poisoned knife



This is the lie they will use to break you: no one else has ever loved this way before.


Choose wisely which court you serve. Light or Dark, Summer or Winter, Seelie or Unseelie: they have many names, but the pith of the choice is this: a poisoned flower or a knife in the dark?

(The difference is less and more than you might think.)

Of course, this is only if you go to them for the granting of a wish: to save your father, sister, lover, dearest friend. If you go to get someone back from them, or—most foolish of all—because you fell in love with one of them, you will have no choice at all. You must go to the ones that chose you.


Be kind to the creature that guards your door. Do not mock its broken, bleeding face.

It will never help you in return. But I assure you, someday you will be glad to know that you were kind to something once.


Do not be surprised how many other mortal girls are there within the halls. The world is full of wishing and of wanting, and the fairies love to play with human hearts.

You will meet all kinds: the terrified ones, who used all their courage just getting there. The hopeful ones, who think that love or cleverness is enough to get them home. The angry ones, who see only one way out. The cold ones, who are already half-fairy.

I would tell you, Do not try to make friends with any of them, but you will anyway.


Sooner or later (if you serve well, if you do not open the forbidden door and let the monster eat you), they will tell you about the game.

Summer battles Winter, Light battles Dark. This is the law of the world. And on the chessboard of the fairies, White battles Black.

In the glory of this battle, the pieces that are brave and strong may win their heart’s desire.


You already have forgotten how the mortal sun felt upon your face. You already know the bargain that brought you here was a lie.

If you came to save your sick mother, you fear she is dead already. If you came to free your captive sister, your fear she will be sent to Hell for the next tithe. If you came for love of an elf-knight, you are broken with wanting him, and yet he does not seem to know you.

Say yes.

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y'all remember in TLO (the last olympian) how annabeth took that knife for percy even though she was completely defenseless? she didn’t know where percy’s achilles heel was until later, and although she knew he was invincible, she still took a poisoned knife for him. and later we learn that if she hadn’t saved percy, he would have died because somehow ethan nakamura had been targeting his back (where his achilles heel was). sometimes i think that if percy had died, a small part of annabeth would have died too. we already know how she worried over him when he was missing/taken by hera (ugh), and clearly we should not for a second, ever doubt that percy loves annabeth more, or that she doesn’t love him enough. i feel as if we’re a bit more biased towards percy (ngl, I am), but we’ve had an entire series from his point of view and so we never really got to understand annabeth’s emotions and viewpoint on percy for the entire first series. yeah, percy jumping in tartarus for annabeth was a dam(n) great sacrifice, but always remember the pjo series when annabeth shielded percy, when she herself wasn’t sure if she was going to live.


is this technically Cross faction ships? IDK xD some fun with body parts at least xD

as long as Medic and Sniper are having fun (sorry Spy)

Ronan Lynch

Quotes about Ronan Lynch from Maggie Stiefvater’s amazing series the Raven cycle

  •  “He was good at staring. There was something in his stare that took something from the other person.”
  • “He was good at silence; he knew it made people uncomfortable.”
  • “Confident and careless, shoulders rolled back, chin tilted, an emperors son.”
  • “He always said Ronan differently from other words. As if he meant to say another word entirely - something like knife or poison or revenge - and then swapped it out for Ronan’s name at the last moment.”
  • “smile like danger”
  • “There was a carefully cultivated sense of danger to this Lynch brother. Everything about him was a warning, if this snake bit you, you had no one but yourself to blame”
  • “You could love the sleek, efficient brand new bullet-train, but only a fool could imagine it would love you back.” 
  • “He looked as pleased as a pit viper ever could”
  • “and here was Ronan, like a heart attack that never stopped”
  • “Ronan was fully aware of how malevolent he could appear and he did not soften himself. Ronan Lynch’s stare was a snake on the sidewalk where you wanted to walk. It was a match left on your pillow. It was pressing your lips together and tasting blood.”
  • “a solider in a war where the enemy was everyone else”
  • “Ronan didn’t need physics. He could intimidate even a piece of plywood into doing what he wanted”
I'm Sorry Part 3.5

Warning: lots of violence, attempted murder, attempted suicide, and much much more blood and gore.

