• *in the lab*
  • Mary:*sipping coffee* How was the date last night, Molly?
  • Sherlock:*at his microscope; rolls his eyes*
  • Molly:*sighs* Bloody awful! We had absolutely nothing in common. He thought a specialist registrar was a marriage guidance counsellor.
  • Mary:*raises an eyebrow* Wow...
  • John:*sympathetic* Chin up. You'll meet someone.
  • Molly:*shrugs* I don't know; maybe it's me.
  • Sherlock:Oh for God's sake, Molly, of course it's not you. You're perfect.
  • Molly:...
  • John:...
  • Mary:...
  • Molly:...
  • Sherlock:*looking between them; frowns* Oh, come on. This is not news!
  • John & Mary:*murmur their agreement*
  • Molly:*blinking; overwhelmingly happy* R-really?
  • Sherlock:*nods* Yup.
  • Molly:*throws her arms around his neck; kisses his cheek* Thank you.
  • John:*mutters to Mary* We think so, too.
  • Sherlock:*cheeks pink* You can sod off.

If we could work together, we would look amazing
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Can someone who likes Serena please give me some reasons to like her?  In the show she is so two dimensional, and a little creepy considering she practically stalked a boy she met one time.  And the show having her do showcases did not help.  But I wouldn’t mind liking her, so someone please give me something.  The bad outweighs the good right now though

Things I do like about Serena:
- her friendship/sister bond with Bonnie

- how she didn’t want to be what her mom was, she wanted her own thing

- her determination in the Master Class

- how she truly loves her Pokemon

bandaloth  asked:

Lol so i know that Genos is on Saitama's shoulder in your new icon, but everytime i look at it i keep thinking it's Saitama's butt ( ᗒᗜᗕ)

Mmm. I see your point. I should probably change it soon, but I wanted to admire it for a while since my friend @reisfuchs made it for me (and they’d probably blackmail me with my sins if I didn’t hohoho)