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So. Turians.

Turians who can’t really smell anything through their small noses, so evolution made them scent things through their tongue.

Turians, who despite having spiky bits, sharp teeth and metal in their bodies are very very prone to developing an oral fixation - thanks evolution!

Turians, male Turians, who have a thing for women in charge. Not in a ‘weaker sex dominating me,’ but in a ‘she can kick my ass and step on me and I’d be totally okay with that!’

Turian, whom evolution gave sharp claws and even sharper minds, why tear someone down with their hand when they can do that with their tongue?

In more ways than one.

Turians, who, just like Humans, have to file their nails down.

Turians - and Quarians and Salarians - whom evolution gave 3 fingers, so they have a Math base 6, to the despair of everyone else.

Turians, with sharper eyesight than the rest of the galaxy using it to either scope a mark across the field or across the bar.

Turians, who are born and breed to hold civic duty and society above their own needs, who are aware that the two don’t always match, and it’s ok to admit o failure.

Turians, who can be selfish, giving, pampered, loyal, cruel, bloodthirsty, dismissive and loving, sexual deviants, all at the same time.

Turians, with subvocals and other tells that shout to everyone what they’re feeling, who take other species to be particularly deaf.

Turians who take advantage of other species’ deafness to gossip, to mutter sweet nothings to their deaf mates, to poke fun at others.

Turians, who most regard as 'disciplined’ and 'lacking a traitorous bone on their body’ and 'society above self’ being the unexpected and most accomplished con men.

Turians, who laughed at others when someone tried to 'introduce’ them to oral sex, as if they haven’t tried *that* before.

Turians, who would rather pay respect to their Spirits.

Turians, who will try dating a human just for the heck of it, just to say they did it, and end up so enamoured with their tone deaf, squishy human.

Happier (Calum Hood)

A/N: My first imagine for a long long time. I hope you guys like it! Love you all <3


Imagine based on Happier by Ed Sheeran

One month ago Calum lost his best friend, his soulmate. He lost you. At first, it was sort of a mutual decision, but as soon as Calum agreed, he wished he hadn’t. He remembers every word you said to him that night as if it was his favourite song, but he dreads it repeating in his head.


Today had been a long day, the boys had interview after interview and Y/N followed them. “That was hard work,” Luke grunted as he sat in the van that took them back to the tour bus. “Now we have to get ready for tonight.” It was one of the boy’s Chicago shows. Calum instantly wrapped his arm around his girlfriend’s waist. Calum had never been so cuddly with someone before, he couldn’t keep his hands away from her. “You okay?” “I’m okay, thanks.” Y/N smiled weakly. She was tired. They were all tired, touring took a lot out of them. She had seemed quite distant from Calum today, which made him start second guessing if he’d done something to offend her. He was worried, he never wanted to hurt her. Calum’s pink lips planted a kiss on Y/N’s cheek, which helped her bare a small smile. The drive home was quiet, which was unusual. “Hey Y/N, you okay?” Michael asked, leaning over and touching her shoulder, but all she gave him was a nod. Over her head, the boy’s and Calum exchanged mimed words, “What’s wrong?” “I don’t know.”.

As they arrived Y/N went straight to the bathroom, only to overthink things further. Meanwhile, Calum was sitting on the couch, his heart beating as he began to fear you weren’t happy and it might have been his fault. “She’s been really quiet today,” Ashton whispered, making sure that Y/N couldn’t hear them from the next room. “Her and I haven’t spent alone time lately, I’m not sure if that’s why. We’ve just been super busy and I feel horrible about it.” Calum trailed off, his words coming to a halt as you walked out the bathroom.

“Calum, can I speak to you for a moment?” This was one of the only things she managed to say all day. Calum weakly pushed himself off the couch, hating those words. ‘Can I speak to you?’ made Calum run millions of reason through his head, all of them ending in the worst possibilities.

Calum followed you closely outside the tour bus, he could sense Y/N was stressed over something, but he was shut down whenever he asked. “Y/N what’s going on? You haven’t been yourself.” In this moment she took a deep breath, unable to speak what she needed to say. “Calum, this isn’t working. This. Us. Everything.” she whispered, pointing to the tour bus just metres away from them both. Calum stood still, his heart throbbing in pain. “You’re always busy, whether it’s interviews or concerts. I’m not saying it’s not hard for you, but I rarely see you anymore..” His words came out in stutters, but he managed. “This can work Y/N… I’ll make it work! You wait until we get home to Sydney, it’s going to be me and you. I swear, please.” “It can’t Calum and you know it. I love you but this is difficult.”