It’s rare for me to start the A/Ns with a warning but… The whole chapter is basically just that….. Sorry….

In the middle part, the POV changes back and forth to different places. Sorry if it will be confusing.


Fresh paced around the hallways as he waits for the doctor to come out of the room. He found Fika in a very narrow alleyway, already dying. He really hopes that Fika will be safe.

“Fresh, calm down.” Paperjam hugged fresh from behind. Fresh just nodded and sighed.

A few minutes later, familiar voices called out to them.

“Fresh!” Fresh looked at the direction of the voice and saw Xahji. She has a worried look on her face, tears threatening to fall.

“X-xahji….” Fresh looked behind Xahji and noticed the worried Idle and Siren. Colonna is there as well. But for some reason….. She looks like she is faking it…. Fresh must be overthinking it.

“Where’s Fika?! Is she alright?” Idle asked worryingly.

“We don’t know yet…… ” Fresh responded.

“Poor Fika…” Colonna said with fake concern.

“Let’s just wait… For now….” Fresh said as they sat.

A few minutes later which felt like hours, the doctor finally came out.

“Doctor!” Idle rushed to the doctor and grabbed her coat.

“How is she?” Siren questioned.

“Her vocal cord is damaged. She won’t be able to apeak from now on. And she had a lot of blood loss. She would need hours or maybe days befor she wakes up. But I can assure you that she will live.” The doctor said as she removed Idle’s hands gently.

“Thank you.” Paper jam said.

“You can enter the room now but be gentle. Call me when needed.” The doc said and left them.

Idle quickly bursted into the room. He rushed to Fika’s side.

“Fika…. I’m sorry you had to suffer for this…..” Idle apologized hoping that he hears her.

“Idle, don’t blame yourself.” Colonna held his shoulders.

“But it IS my fault!” Idle’s tears started to fall.

“No it’s not.” Xahji hugged Idle.

“B-but-” Idle started only to be cut off by a kiss.

“Look, Idle. It’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. Let’s just make sure that Fika is ok.” Siren said. No one noticed the frown that Colonna was giving though.

“I’ll stay here to watch on Fika. Someone has to guard her, y'know.” Fresh said.

“You sure? You’ll be skipping class.” Colonna confirmed.

“I’ll be fine. One absent won’t hurt.” Fresh assured her.

“Plus, I’ll be with him the whole time.” Paperjam added.

“Ok….” Idle nodded and left the room with Siren, Xahji and Colonna.

“Now….” PaperJam pulled Fresh by the waist. “We finally have time for ourselves~” He kissed Fresh suddenly, earning a slight reaction from him.

“Mmmf~!” Fresh felt PaperJam penetrate his mouth. He pushed PJ away, blushing.

“P-paperJam… We are in a hospital….. This isn’t a place where we should do it now…..” Fresh said, embarrassed. “Plus, Fika might wake up any minute…”

“Freshy…. You’re no fun, today.” PaperJam leaned his head on the crook of Fresh’s neck.

“We just…. Can’t do it here….” Fresh looked away.

“How about tonight~?” PaperJam smirked when he saw Fresh’s blush darken.


(Me: Meanwhile, with the tailed jerk, clueless idiot, one-eyed monster and the psychopatic yandere~)
(Siren, Idle, Xahji & Colonna: Excuse us?!?!)
(Me: Ok, ok. Meanwhile, with the four friends~)

“I can’t believe this….” Xahji thought outloud.

“Fika was one of the few friends I have….” Idle sighed.

“She did nothing wrong to deserve this.” Siren growled with anger.

“Whoever could have done this?” Colonna asked to nobody in particular.

They all just sighed in unison. They were walkng back to the school since it’d only a 25-minute walk to the hospital.

“Poor Fika…” Idle murmured.

“Hey, guys. Let’s just go back and inform everyone in class.” Colonna said.

They all agreed.

“They have the right to know.” Siren told them.

“I’m gonna tell Goth to tell Palette. The captain and the nurse were close, afterall.” Xahji informed her friends.

