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magnus/lucretia cuddling prompt 'With rain outside'

The plane they found themselves in took the saying “when it rains, it pours” entirely too literally for Lucretia’s taste. She’d seen worse, sure. They’d all seen worse. She’d also seen a lot better, and honestly the idea of drowning just by standing outside was not really high on her list. 

Deaths were not always very heroic. 

They had accidents. 

There was that one cycle where Lup and Taako had been daring each other with food for kicks, and Lup had eaten poisonous berries. The time that Merle danced his way off of a cliff. When Magnus and Barry ended up as snake food.

She didn’t want to drown on dry-ish land, either way. 

“If you keep looking at the sky, you’re definitely going to invite something to happen,” Magnus pointed out to her. “Like, dark clouds and rain.”

“All it does is rain here.”

“Okay but not really? See, blue skies. It’s a good day to search for the light, you said it yourself!”

She pursed her lips. She had said that. Stupidly, under her breath, looking up from her journals for just a second. How Magnus had heard that was completely beyond her. It was like he had a homing beacon for adventure. And while everyone else was invested in their own projects, he had managed to drag her out of the ship, grip gentle on her wrist as she walked glumly behind him into the sparse forest. 

“And I trust you, Lucretia.”

Despite her misgivings, a smile tugged at her lips. That was becoming a bit of a weakness for her, when the others told her that. There were long periods of time where she felt useless in comparison to the rest of them, and while she would never tell them that, having their trust meant so much. 

They were both bent over the map Cap’nport and Barry had worked on to pinpoint the light’s location when the first crack resounded in their ears. Lucretia looked up only to see darkness rolling in, natural (for here), split by a brief streak of jagged light.

Heavy rains on this plane had carved through the earth, creating canyons, dangerous rivers, and eating the bits of land that still remained. She called the area they were in a forest, but it was a seriously generous description. Her fears of drowning weren’t exaggeration. 

“Well, shit,” Magnus so eloquently put as Lucretia hurriedly stuffed the map into his bag. 

A split second later, the sky opened. 

The rain was hard, fat, and cold. 

She staggered back at the weight of it. “I think I was a little bit wrong!” It took only seconds to be soaked to the bone, her clothes and pack almost too heavy to manage.

“Yup, but it’ll be our little secret.” He grinned at her, wide and happy and so empty of her own fears. “Now I need you to trust me.”

“What? Of course–”

This wasn’t the time to decide whether or not trust was an issue between them. Another crack in the sky had her jumping, but she refused to look up and get a face full of rain. And as these thoughts are swirling in her mind, the words on her tongue, Magnus had her thrown over his shoulder, one arm around her waist, as he jogged away from the open area they’d been caught in.

She was too astonished to protest.

When he placed her back down on the ground, they were under what was essentially now a waterfall. It was a small space under an overhanging rock formation, but it was dry. Dryer than them, in any case. 

“I could have run,” she protested.

He shrugged. “I thought I looked heroic.”

She narrowed her gaze at him. “And I’m a damsel?”

“Yes.” A couple of seconds, and then: “Wait, no. No? Yes? No.”

Lucretia rolled her eyes, but there was a fondness in the soft snort of a laugh she couldn’t help. “My hero.”

Magnus, in true form, flexed. “Anytime, anywhere, any cycle. If you need me, I’m yours.”

She ignored him. “We don’t have a lot of time left to find the light, and this weather isn’t helping us at all. For all we know, it’s dislodged the light from where we saw it fall.”

“All we can do is try.”

“I know, Magnus.” A shiver ran through her as the wind picked up, her wet clothes sticking to her body and creating a chill. “I just want to be able to get close enough.”

“We should cuddle.”

That - that was not at all what she was expecting to hear. Weren’t they talking about the light and saving this plane and curbing the Hunger? Maybe the cold and the rain was making her hear things. 


“Cuddle. You know, it’s like extended hugging. I personally find it very favorable, but I think right now it’s more of a survival technique,” Magnus explained. That stupid grin was still on his face.

“I know what it- I’ve had experience- No.” She shook her head, brow knitting, as she ignored the warmth building up in her face.

His grin easily shifted into a pout, lower lip jutting out. “I’m cold.”

“You’re a big boy.”

“Save me, Lucretia, you’re my only hope.” And he opened his arms wide, wrapping them around her.

She was reminded of that snake who ate him. 

