poisonous jellyfish

But no, okay just imagine a conversation between Bones and Jim about “why do you want to go into the black?” Etc usual Friday night conversation ya know. Anyway, Bones somehow mentions the ocean and Jim gets really serious “I’d rather fight a pissed off Vulcan before I go exploring under water. In the 21st century they had poison bags.” “Jellyfish?”
“More like hellyfish”

UB-01. Code name: “Symbiont.” Properly known as Nihilego. There have been sightings reported of this beast in Alola’s past. Its most distinctive feature is its parasitic capability. When Nihilego latches on to a host, it does not manipulate its actions directly. Rather it awakens the host’s own capabilities and boosts them to an extreme extent in order to protect itself.

It injects the host with a sort of neurotoxin to achieve this effect. This neurotoxin of Nihilego’s is incredibly stimulating and inspires feelings of extreme excitement and a lack of inhibition in its host. In other words, anything or anyone that a Nihilego latches on to will have its native skills forcibly activated to their fullest extent and will then act as it naturally desires to.

So basically Lusamine was high on jellyfish poison

What is Lusamine’s goal? She’s looking for her missing husband and in the process, gets poisoned by an alien jellyfish, that does something to her mind and…? Is she just yandere mom-mode?

I haven’t played SM so this is just what I’m getting from LPs and gifs. 

(She’s personally heinous, true, but what is our motivation to NOT let her stay in Ultra Space? Other than Lillie wants a mom? :/)

I am water: I am resilient, changeable, I bear entire feets, I sink entire fleets, I guide noble vessels to hostile shores and tiny skiffs to the fertile edges of the world. I host the humblest of species – plankton, coral, herring – and the proudest, who stir my heart in violent ways; the octopus presses its tentacles around my brain in which it pours its dark ink with bliss; the shark gashes a hole in my face; the jellyfish poisons my loins using multiple lies. However, both the humble and the proud, the frail and the fierce surrender to the whale – the whale is tender, slow and endless.

I am water: I am a river flowing wildly to greater waves. I am in pain: miles and miles of myself are ravaged. I am a swimming pool and I am the swimmer, awkward among the mermaids. I am a tear drop and a tea cup and an ice-capped mountain top. I am a puddle and a dirty swamp full of ghosts.

I know a fire lady, she breathes like embers and there are people that she carelessly burns to the ground – though never purposely. She shines like a supernatural gem and you can’t touch her unless she likes you or your finger is turned into ashes. She is an undercovered volcano whose swift mind spreads lava on my skin. She’s music but burning music – the kind that goes up in flames and leaves you panting on the sidewalk.

I know a faun, a tree-man, he dwells in jungles and tamed woods. His heart of soil grows one plant at a time. It grows it with infinite care: his skin and vessels are full of flowers and bright lights. When he shivers so does the mountain. His eyes are rooted in ancient alien palaces, in stardust and in wheatfields. He holds the house. He watches the yard.


Atsushi Takeuchi aka 竹内 敦志 (Japanese, based Nagoya, Japan) - 1: Braid Poison Jellyfish ミツアミドククラゲ  2: Cannibalism Supplements  3: Memories Of The Cretaceous  4: Handmade Package  5: Styling スタイリング  6: Dog Days 暑い日  7: Happy End  8: Room Share ルームシェア  9: Lifeline いのちづな  10: Flying The Head  Drawings: Pencils or Pencils, Watercolors on Paper