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Kara’s worried she’s losing Alex to Maggie and she’s trying to cling to her sister a little too tightly. And that’s the only reason. Not the Mon-El thing. There is no Mon-El thing. Please don’t let this turn into a Mon-El thing…

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Okay, I saw the episode and was not impressed.  Honestly, the Daxamites - from Mon-ew, Rhea, to Lar Gand - their sole purpose is to create “forbidden love” drama.  To think an entire alien race, which could have been rehabilitated is being reduced to revolve around Kara and Mon-ew’s relationship.  

I just don’t get what the lesson or moral of the story is.  What has Kara learned from dating Mon-ew that she didn’t already know on her own?  Even if you look at it from an overcoming prejudice angle, it’s not as though she was wrongly prejudiced against the Daxamites and Mon-ew opened her eyes to see the misconception she had.  They were, in fact, awful.

Even in spite of how awful they are, Kara has from the beginning believed the best in others, that people can change, and has given them the benefit of the doubt (whether they are deserving of it or not).  That is the foundation of who Kara/Supergirl is.  So once again I come back to, how has being with Mon-ew changed her for the better?  I understand very well how he has benefited from being in this relationship.  But I don’t see what she gets out of it.  Or what we as the audience are meant to take away from it.  Aside from a cringy Romeo & Juliet parallel.  Two teenagers blindly falling for each other and then killing themselves is not exactly a high standard of romance to aspire to.