poisoned comb

OK, but in the Brothers Grim version of the story, the queen tries to kill Snow White by tying her corset too tight (while she’s with the dwarves), then when that fails, she brushes her hair with a poisoned comb, which also fails, so she gets the poisoned apple. In Winter, when she and Scarlet are escaping, Winter hallucinates that she is being choked by her seatbelt in the hover, and after that, she dreams Levana is brushing her hair with a poisoned comb.

I am a big fan of the movie/mini series the tenth kingdom o_o Especially wolf. Wolf’s my favorite <3 But this isn’t about wolf. This is about snow white, whom gave the best speech in the movie  

And for those of you who doesn’t know, in the original snow white story, the step mother actually came three times in different old ladies forms. Once with a corset that would suffocate her, once with a poisoned comb, and lastly with the apple. (Both the comb and the apple are in the tenth kingdom, but I think they skipped the corset, except for a fast mention in snow white’s story.)

Now go watch the movie if you haven’t! It’s just 7 hours long!