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Month of Venting Week 1: Fire Emblem Fates Fandom

Honestly, the sheer amount of things I can complain about regarding this fandom are ridiculous. The fact that this fandom that has been begging for these games to come to North America has turned into such garbage fire in light of the most recent game in the series honestly makes me feel guilty. Why is it that now that these games are becoming more mainstream and have a genuine future in gaming that people feel the need to spread hate?

Oh wait, I know why!

I had a really hard time picking just one topic that people in this fandom incomprehensibly yell about to shed a light on, since apparently I’m suddenly the most level headed person. But that’s when I remembered one scene. One scene that has been thoroughly poisoned that I cannot bear to watch anymore.

The crystal scene at the end of chapter 15 of Conquest.

This f*cking scene!

I am SO TIRED of hearing people treat this scene like absolute garbage, because despite me constantly hearing people rant about this scene, never have any of the complaints lead to anything. They never say anything about this scene, they just result in verbal barfing, and it just goes to show just how unobservant and quick to anger people in this fandom have become. And no, I’m not just exaggerating for the sake of making a point, I’m speaking the truth, and if you can’t handle it, then do me a favor and just leave. Because it’s high time I stand up for this criminally overhated scene and show just how messed up this fandom is.

And no, my personal feelings towards Conquest will not be interfering with this discussion. You all likely already know that I love Conquest, it’s easily one of my favorite game in years, but I will be focusing solely on the facts and information given in game, nothing regarding my own affection towards this game. Because there’s no way I’ll be able to truly defend this scene if I allow my own personal preference cloud my judgement.

“How the hell can you even defend this scene?!”

Oh great, I’ve created my own snark knight for this. All right, let’s go! I’m taking you down.

“Why did they decide on the plan they chose? Couldn’t they think of something else?”

This stupid argument. I need only word to refute you. One word to refute every person that ever said this. Here’s the word: Desperation. Look at the situation from Corrin and Azura’s perspective. They just barely managed to escape from a dangerous and mysterious world that you can’t speak off outside of it without dying. They just found out that the ruler of the kingdom they’re fighting for is no longer him, but a demon impersonating him, and they are the only two who now know this. They need to find some way to expose him, a plan that could actually succeed. And the only option they have is to have Garon sit on the Hoshidan throne and reveal him as the monster he truly is. They know it’s not the best plan, but it’s the only choice they have. This whole scene heavily ties into the whole theme of Fates, that being choices. It’s saying that sometimes you will have to make a bad decision, you will have to do something that doesn’t morally sit right with you. But the best thing to do in that type of situation is to go with the option that actually has a chance to work. Even if you have to suffer serious consequences, even if you know that it’s not the best thing to do, you know that it’s the only thing you can do. It’s the best worst option they have and they know it. They’re aware that this decision comes with great risks, they know it’s not the safest option, but they are aware that it’s the only thing they can do. I mean, what else could they do in this situation?

“How about tell Xander and the others about Garon?!”

Think about it: if someone you knew, someone you love even, came up to you and told you that they just returned from a strange world where reality is all twisted and they learned that your father is actually a demon in disguise and that you need to take him down, would you listen to them?

No. No, you wouldn’t. You’d think they were crazy.

And they know this. This whole situation is so bizarre that they are aware that the others won’t listen to them. Even when Corrin decides to tell them before the semi final chapter, they are still doubtful of him, even after everything they have seen Garon do. If they are still unsure to trust what he’s saying then, how do you expect them to listen to him a good 10 chapters early? Anybody can say ludicrous stuff about someone, but any sensible person isn’t going to believe that without some type of substantial proof. And they have no means of providing said proof. They can’t speak of Valla because of the curse and the crystal used to show Corrin the truth shattered.

“Wait, why did the crystal even shatter after Corrin used it?”

Hell if I know.

“Then doesn’t that count as a fault?”


“Why not?! It makes no sense! Why would the crystal just shatter out of nowhere?!”

Why are you insinuating that you know everything about this? This is something I’m growing really sick of. Everyone likes to act like whatever say about anything regarding Valla is fact, when all they are is just a bunch of headcanons. We don’t know anything about Valla, even with Revelations, meaning that anything people like to say about anything relating to Valla is nothing but hot air. We know the crystal came from Valla and that only certain people can use it’s power, but that’s it. Nothing else is clear about it, meaning that nothing we say can be either true or false. The only person who can clarify these facts to be true or false are the people of Intelligence Systems. Anything we say holds no water. And to be honest, looking at this in the context of what we’re told about the crystal, it kinda makes sense why it would shatter.

