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            a BARK of laughter comes from xander, simply amused by the stranger’s attitude.             a lady who is not only FEISTY, but also has quite a MOUTH on her. i LIKE it.

i have a special brand of hatred reserved for who are trying to defend synder and co from criticism about the flint water crisis

Cobbler set ablaze after stabbing customer with poisonous dagger in Cross River
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An unidentified cobbler (shoe maker) was Monday bunt to ashes at Abangasang Street, off Etta Agbo Road in Cross River State after stabbing his customer identified as Eteyen with a poisonous dagger.

An argument had ensued between the cobbler and Eteyen over money which escalated into a fight. The cobbler consequently stabbed Eteyen during the fight, Pulse reports.

The cobbler who attempted to escape was caught by some angry mobs who set him ablaze after being battered.
“Before we knew what was happening, the ‘Aboki’ had removed his dagger, which I believe is poisonous and stabbed Eteyen in the stomach. Eteyen fell down while the Aboki packed his things and wanted to run.

“As he wanted to run away, people in the compound raised the alarm and youths in the area chased and caught him and before you he could say anything, they had found a tyre and the boy was already on fire,” narrated an eye witness.
There is, however, no police report or confirmation on the incident yet. Nigerian and World News providing global current Nigerian and World news online. Read more »

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“ i’m tired ” // h uman ! devon. y e

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                              ❝ then do what most HUMANS do when they’re tired, and sleep. ❞

          cobalt hues roll, slight annoyance buzzing through her bones, but she tried not to be aggravated with him   ;   she didn’t want to be, the adjustment must be difficult still. she figured things like that should be human instinct though. when people were tired, they slumbered ( well, not her, but most normal people would ). she combed a hand through her thick curls of sanguine hair, tucking strands behind her ears before her gaze lifted to him. cassandra stood from her seat, extending an arm towards him so her hand could grasp around his wrist delicately. like he’s a rag doll, she tugs him over to the bed, giving a nod of her head to the mattress. 

                              ❝ i doubt being human made you forget what a bed is, so just lay down and sleep, okay? i’ll even lay down with you for a bit but only for a few minutes. ❞