The things that I know about "Supergirl" without actually watching it.

*Maggie Sawyer invented dimples and heart eyes
*Sanvers aka ship of dreams (1000x better thank clexa)
*Bad lighting in sanvers scenes
*another wave of the great lesbian migration
*Everyone misses Cat (that was her name? Idk)
*Lena can’t be straight
*Lena and Kara have more chemistry than Kara and Mon-Ew
*Kara had better storyline in season 1
*Alex’s coming out story is really important and it had a strong impact on many people
*Kara Danvers and potstickers
*Danvers Sisters bond is pure and important
*Kara is #1 sanvers shipper
*There’s this guy who seems cute and nice and he doesnt have any powers (idk if im right)
*“Sanvers centric episode” was not “sanvers centric episode” and sanvers shippers are mad because they were fooled again
*Nobody wants Mon-Ew to babysit Kara because she can take care of herself

*+ the glasses don’t help (really)

I tried to remove the music as much as possible from the kiss and this came out. It’s not completely removed, but you can hear something  👂🙊 😏 (use headphones for a better experience)

There are some things that I’m gonna need now that we’re canon.

  • hand holding – finger lacing will be required
  • a one on one romantic date (that doesn’t get interrupted)
  • cuddles on that couch (with that red blanket somewhere in the picture)
  • a casual goodbye/hello chaste kiss
  • A HUG
  • no seriously a really good one that’s really close and tight and looks unbelievably cozy and comforting
  • another dance – preferably a slow one
  • Eskimo kisses while touching foreheads
  • successful side by side ass kicking
  • heated communication through intense eye contact
  • silent communication between the two of them in a room with plenty of other people
Women Empowering Women: The Opportunity The CW Missed

Somebody pointed out the parallels between Lena Luthor and Mon-El’s stories. Both come from backgrounds where they’re inherently at odds against Kara. Mon-El because he’s from Daxam, and Lena because she’s a Luthor. Both come from backgrounds where their morals are warped and distorted because of the environment they were brought up in. Mon-El and his views towards women and Lena with her morally ambiguous views on aliens. Both are someone that, logically, Kara shouldn’t get along with.

The Luthor name is renowned in pop culture as something that is so intrinsically the opposite of the House of El. This didn’t even have to be established in the show because it’s just that ingrained in the audience already. Hell, you don’t even need to have read a comic book to know what a Luthor and a Super means. Mon-El’s storyline almost exactly parallels Lena’s but because his character isn’t as well known as a Luthor they had to spend several episodes explaining that. Which in part infuriated me because we already had a character set up with the same type of flaws that didn’t even need establishing. There’s so much rich history that could be explored between Kara and Lena and what it means to be two powerful women who want to break free from the shadows of their male relatives. But unfortunately this was side swiped to bring in a white male character that brings the exact same struggles to the table, but takes triple the effort to explain because no one outside of the die hard fans has a fucking clue who he is.

I digress. This got me thinking. The storyline they are trying to apply to Mon-El with Kara just makes so much more sense with Lena. It’s the classic trope of the protagonist teaching the secondary how to be a better person. So when you think about it, not only does it make more sense to apply this to Lena, applying it to Lena opens so many new avenues of social issues to discuss.

When Mon-El arrives on Earth, Kara has to get around her own prejudices about daxamites. This is mirrored, but not developed enough, with Lena. You bet my bottom dollar that Kara had some prejudices about Lena because of Kal-El, and while she overcomes them, it’s done offscreen for the most part. It goes without saying that Lena too held some prejudice against Supergirl because she’s an alien. Society consistently oversees a feud between women of different groups because the patriarchy thrives on that. If Supergirl had focused on this storyline they could have done so much to dispel this stereotype. Female characters are constantly at odds with one another, engaged in some form of competition, so it would have been incredible too see these two powerful women putting their prejudices aside to build up a rapport. Women supporting women y'know. That’s such an important message to send to all of the young girls watching.

