poisoned lovers

i’ve never heard about rose without thorns.                                             this one under her fury has so much more.                                              she is like the flower drowned in midnight’s mist;                             more delicate than lover, more poisonous than kiss.                              it’s her power that reigns, it’s her beauty that takes.                                   i would do anything for that bittersweet sin.                                          long live the scarlet queen
—  || a.s. || for the lovely @bakkhia 

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Wed me + Appleshipping or Fakiru please?

They both made it early to the meeting place.  She wore her best, and he wore his worst.

While Rin had been the first to suggest they do things non-traditionally, she still remembered dreams of white dresses and church bells.  Her outfit was nothing but a simple Sunday frock, fraying at the seams a bit, but still more presentable than her work clothes.

Meanwhile Yugo had tried to maintain the secrecy of their plans and adopted a causal outfit any Commons could have worn.  It did the job when looking from a distance, but up close it showed little sign of wear or tear.  It was obvious to anyone that something in such fine a condition could only belong to the Tops.

Still both outfits did the job.  The two passed each other without a single glance.  Yugo entered a small church as if it was an afterthought while after walking a few blocks further, Rin darted into a side-alley and entered a mess of a maze that could make you dizzy just by looking at it.  In the end, they both made it to a cramped storage room tucked away from the prying eyes of the world.

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Mother Nature’s poisonous plants to humans...

Monkshood (Aconitum napellus)

The most poisonous part is the roots, though the leaves can pack a punch too. Both contain a neurotoxin that can be absorbed through the skin. Early symptoms of poisoning are tingling and numbness at the point of contact or severe vomiting and diarrhea if it has been eaten. In 2010, a woman poisoned her lover using this plant. Apart from causing severe gastrointestinal upset, the poison slows the heart rate which can result in death.

Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum)

These weeds are massive and pretty hard to miss when they are towering over you.  The sap of the giant hogweed plant is phototoxic; when the contacted skin is exposed to sunlight or to ultraviolet rays it can cause severe skin inflammations. Initially, the skin colours red and starts itching. 

Blisters form as it burns within 48 hours. They form black or purplish scars that can last several years. Hospitalization may be necessary.  The presence of minute amounts of sap in the eyes can lead to temporary or even permanent blindness.

The manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) 

Found in northern South America up to the Florida Everglades and throughout the Caribbean. In some parts of its range it’s painted with a cautionary red cross. They grow little green fruits that were once called the ‘little apple of death’ by Columbus. 

The milky sap produced by this tree contains the powerful irritant phorbol. Just brushing past it can leave you with horribly scalded skin. Sheltering beneath it in a tropical shower can be disastrous too because even the diluted sap can cause an extreme rash.  Burning down these trees is also a bad idea. The smoke from a burning manchineel can temporarily blind a person and cause significant breathing problems.  While the effects are unpleasant, skin contact with this tropical tree can’t kill you. The real death threat comes from eating its small round fruit.  Ingesting the fruit can prove fatal when severe vomiting and diarrhea dehydrate the body to the point of no return.

Ricinus communis

Now well known thanks to Walter White in Breaking Bad. This plant is used to make caster oil.  After the laxative oil has been extracted the remaining residues of its mottled brown seeds contain a potent cocktail of toxins. 

Ricin kills by interfering in cell metabolism, the basic chemical processes needed to sustain life. The creation of essential proteins is blocked, leading to cell death. Casualties can suffer vomiting, diarrhea and seizures for up to a week before dying of organ failure.


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Oswald keeps going to the flower shop as an excuse to see Ed!

He’s acting like he has to buy them for an event or something but now his living room looks like a botanical garden and he won’t admit to anyone he only bought them to see Ed ( also Ivy is really happy because he lets her take care of all the plants he is buying so everything is good 🌼)

Things to Note about Harley, Ivy, and the Joker
  • Harley is a victim and the way the Joker treats her is horrible. She doesn’t deserve the things he puts her through.
  • Harley is a villain and chose to be with the Joker in the first place. She was morally ambiguous from the start and was not completely innocent.
  • Ivy deeply cares about Harley and wants the best for her. She wants her to see the Joker for what he truly is.
  • Ivy has a general hatred of humanity that sometimes gets projected onto Harley. She is also easily irritated and is constantly annoyed by some of Harley’s behavior.
  • The Joker is an utter sociopath who is willing to kill people without hesitation and mostly sees Harley as a willing patsy.
  • The Joker does care on some level about Harley even if it isn’t the way someone with a normal emotional temperament would love someone.
  • Harley and Ivy have good qualities and are not completely evil people. These qualities should not be ignored.
  • Harley and Ivy are highly dangerous and violent criminals who have killed without remorse. They are not normal people and should not be expected to act as such.