“I guess this over then?” “I’m sorry Calum..” she leaned on her toes, her lips touching Calum’s for one last time before she left Calum standing there. Calum closed his eyes, only to open them and a tear roll down his cheek. “Mate?” Michael poked his head. Calum said nothing, he just stood in silence. Calum felt as if he was stabbed in the heart. “Come on buddy, don’t want anyone seeing you like this.” Michael smiled, hauling Calum back into the tour bus.


Calum had gotten frequent tweets containing photos of Y/N the day she left. It was of her walking, her handbag in hand, while her makeup was running down her face. And it wasn’t long after that, that news reports surfaced with the same photos, but with the caption ‘Calum Hood and Y/N over?’ 'Just a PR stunt?’.

This lead into the next interview the boys had one week later. Calum was trying so hard to cope, but he felt it was almost impossible. It didn’t help that the man interviewing them had no dignity to leave out questions about Calum and Y/N.

“Now Calum. These photos were posted a few days ago. How you feeling?” Calum wanted to scream, he never understood why people would ask this question just days after the break-up. “I’m not okay. I know it’s not easy living in this situation. I wouldn’t force Y/N to do this forever, I want her to be happy.” “Fans are questioning whether this relationship was a PR stunt?” Calum had enough, he never cried in public, especially during an interview. He lifted his hands to hide his face. “Excuse me.” Calum spat, the sound of his whimpering getting louder.


“Hi, guys! I thought I would post a cover of a new song. Lately, I’ve been relating strongly to this song, so I hope you guys enjoy it.” Calum wasn’t his cheerful, smiley self. He was depressed. “This is Happier by Ed Sheeran.” He whispered, before strumming away at his guitar.

I saw you in another’s arm
Only a month we’ve been apart
You look happier

A few weeks later Calum had finished the tour, he was hoping to come home to Y/N, but he knew she was long gone.He’d been walking a lot, letting the fresh air clear his mind, regardless he still found himself thinking of her. He walked past a park and saw a face he’d been imagining every day, but this time she wasn’t with him. There she stood at the same park her and Calum went on their first date, with another man. Calum was mad, but then remembered the day she left and all he could bare to think was; she looked happier.

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself
You’re happier, aren’t you? 

As the weeks rolled by, Calum hadn’t gotten better. The boys were worried about him as whenever they’d see him he was holding a bottle, let alone his apartment was trashed with empty ones. “She’s happier Michael.” Calum sniffed, his beer bottle swirling in his hand. “Calum, I’m sure she thinks about you.” “No she doesn’t, I know that already. I screwed up.” he slurred, his words becoming inaudible. After a minute of thinking, Calum’s mind came to the conclusion… Maybe she was still thinking of Calum.

After filming the cover, Calum debated whether he wanted to post it to Youtube and then mention it on Twitter. It was easy to pick that Calum wasn’t in the best state of mind, but it was the only way he could deal with his situation. 

That night Calum finally got what he was waiting for;


just funny, is all

in which remus is very confused about why his girlfriend is upset with him.

word count: 950

“hi babe, could you do a remus imagine where the reader is a bit jealous? and remus is all cute and cuddle bc he doesn’t know what to do to put in her head that the only one he loves is her.”

(srry this isnt exactly what u asked for xx)


(y/n) (y/l/n) was mad, and Remus Lupin didn’t have a clue why. He’d gone over all the possibilities in his head, and he’d come up with nothing.

She’d gotten good marks on all her exams, she seemed to have plenty to do as of late, as far as he knew, her family life was fine, it wasn’t his time of month, it wasn’t her time of month…

There was nothing he could think of that would make her so distant. She wouldn’t sit with him at lunch most days, and whenever they did anything together, she’d get all huffy with him. Quite honestly, the whole thing was beginning to stress him out.

Reading was typically his salvation in times of need, but with his girlfriend’s anger on his mind, he couldn’t even read the words. It was like it was written in a foreign language, and it didn’t make a lick of sense to him. He stared blankly down at the page until he felt a finger prod at his neck.

“Moony. Hey, Moony. Mooooony!”

Bloody hell, don’t they ever leave me alone?