Instead of Kara training Mon-El and teaching him how to control his powers we could have had Kara teaching Lena how to use her economic power and political influence for good. We could have seen Kara guide Lena on how to help the alien community by throwing galas in support of charities/political campaigns that work with aliens or by helping her develop technology that could help integrate aliens with humans. The potential in this plot line for exploring social issues that are currently so prominent in the western world is mind boggling. With the recent US election, Brexit, and the forthcoming French, Dutch and German elections it’s been highlighted time and time again how individuals in positions like Lena Luthor can influence the outcome for society and shape the social and political environment we live in. Supergirl had the perfect opportunity to lay out the situation and explore what that means in such a easy and accessible way. Yet they chose to teach the straight white boy how to fight instead, ultimately falling into the sexist trope that it’s a woman’s job to make a man better.

Instead of Kara teaching Mon-El about Earth customs and morals, we could have seen Kara and Lena navigating the morally grey values she holds as a result of her upbringing. Lena is an inherently good person. She’s proved that time and time again, even sacrificing her own mother for the sake of others. And while her intentions are good, there’s no way she could have come out of a childhood with the Luthors without being indoctrinated and corrupted at least a little bit. Her morally grey views on aliens would need to be unlearned and this is the perfect place for Kara to step in. Instead of Kara teaching Mon-El about earth, a planet not even Kara truly understands, Kara could educate Lena on aliens in order to help her unlearn her internalised bigotry. Kara could tell Lena all about the planets she used to visit with Zor-El and Alura and Astra and all the different cultures she’s seen. She could teach Lena about Krypton and its language and it’s traditions and holidays. And you know what? Lena will fuck up sometimes. It’s hard to unlearn the hatred that’s been drilled into you since you were a kid. The alien detection device would have been an amazing plot point to explore how much Lena has learned and how much she’s willing to change. Kara could have explained to her in more detail than she did in canon why it’s such a bad idea and all the problems it will cause. And because Lena knows now about all these different aliens and their planets and their cultures, she’ll understand what it means to out that in jeopardy with her device. She’ll struggle and slip up but her heart is in the right place and Kara can guide her there. And it’s not just Lena who would get something out of that. Kara has been bottling up so much since krypton died. The weight of her whole world. Her whole people. Her culture. Her language. She’s never been able to properly share that with someone. But teaching Lena to unlearn her hatred involves telling Lena about Krypton. And for Kara that’s so cathartic and a great form of therapy almost. She finally gets to share her world with someone who wants to understand. Who knows to a certain degree what it’s like. Kara needs this in season 2 but she hasn’t been given it. Mon-El doesn’t need to be taught about Krypton so with this Mon-El storyline the brunt of the trauma remains with Kara. But if it were Lena who she was guiding, well then Kara could have found her release. Which is something she’s been struggling with in season 2.

The latter of the two points has so much potential to delve into the issues of unlearning racism and how to deal with internalised racism. As well exploring the concept of cultural integration, cultural mixing and and cultural appropriation. On Kara’s side there’s a lot for young people watching to take away on dealing with trauma and coping with PTSD. There’s so many things that could be explored between the two characters if it were Kara guiding Lena.

Kara and Lena are two powerful female characters with complex and intertwined histories that propose many obstacles in character development. We could have had a story line in which Kara teaches Lena how to be a better person, and in the process of guiding Lena out of her morally grey values, Lena teaches Kara how to be a better person too. Instead of a bitch fight we have two strong women empowering one another and encouraging each other to be better. We could have had women supporting women. AKA what Supergirl was meant to be about in the first place. Lena and Kara play off of each other’s strengths so well, and they can use those strengths to work on each other’s flaws and weaknesses. We could have had that. Instead we’ve had Kara’s character development cast aside so she can prop up a generic straight white boy who ultimately becomes her love interest because heteronormativity and sexism are the CW’s best friends.

TL;DR: If Kara is meant to be making anyone a better person this season, then it should have been Lena Luthor because that way we could have seen the two women grow as characters and seen their dynamic shift into something that so desperately needs to be represented in the media.

