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Love is the Air we Breathe

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Pairing: Spock x Reader

Notes: First time writing Spock, oops. I tried not to fuck this up.

Spock had been a dick. It was as simple as that, at least in your mind.

You’d known when you got together that he wasn’t the most empathetic, nor was he by any stretch a ladies man, but his accidental callousness was a little bit harder to swallow when things weren’t going well in other parts of your life.

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Short Story: Poker at Sundown

“Gonna join us tonight, Mags?”

“Not today, John,” Magnolia purred, sweeping her coat around her shoulders. Her heels clacked against the tiled floor of the Third Rail as she headed for the stairs. “It’s been a long day, and this songbird needs her rest. You boys and girls have have fun tonight.”

“Don’t let the bedbugs bite,” Hancock grinned. “I hear Hotel Rexford’s got a real bad infestation.” 

“As if Claire would ever mistreat me.” The singer blew a kiss at the ghoul before ascending the steps and clacking away into the night.

“She mistreats everybody!” Hancock called after her, then shook his head and returned his attention to the table. “Charlie. Deal?”

“Everyone settled?” Whitechapel Charlie shuffled the cards in his claws, one dapper green visor balanced precariously on the top of his torso. 

Cait stopped mid-swig of her drink. “How drunk should I be before we start?” she asked, brow furrowed. 

“Way ahead of you,” MacCready said, and knocked back another shot. His current bottle - his first of the night - was already half-empty. 

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Only You (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: Imagine being the Jokers girl and becoming best friends with Frost because he always keeps you company when the Joker is busy. One day, Joker gets angry and accuses you of being in love with Frost.

“Looks like I win again, Frosty.”

You smirked as you placed the cards down on the table. Frost shook his head in disbelief, putting down his own in defeat.

“Another round?” He asked, putting the cards back together into the deck.

“Sure,” you smiled. You glanced to the clock on the wall, you leaned against the table, your chin resting in the palm of your hand. “How much longer do you think his meeting is going to be?”

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Parent!Stucky Headcanon

Ok Stucky shippers hold your hats I just had the most feel-inducing headcanon:

Because Father’s Day is coming up, I thought of a Parent!Stucky headcanon on Mother’s Day (of course I did)

But just imagine Bucky and Steve’s daughter in around first grade and Mother’s Day is coming up on the weekend so her teacher tells her and the other first graders to make cards for their mothers and of course all the kids are so enthusiastic about it but then there’s her (let’s call their daughter Rosaline for no reason except that’s a pretty name) so there’s Rosaline and she’s very confused because she only has two dads at home but no mom so she raises her hand and tells the teacher about her “problem” but the teacher kind of shrugs it off like they tend to do so Rosaline thinks for a moment about what she should do and who she should make the card for, and then she remembers the really nice lady (Natasha, obviously) who comes over once a while to visit Steve and Bucky and talk about “important things” so Rosaline decides to make Natasha a card instead because Natasha is really kind to her and teaches her cool stuff like how to do a roll or how to tightrope walk (shhh) (and also I’m just taking this from Age of Ultron when they were at Clint’s and Nat was just so great with the kids) so anyway Rosaline makes Natasha the card, but she doesn’t know what to call her so she just writes “mom” and the teacher is pleased and etc.

So Mother’s Day rolls around and what do you know Natasha happens to be visiting and she, Steve, and Bucky go into the kitchen to discuss some SHIELD stuff and Rosaline kind of shyly comes in holding the card, which of course Steve and Bucky don’t know about because Rosaline wanted it to be a “real surprise” so she stands there shyly and says “I’m sorry that I’m bothering you, but I have something for Natasha” and she walks over to Natasha and just kind of pokes the card at her so Natasha takes it and as soon as she sees the “Happy Mother’s Day” written on the cover she just tears up because you know, she can’t have kids so this is really touching for her so she opens the card and Rosaline has written “Dear Natasha” and just everything they did together and thanks her for being her “Mommy” so Natasha just kind of cries quietly because FEELS and Steve and Bucky are really curious because they didn’t know Rosaline made that card and Rosaline is standing shyly in the corner and when she sees Natasha crying she gets really worried that she did something wrong so she asks Natasha what’s wrong and Natasha just thanks her over and over for the beautiful card and she just picks up Rosaline and hugs her.

The end.

I’m sorry this just came to me out of nowhere the feels for me are immense. Feel free to alert other Stucky shippers of this headcanon/fic if you liked it.

