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Top 5 OTPS

I was tagged by @misscrazyfangirl321 to list 5 otps, from 5 different fandoms. This turned out to be much harder than expected, since a lot of my ships are crossover/crack ships. I hadn’t realized how many until now. O.o (There needs to be a BROTP version of this list. I’d be all over that.)

  • Hiccstrid from HTTYD - This one was the easiest. I love these two together, and they’re easily one of my favorites ships. When I first saw HTTYD, I thought, Awww, they’re cute. Then I discovered RoB and DoB, and it was cuter and amazing, then HTTYD 2 came out and now this ship leads my armada. “Buffalord Soldier” in RTTE destroyed me oh god
  • Percabeth from PJO/HoO - MY FIRST OTP besides Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, but shhhhh, we’re not talking about them right now. I used to be SO ACTIVE in the fandom, and now I’m a ghost that spies on everything from that dark corner in the back. But I’m never forgetting these guys. I still love them to pieces. <3
  • Shawn/Juliet from Psych - Shawn flirting with Juliet started out humorous and entertaining, but then I shipped it, and it was cute and adorable, and then THEY BROKE MY HEART. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW PSYCH COULD DO THAT. But then they fixed it, so it’s all good.
  • Karmel from Supergirl - Gonna be honest: I was super “meh” about them at first. But the more I saw Mon-El, the more he grew on me, and the more I saw him and Kara together, the more I shipped it. It took a few episodes, but now I’m officially on board and am looking forward to where their relationship goes.
  • Jesse/Wally from The Flash - AHHHHHH. WHEN THEY MET IN THE CLUB, THEY WERE ADORABLE. THEN SEASON 3 HAPPENED. AND KISSES! I’m excited for Jesse to come back and see Wally with his speed. That will be fun. XD

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-Song Drabble - Park Hyo Shins - WildFlower - 

namjoon x reader


730 words

anon nymph wished – Oh my gosh, that’s such a sad song! hmm, I hope it’s okay that I chose a verse more so than just one line? “Only good memories, only a longing heart - On the path where you left me - I’m standing alone - Only until I can forget you, until I will be alright - I’ll swallow my tears and at the end of my wait - I will bloom once again” And if you could, can you do it for our Namjoon! ^^ I can’t wait! – star anon

Oh star anonnie, so I know the meaning behind Park Hyo Shin’s Wildflower (and if you are unaware you should go check it out– it’s basically HyoShin tearing through his past and pushing through with his music :( ) anyways, the fact that you wanted it to be with our Namjoon I just, ugh.. I hope you guys like this, it was originally a bit longer, but I shortened it because I didn’t want it to be to.. uhm.. sad? angsty? I dunno it just was kind of sad before I shortened it. Anyways, I hope you all like it! 


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Sucker’s Bet - Tassi_Ki

Word Count: 1, 258

Summary: Kara’s oblivious, Lena’s nervous, Alex and Maggie are betting on who snaps first and when, and everyone is left in the dust when Kara and Lena team up for Personal Trivia.


That one where Kara and Lena are so sickeningly in love that everyone can see it but them…until Lena gives Kara potstickers and chopsticks. Then all bets are off…or in Maggie’s case, won.

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☀️ what do you like the most about your best friend?

um? nothing i hate them?? (im kidding and stealing their joke tbh) what i like most about @asexualcarolina is that they try their best all the time?? like they’re constantly striving to be better and they always listen and try to help where they can!!

🌟 what do you like about yourself? (must choose at least 3 things!)

1. i think im pretty cute?? like i have really big floofy hair and a cute face?

2. i write pretty well! i like my poetry a lot actually

3. i try really hard to always be there for my friends and to be a positive influence.

🐇 what do you always daydream about?

its not usually the same thing?? i pick up little stories in my head or pick apart/way overthink song lyrics?

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