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One of the neatest things to come out of new canon material like Rebels and Rogue One is the light it shines on the divisions within the Rebellion. Most of the Rebellion’s frontline fighters are people who have direct experience with the evils of the Empire. They’re either from a planet where the Imperial boot came down hard (Ghost crew, Rogue One team) or they’re ex-Imperials who saw one atrocity too many (Bodhi, Wedge, Kallus). They all understand exactly how ruthless the Empire is. Most of them are fighting for vengeance, survival, or both. Many of them have nothing left but the fight.

By contrast, most of the non-military leadership are a bunch of wealthy, Core World politicos. Their fight is an idealogical one waged with words and cloak & dagger spy games. They are reluctant to engage directly because they have so much to lose, but they don’t really understand the consequences of defiance. In the Rebels season 3 finale, Mon Mothma refuses to rescue Phoenix Squadron, but seems to think she can negotiate fair treatment for any prisoners. Mothma, the Organas, and their ilk operate from a place of privilege. Leia acts like such a smug little shit in ANH and her Rebels appearance because she knows the princess of Alderaan is untouchable. 

The Alderaan happens and suddenly the struggle is real for Leia and Mon in a way it wasn’t before. It’s one thing to hear the Empire is evil; it’s another to watch your planet be blown up. After Alderaan, they learn what the frontline folks have known all along: the Empire can not be negotiated with. They must fight. 

Of course, once they get on the same page re: outright rebellion, there’s still divisions re: end goals. Leia and Mon Mothma want to restore the Republic, or at least their idealized version of it. Ex-Seperatists like Cassian Andor, on the other hand, hated the Republic and probably don’t want to see it restored. Then there’s folks like Cham Syndulla who just want to see their home worlds free and independent, rest of the galaxy be damned. There’s probably also a sizable number who can’t even imagine an end to it all and may have a hard time adjusting to any sort of peace.

Imagine for a minute that Padmé never got pregnant. Anakin still falls to the Dark Side thanks to Palpatine’s manipulations, but since she was never pregnant, Padmé never dies.

More to the point, without the twins, Yoda and Obi-Wan have no “new hope” to watch and wait to grow up, no powerful child to pin all their ambitions on. They have to take care of this mess themselves. So they do.

They track down survivors of the Purge and form a network of Jedi cells. They keep their eyes open for any padawans and younglings who might have survived the Purges and when they locate any, they find homes for them. (Each and every youngling who survived is a miracle. Each and every one of them is the future of the Jedi.) They look up Jedi who never became Knights – Jedi from the Service Corps – the forgotten, the underestimated, the unappreciated. They offer these Jedi protection from the Emperor, who wants nothing more than to convert or kill them; and in turn, they find themselves learning from their fellows, who are more used to living in the world outside the Temple and know more immediately practical skills.

They work with the emerging Rebellion, headed by the triad of Padmé Amidala, Bail Organa, and Mon Mothma. They take the security footage from the Temple massacre and splice it onto the holonet news to raise awareness and sympathy. They plan and they train and they fight. 

They don’t let Palpatine consolidate his power base for two decades before making their move. 

At the end of the day, there is no Chosen One to save the world. There are only ordinary people who are willing to do the extraordinary.

And they do – do the extraordinary, that is. Working as part of a larger strike team that includes non-Force-sensitives, Yoda and Obi-Wan manage to kill Sidious without falling to the Dark Side. 

And Anakin?

Well, there is no Luke to remind Vader of who he once was; no Luke to be tortured by the Emperor and beg his father for help, prompting Vader’s sacrifice and return to the Light.

But there is Padmé.

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Trigger Warning

I’m a sobbing mess right now. I started to follow a new group today and I saw many people talking about suicide and depression. As a future psychologist I felt like I had to say something. Depression is not a lame excuse. It hurts, and it makes you feel alone, and insignificant, it makes you feel like you are just weight in people’s lives. Anxiety is not just a thing. It can be terrible, it can cause panic attacks that are pretty much like drowning. Borderline disorder is like not knowing what tomorrow will bring, eternal mood swings that ares sure really very abrupt and the constant fear that comes with it. It’s hard. If you feel sad all the time, if you feel that you are enough to and that giving up is the only way, please look for help. If you are too anxious or have eating disorders look for help. And if are just a normal person go to therapy as well. It won’t work fast but it will work. Believe in me. In many cases medication and therapy can make you life quality a lot better. If you ever feel like giving up, there are numbers will can call and you can always talk to me. Just know that whoever you are, wherever you live, you are special and you are worth it. You are loved, cherised and dear for someone. You are strong and you can breathe in and out, cry and feel but please don’t give up. The world needs your light in it.

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