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I’m crying laughing because I haven’t drawn anything in almost two weeks and what is this crap?
I'm trash for...

…this poisoned!Red plot they have coming down the line. I’m basically just scrolling back through the Lizzington tag and reading all those great theories and blurbs and fanfic stuff you wonderful people have posted. I’m so desperate for Liz to care about what happens to Red. 😭

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“ You know you can’t resist me, no man can.  - Poison Ivy 

                That’s when everything went ka-blooey! - Harley Quinn

                                                  “ Next time, I’ll steal your heart! ” - Catwoman 

                                                                                                                Gotham Sirens

  • The Plot: So, is everything ready for tonight?
  • Lemony Snicket: Oh, yeah. I thought we'd start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that.
  • The Plot: Not the dinner. You know...
  • Lemony Snicket: Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Monty, the poison chosen especially to kill Monty, Monty's poison. That poison?
  • The Plot: Yes! That poison.
  • Lemony Snicket: Got you covered.

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I have this kind of dark headcanon where one of the women sniffing around her father for his wealth rather than any care for him did try this whole poisoning plot against him. It would have succeeded, too if Videl wasn't so observant and curious as she is. She collected very solid evidence and got the harpy caught. She received a medal from the police force and from then on, she's been fighting crime.

     I really, really, really like this! I always felt that Videl’s suspicious behavior came from her father’s lack of such things and so to balance and protect their family she had to be the cautious one. ESPECIALLY with women who were interested in her father. And the fact that it links with the police oh wow, this is golden. I also headcanon in my super verse au and adult verse that she grows up to become a detective/study law so this makes it all the better! Because she is a little detective in my mind and it really builds her as a character and !! This is some good stuff. I am all about dark headcanons honestly and stuff like this is bound to happen. Hercule is the most loved man in the world so obviously there would be people who are jealous of that. 

So I have figured out the plot of ‘Poison Ivy gets turned into a mermaid and she and Aquaman team up to fight pollution and oceanic crime’.

I like to call it

Blue Planet


Clearly, there’s some hinky magic user in Gotham who runs afoul of the Gotham Sirens. Maybe he needs the warehouse they’ve converted into a living space b/c it is THE ONLY PLACE in Gotham he can summon unpronouncabledemonname. (Stop summoning demons in the frathouse, Peter.) 

But in order to use the warehouse he’s got to deal with Catwoman, Harley and Ivy. So he whips up some weird, like, antithesis spells. ‘I’ll turn Harley Quinn sane! I’ll make Catwoman like dogs!’ stuff like that. And he’s like ‘okay, Poison Ivy, she’s plant based, I KNOW. MERMAID.’

Because… because he doesn’t realize there are plants in the ocean?

Anyway, he whips out Ivy’s spell first (maybe she’s prepped to strangle him with some vines) and all the sudden Ivy’s lying on the floor gasping b/c NEED WATER CAN’T BREATHE and the warehouse is CONVENIENTLY located near…

Gotham’s on near the ocean, right? Like, I’ve seen Aquaman rise from the water there. Haven’t I? Is it a lake or a river or. OH WHO CARES. A FILTHY BODY OF WATER. Harley dumps her in it and Selina beats the shit out of magic boy.

And he’s like ‘hahaha well at least one of you is down for the count!’

And Harley and Selina trade a  look like ‘you realize there are… plants in the ocean, right?’


And then, she’s like ‘okay, this place is FILTHY. I’M GOING TO DO WHAT I DO BEST’.

And she proceeds to wreak fucking havoc on Gotham Harbor. You thought you were safe dumping that nuclear waste? You thought you could dump bodies in the lake? THINK AGAIN. 

And she just starts to cut this swathe of cleanliness. Like she’s destroying toxic algae, she’s bringing life and fish back to the harbor. And Batman’s somewhere shrugging like ‘is she killing people? has she destroyed any law abiding people’s property?’ 

And she starts moving further out to see and Batman shrugs and is like ‘look, that’s maritime law. Arthur’s territory. She’s a mermaid now, not my department’.

And so, she meets Aquaman.

(Momoaman, because, WHY THE FUCK NOT.)

And he’s not even mad. SHE’S NOT HURTING ANY OF THE ANIMALS. She hasn’t destroyed any part of Atlantis. SHE IS DOING GOOD. And they talk. And he’s like ‘no, no, you’re right, I should take a more proactive stance protecting the oceans’.

And just.

Like, they don’t flat out break shit for no good reason. They show up on an ocean tanker and they’re like ‘are you aware you’re leaking’ and the dudes on the tanker are like ‘UH’.

They clean up the great pacific trash pit and Ivy spells out CLEAN UP YOUR PLANET in like, kelp.

