poke a ball


👽 Metal Ball in Rose Gold Slime 🍰

Prediction for Pokemon Sun/Moon anime

Short version: James of Team Rocket catches a Mimikyu.

Long version: James finds a Mimikyu, mistakes it for Pikachu for most of the episode, then realizes what it is and why it disguises itself as a Pikachu. He accepts it for what it is, and offers to let it come with him, not even making an effort to battle or catch it.. It cries tears of joy for a moment before swiping one of his Poke Balls and catching itself for him. The Poke Ball doesn’t even wobble once; it simply snaps shut and *PING!* catch successful.

Let’s be real here: All Mimikyu wants is to be loved. James is a complete Poke-charmer. They’re perfect for each other. This can’t not happen.

ok but late night talk show host John Laurens who is having a fucking ball poking fun at the washington administration and gets extremely fired up about black lives matter and essentially becomes the smiling, freckled Jon Stewart of late night tv

running jokes in the show include:

• john’s dad think’s he’s a lawyer. shh, nobody tell him

John Adams Continually Fails To Look Normal In Any Photograph

• george dadington tries to control his administration of arguing five year olds

• alexander hamilton is Literally Still Talking Right Now

• the petition to replace thomas jefferson with a small puppy

• james madison using WebMD at work

• just a simple farmer boy from south carolina

• “more _____ than i have freckles”

• no, angelica schuyler is not yet running for president

• john laurens’ delicate southern sensibilities

and OF COURSE alexander hamilton seeks out any and all mention of himself in mainstream media and gleefully watches just about every episode of john’s show and includes a couple of sly references to it in one of his speeches, and from there it becomes a war of inside jokes and tweeting at each other until finally alex gets interviewed on john’s show and by this point other late night shows are catching on to this, and peggy’s show has an ongoing segment called “Holy Shit, Will You Two Just Kiss and Shut Up Already” 

no but after that John and Alex becoming legitimate friends and partners and working together to spread awareness about serious issues (mental health, LGBT+, homeless kids) to the point that john ends up giving a speech at the white house (”In this week’s news: holy shit, i met the president”) 
and the next running joke on john’s show is that any time alex is brought up, john says “and now to my very good friend, secretary hamilton” complete with suggestive eyebrows

honestly just give me late night tv comedian john laurens