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I’m crying laughing because I haven’t drawn anything in almost two weeks and what is this crap?

April 6 marks 100 years since the U.S. Congress voted to declare war on Germany, entering World War I. The war took the lives of 17 million people worldwide. But what’s not as well-known is the role that animals played at a time when they were still critical to warfare.

Horses in particular served alongside troops on both sides, and several million died during the war. The animals were so crucial to the war effort that they also became military targets.

“You need these horses to move, to fight, to exist,” says Christopher Kolakowski, director of the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Va. “It would be like maintaining your car today.”

Hundreds of thousands of horses and mules were shipped to Europe from Newport News, Va., the largest departure point for horses and mules, during war years. The area around the port on the James River is now full of condos, office buildings, and even today — shipyards.

The Unsung Equestrian Heroes Of World War I And The Plot To Poison Them

Photo: Courtesy of U.S. National Archives

The new White House communications director sounds like he’s an antagonist in an 18th century Italian-language opera written by a non-Italian. Look at the name “Anthony Scaramucci” and tell me it doesn’t belong to a mustache-twirling evil tenor-baritone viscount who dashes dramatically across the stage wisking his bright red cape behind him while singing about his plot to poison the main character so he can marry his wife. Tell me, I dare you.


On February 24, 1973, Hope Masters (31) was spending the weekend with her fiancé Bill Ashlock (40) in her mother’s ranch in Sierra Nevada. In the middle of the night, she was woken up by an intruder with a gun. Bill was already dead, his bloodied body still sitting in the sofa where she’d last seen him before going to bed.

The intruder violently raped Hope and tied her up in a hogtie position, covered her with the blankets and, in a baffling gesture, told her he loved her.

When she asked why he’d killed Bill, he explained that he was a hit man and his real target was Hope. He’d been hired, he claimed, by Hope’s second husband, with whom she was in the middle of a divorce, to do a “Sharon-Tate like” massacre and her children also had to be killed.

It was around this time that Hope recognized the man she was talking to. She knew him a Taylor Wright. He had introduced himself as a Los Angeles Times reporter and said he was doing an article about eligible bachelors and wanted to interview Bill for it. Taylor had spent the afternoon of that February 24 with the couple and was still talking to Bill when she went to bed.

A bizarre two days followed in which Taylor kept alternating between declaring his love to Hope and threatening her. He took pictures of her, drove her home, spent time with her kids and visited her parents. Even though they told them that Hope had been targeted by a hitman that had killed Bill, and Taylor had saved her, Hope’s stepfather was suspicious of the story and insisted they called police, especially considering Bill’s body was still at the ranch, three days later. 

At first Hope refused to identify the man who’d raped her and killed her fiancé, and to this day people can’t agree if it was because she was afraid of him or in love with him. Eventually, she cooperated with police and Taylor was caught. His real name was G. Daniel Walker, and he’d escaped from an Illinois prison three months earlier.

Walker acted like a textbook psychopath. He was charming, persuasive and showed no remorse. After a string of petty thefts that seemed to have been done more for the thrill of it than necessity, he’d killed a cop that stopped him for a routine check.

Both Walker and Hope were arrested and charged with Bill’s murder. But after a while the prosecution decided to offer Hope to dismiss the case against her in exchange for her testimony against Walker, which she reluctantly gave. He was convicted. Hope visited him twice in prison. Later, when asked why he’d let her live if she hadn’t helped him in the murder, she said: “Everyone thinks Walker let me live because either we were sexually mad for each other, or my parents paid him off… It never seems to occur to anybody that maybe he let me live because he thought I was a good person. A useful person. A valuable human being.“

Walker’s stay in prison has been interesting, to say the least. In 1986, a deputy state attorney general sued him and his family for plotting to poison him and other members of the justice system. Then he was involved in a mail order scam from his prison cell.

The book A Death in California goes deep into this unusual case and there’s also a condensed version of it in this 1981 article of the New York Times.

