set to “Set”
  8. Defeat every route boss available prior to the grand trial
  9. Only keep 10 of any given item on-hand at any given time
  10. Always have a party of 6 pokemon when available
  11. No 2 pokemon in party may be the same species
  12. Catch every unregistered pokemon that appears (when able)

Latest Pokemon Sun & Moon trailer reveals 3 New Pokemon, Ash Greninja, Festival Plaza, Poke Pelago, and Mega Evolution.

  • Ash Greninja has the ability Battle Bond. It changes form when it knocks out a pokemon.
  • Poké Pelago uses boxed Pokémon to attract wild Pokémon to special islands.
  • Festival Plaza is a place where you can play games to collect Festival Coins which are used at shops, including ones that boost Effort Values. You’ll be able to access it from the bottom screen to allow for battling & trade with other players, as well as to change theme of the plaza.
  • Special Missions will be added for the Festival Plaza and to the new Global Link.