“I’ll…. Go tell Cray….and maybe Cil….” Idle looked down at his feet, some of his tears still escaped.

“Idle….” Siren hugged his boyfriend tightly.

“I’ll go tell My bros….. And maybe the teachers, I guess….” Siren looked to the side.

“I’ll… Tell our classmates then.” Colonna kept walking ahead of her friends.

“Let’s just hope that she’ll be fine.” They all nodded until finally, they reached the school.

~time skip brought to you by cliche~

Colonna rushed to the clinic and took the poison. Good thing that she stole Fika’s keys before she stabbed her to half-death.

Her plan has officially started.

“This will work. Fika is in the hospital, Snazzy and Cil have practice, Xahji’s helping Goth in fixing the library, Swifty and Cray are preparing for the next UnderHigh News, Idle is with them… But I can call him here…” Colonna thought to herself.

“Just gotta prepare the suicide letter, the food, the poison and my trusty knife just in case.” Colonna pulled out her knife. Her favorite one to use in killing people. Yes, this wasn’t the first time.

There were multiple cases of dissapearance of students in their school. And it’s all because they either had a crush on Siren or they got too close to him.

“Oh Siren-pai, we will be together soon. I promise…” She hid the knife in her knife pocket under her skirt. That way, it won’t be too obvious.

She poured the poison in the food and decided to call Idle for an invitation for snacks.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello?” She smiled when she heard Idle.

“Hey, Idle. You busy? I was wondering if we could have a snack together today.” Colonna said innocently.

“Sure! I’ll just have to finish some things here.” Idle smiled.

“Ok! I’m willing to wait.” Waiting isn’t a problem for her, anymore. It’s all calculated. “See you on the roof top.”

“I’ll be there in 20 min i guess.” Idle chuckled and hung up the phone.

After poisoning Idle, she could just throw him off the railings down the dumpster next to the school’s incinerator. She prepared everything beforehand.

By lunch, the delinquents aren’t there, guarding. If she ever had to use her knife, she could still throw the body there and use the door on the west. That place isn’t crowded plus, it was almost time for school to end, anyways.

“Everything is flowing according to plan. And his 20 minutes has started. Its…. 5:25.” Colonna smirked and waited for the clueless Idle to go.

19:53 left.


“Ugh….. This is such a pain…..” Xahji complained as she put down a box above the three other boxes.

“Hey, Xahji. Need help?” A voice said.

“Oh. Hey, Dance. I was just about to take these to my clubroom.” Xahji said. “But they are too heavy.”

“I can help you.” Dance suggested.

“Really? It won’t bother you, would it?” Xahji asked.

“Nah. Not a single bit.” Dance smiled as he picked up the two heavier boxes.

“Ok. Thanks.” Xahji said and picked up the other two boxes.

14:41 left.


“It’s almost 10 hours…” Fresh sighed as she looked at Fika with worried eyes.

“She’ll be fine.” PaperJam said while playing in his phone.

“You always say that.” Fresh frowned and looked at PaperJam.

“Because it’s the truth.” PaperJam said.

“But she’s been asleep. For 10 hours!” Fresh shouted the last part.

“So? She will wake up soon, Fresh! Justcalm down!” He heard a game over in his phone. “Great. Now, look. I lost.”

“So what?! Fika is much more important!” Fresh shouted before he heard a groan.

He looked at Fika moving. He rushed to her side and held her hand.

“Fika? Fika can you hear me? Paperjam call the doctor!” Fresh stated in panic and relief.

“Got it.” PaperJam pushed the button and alerted the nurses that Fika is awake.

“Fika, you’re safe now. We’re here.” Fresh smiled.

“F…..fresh…?” Fike tried to talk but it hurt. She can’t speak and it hurts when she tries. But she has to warn them.

“I’m here, Fika. You’re safe.” Fresh assured her. “Don’t force yourself to talk.”

“P….lease…. S….save…. I… Idle.” Her voice was hoarse and and broken. “He’s in danger….”

“Why would he be in danger?” Paperjam asked. “Do you remember who did this?”