If the Kingkiller Chronicle Were Rewritten as Classic Literary Books

I was wondering how the Kingkiller Chronicle would be if it were rewritten as classic books in literature. So I decided to write a short synopsis of KKC if it took on the plot of those other books. I tried to keep characters in their best suited role, but it didn’t always work so there may be accuracy in the selection. 

What surprised me most is how some of these stories could be paralled with KKC. Anyway, here’s the list.

The Stranger: “Laurian died today. Or, maybe, yesterday. I can’t be sure”…Kvothe is now from the privileged class in Tarbean. After the death of his mother, he attends the funeral with indifference. Afterward, he engages in a relationship with Denna who he neither loves nor hates. Kvothe spends his time smoking and drinking coffee. Later on he shoots and kills a Ruh man on the beach with a bow and arrow. Kvothe never says why except that the Ruh’s singing and intense heat from the sun bothered him. In court the prosecutor focuses on his apathetic nature at his mother’s funeral to get a guilty verdict. Kvothe is sentenced to be executed by guillotine. In a final attempt by a clergyman to save Kvothe’s soul by turning to Tehlu, Kvothe proclaims himself a non-believer and curses Tehlu and the rest of humanity for their absurd notions.

Moby Dick: Simmon longs for the sea. He boards a ship off the coast of Tarbean. The captain is none other than Kvothe, whose left leg was ripped off by the vicious sea creature Cinder. Fueled by anger, Kvothe seeks out vengeance against the dark-eyed menace and hunts for it across the sea. Kvothe is aided by the Adem and Cealdish spearmen Tempi and Kilvin. They finally find Cinder and Kvothe chases it for three days, driven mad by the monster. On the third day Cinder sinks the ship. Still on a rowboat Kvothe harpoons Cinder, but Cinder’s violent movement wraps the line around Kvothes neck and drags him down into the sea to die.

The Great Gatsby: Kvothe is a mysterious yet wealthy bachelor in Vintas throwing debauchery filled parties in Severen-High. Simmon is new to Severen-High and delights in the social festivities with his cousin Denna and her husband Master Ash. Simmon receives an invite to one of Kvothe’s luxurious parties where he befriends the bachelor. Kvothe reveals to Simmon his deep and obsessive love for Denna and that his extravagant parties were designed to attract Denna. Kvothe convinces Simmon to arrange a meeting between the two and they have an affair. Master Ash, angered by her infidelity, confronts Kvothe and claims that Denna will never be his despite their fling. Denna eventually returns to Master Ash, but not before one last rendezvous with Kvothe. Denna and Kvothe, riding a wagon back home, run over a woman who turns out to be Master Ash’s mistress. Master Ash blames the killing on Kvothe and leads the mistresses’ husband to Kvothe’s house. The husband fatally stabs Kvothe, then stabs himself in the heart. Simmon sets up a funeral for Kvothe but no one attends. Later Master Ash admits to leading the husband to Kvothe, Simmon leaves Severen disgusted.

The Metamorphosis: Kvothe wakes up to find himself turned into a Scrael. His mother and father’s traveling troupe is hurt by his freakish existence since no one welcomes their performance anymore. Kvothe knowing the burden he placed upon his family lays down and dies.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: “We were somewhere around Vintas on the edge of the forest when the denner resin began to take hold”…Chronicler and his pal Bast are traveling to the Waystone Inn. Chronicler is on assignment to write about a mysterious man known as Kvothe. On the road to the inn, Chronicler and Bast indulge in copious amounts of resin, mead and plum bob. They drug and drink themselves into a stupor. They never make it to the inn and instead experienced hallucinations of the Fae, a talking tree called the Cthaeh that knows the future, and claim that the Chandrian are going around killing people who sing songs.