Treat characters the way you would people

Okay. I’m not exactly good at this and I’m not experienced in this but i hope people are willing to listen to my opinion without wanting to kill me

I’m pissed. I’m pissed because I see so many posts saying that mon el should die
I’m pissed because everyone is saying it’s a race thing and maybe it is but
Im sick of people claiming kara wouldn’t choose Mon El because of various reasons
I’m sick of people being unwilling to accept things and move on
I’m sick of people not willing to have an open mind
I’m sick of people who make me just sad in general

Mon el is a character in a T.V. show right
But he’s a person
And I’m really not happy seeing people saying they want him to die from lead posioning
If someone you didn’t like for a couple of reasons was slightly annoying, would you want them to die because of it? Probably not
Most of the arguements I’ve seen for disliking Mon el is
1. He’s flawed
2. He’s white
3. He’s not good enough for kara
4. Kara wouldn’t choose someone like that
5. He’s not as good as james

Well here’s my thoughts
Mon el is a person, right? That means that he has flaws
And it’s canon that he came from a planet of pretty bad people, from karas point of view and from mon els
But he’s changing
And instead of celebrating that a character can actually change, instead of celebrating that someone from a shitty background can rise above things then yes, fine
But the reason I like mon el is because he isn’t perfect
He isn’t james olsen and I love that about him
He isn’t a photographer
He isn’t supermans best friend
He isn’t the perfect boyfriend
He doesn’t always say the right things
But that’s what I love about him
That’s my favorite part
Mon el comes from an entirety different planet and him not understanding some phrases is just a small sample of what he’s probably going through
Does he know how to fit in? No
Does he know anything about the social normities? No

And as someone who has friends who are immigrants
And someone who has immigrants for parents
And someone who’s friends were born all over the world and as someone who’s talked in depth about their transition
I know it wasn’t easy for them
I know it was probably one of the hardest things for them

And most of them have since gone back
Most of them have visited their homes
But can Mon el do that? Nope
He crashed on a different planet where he was treated like shit by the one person who is supposed to bring hope (kara) and then is told that he will never be able to go home

To see his family
To see his friends
To see the place he grew up

And yeah he isn’t perfect and yeah he says cheesy stuff but that’s okay

And talk about cheesy “i would be jealous of anyone you loved” i mean I liked James and Kara
I genuinely do and they made me happy and I’m not happy with the way they ended at all
They ended. That’s it.

And instead of being angry about something that isn’t gonna come back, i want to see Kara happy

And i think that’s why Kara likes Mon el
and the whole scene with james being pissed about how mon el gets her trust and he doesn’t

Mon el is what kara stands for, she stands for change, she stands for those who have problems and change
He is flawed. And if we wanna talk about bad choices let’s talk about Megan for a second
She fights other aliens and it’s cool but Mon el does what exactly and it’s not?
I love Megan I’m just saying there are some standards here i don’t get

Who brought Kara’s mom flowers? Mon el
Who drank kara’s favorite drink since he found out about it? Mon el
Who wanted to protect kara? Mon el
Who wanted to prove himself to kara? Mon el

Yes. My second point. Yes, he did want to prove himself. Yes. Is that so bad? Have you ever wanted to do something solely for your SO? Have you ever checked something out only because of them? Something you might have never liked? Oh and are we all suddenly not guilty of wanting to impress our crushes?

Mon el wants to be her knight in shining armor. And yeah,maybe kara doesn’t need it, at all, but it’s a nice gesture. And he’s learning.

And i just want to know what Mon el did wrong
I’m serious here, did he kill someone
Did he risk his friend’s life and casually brush it off
I’m just pissed because Mon el is someone supposed to represent change
Like my friend @kacyy says, I think i see myself in him
Mon el isnt perfect, but he makes kara happy
And people are ranting about what’s wrong with a happy relationship, one without them breaking up, well guess what guys
You got one. You’ve got one. But sorry, he’s white. Sorry.
Sorry he’s done some shit in his life.
Sorry he can’t always say the right things.
Sorry, sometimes he gets jealous.
Sorry,he’s not james olsen.

And finally kara is in a happy relationship and people are STILL complaining about the writers breaking james and kara up

and going back the whole treat characters as people thing
If I had a white friend
And I had a black friend
And then let’s say another friend, friend C

Let’s say that if friend C thought that I was better with my black friend then my white friend
Not because they’re black but because they’re better people
And friend C thought that my white friend was annoying
They still wouldn’t want my friend dying of lead posioning

treat characters nicely
Please even if you don’t agree with them please
I don’t care if you continue to hate him
I don’t care about it
But i just ask you don’t wish characters death
I don’t want anyone in supergirl to die except the villians

And I don’t really mind the hate against Mon el
I mean it doesn’t make me happy but anti james doesn’t make me happy either

I’m just pissed about people not changing
Not being okay with what they get
Not pushing forward, not hoping that in the future, the show might actually put a character who’s asian
Or put in more sanvers

I get why people don’t like mon el
And I don’t ask you stop hating him
I’m just asking for you to stop comparing him to james
He isn’t james
We know that
He’s flawed he’s not.perfect
But he isn’t james. So stop comparing them.

I wouldn’t compare my friends.

And to me, these characters are my friends. And I hate how this fandom is divided. I want to find happiness within this fandom, and if not happiness, then not hatred.

I do get why people are opposed to Mon el. But I ask that people just give people a chance. Not just in supergirl. Anywhere.
Start treating characters as people and I think things will get a lot more respectful.

Just to summarize:

1. Mon El isn’t james
2. Mon el has issues
3. Please just be respectful
4. Appreciate what you have, and instead of complaing about what you didn’t get, start fighting for what you want in the future
5. You don’t like mon el? Cool! Just don’t add onto the mob mentality we have here, and take a step back and see what you think of mon el without any biases, without any “he’s white” or “he’s not good enough for kara”
My friends tell me my exs didn’t deserve me, does it mean i shouldn’t have dated them even though they made me happy?

I’m sorry, I’m rambling
Just try to be nice? Please

Don’t You Know How To Knock?

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Part 1 of 2

Warnings: Adult Content/Smut

“Goodnight, Joonie!” you called as the two of you went to opposite sides of the apartment.

“Goodnight, Y/N”.

A night out with your roommate was just the thing you needed after a long, stressful week. Namjoon was always down for a good time plus you liked going out with him because it warded off unwanted attention from potential creeps. Everyone always just assumed the two of you were together.

At first, you were nervous about your current living situation. When Hoseok told you his friend was looking for a new roommate, you immediately jumped at the opportunity to get out of your shitty apartment.

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You can see the fear in his eyes… this man is showing us that, he’s scared to lose her. That he can’t exist in the world without her. He’s showing that she’s the only one for him in this universe, the only one who he finally have after losing everything else. This is him showing that she’s the be all or be end for him. You see the pain and the fear of losing someone again in his eyes. He’s on the brink of falling apart but he’s holding it all in but his eyes says it all

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Do you ever stop to think about just how many things had to line up perfectly for Karamel to have ever even met?

Like if there hadn’t been a Kryptonian pod on Daxam. If Kara’s hadn’t gotten knocked off course and she had landed on earth when she was supposed to. If they both hadn’t ended up in places where time didn’t pass. Or if they had made it to earth at the same time.

I mean Mon-El must have left Daxam pretty closely after Kara left Krypton but  he didn’t land on earth until like - what… 12/13 years after she did? And what if he had landed somewhere else? Somewhere without DEO resources to help him recover?

All of these seemingly coincidental things played into these two people meeting exactly when they did.

And that’s not even taking into account all the things that most people have to go through to find someone that they’re compatible with and like enough to be in a relationship with. Finding someone to love is hard enough but when they both have to be put on ice for years so that when they finally meet they’re pretty much the same age and have both had similar life traumas…

I mean talk about being destined.