- I’m not particularly bothered by what this says about me but if you’re an optional fixture in my life with any regularity, it’s a one-shot deal. You fuck that up, you’re out, forever. My point in prefacing with this is to tell you that I’ve kept a tornado of manic toxicity in my periphery well beyond the amount of time I otherwise would have because she’s a licensed cosmetologist and thus my only source for the pro-grade pro-only nail files I use ~*JuStGoOdPeRsOnThInGs*~

- Unrelated but does anyone know a stylist/nail tech/beautician with a hookup who doesn’t willfully forego treatment of a known and severe mental illness and who instead simply drops grenades into the middle of people’s lives and then leaves (not mine, just like, in general, as source of entertainment or dark therapy, idk), hmu

- How long does it take a team of 4 landscapers all equipped with backpack leaf blowers to clear a single 100 foot stretch of sidewalk of minor organic and therefore totally biodegradable detritus? the answer is apparently 6 full hours

- I haven’t heard the familiar thwap/seen the resulting smoldering tobacco embers skitter across the overhang in all directions once today, so the bucket hex might be working, thank you all for charging it with likes and reblogs

[JP] Awakening

*Will be known as Traits in INT.


When you synthesize the same medal of the same rarity, Awakening Ability 「覚醒能力」 will occur. Awakening Ability is an effect that always activates.

  • Mickey & Broom Servant medals cannot have Awakening Abilites.
  • Even if multiple of the same medals are synthesized at the same time, only one Awakening Ability will occur.

Awakening Abilities are randomly decided each synthesis. Depending on the medal, certain number of slots that can be awakened are fixed.

When you try to create a new Awakening Ability with the medal at full slots, you can choose to overwrite or not. If you don’t, it will fuse as normal.

Awakening Abilities

Effective on the whole deck:

  • Max ability gauge +2 [ アビリティゲージ最大値+2 ]
  • Max HP +800 [ HP最大値+800 ]
  • Poison resistance 20% [ 毒耐性20% ]
  • Paralysis resistance 20% [ 麻痺耐性20% ]
  • Sleep tolerance 20% [ 睡眠耐性20% ]

Effective on the medal with the awakening:

  • Defence of ground enemy -20% [ 地上エネミーの防御力-20% ]
  • Defence of air enemy -20% [ 空中エネミーの防御力-20% ]
  • Raid Boss battle damage +40% [ レイド戦でダメージ+40% ]
  • Additional attack +40% [ 追加攻撃 威力40% ]: attack again with the same medal
  • Attack power +1000 [ 攻撃力+1000 ]
  • Defence power +1000 [ 防御力+2000 ]

Even if you give the same Awakening Ability to a medal, only one will take effect.

heck1  asked:

You would survive a Dangan Ronpa situation because the real secret culprit instigating these deaths would not suspect a humble, sometimes severely self-deprecating artist to be the top priority of deadly rivals to eliminate right away. This leads to your surprise comeback in which they vastly underestimated your ability to be resilient since even a devious culprit can't compete with the harsh backstory you endured. Thus, you survive.

diamond is unkillable

Stand Master: 「KRIEG」
Stand Origin: Marilyn Manson
Appearance Classification: Humanoid
Stand Type: Close Range
Stand Appearance: A figure wearing a lengthy black robe that conceals all their limbs, covered in bloody stains. It is also wearing a hood to conceal its head, and a Mask resembling that of your average Pandora Psycho.

Stand Parameters:

Destructive Potential: A
Speed: B
Range: D
Durability: A
Precision: D
Developmental Potential: C

Stand Abilities: 「SPEED OF PAIN」: ORGAN GRINDER acts as a storage unit for Krieg, keeping firearms, ammunition, grenades, an endless supply of dynamite, and his modified Buzz Axe at arms reach for Krieg without weighing him down.
「THIS FIRE BURNS」: ORGAN GRINDER indulges Krieg psychotic desire to kill and maim by healing him whenever he does so, and supercharges his immense physical strength when he is caught aflame.
「PERFECT INSANITY」: When Krieg is mortally wounded, ORGAN GRINDER causes a dramatic metamorphosis in Krieg, Instantly healing his wounds, making his dominant hand enormous and overmuscled while making his offhand stunted and limp. It also blasts Krieg’s brain with adrenaline, giving him a burst of life and fury. Eventually it wears off and reverts Krieg to his previous state.
「PUNISH THE WICKED」: Despite enabling Krieg to perform the masochistic misdeeds he intends to do, ORGAN GRINDER keeps Krieg in check, acting as a sort of conscience. ORGAN GRINDER will allow Krieg multiple acts of wanton violence on the bandits and fauna of Pandora and those who penetrated him with a Stand Arrow, the Hyperion Corporation, deeming them all “the deserving. ” However, if ever Krieg does harm to an innocent, ORGAN GRINDER will take control of his body, and end his life.



Are you looking for a female Salandit so you can get your lovely Salazzle for your Pokemon Sun and Moon team? Tired of dealing with that awful 87.5% male to 12.5% female ratio? Then look no further than this pretty mofo right here:

THAT’S RIGHT, YA BOY SYLVEON. But why this magnificent little ribbon twirler? Because of this:

When your Eevee evolves into Sylveon with 5 hearts in Pokemon Refresh, it will automatically get the ability Cute Charm. This is where the kicker comes in!


So go grab yourself a male Eevee off of route 4, love the shit out of the little man in Refresh, and go catch yourself some female Salandits to get that Salazzle! Happy Hunting!

tony totally does have a superpower. its just that his superpower is not dying of caffeine overdose which only rarely comes in handy when fighting supervillians

Keith: (on the phone) Shiro, you locked me out of the house again.

Shiro: Oh crap, sorry! I’ll be there in like twenty.

Keith: ‘Kay. … Hey, how thick would you say the glass in the door is? Like, an inch?

Shiro: Uh, maybe? Wait. Keith, what are you doing.

Keith: (wrapping jacket around hand) Don’t worry, I’ve got this. 

Shiro: Keith don’t you DARE do what I think you’re about to-

(sound of glass shattering over the line)

kageyama bros fight!