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👽 Metal Ball in Rose Gold Slime 🍰

Tweaking: How to get Shaymin, Darkrai, and Arceus

This needed to be done for many reasons.

One: Because the events for these three are no longer available (Arceus in particular never happened).


Anyways, a warning: If you aren’t careful, this can corrupt your save file!! Also, FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS, HAVE SOMETHING WITH FLY OR TELEPORT WITH YOU. 

We got the warnings covered, here’s what you need:

  1. Something with Fly or Teleport. If you don’t have either, and you’re after Arceus or Shaymin, you’re fucked. Darkrai is more reliant, as you can make it back to Canalave City via the boat, but you’ll need something with Surf, Teleport, or Fly to leave.
  2. Plenty of Poke Balls. You’re gonna need a LOT. (I recommend saving that Master Ball for Arceus when you get it.)
  3. Patience. You’re gonna need it.
  4. The Poketch’s Step Counter App. This is VERY important.

Now, for the steps to get into the Void! I recommend that while you do this, you reset the step counter before switching directions unless stated otherwise.

First, you’ll need to be right here:

See those numbered tiles? The easiest way to get into the Void from my attempts is the Fast Bike Method. Have your bike in fast mode and with quick precision, go 4-2-1-2-1. There are a few things that can happen after you do this:

  1. The game freezes. This will happen a lot.
  2. You’ll see the void, but cannot enter it.
  3. You’ll see the void AND can enter it.
  4. The game shits itself and loads up map tiles from a different route.

If you’ve successfully done it, then be right here:

This is our starting point!! First, we’ll need to enter the Poketch Building’s Void, and here’s how it’s done: (N = North, E = East, S = South, W= West)

First, reset the Step Counter and go:

  • 20 W 
  • 10 N 
  • 5 E 
  • 3 S 
  • Refresh Graphics (Look at your Trainer Card)
  • 1 S

You’ll then be in the Poketch’s Void!! This is the starting point for all three tweaking methods. 

Firstly, we’ll do Shaymin. Who doesn’t love that little Hedgehog? 

From the Poketch Building:

  • 1 S
  • 5 E
  • 430 N
  • Save and Reset
  • 869 E
  • 64,605 N (Bout an hour)
  • 9 E
  • 25 N
  • 11 E
  • Go north until it says Jubilife City
  • Save and Reset
  • Refresh Graphics
  • Go North

If done correctly, you’ll see Shaymin!! 

Next is Darkrai!!

From the Poketch Building:

  • 1 S
  • 5 E 
  • 430 N
  • Save and Reset
  • 415 S
  • 81 W
  • 275 S
  • 64,552 W (Bout an hour)
  • 82 N
  • 780 W
  • 65,449 N (Another hour)
  • Arrive at Newmoon Island
  • Get in front of the Forest Area
  • Save and Reset
  • Refresh Graphics

Darkrai likes to boogie~

Lastly, we have Arceus!!

Arceus is a little trickier, so bear with me here!!

From the Poktech Building:

  • 1 S
  • 17 W
  • 14 N
  • 895 W
  • 510 S
  • Save and Reset
  • 128 W
  • 32 N
  • 992 W
  • 73,000 N (Hour)
  • Alternate between 1 N and 1 S until Step Counter reads 512
  • Refresh Graphics
  • 251 S
  • Rest Counter
  • 251 N 
  • 1 N (Pal Park Activates)
  • 2,816 S
  • 288 W
  • Hit Start & Retire

This triggers Arceus!! After you’ve caught it, and don’t want another one, follow these steps:

  • 2 S 
  • 288 E
  • 2,565 N
  • Reset Counter
  • 252 N
  • Hit Start & Retire

However, Arceus is a special little bugger. Why? You can catch multiples. That’s right, you can get as many Arceus as you want!! 


If you want to encounter more than one Arceus, you can’t just use Retire again after the first encounter, because the game will crash. That’s why you go as far north you can go while still being in Hall of Origin, and then facing up use Retire. Your character should walk up to a Jubilife City area, causing the encounter to happen in Jubilife City instead of Hall of Origin. Alternating between these two places to encounter Arceus prevents the game from crashing, enabling you to catch as many Arceus as you want. However, Arceus caught when you are in Jubilife City area will register as being caught there instead of Hall of Origin. If you only want Arceus from Hall of Origin, you can simply run away from all the Jubilife Arceus in between Hall of Origin Arceus captures. Once you’ve caught enough of them, return to Sinnoh by going to the south-eastern corner of the Hall of Origin area, and then continuing with these steps:

  • 288 E
  • 2,565 N
  • Reset Counter
  • 252 N
  • Hit Start & Retire

Fun Fact for you guys: This Arceus will trigger the Sinjoh Ruins Event in HGSS, so if you want a Level 1 Baby of the Creation Trio, there you go!! 

(Credit for Information on Darkrai and Shaymin info goes to ohnickel on Youtube, credit for Arceus info goes to Crystalmourne on Youtube.)