Aquaman loiters around a few oil rigs with binoculars just waiting for them to break a law so he can arrive with the fury of the ocean at his back.


IDEK who would get sent to talk to Aquaman. Because I imagine Diana just like laughing her ass off, like, ‘no’ and Batman’s over there like ‘mermaid, ocean, not my problem’ and even Superman is like ‘WELLLLLL, they’re ENFORCING justice not really BREAKING the law…’ 

But eventually the oil reps get like, a sitdown with Aquaman and he plants this list of demands in front of them and Bruce Wayne (who DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE) is like in the back of the room offering everyone a chance to join his Green Energy Coalition.

I’m just a pure hearted contry girl milking cows by the pale moonlight and plotting to poison the ranch owner by giving him 500 day expired milk tht I sprayed w Chanel no 5 to make it smell fresh


During my first game I was so overloaded with information that after the
rescue of Redcliffe I was convinced that 1) Isolde had secret affair with
Teagan 2) Teagan was the true father of Connor 3) Teagan wanted to take
over Redcliffe, so he and Isolde plot to poison Eamon, and convinced
Jowan that the order gave Loghain.
But then everything went wrong and Connor was possessed
I realized my mistake after the healing of Eamon. Still, I prefer my hc more
than what actually happened in the game.

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❝You know wha’? FINE! Ah’ won’ ask ya again! Ya
WIN Bobby       ❞ 

Following her AGGRAVATED OUTBURST comes
the sound of a door SLAMMING and people’s eyes
seem to DROP towards the floor as she huffs down
the hall. It WASN’T OFTEN that Bobby and herself
fought - Hell, this shocked even HER but what she
had asked for was IMPORTANT. And he WASN’T
willing to even TRY and help! Nostrils FLARED as
she stormed back towards her room, and with one
TOO QUICK cut of a corner - Rogue was forced to
come up SHORT before she ran head first into the
school’s resident HOT HEAD. That tell tale CLICK
of his lighter coming from down the
hall should have tipped her off - but she had been to
in her own mind to put it all together. 

SHIT John  - Ah…Ah’m sorry. Didn’ TOUCH ya did

Richard should have asked Vincenzo for dating advice instead of Gareth.

Vincenzo was the only guy  character who 100% had his shit together when it came to romance. He told Gwynne he liked her as soon as he knew he liked her, told her what kind of relationship he wanted, arranged a date, tried to bring himself to help her with the poisoning plot but when he couldn’t do that he owned up to it, but later put her comfort over his own in the end because she was more important to him than money.

No kidnapping, lying, killing, pining, match-making, gifts or heroics needed, even though Gwynne had started out not believing in love.

Poisonous toast?

Pairing: ReaderXBucky.

Plot: Bucky has been brought home from hydra for only two months and has been living with his girlfriend, who is also part of the avengers, She leaves him home for the first time and things go.. Not as planned.

Warnings: Swearing, Cuter asf Call from bucky that may murder your soul from laughter and love?! Hopefully!

“Bucky…” You signed, Running your fingers through your Y/H/C hair. “I don't have to go..”

“Then we have no groceries and die of starvation, Y/n..? Do you want me to die?” He looked at you, Puzzled and hurt. Your heart melted looking at your boyfriend’s face.

“No,No! Of course not, Buck!” You quickly replied, relieved when his face went back to its cute self.

“Oh, Okay.. But, I think you should go.. I’ll be alright..” He reassured you with a award winning smile.

“…Okay.” You nodded. After all, Bucky was a big boy. He could handle himself.

“Love youuu, Y/n!!” Bucky yelled as you went out the door.

You drove to the store and began shopping. You were biting your lip the whole time. 

What if he burned the house down?! Killed your cat?! Order two thousand Banana’s like he asked you if he could do earlier. At that though, You giggled. Remembering to pick up banana’s for him. Just as you put them  in the cart, your phone rang.

Oh god.. Please not Mr. Whiskers.

“Bucky..?” You breathed, Terrified.

“Your Welcome.” He replied, sounding proud.


“Well Y/n, I just participated in a fierce battle.  I walked in your kitchen and found a little robot, possibly from Hydra. As i was looking it over, trying to figure out its attack move, Two large pieces of poisonous toast flew out and burned my face!! so.. I went in your garage and grabbed your baseball bat and saved your house! Your welcome! Did i mention i am surprisingly not affected by poison?!” Bucky sounded proud as you tried to contain yourself from bursting out in laughter like a manic in the middle of the store.

“O-Oh.. Thanks,Bucky..I gotta go now. Be home soon.” You hung up sighing and shaking your head.

Oh lord, What were you going to do with that boy?! 

You pulled out your shopping list then, and quickly wrote the words “New, Non robot looking toaster.” On it before stuffing it back in your pocket.