Guns N Roses movie in the works with Howie Hubberman and James Franco

#GunsNRoses movie in the works with @HowieHubberman and #JamesFranco #RecklessRoad @recklessroad @gunsnroses

Howie Hubberman, who financed Guns N’ Roses in their early days, has confirmed that he is working on a film about the band with actor James Franco and Reckless Road: Guns N’ Roses and the Making of Appetite for Destruction author Marc Canter. (more…)

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8 things

I was tagged by ldrliving ❤️

1 insecurity 
• my voice

2 fears
• Losing myself
• Dying before I achieve my life goals (question 4)

3 turn ons
• Neck kissing 
• Men wearing perfume/cologne
• long eye contact with someone you’re sexually attracted to

4 life goals 
• adopt and foster children
• live to see my grandchildren
• travel as often as possible
• lose weight

5 things I like 
• having alone time
• the rain
• animals and nature
• self confidence
• fooooood 🍉🍫🍭🍗🍕

6 weaknesses - I’ve got two perspectives on this
• I trust people quite easily
• I’m very emotional
• I’m the most indecisive person ever

The second way
• my family - incl. mum, sister, and cousin ldrliving - the people I look up to and want to make proud
• my best friend - i would feel lost without her
• people suffering and living in poor conditions

Seven things I love
• music and singing
• my outlook on life
• laughing
• intimacy
• good company
• Lana Del Rey
• reading

There wasn’t an eighth one so I’ll make it up

8 things I hate
• holidays. Half term breaks and bank holidays. I hate being off schedule
• vomit. can’t stand it. I cry every time I do
• change. I’m still getting used to it
• close minded people. People who do not accept others views and people who think we’re still in the 80’s or whatever.
• discrimination.
• people who act a certain way to your face and put on a front. Fake fake fake
• heights. I’d rather be shot in the foot
• feeling inadequate and not good enough

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Die Musik, der Lendwirbel und ich. (Lendwirbel 2015 als Zuhörer)

Die Musik, der Lendwirbel und ich. Ein Beitrag zum gratis Festival in Graz!

Es ist alle Jahre dasselbe, kaum kommt der Sommer, beginnt die schöne Zeit der Straßenmusiker. Es spielt beinahe keine Rolle, in welcher Stadt man sich befindet, überall trifft man auf Musiker, welche für ihr Brotgeld spielen.

Mich zieht es im Sommer deswegen immer wieder durch die Innenstadt von Graz. Im Vergleich zu anderen Städten ist sie doch relativ klein, bietet allerdings dadurch die…

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kingdomsburn asked:

“ i’m dressed like I live under a bridge. " from tris

       somewhere in the background there is a wild garrett carmine saying something to the effect of “ you act like you do, too ! “ anyway, no one is paying attention to him. she makes a face. her thinking face, like she’s not 500 million years old. a huff. “ and that’s another reason to go out and spend luka’s money ! i say we can both get a whole new wardrobe. what do ya think. “ AS IF he’s not going to end up wearing the same worn out jeans everyday like he already is.

                                                        ( ofalionsheart​ )

      “ Just because your claws aren’t unsheathed right now does not
mean they don’t await any given moment to rip my throat out. You,
woman of the house of lions are a poison upon Westeros, you & all
your kin. One day soon that will all come crashing down around you,
your grace, for House Lannister grows weak in alliances & greater in
e n e m i e s.

                                  ¯`·.¸¸.->  ℓ ι σ и є ѕ ѕ  <-.¸¸.·´¯

It is a rather HUGE mistake to assume my claws are sheathed. I can
rip your throat out anytime I see it called for — I need not await
for such things – I am a lion, not a HOUSE CAT as you have said 
yourself. Predators only attack when they are BEING THREATENED or are
HUNGRY. Big words for a man like you, how many WOMEN of the
Lannister line do you know, I wonder? For it is ludicrous to make such
claims when the city is flooding with ALL KINDS of monsters. We need
not have FALSE alliances to stand, and the enemies will be crushed,
tomorrow, if not TODAY.”