“C…..colo…..nna….” That was what she said, tears running down her face before the nurses bursted into the room.

Fresh gasped. “Colonna?”

“Sorry, sirs but we have to get you out of this room.” Fresh and PaperJam nodded before rushing to the school.

“We have to save Idle! Colonna could kill him!” Fresh said as they exit the hospital.

“Hop on!” Paperjam threw Fresh a helmet before starting his motorcycle. It’ll be faster than running. You can reach school in 8 minutes.

They rushed to the school’s direction as fast as they can.

12:45 left.


Idle wrote down the last details of his story and closed his new notebook. It will be such a cute twist that the girl meets her own doppleganger!

Idle smiled and hid his notebook.

“Now, to meet Colly.” Idle looked at his watch. “It’s 5:39 pm. Better head there now.” He whispered to himself.

“Hey, Swifty, Cray, I’ll be on the rooftop with Colly if you need me.” Idle shouted.

“Okie dokie!” Cray shouted back. Swifty juat gave him a thumb’s up.

“See you later!” Idle waved and headed for the rooftop.

05:27 left.


“Here we are!” Fresh shouted. The two of them parked the motor and removed their helmets to rush to the UHN office.

As they were running there, Siren stopped them.

“Siren, what the fuck! Let us go!” PaperJam demanded.

“Why are you even running? That’s against the rules!” Siren scolded.

“Please, Siren. We have to go to UHN. Idle’s in danger!” This made him shocked. He let them go.

“Where is he?” Siren said, tattoos glowing a bit.

“We don’t know yet. But he might be in their clubroom.“  Fresh said.

"Let’s go, then.” The three of them rushed to where The clubroom is located.

04:02 left.


“Ouuuuch….” Xahji complained.

“That still looks heavy. Need me to take the other one?” Dance asked, stooping for Xahji.

“No, thank you. I bothered you enough.” Xahji smiled.

“Ok.” Dance said.

“Xahji!” Snazzy shouted.

“Hey, Zee. Hey, Cil. Whatcha doin?” Xahji asked.

“Oh. Practice was over so I oughta might visit ya in the Library. But it seems that you have company.” Snazzy glared at Dance.

“Zee, he was just coincidentally there when I needed help. Geez.” Xahji smiled.

“But still. You shouldn’t trust some random guy. Especially when I don’t know them.” Snazzy said with a hint of jealousy.

“Aww, is Snazzy jealous?” Cil asked laughed.

“Wha-no!"Snazzy blushed. Xahji and Dance laughed.

"I have no plan to steal your girlfriend, Zee.” Dance chuckled.

“First of all, only Xahji can call me that. Second, don’t try me.” Snazzy said.

“Ok, ok. Calm down, boys.” Xahji said.

“Let me help you with that, mi amore.” Snazzy said with Xahji and kissed her on the forehead. He took the two boxes from Xahji .

“T-thanks…” Xahji blushes a bit.

“So, where do we take these?” Snazzy asked.

“At the clubroom.” Xahji stretched.

“Ok, then.” Snazzy smiled and walked between Xahji and Dance to the clubroom. Cil was just amused at Snazzy getting jealous.

03:14 left.


“Who are we gonna interview next?” Swifty asked.

“The basketball team, of course!” Cray grinned. “We’ll have a big ambush interview!”

“Ok. Let’s get started.” Swifty answered as the door opens.

“Hey, Swifty. Hey, Cray.” Xahji waved.

“Oh, hey Xahji! Hey, Snazzy! Cil! What a surprise! And….” Cray leaned to the side and saw Dance. “It seems like we have a visitor.”

“Oh. This is Dance. A childhood friend of mine.” Xahji introduced him.

“Hey. I’m Dance. Nice to meet you.” Hesaid as he put down the boxes.

“Nice to know you too.” Cray’s smile widened.

“Whatare these for, bro?” Swifty asked to Snazzy.

“These? Just some books.” Snazzy said.

“My bro wanted to stock these here in the clubroom. He said that they’d be useful.” Xahji said.

“There are probs 30 books in each box.” Cil wondered.

“Uh huh.” Dance agreed.