His head snapped up, and he closed his book promptly. “What is it then, Sirius?” He asked, slapping away his friend’s poking fingers.

“Sorry, mate. Seemed a bit distracted, is all,” Sirius shrugged, and plopped down next to him on the common room couch.

It was a little late, about nine o'clock on a school night. They’d have to get up early tomorrow for class, but Remus couldn’t really think of sleep now. All he could think about was (y/n)’s irritated face whenever he said something.

“Moony!” He heard again, and he looked over. Sirius had apparently been speaking to him. Whoops. “Spacing out a bit, mate. Maybe you should head to bed,” Sirius’s eyebrows were raised while he spoke. He sounded like his mother.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll meet you up there,” Moony replied, and Sirius nodded, getting up from his spot. He left without a word, and Remus sat idly, no intentions of getting up.

The room was silent for a bit, or maybe he just wasn’t paying attention, but whatever it was, his silence was broken when he felt the spot next to him move.

“‘Ello, Remus. Fancy seeing you here, so late and all,” The girl next to him jested, a smile on her face.

Her name was Tilly, he recognized her from his Potions class. They were partners, maybe? He wasn’t sure.

Nonetheless, he smiled weakly back at her. “Aye, it is late, isn’t it? I was just about to head up,” He was beginning to excuse himself when she grabbed onto his arm.

“Heyy! So eager to leave me, Remus! I actually needed help with Potions. I don’t quite understand something,” She said, an eagerness in her eyes as she spoke. He nodded, and settled back into his seat as she rummaged through her bag.

Finally, after a bit of searching, she retrieved her Potions book, and spread it out on her lap. The only sound between them was the flipping of her pages, until she found what she was looking for. She then pointed at a passage, and looked up at him from underneath her curtain of blonde hair.

“This means absolutely nothing to me, Rem,” it was a well meaning name, he knew, but he cringed a bit. Only (y/n) called him that.

Ignoring the awkwardness that followed the nickname, Remus leaned into her. They were so close their heads were practically touching. Remus didn’t really notice, but when (y/n) walked into the room, she certainly did.

He hadn’t even noticed she was there until someone cleared their throat, and he looked up. His eyes met hers, and they were filled with fire. Without saying anything, she turned on her heel, and exited.

Remus didn’t even say goodbye to Tilly, far more concerned with his angry girlfriend. He ran after her, and it wasn’t very hard to catch up. Her short stature didn’t make her a very efficient speed walker.

“(y/n)!” He called, his hand finding her wrist. She stopped, though she stayed facing forward.

“(y/n), we were just studying. She needed help with something, c’mon, you can’t –”

Now, she turned. That fire in her eyes had grown wilder now as she looked up at him. “I can’t what? Be a bit aggravated that every time I see you, some girl is hanging over you, touching your arm or smiling so cheerily! And you don’t say a word, either, just smile back and scoot a little closer, almost like –” She’s cut off by a chuckle.

(y/n) is so caught off guard that all the anger inside her releases. She was left… confused.

“Are you laughing at me?” She asks, head tilted slightly to the side. Remus thinks she looks adorable.

He catches his breath, and places his hands on either side of her body, hands clutching her arms. “You’re jealous, love! You’re jealous!” He exclaims, and she frowns up at him.

“Yeah, and what of it?”

“It’s just, it’s bloody funny, is all. You’re jealous of some girls who may fancy me, when all I care about is you,” His voice softens at the end, and he gives her arms a reassuring squeeze.

“It’s only you, (y/n). Nothing to be jealous of when the only girl I ever think about is you. Hell, when you were all mad at me, I couldn’t even –!”

He’s cut off by her dragging him down by his neck, her lips pressing passionately into his.

Needless to say, Remus had a far better night than he was expecting.

Yellow Tulips

Fanfiction Pairing: BoruSara

Characters: Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, Mitsuki, Inojin Yamanaka.

Rated: T+

Status: Oneshot

Prompt: “hey, can you make a borusara fanfiction where Boruto and Sarada just gets cute in a festival and Boruto tries buying her flowers and all? but Sarada has guys like all over her already? thank you!”


“Boruto, look!”

It was a coincident; it was not intended, not at all. It was not in Boruto’s to-do-list to go to the festival, especially alone, he usually had a lot of girls asking him to go with them, since he was after all the son of two heroes of the shinobi world, he was pretty popular everywhere, and usually he would accept one of the offers from the fangirls, hoping that they would keep him company during the festival times, but none of those girls could ever be her, not even close.

