poisonous jellyfish

But no, okay just imagine a conversation between Bones and Jim about “why do you want to go into the black?” Etc usual Friday night conversation ya know. Anyway, Bones somehow mentions the ocean and Jim gets really serious “I’d rather fight a pissed off Vulcan before I go exploring under water. In the 21st century they had poison bags.” “Jellyfish?”
“More like hellyfish”

Yo! My OC’s a human/jellyfish alien hybrid who’s a medical researcher for the galactic police. He looks really creepy, and he’s very cold to those he doesn’t like. When he’s friends with someone, he has no idea how to be affectionate, so he makes jellyfish salad out of his left arm to say he cares (he can regenerate limbs but very slowly). He’s a good doctor, but patients keep getting creeped out by him. His anatomy’s also kinda weird but basically he can make jellyfish poison and use his hair as tentacles. Even the most hardened soldiers would scream if they found him in their house in the middle of the night.

Out of Your Depth (ii)

The continuation of the Fenris/f!Hawke merfolk AU which has thoroughly swum away with me.

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The bustle of the Kirkwall docks rises and falls around them like the waves against the wharf, a push-and-pull of orders shouted across crowded decks, and laughter ringing above the cacophony of heavily tinged Antivan and Fereldan accents mingling with the usual Marcher lilt. But their corner of the docks lies mostly quiet – there’s no one disembarking, and other than the occasional overseer passing along the anchored ships, it’s just the two of them.

The sloop bobs in the water, a pretty little thing, and at odds with the lumbering shape of the trading vessel floating at its side. Isabela lets slip a keening sort of noise, a sigh bordering on a moan. “Gorgeous, isn’t she?”

“Hmm,” Hawke agrees, eyes skimming along the gleaming dark wood, and the elegantly carved letters etched deep into the planks. “The Champion?” she asks, tone a tinge dubious. “Seems a bit excessive, for such a small thing.”

A snort from beside her, and Isabela crosses her arms over her ample chest. “Would you like me to give you the run-down of the many merits of small sizes?”

“Please don’t.”

“Are you sure? Because–”

“And here I thought you loved big boats,” Hawke interrupts, before Isabela can ask – although on second thought, she’s not exactly steering the conversation towards safer waters.

Isabela laughs, and waves a hand, the gold rings on her dark fingers catching the light of the morning sun. “Big boats, small boats – a predilection for one doesn’t mean I have no love for the other. I mean just look at this beaut – the lithe curves, the slender mast. The smooth, polished wood. Oooh, I’d love to take her out for a good time.”

“…we are still talking about boats, I hope?”

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My very last painting I have completed as a Scientific Illustration student. The last 9 months in the Scientific Illustration program at CSUMB has taught me so much, I am sad to be leaving it. However, I now feel truly prepared to call myself a professional and enter in to working world as an Illustrator. Next stop, Ireland for an Internship with the Marine Ecology Group in Cork! I can’t wait!

This painting depicts various venomous and poisonous creatures of the Great Barrier Reef! Blue Ringed Octopus Hapalochlaena lunulata, Stingray Dasyatis brevicaudata, Box Jellyfish Chironex fleckeri, 
Lionfish Pterois miles, Coral Reef Snake Laticauda colubrina, Stonefish Synanceia verrucosa. Acrylic on Watercolor paper, 11"x17".


F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

I fear the ocean.
I don’t know what I can find there.
What if a dangerous animal pulls me down into the unknown?
What if a jellyfish poisons me?
What if the waves swallow me?

Fears are if’s…
If’s that may never come true.
If’s that just exist in our minds.

Fear are nerves
Cold chills
Unexpected screams
Involuntary tears
Wild butterflies in the stomach
Strongly closing your eyes.
We cannot touch fear, but fear touches us everywhere.

Do we fear the real or the imagination?
Do we fear facts or the unknown?

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal