pokémon especial

Ok but I’ve seen the new stills for Supergirl’s next episode and it made me realize that I’m so here for more Mon-El/Alex scenes! Alex and Mon-El teaming up. ✓ Alex and Mon-El fighting for Kara. ✓ Alex and Mon-El bonding and becoming friends. ✓ Alex realizing that Mon-El and Kara have feelings for each other. ✓ Alex starting to believe in Mon-El as well. ✓ Give it to me now!!!


Thank you for letting me be
고마워 내가 나이게 해줘서
Thank you. For being ‘us’

“I’m rich. So expensive”

I wish BigHit would adopt this hair style for Yoongi instead of the same hair cut he’s had since I NEED U era. *suga shrug* へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