The Sun Also Rises: Kvothe and Denna are in love, but their relationship is too unstable to prosper. As foreigners, they spend their days in Vintas drinking wine and coffee. Denna’s fiancé, Master Ash arrives after Denna had an affair with Kvothe’s friend Wilem. They travel to Trebon to watch the Draccus fights while drinking and partying. Denna seduces a Modegan Draccusfighter which causes jealously among Kvothe, Master Ash, and Wilem, eventually bringing them to all fight with one another. As everyone goes their own way, Kvothe receives a message from Denna revealing she ran off to Imre with the Draccusfighter but needs Kvothe’s help. Once at Imre Kvothe finds Denna alone with no money. Kvothe helps Denna so she can return to Master Ash. As they travel back, Kvothe and Denna discuss the life they could have had together.

Hamlet: Kvothe’s father Arliden is dead. Though he is heir to the throne of Vintas, Kvothe’s mother Laurian quickly marries Kvothe’s uncle Abenthy who becomes the king instead. Denna, daughter of a nobleman, is in love with Kvothe but is pressured to not express her affection. Kvothe spends a majority of the play being melancholy unable to decide how to proceed after the ghost of his father tells him that Abenthy plotted his dad’s murder. Abenthy has Kvothe’s childhood friends Simmon and Wilem spy on the prince. Kvothe finds out and has both of them executed. Eventually he kills Denna’s father after mistaking him for Abenthy. Driven mad by Kvothe and the death of her father, Denna commits suicide. Kvothe proclaims his love for the deceased Denna after he learns of her passing. However Denna’s brother Master Ash challenges Kvothe to a duel which Kvothe accepts despite warning from his loyal friend Manet. During the duel Laurian drinks wine poisoned by Abenthy intended for Kvothe. Master Ash’s poisoned blade wounds Kvothe, but not before they switch weapons and Kvothe wounds Master Ash with the same poisoned blade. Master Ash confesses to the poisoning plot in hopes of dying honorably and Kvothe charges Abenthy, stabbing him and forcing him to drink the poison. With Laurian, Master Ash, and Abenthy dead, Kvothe is the final one to die and Manet the only one to spread Kvothe’s story.

Of Mice and Men: Two farm workers Kvothe and Tempi, a dimwitted strong man from Ademre, are on the run after Tempi is falsely accused of rape. They dream of owning a ranch together some day. Tempi wishes to own and raise pet rabbits since he adores the feeling of their soft fur. They find work on a farm in the countryside near Tarbean. The owner of the farm, Ambrose Jakis, bullies Tempi frequently because of his size. Ambrose’s wife, Denna, flirts with the working men every so often. After Denna finds out about Tempi’s love for soft texture, she invites him to touch her hair. Frightened by Tempi’s strength she screams, Tempi panics, breaks her neck, and flees. Kvothe finds Tempi in the woods and consoles him by talking about their dreams of owning a farm. As Tempi’s guard is down, Kvothe mercy kills him with a single strike of a blade.


“ You know you can’t resist me, no man can.  - Poison Ivy 

                That’s when everything went ka-blooey! - Harley Quinn

                                                  “ Next time, I’ll steal your heart! ” - Catwoman 

                                                                                                                Gotham Sirens


Nadia: “The situation is a bit more complicated, and not necessarily as full of doom as it seems. I just want to help ease things. And I think the fact that I’m obviously not under the control of one of their dark balls, and I’m the same species may help. 

I don’t condone the actions of Team Rocket in any way. But this would happen with or without me, and if I can make it easier for Valerie, then of course I will help. They only need a bit of her blood. How much did you say, 94?”

94: “80 milliliters. After that it will only be about a day before she and I are released.”


I'm trash for...

…this poisoned!Red plot they have coming down the line. I’m basically just scrolling back through the Lizzington tag and reading all those great theories and blurbs and fanfic stuff you wonderful people have posted. I’m so desperate for Liz to care about what happens to Red. 😭

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  • The Plot: So, is everything ready for tonight?
  • Lemony Snicket: Oh, yeah. I thought we'd start off with soup and a light salad, and then see how we feel after that.
  • The Plot: Not the dinner. You know...
  • Lemony Snicket: Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Monty, the poison chosen especially to kill Monty, Monty's poison. That poison?
  • The Plot: Yes! That poison.
  • Lemony Snicket: Got you covered.
Fantasy and Imagination Vocabulary Word List