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the fire and ice event has only been on for 4 days but i’ve achieved everything i need from it so yay 

#83: Pregnancy Series | Shopping For Baby Clothes


- Someone wanted me to add some drama, so I did as requested x

Weeks into the pregnancy: 28 weeks

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain


Luke’s giggle filled your ears when you placed the penguin beanie you had found at one of the shelves on top of your head, placing your arms flat against your waist and starting to make what Luke would clarify as possibly bird sounds. “You’re such an idiot.” He laughed, taking off the beanie from your head, your hair messy and electrical by the removal. “But we’re getting it anyways.” He put the beanie down in your trolley, you rolling your eyes by him as you guys walked towards the checkout, ready to pay for the big pile amount of clothes for your little baby boy. Luke’s eyebrows furrowed as he reached his hands down in his pockets, trying to find the shopping list and check if everything was crossed off. “I can’t believe that Liz made you a list.” Your shook your head at him in disbelief with a laugh, Luke just sending you a glance. “If it wasn’t for this, we would have been fucked in here and you know it.” You only nodded your head at him as the two of you worked together to get your clothes on the counter in front of the cashier. The lady behind the counter smiled at you guys, her tall slim body making you instantly cock your head in half jealousy, taking a glance down at your own body, letting out a sigh as you felt like a balloon at a circus. “I think you’ve bought anything in this store.” The cashier chucked as she beeped the stuff in, you just rolling your eyes and poking you credit card into Luke stomach, him being polite and smile at the girl. “Yeah, well we don’t want to come here more than just once.” You smirked, Luke elbowing you by your rather rude comment, but you couldn’t care, the pregnancy hormones had its power over you. When you guys had finished paying, the cashier returned back the credit card to Luke, “Here you go Mr.. Y/L/N?” She questioned, after reading the card and giving it to Luke. “Oh, we’re not married or anything.” He admitted, taking the card and giving it to you. The cashier suddenly got a sudden change on her face, smiling slightly at Luke which he returned. If it wasn’t for you trying to behave right, you had puked instantly – over the both of them. “Luke, come on, I’m hungry and we’re going home now.” You mumbled, taking one of the bags and pushing it into his stomach, him letting out a huff and tearing his eyes away from the cashier to look down at you. “Since when did you turn into such a commanding sourcream?” He questioned, looking down at you odd as you just shrugged your shoulders, just wanting to leave this place already as fast as possible. Luke took the two other bags in his arms as you took the last one, the cashier sending him a flirting smile as the two of you started to walk out in an intense awkward silence.


Going to the mall with the boys sounded nice at first. But that was something that you know classified as being a “drunken” statement. After running around at one of the baby clothing shops, fangirling and screaming up over whatever song of theirs that was played in the radio and almost breaking one of the baby scooters, you were quite tired of them to be honest, and Calum didn’t seemed pleased either, even though he did was a part of some of it. ”Okay guys, can we be serious for a second?” Calum questioned with a laugh as Ashton and Michael placed the scooter back on its place, turning their attention towards Calum. ”Yeah, I think the fun is over for today.” Ashton smiled, the 5 of you following each other away from the toy department and heading towards clothing. ”I think we should start out by looking at some t shirts.” You said, starting to roam through the piles and racks, roaming through the clothes. With all the boys’ tall frames, they had to kneel down to even look at some of the baby clothes, making sure it was the right sizes they would find. ”I think he will like these.” Michael suddenly popped up from other the other racks with what seemed to you like an actual sweet and cute shirt. ”I actually like that Michael; I think we will take it.” You reached out for the shirt and Michael passed it by in delight, sticking his tongue out at Ashton. ”See. He already knows who his favourite uncle is gonna be.” Luke lifted himself up from one of the other racks as well, Ashton and him glaring at Michael with an expression of disbelief. ”Please Michael. We all know that I will be the favourite uncle.” Luke stated, lifting his hands in the air and looking over at you and Calum for approval. ”No Luke, that’s incorrect. Everyone loves drummers, see?” Ashton held up a green mint shirt with a font saying ”Drummer boy” on it, a pleased smile on his lips as he showed it around. ”Listen mate, you can’t be the fucking favourite uncle, you still don’t know how to play Fifa yet!” Luke stated, Michael trying to muffle a laugh. ”You think that is funny Clifford? Well, let’s see if the boy doesn’t get scared away with that reddish haystack you’re calling hair.” Your mouth went wide by the sudden fight between the boys, Calum smacking his palm against his forehead before pulling onto your arm, wanting you to get away from the scenario as fast as possible. ”Come over here. I’ve seen some cute football jerseys I’m dying to buy for him.” He smiled softly down at you and rested his hand on your belly, the faint sound of the boys in the background arguing making you chuckle lightly, letting them be alone now.


With your hands linked together, you and Michael walked down the aisle of one of the many aisles in this shopping center, eyes adverting around to the many piles of baby clothes; the trolley in front of you already filled at least half of it. ”Here, I see socks!” Michael exclaimed making you stop the trolley, watching him as he walked over to one of the piles, taking a 3 packs pair of pink smalls up, showing them to you. ”Seriously Mikey, everything down here is pink! What if the she doesn’t like that color?” Michael snorted at you, throwing the socks down into the trolley. ”Y/N, please, she’s a baby do you think she cares about colors and have opinions about it?” ”Every girl has an opinion about anything no matter age!” You lifted your nose in the air and glanced at him, but he could only laugh and shake his head at you. ”I have even bought pink hair dye for her!” ”Michael!” You exclaimed, eyes wide as you stared at him. ”Okay don’t worry, we won’t use it before she grows up! At least until she is like 4..” He mumbled the last part, as if he didn’t wanted you to hear it, but you did. It made you laugh after a few seconds, linking your hands together and starting to walk again, heading towards the t shirts. ”We’ll see. If she ends up like you with that hair, it will fall off before you guys go on your next tour.” By the mention of the band, Michael’s eyes lit up. ”You gotta see what I bought.” He suddenly said, taking his phone out from his pocket, unlocking the screen and going through his photos. ”I was supposed to keep this a secret to you, but with all of this baby shopping, I get too excited and can’t just not show you right now.” He stuck his tongue out in excitement as he found the right photo, you walking next to him curiously and seeing the very small white Derping Since 2011 Merchandise T shirt, your mouth opening in surprise. ”You bought her your own merchandise?” Michael nodded his head in amazement, giving you the phone to get a better look. ”I was determined to get one, and guess what, it arrives in a few days.” ”Michael that’s so cute of you.” You commented and the boy started to form a pink blush to his cheeks, feeling quite blessed himself. ”And I will make sure that she wears it all the time, to remember her how cool she is and how awesome her dad’s band is.” Michael locked the phone in his hand before placing it back in his pocket, placing his hands back on the trolley before sending you a warm smile. Michael was looking so much forward to this, it was cute, and it warmed your heart more than ever to see how loving he already was towards something that he hadn’t even met yet.


”Footie pajamas!” Ashton suddenly exclaimed quite loudly, your eyes turning wide by the sudden outburst, barely registering what he had said before he speeded up with the almost filled trolley, walking towards the piles with footie pajamas everywhere in different colors, you walking as fast as you could towards it. ”They’re cute.” You commented, taking a pink one up with a teddy bear in the middle and font saying ”Daddy’s princess”. ”Why do you think I want them.” Ashton giggled, taking a blue one up had the same teddy bear, but with different font, ”Mummy’s prince.” ”I swear to god we need this.” He said, giving the other one to you. ”Yeah, but we gotta remember to buy some different clothes for them each, not buying the same just in different colors.” You reminded, the two of you walking over to the trolley again. ”Yeah I know. They need their own personalities.” He mumbled, looking down at the trolley to make sure that you had gotten everything. ”It’s a good thing it is a boy and a girl, if it had been two girls I would be sure that you would buy everything in the same style so we wouldn’t get the chance to tell apart at all.” You chuckled, watching him for a bit as he checked the rest of your stuff. You looked down at the pajamas with a smile, placing them on your stomach and sprawling them out. ”You think they fit?” You asked with a chuckle, modelling towards Ashton before moving them away from your stomach as he had seen it. ”No please do that again!” He exclaimed, eyes wild with the new idea and fishing out his phone from his pocket. You rolled your eyes by him, holding the two footie pajamas in your right hand as you pushed your hair back from your shoulder, pressing the hand afterwards on your hip and staring at him. ”Come on Y/N it will make a great picture!” He almost whined, looking away from his IPhone with the camera open, looking up at you. You stared at him for a few seconds before letting out a sigh, placing the pajamas so they were resting against your growing stomach, Ashton snapping a picture as you formed a small smile to the lens. ”I don’t even know if it’s placed on the right gender of them.” You mumbled, Ashton just shaking his head. ”It doesn’t matter.” He mumbled, furrowing his eyebrows as he waited for the screen to focus. ”Great, it’s really great.” He smiled, standing up from bowing down to make the same level as you, taking the pajamas away from you and placing them down in your already filled trolley, leaning his body against it so it could drive, having you beside him as he put the photo on his locking screen and afterwards posting it to Twitter. ”@Ashton5SOS: Do you think they fit them? #2MonthsLeft pic.twitter.com/5zfryk1CF8”