“Magnus.” He was wet, and he was cold, and he was clinging to her tightly. “Your survival skills might need polishing.” Still, she leaned into him with no hope of escape, her arms at her side.

“Are you suggesting we undress ourselves and cuddle?” A mock gasp, and she felt as though her entire body had gone bright red. 

“Just… stop talking.”

Reasons NCT would die in a Zombie Apocalypse

Chenle: Attracted zombies with his awful screeching.

Doyoung: Got stabbed for talking shit.

Haechan: Got shot for talking shit.

Hansol: Died from starvation in SM’s basement.

Jaehyun: Lets be real he’d probably get run over jaywalking or something stupid like that.

Jaemin: Tripped and knocked himself out whilst being chased by zombies.

Jeno: Died from eating poisonous berries.

Jisung: Got found by zombies because of Chenle.

Johnny: Too lazy to run so got bit.

Kun: Trapped in basement with Hansol. Went crazy.

Lucas: Willingly gets bit by a zombie.

Mark: Died from overworking.

Renjun: Fell asleep and got bit.

Taeyong: Probably got bit trying to save one of the dream members.

Ten: Tried to trick the zombies into thinking he was one of them and gets bitten.

Taeil: Only survivor. Dies of old age.

Winwin: Trapped whilst trying to find Ice cream in a grocery shop.

Yuta: Got bitten for talking shit.

I wanna turn into a beautiful, magical water fairy and go live in a secret lake in the woods only a few people ever visit and guide home little children who run away there and get lost

  • Remus: Let's face it, Prongs. The only way you're gonna be "in there" with Lily is if you're both marooned on a deserted island and she eats a poisonous berry that makes her temporarily deaf, dumb, stupid, forgetful, and desperate for sex.
Imagine your OTP

Medieval Edition

-Person A is a guard for Person B, a member of the royal family, and would die to protect them. Person B begins to fall in love with Person A, but they know that must marry another noble. When Person B has a marriage arranged for them with Person C, the most horrible, disgusting royal ever, they begin to rethink things.

-Person A was convicted for a crime and is about to be publicly whipped. Person B runs to them and tries to shield them with their body. 

-Person A finds Person B half starved to death on the side of the road, and has to nurse them back to health. Person B mumbles a lot in their sleep, and Person A begins to learn a lot about how they got there. 

-Person A and Person B being rival knights, constantly showing off and trying to out do each other in duels

-Royalty Person A disguising themselves so they can roam among the commoners. Person B saves Person A from some jerk(s), and they end up spending the day together. Person A continues to disguise themselves just so that they can see Person B, but they know eventually someone will recognize them and they’ll never get to see them again.

-Person A, a native to the area, sees the handsome/beautiful traveler Person B, trying to eat poisonous berries, and ends up saving them

-Person A wants to marry Person B, but they don’t have enough dowry money

-Person A catching the Plague, and Person B refusing to leave them, even though they know they’re just going to die, and that staying with them will get them sick too

-Person A is horrible at jousting, and Person B pretends to get hurt while jousting in order to make them feel better.Despite their over exaggerated attempt at pretending, Person A believes them, and brags to everyone that they beat Person B in a joust

-chiche horseback rides in the sunset-

The group cooking while camping
  • Zen: *pours blue colored berries into a bowl* I found a berry bush nearby.
  • Shirayuki: Okay, those are nightshade, so nobody eat those.
  • Obi: *mouth stained purple* Yeah. Duh.
  • Shirayuki: Go throw up.

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Hi! I know you're super busy (esp with that mini fic!) but I was wondering if you could write something where the Apollo Cabin gives Nico a shovel talk when he starts dating Will? I see so many fics about percy and jason giving will the shovel talk, but I haven't seen one for Will.

Will having over protective siblings is my jam

Nico knocked on the door to the Apollo cabin, rolling back on his heels after he heard the noise echo through the cabin. Will was supposed to meet him to go on a hike after lunch and Nico would be lying if he said he wasn’t a little excited. Nico’s relationship with Will as still new, they had only gotten together a couple of weeks ago, and Nico was enjoying spending time with his boyfriend. They spent a lot of time together since Nico started working in the infirmary with Will, and Nico actually really liked helping people. It made him feel like he was doing some good. (Which he was.) They also were together a lot outside of the infirmary, with Will taking Nico on frequent picnic dates so they didn’t have to eat with the crowd.