None of the facts mentioned in this post are mutually exclusive. The sooner we can all accept that, the sooner we can all get along.

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Thank you for answering my ask! (Raw meat anon here) I was wondering how the UT/UF/SF skelebros + US Papyrus, react to their S/O spiking the skele's food with the ghost chili pepper? And how would the skeles get revenge?

You are very welcome!

Sans:  You swear you see him pause, just for a moment, when he takes the first sip of his ketchup, but the moment passes and he gives you that ever-present smile.  Dammit!  Though maybe it makes sense, he drinks ketchup like water.  Maybe his sense of taste is messed up, or he just doesn’t have one….  But the second you’re gone he’s chugging milk like crazy.  Holy shit!  Heh, ok, you’re asking for it.

After he hid his reaction to the ghost pepper so well you were left defenseless to retaliation.  Biting into your sandwich you didn’t see the sudden burst of intense heat coming.  And right there, usual smile just a little bit higher, is Sans leaning against the counter as you pull out anything you can get your hands on to drink and get that taste out.  “what is it babe, it looks like you’ve seen a ghost.’


And he gets his revenge.  Ooooh, yes.  Later he treats you to a meal, some delicious spicy buffalo wings!  But surprise!!  You take a bite and it is… sweet?  “NYEHEHE! YOU HAVE FALLEN FOR MY PLOY SEAMLESSLY!  FOR YOU SEE, THOSE ARE RICE CRISPY TREATS WHICH I DYED RED WITH BROWN SUGAR, FOOD COLORING, AND A TANGERINE GLAZE, THEN MOLDED INTO A HIGHLY MISLEADING SHAPE!  YOU WERE EXPECTING SPICY, AND INSTEAD GOT SWEET!!!”  Papyrus is such a good noodle.

Red:  He tries to play it cool like Sans, but after only a couple of seconds his blank face cracks.  He can’t fucking do this, turns the faucet on, and starts guzzling down water.  ‘har har, i’m glad you had your fun, now hand me the milk.  jesus what did you put in there, an actual flame?  is tori in on this or somethin?’

Then a week later you bite into a doughnut, the only one left in the box.  Immediately you spit out the mouthful you took of what you thought was going to be a delicious treat.  Because instead of cream filling is… is that toothpaste and mayonnaise?  What kind of sick bastard.. Red cackles from behind you, phone in hand capturing this beautiful moment of revenge.  Oh.  That kind.


There is a small, unassuming cupcake on the table.  Edge isn’t being subtle about this at all, you can see him peaking out at you, waiting for you to fall prey to his retaliation.  Well, better see what it is.  You reach for the cupcake, wondering what might be on or in it…. but before you can touch it you’re suddenly a couple feet higher and upside down, hanging inside of a net.  “LET THIS TEACH A LESSON TO YOU HUMAN!  DO NOT THINK TO JAPE ME, I AM THE MASTER OF ALL TRICKS!  TWO LESSONS!  YOU MUST BE VIGILANT FOR TRAPS, EVEN IN A HOUSEHOLD SETTING!  CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!”

Honey:  His reaction is pretty mild, he actually likes spicy food.  He calmly walks over and grabs a cup of milk, nursing it to quell the heat, and smirks at you.  “nice try hun, but you’re gonna have to try harder than that.’  He always is hard to prank.

His retaliation is small and simple: he pulls you into a spicy kiss, that incredibly skilled tongue of his making sure your mouth tingles just as much as his does one way or another.

Black:  He freezes, expression frozen in shock, and spits out his mouthful.  “HOW DARE YOU!!  YOU PRESUME TO JAPE ME!”  He guzzles some milk real quick, just enough to kill the fire’s edge a bit, and advances on you before you can run away.  The contaminated food is pressed to your mouth.  “TASTE YOUR OWN MEDICINE, HUMAN!  EAT!  IT!  NO HUMAN YOU CANNOT ESCAPE, YOU WILL GATHER THE CROP TO THE SEEDS YOU HAVE SOWN HERE TODAY!!”  Either you take your punishment or he force feeds you.

Puppy:  ‘oh babe, this is great!  thanks!’  He likes it.  This guy is unreal, and your plan is foiled.  Drat!  But… it’s totally worth it for the dopey happy look he gives you, and the request for more.  No retaliation, just a little hug from a very grateful Puppy.