           The reason why Boruto always accepted the fangirl’s offer was that whenever the festival is near, Sarada, his team-mate and family friend, would always get tons of offers to go with a random guy, Sarada would accept lots of flowers during the festivals,  Sarada had this weird thought that she would never turn down flowers, because she told Boruto, that it was a sign of prosperity, and she could never decline an sign of so.

           But the weird thing is, she never goes with anyone during the festival. Instead, she would just be on her normal ninja gear and walk alone the crowded streets, and sometimes she would bump into friends, or guys that would offer her to some food and even some fancy things, she wouldn’t decline, besides, who would?  She would just send them off and tell them to just put the flowers in her doorstep with the excuse of she can’t carry it around because of how heavy it would be for her, (And it ended up with rows of guys carrying flowers behind her to wherever she’s going).

           Boruto would always watch her during the festival, it all started when they were 13, and Sarada was sitting next to Boruto on the bench, she was looking down to her book, and her glasses would just slide down her nose and she would put them back to place, and it goes like that over and over again, Boruto couldn’t help but to watch Sarada read, to watch her habit of biting her lip whenever things get intense in the book, or how she would look up from the book to catch Boruto blushing and looking away, hoping Sarada wouldn’t notice how Boruto was looking at her that way.

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anonymous asked:

Please Spark let me poke you or I will die from lack of pokes.

Aaaaaw. sorry mate, I would let ya if it wasn’t from the fact that ma host don’t like it.

anonymous asked:

Okay but how about Alpha WS Bucky being extremely protective of Omega Steve who has reverted back to his original size after being I heated with something and having to carefully guide Steve throw his heat like back in the day . Basically just size kink, angst, and fluff !!!!


btw, I won’t really be active for the next couple of months, because of a family trip (which is pretty much why I wasn’t all that active this past month either, lots of preparing) but I hope a 5,000-odd word fic is enough to make up for my absence! -Jenna

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Okay so I KNOW that Stacker Pentecost is gr8 at knowing people, and Herc Hansen was smart enough to pilot every generation of Jaeger ever, but just consider:

Team Hot Dads, au or otherwise, where they are actively – nay, aggressively – unaware of how hot they are, and how much the entire Shatterdome (minus maybe Chuck, who does not need to see fantasies in the Drift, thanks Dad) ships them.  


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The Cute Nerd - Michael Clifford Imagine

Sighhmikey asked: Could you make a Michael imagine where he’s the nerdy music kid that’s not that popular but you have a crush on him then he finds out and you kiss and he gets all red and blushy omfg”

Word Count: 540 


Michael’s POV 

“What in the world is her problem?! Just because she’s the most popular punk in school doesn’t mean she can pick on us like this! Ugh.”

“Face it Clifford, we’re the biggest nerds in this school and no one likes us, what do you expect. We’re not popular!” Calum shrugs at Michael who was clearly agitated by Y/N’s actions. Luke and Ashton nod in agreement not saying a word. 

Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael where your typical nerds at high school, no one paid them any attention except the occasional comments from Y/N. 

She was really popular amongst the grade, but what no one knew was she had a tiny crush on a particular nerd in her music class. That’s right, Y/N and Michael are in the same music class and she can’t help but admire him. 

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I Still Get Jealous (Narry)

Prompt: Jealous Harry and oblivious Niall
Pages: 8

Harry’s nostrils flare as he watches his best mate Niall flirt shamelessly with any person within a two feet radius. They’re at a party, a frat party, in which Niall promised he wouldn’t go and flirt nor get too drunk like every other time; but like always he has broken his promise.

“Careful you don’t burn holes into his head.” Harry jumps at the voice of his best mate, Louis. The blue eyed boy chuckles as Harry rolls his eyes before continuing to watch Niall with an angry glare.

“I’ll be right back.” He mumbles and makes his way towards Niall who is flirting away with some random guy. Harry’s jealousy grows as he basically sees the hearts in the random lads eyes. He wills himself to calm down before he reaches the blue eyed boy.

Niall spots harry and smiled at the curly haired boy. “Harry!” He grins as Harry gets closer; although Harry’s jealousy doesn’t minimize one bit. “Where’ve ya been, mate? Havent seen you all night!” He exclaims throwing his arm around Harry’s shoulder

“I’m off to the dorm. I got a test tomorrow morning. You coming or you staying?” Hart tells him harshly and with jealousy clearly in his voice.

