poke ball


I designed this cute little outfit for Pokemon fans, as well as a non-Poke version in case you arn’t into that. Enjoy! 

“Apparently, there’s a whole underground market for Pokémon that are caught in rare Poké Balls. If you thought that a 500-Poké Magikarp was a bad deal, you’ll lose your mind when you see a 500,000-Poké price tag on a Magikarp caught in a Fast Ball. And that amount triples if the Magikarp is a female, since for some weird reason, all of that Magikarp’s offspring will come in that special ball when you get them from the day care.

“It’s a real shady business, and I don’t want anything to do with it at all. But you have to wonder, why are people shelling out millions of Pokés just for a different-colored ball? It does seem like the type of market that anyone would find extremely hard to get out of, though.”