Abnormal, Abracadabra, Adventure, Alchemy, Allegorical, Allusion, Amulet, Andersen (Hans Christian), Apparition, Apprentice, Atmosphere, Attraction, Awe, Beast, Beauty, Belief, Berserk, Bewitch, Bizarre, Black cat, Blindfold, Bogeyman, Brew, Brownies, Captivate, Cast, Castles, Cauldron, Cave, Chalice, Changeling, Characters, Charisma, Charming, Chimerical, Clairvoyant, Clarity, Classic, Cliffs, Clock, Collapse, Comic, Compare, Conjure, Conspirator, Creative, Creature, Crisis, Crow, Cruelty, Crystal ball, Curious, Curse, Dancing, Daring, Dazzle, Deeds, Deformity, Delirious, Demon, Detect, Detection, Detective, Disappearance, Disaster, Dose, Dragon, Dramatic, Dread, Dream, Dwarf, Eek, Eerie, Elf, Empire, Enchanting, ESP, Event, Evil, Experience, Fable, Fabricate. fairy, Fairy, Fairy ring, Fairy tale, Familiar, Fanciful, Fantastic, Fantasy, Fascination, Favors, Fiction, Fiery, Figment, Folklore, Foolishness, Forces, Forgery, Garb, Gestures, Ghost, Giant, Gifts, Glimmer, Gnome, Goblin, Godmother, Gowns, Grateful, Graveyard, Green, Grimm (Wilhelm and Jakob: Grimm’s Fairy Tales), Grotesque, Hag, Hallucinate, Harbinger, Helpful, Herbs, Heroic, Hollow hills, Horror, Howls, Humped back, Idyll, Illusions, Image, Imagery, Imaginary, Imagination, Imp, Impressive, Improvise, Impulse, Incantation, Incognito, Informative, Ingenious, Inspiration, Invisible, Jargon, Jaunt, Jiggle, Joking, Keepsake, Kettle, Kidnap, King, Kingdom, Lands, Legend, Legerdemain, Leprechauns, Lore, Lucky, Lunar, Magic, Magic carpet, Magical, Magician, Majesty, Malevolence, Mask, Medieval, Medium, Miracle, Mischief, Mischievous, Misshapen, Monster, Moon, Muse, Musings, Mysterious, Mystery, Mystical, Myth, Mythical, Narration, Nature, Necromancer, Necromancy, Nemesis, Newt, Notion, Oberon (King of the fairies in legends), Odd, Ogre, Oracle, Otherworldly, Overpower, Overwhelm, Owl, Pattern, Perform, Petrify, Pixie, Pixie dust, Plot, Poisonous, Potent, Potion, Powder, Power, Prey, Prince, Prophet, Protection, Prowl, Quail, Quake, Quash, Quaver, Queen, Quest, Question, Quizzical, Raconteur, Rage, Realm, Reasoning, Reference, Reign, Repel, Reveal, Robe, Rule, Sage, Sandman, Scare, Scold, Scroll, Seeking, Seer, Setting, Shaman, Soothsayer, Sorcerer, Sorcery, Specter, Speculation, Spell, Spider, Spirits, Stars, Story, Substitution, Supernatural, Superstition, Talisman, Terror, Theory, Thrilling, Torch, Tragic, Transform, Tremors, Tricks, Troll, Unbelievable, Unexplained, Unicorn, Unique, Unusual, Valiant, Valor, Vampire, Vanguard, Vanish, Vanquish, Variety, Venomous, Version, Vice, Vicious, Victim, Visionary, Vital, Wail, Wand, Ward, Watchful, Weird, Werewolf, Western, Whim, Whimsical, Whine, Whisk, Whispers, White, Wicked, Willies, Win, Wince, Wisdom, Wish, Witch, Worry, Worship, Wrinkled, Wrongdoing, Xanadu, Yearn, Yesteryear, Youth, Yowl, Zap! zealous, Zigzag, Zounds!