“I think im gonna stay for a lil while more.” Niall smiles, oblivious to harrys jealousy. “I’ll see you at the dorm, Haz.”

“If you make it to the dorm.” Harry mumbles as he walks out of the frat house. He arrives at his dorm and strips off his clothes, leaving only his boxers on. He crawls in bed where he starts to think about how ridiculous he’s being.

He thinks to himself, ‘why should I be jealous? I’m so stupid. He’s just my best mate.’ Harry groans and wills himself to sleep.

Niall walks into the dorm as quiet as possible in his drunken state. He toes off his trainers and strips down to his boxers by the door, leaving the mess of clothes in a corner. He stumbles to his bed and plops down, falling asleep immediately.

He wakes up with the biggest hangover of the year (or he thinks). His head is pounding and he thanks God (more like harry) tue blinds are closed. He spots the advil and a cup of water on the bedside table. He down the advil followed by the cup of water. He frowns when he remembers Harry isn’t going to be there with him for half of the day. He reaches for his phone but groans when he realizes thats its in his trousers pocket next to the door.

With a moan, he crawls out of bed and literally army crawls to the door to retrieve his phone. He winces at the brightness and lowers it before opening his messaging app and texting harry a quick good luck text. He crawls back in bed and falls asleep.

When Harry walks into the dorm, he scoffs at the mess Niall’s made. He shoves the blondes clothes and shoes to the side before walking to his bed and dropping his stuff on the floor and changes his clothes after. He glances at Niall’s bed and smiles fondly at the blond. But then he remembers the previous night and rolls his eyes whilst falling back on his pillows.

He sighs contently as he snuggles into his blankets. When he wakes up an hour later, he feels slim fingers carding through his hair. He opened his eyes and is met with a pale, freckled chest.

“Morning, sunshine.” Niall chuckles, twirling a curl around his finger. “How was the test?”

Harry sighs throwing his leg around Niall’s waist before answering with a simple ‘fine’.

“Just fine? Harry, that’s your weakest subject.” The blond frowns.

“I know, Niall.” Harry huffs and gets out of bed. “I’m going out with Zayn.” He mumbles getting clothes and slams the door after going inside the bathroom.

Harry arrives back at the dorm at the crack of dawn. No, he didnt ‘party hard’ or anything like that. He just decided to stay at Zayn’s for a long while. He gently shuts the door and tiptoes inside the room.

Harry’s stomach flips when he sees a stranger in Niall’s bed. Anger bubbles inside of him and he can’t help but storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He takes deep breaths as he walks to Louis’ flat a mile outside of campus. He knocks on the door, angry tears pooling in his eyes.

“Harry? What are you- are you crying?” He pulls Harry inside just as Eleanor, Louis’ girlfriend, walks in the living room.

“Niall had someone in the dorm.” Harry’s voice wavers as he rubs at his eyes like a small child. “Can I stay here? I’m so tired.” Harry’s vision turns blurry and in a minute he’s knocked out from exhaustion.

When Harry wakes up, he’s back in his dorm, a warm hand in his rubbing small circles. “Harry!” Niall exclaims in relief, hugging the curly haired boy. “I was so worried. You’ve asleep for twelve hours! Are you okay?” He asks genuinely concerned.

Harry scowls at him. “Why don’t you go back to your boyfriend?” He says bitterly.

Niall is taken aback by his reaction. “What are you talking about, Haz?” He cocks his head to the side curiously.

Harry pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath. “Just forget about it.” He mutter and stands up from bed to take a shower. After showering, he feels much better and ready to apologize to Niall for snapping like that.

“Hey, Ni-”, he closes his mouth when he realizes Niall isn’t in the room. He frowns and grabs his phone

To: Niall
Where are you?

From: Niall
u dont care

Harry’s frown deepens when he reads the text, opting to call Niall instead.

“What?” He answers on the fourth ring.

“I wanted to apologize, Jesus.” Harry mutters. “Where are you?”

“With my apparent boyfriend.” Niall snaps.

Harry grits his teeth and sighs. “Come back to the dorm so we can talk things out. Now.” He snaps back and hangs up. He patiently waits for Niall to come back but after an hour of waiting he gives up. He curls into a tiny ball under his blankets knowing Niall won’t come home tonight.

Harry wakes up to quiet whispers and shushing coming from the other side of the door. Giggles fill his ears as the door opens. He sits up groggily and rubs his eyes. Anger and jealousy bubbles in his stomach when he sees a random girl clinging onto him for dear life. He faked a cough and clears his throat loudly.

Niall and the girl pull away from the rather disturbing snog, looking at Harry. “What do you want?” Niall snaps angrily. “I’m in the middle of something.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you,” Harry starts sarcastically, “but if you want to fuck go somewhere else.”

“This is my dorm too.” Niall’s cheeks are flushed in alcohol and anger.

“Then take it somewhere else, Niall. I have class tomorrow.” Harry glares at the girl who is whispering something into Niall’s ear. He keeps glaring at her as she walks out of the door, swaying her hips in what he thinks is a ‘sexy’ way.

He lies down and turns on his side, his back to Niall. He can’t stand to look at his best mate who he’s been pining for the last three years. The angry tears pool in his eyes but he blinks them back, like always. The spot next to him dips and his shoulders tense.

“Go away, Niall.” He mutters covering his head with the blanket. “I don’t wanna talk right now.”

Niall rolls his eyes and lies down next to Harry. He can never stay mad at the boy. “Harry?” He whispers. “I’m sorry.”

“What?” The tattooed boy answers quietly. “What for?” He turns to face Niall with a small frown.

“I don’t know.” He murmurs staring at the ceiling.“For being a prick I guess. I’ve left you alone in so many parties I need at least four more hands to count them all.” Harry snorts. “What?”

“Nothing. Keep going.” Harry tells him, snuggling into his blankets.

Niall rolls his eyes playfully shoving Harry’s shoulder. “You’re my best mate, Harry, and I know how you feel.” Harry’s eyes widen. “You know, I leave you alone at every party.” Harry sighs quietly in relief. “It’s happened to me before and I’m sorry for that. It fuckin’ sucks.”

“Can you just like, not bring anyone to the dorm? ” The green eyed boy murmurs. “It’s, uh, it’s a little awkward.”

“Uh, yeah. Okay. I guess I can do that.”

“You guess or you will?” Harry raises a brow and he hopes his anger and jealousy of Niall of bringing people into the dorm does not show.

“I won’t.” He chuckles and opens his arms for a cuddle.

“No way. You reek of alcohol and cheap beer.” The younger of the two scrunches his nose in what Niall can describe as cute. He shakes the thought out of his head rolling his eyes and stands up to change his clothes.

“Happy?” He huffs lying down next to Harry. “Cuddle me, Styles.”

Harry rolls his eyes but happily agrees to a Horan cuddle. All of his jealousy and anger in him wash away as Niall nuzzles his face in Harry’s neck. He tangles their legs together but lets out a squeak when he feels Niall’s hard on against his thigh.

“What?” Niall asks sleepily.

“Um, uh, n-nothing.” He swallows thickly. “Nothing.” He exhales shakily and tries to ignore the boner of his best mate poking against his thigh.


Niall and Harry are at a bar with a few mates having a few drinks and trying to have a little fun before finals week. They both have studied their asses off so this is like a pre-test treat. The lot of them are at a booth talking and being rowdy as any group of boys are.

It’s Harry’s turn to pay for the next round so he gets up, along with Zayn, and go to the bar to order seven beers.
“You tried anything to woo Niall off his feet?” Zayn asks leaning against the bar.

“Nah, man. He friendzoned me few weeks ago.” He sighs, playing with the rings on his fingers. “Called me his best mate and everything needed to be put in the friendzone.” He laughs bitterly at the thought of Niall wanting something with him.

Zayn claps his back sympathetically and grabs three beers whilst Harry grabs four. When they reach the table Niall isn’t there so he asks where he went.

“Some bloke asked him to dance so he did.” Jack, Zayn’s roommate tells him with a sympathetic look. All of their friends know about Harry’s crush on Niall except Niall himself , of course. He’s as oblivious as anyone can be.

Harry turns and spots Niall dancing rather intimate with the guy. He wants to tear his gaze away but something tells him not to look away. Harry retches when he sees Niall turn around and make out with the guy. He runs outside and retches and heaves in a corner.

“Harry!” He hears Liam call out and answers with a weak ‘here’ before Liam appears next to him rubbing his back. “You alright, mate?”

“Fine.” He mumbles wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his jacket. “I’m gonna go to the dorm. I’ll see you guys later. Just, please make sure Niall’s-”

“Okay. I know, Harry. Don’t worry, okay? Want me to call you a cab?”

“No. I’m fine. I need some time to think. I’ll call you if anything.”

Liam frowns as he sees Harry walk away. He huffs at how oblivious Niall is. Harry has been a jealous mess when Niall is with a person but of course he doesn’t notice it. Liam walks inside when he can no longer see Harry and sits down next to Louis.

“Where’s Harry?” Frank, Louis’ friend from class asks.

“Went home. Wanted some space.”

When Harry reaches the dorm he shuts the door quietly and undresses himself with tears brimming his eyes. He can’t believe Niall. He does the same thing over and over again. It was Niall’s idea to have a lads night but of course, he ditches everyone for a guy or girl. Harry has reached the point where his jealousy is outrageous and he just wants to cry because he knows Niall will never be his.

Harry wakes up to retching and gagging coming from the bathroom. He groggily stands up and peeks inside. Niall is hunched over the toilet bowl throwing up like there is no tomorrow. Harry leans on the doorway and watches as Niall flushes the toilet.

“You just gonna stand there or help me in the shitty state I’m in?” He chuckles.

“You’re a grown guy, Niall. You can take care of yourself. No, wait! Why don’t you ask the guy from last night?” Harry snaps and goes to his bed where he flops down.

“Are you serious?” Niall scoffs incredulously.

“Do you see me joking?”

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Niall snaps back.

Harry sits up, face flushed in anger. “It was your idea to have lads night. And you made us all swear not to go with someone because we hadn’t seen each other properly in weeks. And guess who was the first one to do that same thing?! You!” Harry’s chest is rising and falling rapidly at this point. The jealousy is evident in his tone and if Niall notices he does not show it.

“Calm the fuck down. I only danced with him.” Niall defends himself.

Harry laughs bitterly. “Yeah. And snogged the shit out of him. I bet you didn’t even notice I was gone!”

“I did notice you twat!” Niall yells. “Liam told me you left because you didn’t feel well and I came here and you were sleeping.”

“Whatever, Niall.” He stands up from his bed and goes to the bathroom shutting the door behind him. After he’s done his business and gotten dressed he walks out to see Niall sitting on his bed.

“You’re jealous.” Niall mutters so quietly Harry barely catches it.

“Come again.” Harry says.

“You’re jealous.” The blond days more clearly. “Youre jealous, Harry. I don’t know why but I know you are. Why? And I want you to tell me the truth. Don’t bullshit me.”

Harry nibbles on the inside of his cheek looking at the ground. “I love you.” He mumbles.

“What?” Niall asks cocking his head to the side.

“Don’t make me repeat it.” Harry groans.

“I didn’t hear you. I swear.”

“I-I love you.” He says more clearly, eyes cast downward.

“How long?” Niall asks quietly.

“Two years.” Harry admits, kicking the floor nervously. “A year after we started.”

After a long silence Niall speaks up. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Harry shrugs his shoulders. “I’m serious, Harry.”

“I don’t know, okay?! I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” He mumbles.

“You weren’t going to ruin anything, Harry.” Niall tells him softly.

“Of course I was!” Harry exclaimed. “When a friend confesses their feelings to their friend slash crush it always ends up wrong and I-”

Harry gets cut off mid rant by Niall’s mouth on his.He’s shocked at first and just as he’s about to kiss back, Niall pulls away. “Youre not ruining anything, Harry.” He assures the tall lad. “I had all of those people come by to try and forget about you but I couldn’t. No one compares to you, Harry.” He strokes Harry’s cheek softly.

Harry places his hand over Niall’s with a shiteating grin on his face. “Why didn’t you tell me anything?” He asks quietly.

Niall shrugs sheepishly, a blush forming on his cheeks. Harry chuckles kisses his forehead lovingly before wrapping his arms around Niall’s shoulders holding him as tight as possible. Niall hums pressing a kiss to Harry’s neck making the younger shiver.

“Harry?” Niall whispers not wanting to ruin the quiet moment. Harry hums in response as he starts to sway them side to side. “Would you go on a date with me?”

Harry’s smile grows as he squeezes Niall. “I’d love to.”

“On one condition, though.” Niall holds a finger up, shutting Harry up. “If you ever get jealous again, tell me. You look fucking hot.”

A/N: okay, so this isn’t one of my best but i truly tried my best and I hope you guys liked it :) prompts are open!

funnyfreckless  asked:

Mali being really protective over Liam and when Brett starts showing interest in Liam, Malia goes all protective older sibling. Threatening Brett, looking after Liam, giving them a bed time, giving them the sex talk and so on. Okay that way my second prompt and that was probably more than enough :) I really liked your other fills!

After the drama had died down and the Pack could get back to school, Malia started walking Liam to his classes. She’d sprint down to his class after her’s endded, walk him to his next class, and sprint down to her next class.

It wasn’t obsessive as it was with Stiles, but more protective. She’d push threw people and pull him out of the way of others. It was sweet.

She even started to offer to talk to Lydia about tutoring him in Biology (he was failing). She was like a big sister. It was nice.

Even when she started to glare at Brett after he asked Liam on a date.

After walking Liam to his Algebra class she followed her nose to Brett’s locker. He was looking at his schedule.

Malia reached out to tap on his shoulder. “Hey, Malia.” he answered before she could.

“You’re going on a date with Liam?” she knew the answer, Liam had been bragging about it for days.

He nodded, turning to face her.

“If you hurt him, I’ll scatter your limbs across the woods and no one will find you, clear?” she let her eyes flash blue.

Brett’s face flushed. “Uh, yeah, yeah. Okay, of course.” he nodded.

“Good.” she nodded, listening to the bell sound off. “Sorry, I made you late.”

“It’s okay.” he scratched the back of his neck. “They’ll let me off because I’m new.”

She nodded, turning and walking to her next class.

Later that day, as night neared, she sat on Liam’s bed as he tore threw his closet.

“You’ll look nice no matter what.” she commented. Liam didn’t respond. “Uh, so, when two animals like each other, they, um, mate.”

Liam poked his head out of the closet. “Stop.” he said. “Stop right there. No. I’ve had health class, so don’t. Don’t.”

Malia nodded, glad that she didn’t have to go there. “You know, I have your back, right? If he does anything, you have me.”

Liam emerged from the closet (lol) in a pair of skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a varsity jacket, smiling.

“Yeah, I know.” he walked to his full length mirror. “How does this look?” the doorbell went off.

Liam jumped, running around and brushing his hair and trying to shove his shoes on. Malia smiled. This was good, this was family.


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In the morning Sign woke up with a weary groan ,streaching his arms over his head and cuddling closer to Azazel. Moonlight was streaming through a window so he figured it was time to be getting up, so he pokes his mates chest gently and goes to sit up. As he does he notices two things right away. One his nook was still throbing like crazy, and secondly his stomach felt tight, almost like he had eaten to much. He shakes his head “theres no way the slurry hadnt dripped out of him over the night??” He chews his lips a having no idea whats going on and shakes Azazel a little harder*

OwaSera + What They'll Sing
  • Headcanon what I think the characters will most likely sing. And how well.
  • Yu: Rock. (Probably a little tone deaf, tbh, although that won't stop him.)
  • Yoichi: Lots of upbeat pop but also ballads if his favourite band releases them. (Sings well, especially the ballads.)
  • Shinoa: Nicki Minaj, ftw. Also rap and DDR songs. (Her rapping's great but she can’t really sing, although everyone has learnt not to remind her of that.)
  • Kimizuki: Real indie, hipster shit. (Can sing, so his group mates poke fun at him good naturedly. Kimizuki can never win.)
  • Mitsuba: Kpop and other female pop artistes. (Sings well but is incredibly shy and nervous, especially at the start.)
  • Mika: All the 90’s love songs. (He’s not bad for someone who doesn’t seem to use his vocal chords often.)
  • Ferid Bathory: Broadway and Beyonce. (He might be more suited to singing broadway but he loves his Beyonce.)
  • Krul: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu while she bathes in the blood of her enemies. (It's hard to sing cute while being a badass so kudos to her.)
  • Guren: Rock, as well. And sometimes Jazz. (As tone deaf as his son, lol. Unlike Yu, he consciously doesn't sing.)
  • Shinya: ‘Angel with a shotgun’ to piss Guren off. Also, emo bands. (Decent enough to not suck though it's nothing particularly great.)
  • Kureto: The French National Anthem or Les Mis. (I can't really see him singing but he's even worse than Guren.)