All in all, Nico was happy with Will, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Wish is why, really, he should have expected someone to challenge his feelings. Things never went that smoothly for Nico.

Austin was the one to open the door, but Kayla was right on top of her brother, and both looked at Nico suspiciously. “State your business,” Austin spoke, he was obviously trying to sound authoritative, but he was still going through puberty and his voice cracked. Nico silently thanked all the gods above that he hadn’t had to deal with a voice crack.

“I’m here because Will told me to be?” Nico glanced around Will’s little brother to try and find him in the cabin. Kayla, however, stepped next to her brother to block Nico’s line of sight in the cabin.

“What is it you want with our dear, precious, oldest brother? Certainly not to deflower him?” Kayla asked, narrowing her eyes. There was a dangerous lit to her voice that sent a warning to Nico. Nico resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“We’re going on a walk,” Nico replied, rolling back on the flats of his feet. He didn’t really get the sudden questioning from Will’s siblings, but he could understand their need to try and protect him. Nico felt the same way about Hazel. “The only deflowering happening will be if we pick actual flowers.”

Austin stepped out from behind the door, pointing a finger at Nico. “Listen here, punk, you better not try any of that funny business on Will. He really deserves someone to be good to him. He works his ass off for everyone else in this camp, and he deserves for someone else to give him all the attention he gives to everyone else. Don’t break his heart or you’ll be answering to us, understand?”

For someone so short, Austin could be intimidating when he wanted to be. Nico nodded the same time Will appeared behind his siblings, opening the door wider. “What are you guys doing to Nico?” He asked, looking suspiciously between his brother and sister. They both smiled innocently and Nico got déjà vu so fast it left him with whiplash. He and Bianca used to do the same thing when they got into trouble.

“Nothing, Will,” Kayla replied sweetly. “Just telling Nico that this time of year the poisonous berries are out.” Poisonous berries my ass, Nico didn’t comment though. Instead he took Will’s outstretched hand when he stood next to Nico.

“Leave him alone guys, I don’t need you scaring off another boyfriend.” Will rolled his eyes, steering Nico off the porch of his cabin. Nico caught both Kayla and Austin’s death glares before Will turned him away as Nico repressed a shudder. He had no doubt that Austin would hold up to his word if he hurt Will. (Not that he had any intention to.) Will’s soft smile when he looked down at Nico made it all worth it in the end.

I’m trying my best

May has daffodil eyes, tastes of spring water.
She is a spring tantrum. Hail ricochets off her
bones. Petals form a nest around her heart.
She swallows wisps of clouds, stains her fingers
with wild berries. Weaves poison ivy through her
hair. She never wants to be anything soft or
disposable. She has honeyed skin, vanilla mouth.
Sugar sweet girl. Broken glass wedged in between
fists. Holds her breath, drains the pink from her
cheeks. Turns herself blue. Says, I was never
built for spring. I am the skeletons in the closet.
The ghosts in the basement. I am the outcast,
dressed up like a pageantry
—  May Pt. II, Angelea Lowes

Solanum dulcamara, Solanaceae

Looking at the small purple flowers of bittersweet, also known as climbing nightshade, it’s easy to notice the resemblance to those of tomato, potato and aubergine, as they are all members of the Solanaceae. However the berries this plant produces are safe to eat only for some birds which perform seed dispersal, while toxic for us and other mammals. This is generally a well-known fact, but still, I heard more than one person my grandparents’ age talking about sucking on the stems when they were kids as they are sweet at first and then become bitter, hence the common name (they didn’t have sugar-filled junk food back then…). Regardless of its toxicity, the plant has also been traditionally used for its medicinal properties, which I won’t list here as I decided from now on I’ll refrain from giving this sort of information about potentially dangerous plants which could be misused. 

Although I have had a strong interest in recognising medicinal plants for as long as I can remember, that doesn’t make me a herbalist, so, if you are interested in actually using any of the plants I write about do your part: research and pay particular attention to the sources you use, and if you have old books look for updated content. For example, I own a botanical pharmacology book which I love, but it belonged to my cousin who began studying pharmacy the year I was born, almost 30 years ago! Also, in my spice cabinet in the kitchen I keep some yarrow oil I made this summer and I use it whenever I burn myself with the oven or cut myself by accident: this is very different from preparing a decoction of multiple herbs for internal use to treat something more serious, don’t do it without asking your doctor for advice! I know this is all common sense, but better safe than sorry! Happy (careful) foraging!