“Well, it’s great that we’re finally done with these.” Snazzy stretched. “They were quite heavy.”

“I had to agree.” Dance nodded. “It would be hard to carry all of these on your own, right J?” Dance said to Xahji.

“Stop calling me with that nickname. Blegh.” Xahji complained.

Snazzy just glared at Dance as Swifty, Cray and Cil giggled at the background.

1:27 left.


“So Fika is fine?” Siren asked as they ran.

“Yeah. She also warned us about Colonna.” Fresh answered.

“What about her?” Siren raised his eyebrow.

“She is Fika’s-” PaperJam started but was cut when they reached the clubroom.

“Guys! Bad news!” Fresh slammed the door open.

“Bro! What happened?” Cil rushed to PaperJam’s side.

“No time to explain. Where is Idle?” PaperJam demanded.

“O-on the rooftop with Colly. Why?” Cray answered.

“What?!” Fresh and Paperjam Shouted in unison.

“We gotta go. Now.” PaperJam was ready to run but was stopped by Swifty.

“We’re coming with you.” Cil said firmly.

“Ok, good. But we have to hurry.” Paperjam said.

“We will stay here. We still gotta do something.” Xahji said.

“You’re not coming with us?”

“We’ll catch up.” Snazzy assured them.

“Ok. Come on!” Swifty, Siren, Dance, Cil, PaperJam, Fresh and Cray rushed to the rooftop. There’s no time to waste.

00:45 left.



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centaur4ever  asked:

Hi Cassie :) I wanted to say I love your books so much! It makes me so happy that you create such diverse characters and give so much representation. I've seen a lot of people trying to put down you and your work, and I'm inspired by your strong comeback. I was wondering if we'd get to see anymore of the Seelie Queen in LoS or QoAaD? (Actually, I googled <i>queen of air and darkness</i> and something came up in connection to fey deities and I'm so bursting with theories for what it's gonna be)

The Seelie Queen is definitely present in Lord of Shadows. And yes, the Queen of Air and Darkness can refer to Mab, Queen of the Faeries in Romeo and Juliet (and lots of folklore) – I was inspired by the poem by AE Houseman:

Her strong enchantments failing,
   Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
   And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
   Begins to shrill and cry,
‘O young man, O my slayer,
   To-morrow you shall die.’

O Queen of air and darkness,
   I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die to-morrow;
   But you will die to-day.

haha remember when annabeth chase literally threw herself in front of percy and took a poisoned knife to the shoulder so it wouldn’t touch (and kill!) him haha and remember when percy jackson told Zeus, King of the Universe that he refused his gift of immortality because he couldn’t leave annabeth behind like?????? when will ur otp ever

At least once a day I think about what Ronan must have been like before his dad passed away. Because even though he played tennis and canonically participated in Irish music competitions, I don’t think he was exactly an obnoxious rich jock fuckboy or an absolute nerd. But based on the description in the beginning of The Dream Thieves of how his father would say his name as if to say knife or poison or revenge, I would guess Ronan was always rough around the edges. But then how does this match with Ronan Lynch with a head of hair, no tattoos, in white fucking tennis shorts and a collared polo shirt and sneakers. I AM SO GODDAMNED CONFLICTED I NEED TO KNOW WHO RONAN WAS BEFORE THE SERIES BEGAN AND NOTHING I PUT TOGETHER IN MY MIND MAKES ANY GODDAMNED SENSE. 


He always said Ronan differently from other words. As if he had meant to say another word entirely - something like knife or poison or revenge - and then swapped it out for Ronan’s name at the last moment.

Then kiss me - Jace Wayland

Summary: You go on a secret mission worrying Jace enough to make hidden feelings surface. 

Request: “Could you make me a Jace imagine where we have loved each other as more than friends since the clave send me to the institute one year ago. We will be in this flirty/sarcastic friendship where we’re constantly challenging each other. When i go on a secret mission with Isabelle he gets super worried and when I get back and go to his room he tells me how he feels. I tell him i really wanna kiss him and says: then kiss me. So we kiss. Lot’s of fluff please, I’m a hopeless romantic haha. Thanks! Xx”

Originally posted by banemagic

The recent and more frequent demon attacks had everyone in the Institute on high alert. Training didn’t feel as carefree as before and you knew you had to be your best if you wanted a chance of surviving your increasingly more dangerous missions.

