When in doubt, poorly redesign some villains - ?

I mean I like the designs I came up with for these four, but not so much the actual drawings -

The design for Riddler was based off a Tumblr post, the design for Hatter was based off a couple of versions of him (namely BtAS, Arkham (series), and Gotham) - and I couldn’t tell ya when it comes to Ivy and Harley -

At least I’m on my way to getting out of an art funk ?

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omg i love this blog so far. i love the art style! how did the joker feel when harley and poison ivy started dating??

“Well, considering I was Harley’s wingman in the whole situation, I was overjoyed! Of course, a tad protective at first, but I knew that Poison Ivy would be excellent to Harley. I’m so happy for the two of them.”

//also, thank you so much !! i consider my art style pretty lazy on here, tho :y

Magnus is defo the type of person who kisses dogs on the mouth. He gets eventually gets sick from it, and tearfully abstains from kissing dogs. After turning into a mannequin, he is free from this burden, for he has no mouth from which to contract germs. However, he also has no lips with witch to kiss. Man(nequin)s eternal folly.


i don’t claim gaga but this is still one of the best moments of modern pop culture and only bey can look good with terf bangs

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i just feel like i need to say i always adored your spn edits but shit fam your yoi edits are absolutely gorgeous!! I'M SO GLAD YOU MOVED ON TO YOI FANDOM

asgdfasf thank you ♥ and me too my dude. me too