poke a stick

Welp… This is weird, I’ve been reluctant to post this mostly because it’s very depressing looking, It’s what happens when you draw one of your most pathetic characters when you’re having a nervous breakdown about your birthday.

Anyway! Here’s James, yet another of my RP characters, a practitioner of demonic magic based around maths (he can basically “alter quantities”, turn one into many, turn many into one, things like that). He started as a super edgelord character with somewhat OP powers and more serious than sasuke uchiha, and he got boring to play quickly BUT! at some point he began to get the stinky end of the poop poked stick and I started playing him more as a nervous wreck with absolutely no social life, he tried to help people because people was being nice to him, was killed by a big boss and came back swearing revenge, Obtaining his first friend who brought some easiness to his heart and allowed him to develop new powers in the name of friendship.

I really love him, but, I guess what I’m trying to tell is, his expression amuses me, Aside from the nice people who sent me nice messages, My birthday week was really awful, and I wanted to vent several times but decided against it. and All those bottled emotions just got transmitted into… just the most sorrowful expression I could muster, both in this drawing and my own face. I can perfectly hear him sigh.

Excuse the texty blabbery, It wont be a common thing, I promise! have a nice day!

Stick N Poke PSA
  • Use tattoo needles, I stg it will change your life. They tattoo so much better and there’s no need for thread. I recommend 3RL for most stick n poke work
  • Buy the needles sterile and packaged. They’re ready to go and you don’t need to worry about sterilising them yourself (it’s also hella cheap)

  • Use tattoo ink or India ink. Never use anything else! I recommend winsor and newton if you’re going with India ink, but only the plain black one. 

  • New ink and needles for each person (obviously)

  • Poke just deep enough to break/’pop’ the skin, but no deeper. Poke too deep and the ink will spread under the skin, poke too shallow and it’ll fall out (but can then be re-poked)

  • Use warm water with a little antibacterial soap mixed in to clean the area before and after.

  • Always wear gloves and wash your hands!

Basically be safe and sensible. If you mess it up, it’s only you who’s responsible!


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 1.11.17

planter pokes by hernameismud

these decorated ‘planter pokes’ are little stick-in decorations for your plant pots … i SO need the one that says, ‘don’t you die on me.’