“Hey, loser. Nice to actually see you break a sweat here.” Jace stood in the entrance of the room arms crossed and smirking.

You put your sword down and walked towards him wiping a hand across your sweaty forehead.

“Very funny,” you got close to him and leant up close lips grazing the side of his ear, “I bet you could make me break a sweat in another way”. You stepped away winking and left Jace standing alone looking after you.

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Here’s the infamous poison knife scene in all of it’s glory

anonymous asked:

Unpopular pjo opinion: Percy became too op and Mary Sue for me in The Last Olympian. Like, did he really have to become near-indestructible? Why would Annabeth just jump in between him and (to her knowledge) certain death? Like, shes smart enough that she would have planned further ahead instead of doing something so irrational! And why did Percy just decide not to tell anyone about his invincibility until much later? Could have helped the group out in the beginning, y'know!

I mean…I wouldn’t call him a Mary Sue, no. I definitely see the angle you’re coming from, but like. Literally a normal mortal would have stood no chance against Kronos. It just wasn’t going to happen. Percy got the smallest scratch from that scythe and almost had his soul burned away. And to everyone’s knowledge right up until Percy handed over the knife, it looked like Percy was going to have to fight Kronos and win if Olympus stood any chance. Also, the army for the ‘good side’? It was like…40 campers, the Hunters, and some nature spirits. Versus huge, seemingly never-ending hordes of monsters and twisted demigods and mortal mercenaries and angry minor gods and titans. Coming at the city from all sides. They would not have been able to win this without Percy swimming in the Styx. That’s just a fact- he was able to take down way more monsters and villains than before he got the curse. Camp Half-Blood has always been relatively small headcount wise. He was convinced to take the curse because that’s what they needed to happen.

ALSO, It was important because Luke also had taken up the curse, and Percy and Luke are very obviously literary foils. Luke took the curse to serve Kronos and Percy took it to defeat him. Luke took the curse to protect himself and Percy took the curse to protect his friends. Throughout the entire series, the boys are clearly meant to be foils of each other, and there are multiple moments where it seems as though Percy is ‘following in Luke’s footsteps’ so to speak, so it absolutely makes sense that jumping in the Styx is something Percy would have to do. 

Not to mention, Percy taking up the curse was (very cleverly, in my opinion) used as a way to show us he’s becoming a man. Remember at the end of botl where Poseidon tells him he’d ‘be a man if we were in Sparta’? A very common thing in books to symbolize a character growing up is to have them separate from their mother. Killing the mother off is unfortunately the most common way to do this, but Sally is amazing and got lucky. We, as readers by this point, are used to Percy asking his mom for advice. “Should I leave camp to join this quest? What do you think this means?” stuff like that. The fact that Percy needs his mother’s blessing for the curse to work makes the scene in their kitchen a turning point. He’s not asking if she thinks this is a bad idea, he’s saying “This is my only shot of saving Olympus. This is the only way. I need to do this.” Sally has spent her son’s entire life trying to defy fate. She kept him out of camp too long, she surrounded herself with the worst mortals possible to keep him safe, she wanted to keep him with her because he’s her baby. And he absolutely still is, no one’s contesting that, but the scene forces her to confront the fact he’s growing up. She has to make the decision to give him up, to put him in the hands of his own fate. The scene is used to show the readers ‘this is not the little boy who started the series’. He doesn’t need his mom to drive him into battles anymore. And the fact that Sally did give her blessing was good for Percy. He knows he’s the biggest light in his mother’s life, you can tell he’s more panicked about how his death would affect her than he was about actually dying. The fact that she symbolically gave him up to fate…He left the apartment knowing he didn’t have to worry about her. He knew that his mother had come to terms with everything and would, eventually and with help from Paul, be okay after he died. That was a strong moment for them both, and it allowed Percy to focus all his energy on the war. 

