Wow another one!!!

Thanks stacylovesfridays For tagging me!!! THANK YOU SERIOUSLY IVE BEEN WANTING TO DO ANOTHER☺️😊😉
1) Write your name in song titles
S- Saturday (FOB)
U- Uma Thurman (FOB)
N- Novocaine
N- Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (FOB)
Y- Young Volcanoes (FOB)
J- Jet Pack Blues (FOB)
O- Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued (FOB)
2) Why did you choose your url?
I really love the ship Peterick and I thought it was perfect!!!
3) What’s your middle name? Jo/McKenzie
4) If you could own a fictional/fairytale pet what would it be? Uhh ID BE A DRAGON TOO stacylovesfridays
5) Favorite color? Yellow purple and Aqua
6) Favorite song? Anything FALL OUT BOY!!! 😆
7) Top three fandoms? FALL OUT BOY/Phantom of the Opera/Once Upon A Time.
8) Why do you like Tumblr? I can find a bunch of FOB stuff on here!!! 😁😆😂
9) Tag 9 people!
psycadelicstump fish-stick16 friedchickrn shreks-potato citrus-banana patrickthestump meme-lord-howell we-r-the-poisoned-youth fob-mania

daggerprints asked:

“That’s okay, I bought two.” + tristan !!

she pauses, mid lick of his own ice cream cone. does she go in for the kill ? does she do what a proper person with respect would do and take her own instead of defiling his ? her mouth twists ( not negatively ). “ —-…. you’re so sweet.it just looks so good when it’s someone else’s. specifically yours. “ she goes in for the kill anyway, and hands it back to him, half licked. she’s a monster.

Get to know me tag

What was your-
Last drink - powerade
Last phone call - citrus-banana
Last text message - my friend
Last song you listened to - the “I” in lie-Allie (Patrick stump. When I read it it was the I in lie and it changed to allow so I put both)
Last time you cried - a song made me cry yesterday
Have you ever-
Dated someone twice - nope
Been cheated on - nope
Kissed someone and regretted it - no
Lost someone special - yeah
Been depressed - yes
Been drunk and thrown up - no
Three fave colors - yellow Aqua and purple
In the last year have you-
Made a new friend - yeah!
Fallen out of love - never been in it so…
Laughed until you cried - yeah a bunch of times
Met someone who changed you - yeah
Found out who your true friends are - yes
Found out someone was talking about you - yep
Do you have any pets - too many
Do you want to change your name - no!
What did you do for your last birthday - went bowling with my friend
What time did you wake up - 7ish 😕
What were you doing at midnight last night - texting and umm… *cough* reading Peterick fanfic *cough*
Name something you can’t wait for - to get tickets to a fob concert. My mum won’t let me right now😡 BC all the concerts r too far away.
Last time you saw your mother - right now
Last time you saw your father - this morning
Nickname - glub glub, sanny, sun jo, Mac, macadoodle
Relationship status - single
Zodiac sign - Capricorn
Pronouns - she/her
Fave tv show - ONCE UPON A TIME
Tattoos - i don’t have any but i want one with purple lettering “you are what you love not who loves you” on my shoulder blade
Right or left - right
First surgery - haven’t had any
First piercing - ears
Best friend- fish-stick16
First sport - uhh marching band???
First holiday - Disney world when I was like three
Right now-
Eating - McDonald’s
Drinking - root beer
About to - head back home
Listening to - Bang the Doldrums (fob)
Waiting for - someone to like me back
Want kids - 1
Get married - why not
Career - i want to become a music therapist
Which is better -
Lips or eyes - eyes
Hugs or kisses - never been kissed… So hugs
Shorter or taller - taller
Older or younger - don’t matter
Romantic or spontaneous - idk
Nice stomach or nice arms - uhh how do I answer this!?
Sensitive or loud - a little bit of both
Hookup or relationship - relationship
Trouble maker or hesitant - both
Do you believe in-
Yourself - ehh no…
Miracles - depends
Love at first sight - maybe
Heaven - maybe
Santa - no
Angels - maybe
Thanks psycadelicstump for tagging me!!! Ur the best!!! 😆
I tag we-r-the-poisoned-youth friedchickrn stacylovesfridays and all0ns-yinthetardis to do it!!! 😁

daggerprints asked:

“You think they would have taken me more seriously if I wore the grey suit?” + tristan !!

“ maybe ? but you’d be taken EXTRA SERIOUSLY if you wore black. take my word for this. black is better and that blue is doing absolutely nothing for you. also it’s JUST diosa and declan. i don’t think they will care all that much. “ because she’ll be the one making fun of him, in the end, not them.


Song of the Day  (Black Music Appreciation Month Edition)

Poison - Bell Biv Devoe

This so is fun. Hilarious and maybe even timeless.  But we”ll have to wait and see whether or not its true.

- Lizzo