anonymous asked:

yo wizzle bo bizzle i cant believe you don't know wizzle that you're the bestizzle in the world and you're the one i loveizzle. yo gangster thug and my gangste lyfe go tgether like butter knife. u mean a lot to this damn nigga u mean a lot to this damn worldizzle. totes worth the notes man u r the tru one. brothas 4 lyfe dawg i'd take bullet fo' u ok the best in the damn ghetto world.

Thank you so much bae. love you <3

poisoneddragons asked:

top 5 breakfast foods

1. Chocolate strudels from this great Jewish place that makes the best pastries
2. Crêpes (with strawberries and Nutella or with maple syrup)
3. French toast (my parents buy this great bread with chocolate chips in it and I like to replace the milk with vanilla flavoured almond milk)
4. Plain yoghurt with cereal and fresh or frozen fruits, but my body doesn’t like it when I eat dairy so I rarely eat it
5. Danishes like croissants or chocolate bread are nice too