As for Annabeth…that scene on the bridge was so important oh my God. It WAS irrational, you’re correct, and that’s why it’s one of the most meaningful moments in the series! 

Annabeth, as we’ve seen time and time again, even as recently as ‘Blood of Olympus’, is terrified of emotions. She hates them! Because they’re not rational. It drives her crazy, crazy that she can’t understand things like her relationship with her family, or her relationship with Luke. Annabeth is this strong minded, rational being, but that’s not how feelings work. She feels things very strongly, and that scares her, because it leaves her confused and unsure of what she’s doing. 

We see Annabeth act irrationally many times throughout the series…and those moments are always connected to Luke. Thinking if she just yells loud enough she can get through to him, refusing to give up on him even when he’s literally got Kronos living inside him, basically her every thought about him is crazy. It’s understandable, certainly, because he means so much to her, but? From the standpoint of literally everyone else? He’s Kronos’ number one man and host, he’s not coming back (and it’s the irrational emotions that save him! that save Olympus! that’s so important!). But the point is, this entire series, Annabeth’s ONE weak spot has always been Luke. That’s why Percy was always so frustrated with her, especially in the later books. She’d defend Luke to her grave even though he was evil, for all intents and purposes, and as Percy was a young teenager with a very strong crush I’m sure you can imagine how that’d make him feel second best? It’s fairly obvious from botl that he knew or at least suspected Annabeth had a crush on him…but she didn’t even have her feelings for Luke figured out at that point. Annabeth never made any irrational decisions regarding Percy. She’s not the best with emotions, absolutely, and from Percy’s point of view, all her strongest feelings have always been for Luke. He trusts her as a best friend, he trusts her to not defect to the Titan Army and keep fighting for the gods, but Luke’s the one she’s always going to defend. Luke’s always gonna be her weakness. Kronos is using Luke’s body as a shell and she still believes in her heart he’s in there and she can get through to him. And that’s where most of Annabeth’s energies lay, at this point. She’s worried about Percy, and she’s mad at him (but it’s mostly stemming from worry), and she has a crush on him…but she’s never been so overcome with her feelings for him that she did something stupid before. That’s always been a Luke thing, a Luke thing against her will, and I think that’s why she really doesn’t realize “I love Luke like a brother” until the climax of the fight. She’s never had a moment like that with Percy, because Percy is always right there and dependable and doesn’t need anyone to save him. She clamps down on her feelings for him at times because she’s afraid of what will happen to her if he dies. She doesn’t want Percy to be her weak spot because he has such a higher chance of dying. She’s scared of opening herself up and getting hurt again, like with Luke. She. hates. emotions. and. wants. to. suppress. them. 

And she doesn’t know at this point that she’s the one and only thing tying Percy’s soul to the mortal world.

But she sees someone advancing on his unprotected back with a poison-dripping knife (and how easily could that have been the cursed blade to reap the hero’s soul?)

And she feels it in the pit of her stomach that something’s wrong, she knows he’s not going to be able to defend himself in time. So what does she do, willingly, for the first time in her life? 

Gives in to her irrational feelings. 

She doesn’t fight them at all. She jumps in front of the knife

This is just such an important turning point for the two of them- Percy never expected her to do something like that for him. For Luke, maybe Thalia, sure, but he probably expected a more calculated move, or a plan for himself. This was the first time he really started to see the depth of her feelings for him, which made him feel braver confronting his own feelings for her. And Annabeth now immediately has to confront the facts- she’d die for Percy. I don’t think that’s something she realized she would do before she jumped. She can’t ignore her emotions now, they just clawed their way out of their carefully constructed cage and shoved her in front of a poisoned dagger. 

And she’s still scared of feelings and things that don’t make sense, because that’s not something you shake so quickly, but because of this moment? When she was in the throne room and she realized either Luke or Percy was about to die? She was able to figure out her feelings pretty damn fast. 

(Also, didn’t Percy choose not to tell the camp about the Achilles’ Curse because he knew there was still a spy there?)

A knife slathered in poison.

This curved knife is as thin and sharp as a surgeon’s blade. Often used for self-defense by special doctors in the Healing Church.