[sheith] hunger games au

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“casualeafuransu: lol wtf the scar is gone in the previous edit. this is the most final. ABSOLUTELY. So, Shiro and…”



(special thanks to the sheith server for generating ideas with me! - based on @casualeafuransu ‘s art - also this was meant to be posted like a month ago oops)

  • Keith and Shiro are both from different districts. Shiro is from a Career district and Keith is an orphan from District 12.
  • Shiro’s always been one of the very few people in his district that isn’t thinking about the glory of the games. Keith is just from the humble mining and coal district.
  • (Lance is from the fishing district, Hunk is from the lumber one, Pidge is in District 13 as a hacker preparing for the overthrow, but they’re not in the games at the same time)
  • It’s Hunger Games season, and both Keith and Shiro get picked.
  • Shiro is sociable, popular - obviously as someone from a Career district, he’s got so many sponsors. Keith is just a miner’s son with no family.
  • When the tributes practice their skills in the training room, Shiro and Keith notice each other because both are amazing shots at the bow and arrow.
  • But no matter how attractive they are to each other, they know one of the other will die, since everyone knows the rules: there can only be one winner
  • (Keith’s outfit for the interview is designed to catch fire, like Katniss’s dress :O)
  • When the games start, Keith and Shiro avoid each other in the beginning. People die off, people form alliances, and Keith stays alone for a long while.
  • Eventually their paths had to cross. They end up teaming up against a really strong group that had formed an alliance. They fight and fight until everyone in that group falls, but when they point the arrow at each other, neither can move to make the kill
  • Shiro, who got a nasty injury on his stomach from one of the other guys, ends up dropping his arrow and sinking to the floor. His heart getting the better of him, Keith drops his weapons to see if he’s okay. He ends up nursing him back to health.
  • They decide to start an alliance, and for a bit, they both try not to think about the fact that if they’re the last two alive, one of them has to kill the other. Either that or someone else kills one of them. The problem is, they don’t want each other to die either, so they keep protecting each other against their better judgment.
  • Keith and Shiro’s care for each other grows obvious to the public eye. Some people drop off sponsoring Shiro, but other Districts who have already lost tributes, end up rooting for them and sending them stuff
  • Finally, with four people left in the arena, the Game Makers do their final push. The muttations made up of the dead tributes are sent to track them down. Because Keith and Shiro save/protect each other, they stay alive, holding each other until the sun rises and the mutts kill the remaining tributes.
  • The final blow comes down to this. One of them has to kill the other. President Zarkon waits patiently for the sudden death round to happen. However, Keith grabs two poisonous berries and gives one to Shiro.
    Keith: “On the count of three?”
    Shiro: “One…”
    K: “Two…”
    S: “Three…”
    President Zarkon: STOP
  • They may have won this game, but they know it’s not over.

Other random things:

  • Shiro gets kidnapped and “hijacked” the way Peeta did until his love for Keith gets warped into fear/anger/hate by the Capitol / Zarkon
  • When they get him back, he’s clearly damaged, with a mechanical arm (and it has attempted to choke Keith the first tiime he went in to try and talk to him)
  • Slowly, Keith has to work his way back through Shiro’s hijacking. He knows Shiro’s still there and doesn’t give up on him.
  • Near the end, when they’re running for their lives from more muttations, Shiro collapses and doesn’t think he can go on. He’s gotten some of his own mind back, but it’s difficult and he can’t find it in him to continue.
  • “Leave me,” he says. “I can’t hang on any longer.”
    “Yes, you can, Shiro!” Keith yells, but he shakes his head.
    “I can’t. I’ll go mad, just like those mutts. Go on without me.”
    Given Shiro’s condition and prosthetic arm, Keith knows it could be suicide but he does it anyway. Grabbing Shiro by the cheeks, he pulls him up and kisses him.
    “Stay with me,” Keith says, and Shiro nods and tries.
  • At the end of it all, Shiro and Keith both still get traumatized by the nightmares and casualties from war. But no matter what, whenever Shiro wakes up from an especially bad nightmare, often the long term effects of being “hijacked,” he looks down and sees Keith sleeping by his side, and he always wakes him up to ask:
    “You’re here with me. Real or not real?”
    and Keith always, always, always responds: