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Nickname: Gabi, Jelly
Birthday: August 18th
Star sign: Leo
Gender: female
Height: 1,65 m
Favorite color: Blue
Time right now: 15:30/3:30pm
Average hours I sleep: 7
Lucky numbers: 3, 9
Last thing I googled: Amandla Stenberg Kylie Jenner (hehe, I wanted to know what happened between them that everybody was talking about)
Favorite famous person: Mia Wasikowska
Favorite fictional character: Anna Karenina (it’s my favorite novel)
Celebrity crush: Michael Fassbender, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston ( can’t name only one!)
Favorite band (group/artists): Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Carla Bruni, Oasis, The Beatles, Chico Buarque, Criolo, Banda do Mar, Ed Sheeran, Alt-J, Frank Ocean, Lorde, Jake Bugg, Madonna, Stromae, The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend.
Dream trip: Paris
Dream job: international correspondent, actress/filmmaker, dancer/choreographer with my own dance company ( I dream a lot)
What am I wearing: nothing (just kidding), shorts and t-shirt.

I tag: somecrapidontknow
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adeloes asked:

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                             so often it is, now, that when prying eyes peer upon the suit clad form of the  CARTER,   they mumble something under their breaths that resolves in the similar fashion of this;    WHAT A MONSTER OF A MAN.   and to the largest of extents, this is correct. there is a dark, monstrous grace, that seems pent up on pervading his designer steps, now, as he moves;   filling his air, his body, his soul.   he gives unto it.   it has became him, now.   and the world knows it.   the world knows, as if branded with a cattle iron into their skins, that dicing with he is a dice with a demon.   this is a shield he brandishes in the way a lawyer might brandish a pen;   with absolutism.

so how must the world react, you see, when they sight the two of them  TOGETHER ?  two people, one man, one woman, with teeth sharp, claws hooked, venom poised;   two people who seem to resemble  NATURAL DISASTERS  more easily than people at all ?   ira can’t imagine it’s a reassured one.  heels striking marble floors.   suits so sharp they’d cut you if you tried anything funny.   they are the picture of modern  d a n g e r.

but there is no middle ground between them.   you see, as disasters truly must be, they are equally as disastrous to one another as they are to the world around them.   they wield each other as weapons to the other;   abuse the power given, abuse the power absolved, and twist it into a malformed malignant tumour of  LOATHING  that seems irreplaceable by any and all.   more darkly still, ira has grown to almost appreciate the presence of such a cancerous relationship.  it keeps him on his toes.  he turns over his shoulder perhaps too often, has difficulty sleeping, and often allows guilt to consume him when he is on his own;   but the sensation gathered from how the hairs on the tip of his spine  prick up  when she enters a room is one he wouldn’t trade for any other.

                    ( yes, their bond has always been something  SPECIAL. )

even now.   even in the wake of their discovery of one another.   even after the clawing, teething, hissing;   the wastes of what could have been, the ruin of what once was  —-  they are still special.   could it be said that they  understand  each other, somewhat ?   they both have their instincts.   they both have their needs.

       they’re both members of a species that seems to be  DYING OUT.  it’s in their blood.

his fingers had hooked like talons around her melancholy face with the burn of flames.   his lips, dripping with the gravitas of the man he was, the man he let burn before her, meet hers in a blaze;   and they  BURN TOGETHER.  his intentions for now are laid out on the table as something monstrous, but not something unfamiliar to her;   he becomes an open page, for one time only.   but it was never a one time only worthy affair for them both.   you see;  he  KNOWS  he has done wrong.   his insomnia seems perpetuated by a recurring image;   the press of his barbarianism, the root of what made him become that chinese whisper monster that seems to ghost the underbelly of london like a disease, a modern plague;   he expects a day to come when she bites back with every ounce of force she can muster, for that is what they simply do to one another.   gnaw, rip, tear, then REGRET IT ALL.   but today, now, in the decaying sunlight and the blossoming moon, when not a soul is near to see;   he acts.   and he is brought remembrance of her aura in a way that makes him flood with a remorse, a regret, that he will address later;   but similarly, an alien comfort.

lips are withdrawn.   hands soften;   slip down the curve of her fair cheeks with unusual care.   his eyes betray the colour blue, for they appear a  FOREST FIRE  before her.

kena-diallo asked:

( &&. double take )

slapping them

She didn’t know what she did, she didn’t know why it happened. But Selene was smacked, right across the face. And as much as Selene wanted to fight back, wanted to run her hands through the other girl’s hair only to yank at the ends; Selene took a deep breath and instead brought her hand up only to cup her struck, and reddening, cheek. “Cross my path again and I won’t hesitate to hit you where it hurts,” was all she manage to say through grit teeth as she back away.