They say that hunters traditionally avoid the use of poison, likely because the poison is too slow to act in the heat of the hunt.

I personally found this look like it was submerge in water for years and covered with sessilia  as well as gather poisonous attribute from nearby parasite ….

Finished Set:

Cainhurst Texture | Executioner Texture | Basic Hunter

Side by side comparison and ongoing

Halflight | Fillianore
Cainhurst texture (Helmet)| Cainhurst Texture (Female Knight)| Ludwig’s Swords

Church’s Spear|Henryk’s|Poison Knife

Privileged (8/?)

Originally posted by aaronwarner

“When the Ark gives coordinates to an old emergency supply depot Clarke, *yn* and Bellamy set out to find it. None of them expect the events that unfold next which reveals a side of Bellamy that *yn* never expected to see. *yn* is also reunited with the one person on the Ark she cares about most.” 

Warnings: Swearing, violence, angst, fluff

Notes: Based on 1x08 ‘Day Trip’ of the 100.

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“So, how are you feeling?” Jasper asked. 

*yn* flickered her gaze up from the jobi nuts in front of her to look at Jasper, not missing the warning glare Monty shot Jasper at his words. Instead of snapping *yn* just smirked as she shook her head slightly.

“As good as I can be considering I was stabbed with a poisonous knife.” She quipped as she turned her attention back to sorting the nuts into smaller packets. 

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frosted-shadows  asked:

Who do u think the queen of air and darkness is? Cc said we have already met her but do you think it is the seelie queen? Because I feel like that takes away the suspense of who the title is, like how in lady midnight we found out who it was and lord Of Shadows we found out who he is but I would not have the suspense of who this queen is if it is the seelie queen

I do think that the Queen of Air and Darkness is the Seelie Queen. The poem that inspired the title is from A. E. Houseman:

Her strong enchantments failing, 
Her towers of fear in wreck, 
Her limbecks dried of poison
And the knife at her back, 

The Queen of air and darkness
Begins to shrill and cry, 
‘Oh young man, oh my slayer, 
Tomorrow you shall die.’

Oh Queen of air and darkness, 
I think ‘tis truth you say, 
And I shall die tomorrow; 
but you will die today.

I read that, and I think of the Seelie Queen and Julian.

I think the Dark Artifices means deceptions from the Fae, and the title of each book is an enemy of sorts—Lady Midnight, Lord of Shadows and QoAaD. I don’t think we know all of their deceptions yet.

Mark says: “It would be a mistake to think of the Seelie Court as safe ground where we can rest. There is an old saying that the only difference between Seelie and Unseelie is that the Unseelie do evil in the open, and the Seelie hide it.”

Don’t forget that the Seelie Queen hates the Shadowhunters, enough to join Sebastian against them in the Dark War and for all they’ve done with the Cold Peace. Just because we might know who the Queen is doesn’t mean that there won’t be room for a ton of surprises. I’m expecting it!

The Queen of Air and Darkness

demonskie said: Hello! So I read that ‘The Queen of Air and Darkness’ is another name for the Unseelie Queen (Queen Mab, perhaps?). Is this hinting at the possibility that the Unseelie court (and Queen) may come into play? So far, we’ve only dealt with the Seelie Court; I think it’d be amazing to see meet the even crueller, more evil fey. Or, by 'The Queen of Air and Darkness’ are you referring to another book, like with TLH where the titles were references from Dickens? I’m so excited for The Dark Artifices!

The title references a poem by A.E. Houseman called “Her Strong Enchantments Failing.”

Her strong enchantments failing,
  Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
  And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
  Begins to shrill and cry,
`O young man, O my slayer
  To-morrow you shall die.'

O Queen of air and darkness
  I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die to-morrow;
  But you shall die to-day. 

We definitely do see more faeries in the Dark Artifices, like a LOT more, and learn a lot more about faerie life and culture, along with the Unseelie Court. Also I just like Houseman; the chapter title THE ARMS YOU BEAR in City of Heavenly Fire is from him as well. Be still, my soul, be still; the arms you bear are brittle, Earth and high heaven are fixt of old and founded strong.