Talking with the Professor

Rogue had been wandering around the halls of the mansion trying to get used to just how different everything seemed to be. She’d been here for a couple of days and met a couple of the students already, and while they were all nice and friendly she still felt out of place here. She’d turned down a random corrider and stopped for a moment to get her bearings. This looks awfully familiar she thought. Ah wonder if the Professor’s office is in the same place here as it used t’ be. She headed down towards where she knew back in her proper place and time the office was and knocked on the door waiting patiently for a response of any kind.

poisoned-touch started following you

Piper turned. Dressed as she was in jeans and a Spock T-shirt, her backpack on her back (with her costume tucked inside), she looked like any other nineteen year old in New York. But the redhead with the strange white streak in her hair made Piper’s spidersense tingle.


It was not an IMMEDIATE DANGER OF DEATH DUCK FOOL tingle, just a BE CAREFUL tingle, so she didn’t react right away. Instead she gave the girl a smile. “Sorry, didn’t mean to almost bump into you there.”