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Outsiders HeadCanons!

I’m absolutely in love with the outsiders, like I’m marrying this book and you are all invited to the wedding lol. Anyway here are some ticklish headcanons!

Ponyboy- oh my god someone save this ticklish baby. Like literally EVERYWHERE. He can’t go one day without his brothers or one of the gang poking his belly or jabbing at his ribs. His worst spot is his little tummy, followed closely by his armpits. He’s the constant victim to tickle attacks from the gang, especially his older brothers. Lucky kid lol. He’s definitely more a lee, because he never has the chance to get the upper hand.

Sodapop- Soda likes being tickled and wants to make sure everyone knows it. Like oh my god he’s such a little shit about it. Everytime he bickers with someone he lifts up his arms or lifts up his shirt and just goes ‘what’re you gonna do about it ;;;)))’. We such a good ler to oh my lord. When he’s tickling One of the gang, he starts up with the tickle talk, like 'here comes the tickle monster! Coochie coochie coo!’ And stuff like that.

Darry- he tries so hard not to be ticklish but he can’t help it lol. He’s definitely more of a ler and will constantly attack his brothers and the gang if they deserve it, but if you dig your fingers into his ribs or knees, he lets out huge belly laughs and falls to the ground. He’s embarrassed about it too but the gang LOVES it.

Dally- you wouldn’t guess he’s ticklish since he’s so good at staying away from it, he shrinks back even if you just wiggle your fingers at him. His feet are the absolute worst spot, especially his soles and toes. But if you’re gonna tickle dally, you better be prepared for revenge because boy does he deliver.

Johnny- my sweet innocent ticklish baby! He’s such a giggly boy oh lord. He doesn’t scream with laughter like the rest of the gang, but he goes into fits of giggles when ever you get his good spots, which is his entire upper body (so Ribs, Belly, and arm pits). He can try and be a ler but it always fails because anyone can reduce him into a giggly mess.

Two-Bit: SUCH A GOOD LER OMG! He’s the same with Soda with the tickle talk, but he’s sooooo much worse. He’s the designated “tickle monster” of the gang, because he constantly just wants to make the gang laugh. You’re lucky if you get the drop on him, but his worst spot is his thighs and hips

Steve: he’s so awkward when it comes to tickling, like he will flail and snort if you put your hands on him, and when tries to tickle you he accidentally ends up hurting you. He gets all guilty about it ok :(. His worst spots are the back of his neck and his sides.


Cherry and Marcia when having a sleep over most definitely get into cute little tickle fights!!

I just found out that there are ONLY 10 episodes of XY&Z left… that really makes me sad! This series has been such an enjoyable ride and I’ve fallen in love with all of the characters (they just balance each other out so well). I’ll save the emotional things for the finale but let’s keep hope alive until the very end!


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