guess my favourite character dynamic

  • Youngjae: I have no one
  • Jaebum: you have no one?
  • Jaebum: What am I then?
  • Jaebum: A potato?
  • Jaebum: A chair?
  • Jaebum: A piano?
  • Youngjae: that's not what I mea-
  • Jaebum: Answer me bitch
  • Jaebum: Am I a fucking tree?
  • Jaebum: What am I?
Two types of Shippers on Tumblr

Person A:

Ship 1: Love the shipping, wants to see more art of it.

Ship 2: Doesn’t really ship it, but somehow supports it and still adores the art of them together. (Not always)

Ship 3: Doesn’t really like nor support the ship, just stays out of it and doesn’t say something bad about it cause he/she is not an asshole and thinks its okay for someone to have different opinions.

Person B:

Ship 1: love the ship, worships it like if it was a religion.

Ship 2: doesn’t ship it, gets annoyed when he/she sees fan art of that shipping.

Ship 3: doesn’t ship, like nor supports it, hates it with all it’s might that he/she has to post shit about it and piss off the other individuals who like the ship.

((It’s not gonna change anything but at least i said it what i see in my point of view))