“Regale us, Sherlock.”

That’s Nancy Drew, thank you very much. But just think about it. A crystal with the power to reveal the truth about someone that only a person with great magic powers or highly potent dragon blood can use; it just fits that it would shatter after usage. And it also makes sense why they don’t get another one. Azura clearly says that the crystal came from Valla, and considering they just barely managed to escape, there’s a better chance of them getting killed five times over than actually getting another crystal, especially if it proves to be very rare.

So that argument is down. What do you got next?

“How about they just kill Garon?”

Because Garon would wipe the floor with them, because Garon is an unmerciful king of an entire nation and rules with an iron ax, and Corrin is just one prince with an incomplete sword? This pretty much holds no water since even though Corrin holds a lot of strength and capabilities in him, he can’t stand up against Garon at this point in the game. Even the point when you can fight Garon, Corrin still didn’t have enough power to fight him until he got the Shadow Yato. And with that, at what point would Corrin even get the opportunity to even try to kill Garon? Garon is the king of a whole nation, he’s constantly protected by Iago and Hans and has thousand of Nohrian soldiers at his beck and call. There’s no way Corrin would be able to get anywhere near him, unless he snuck into his room at night and killed him Macbeth style.

Ooh, a Fire Emblem game in the style of Shakespeare. IS, get on it! You will make all the money!

Anyway, back on subject. So yeah, the argument that Corrin should’ve just killed Garon is pretty stupid, since no one realizes that not only is Corrin not strong enough, Garon is under constant protection. Unless Corrin is the best spy in the world, there’s no getting near him. You got anything else?

“How about Corrin convinces the Nohrian soldiers to rebel against Garon? They already hate Garon as it is.”

Well, for starters, the whole point of their plan is for Garon not to find out, dipsh*t, and the moment they even try to convince the soldiers to rebel, they would report him to Garon. And secondly, even if they didn’t report Corrin, there’s no way they would even listen to him.

“Why not?”

For the same reason they didn’t listen to him during the massacre in Cheve: he doesn’t have the authority. This is yet another thing people seem to forget. A lot of people seem to believe that the reason Corrin couldn’t stop the massacre in Cheve was because he’s a wuss and can’t stand up for himself. But that’s not it. Corrin could have screamed and shouted at the top of his lungs, he could have tried to physically stop them, he could have even threatened their lives if they didn’t stop, but they still wouldn’t listen to them. Why? Because they were given orders directly from Garon. Keep in mind that Garon is the king, he holds the most power and the most authority, he is on the very top of the totem pole, meaning that anything he says goes, regardless of what anyone else says. The soldiers could hate it, they could be completely against it, but they still have to listen, because what will happen to them if they don’t obey is far worse than whatever order is given to them. We clearly see from both the soldiers and the Nohrian siblings that they are ware of what will happen to them if they disobey Garon, showing just how much control Garon has over them. Not even the Nohrian siblings, his own children, can disobey him. We even see an example of that when at the end of Sakura’s chapter Xander tries to stop Hans from killing the Hoshidan soldiers they were going to take as prisoners, but can’t because Hans was given direct orders from Garon to kill them, and all Xander can do is stay quiet and not interfere. If even Xander, the crown prince a.k.a future king of Nohr, can’t go against Garon’s orders, what makes you think Corrin could?

“Wait, you said that Corrin could have threatened the Nohrian soldiers. Don’t you think that could have worked? It’s pretty much how Garon keeps everyone obedient.”

Okay, first off, there’s no way Corrin would EVER stoop to Garon’s level of controlling and manipulating people, he’s way too passive and acceptive to do something that despicable. And second, if Corrin actually did try to use that tactic on the Nohrian soldiers, all he would be doing is painting a giant target on his body.

Keep this in mind, Corrin is under constant hot water throughout the entirety of Conquest. The first half of the game is him trying to win over Garon’s trust. If he were to do something as horrendous as threaten the lives of the soldiers in hopes of getting them to listen to him, Garon would have his head over his mantle in a millisecond. That’s the main reason why they have to do this in secret, so he doesn’t find out. Garon already tasked Iago with the task of making Corrin’s life a living hell, I don’t think they want to give him a legitimate reason to do so.

“Then instead of convincing the Nohrians, why not some of the other kingdoms, like the Ice Tribe village or the people of Cheve? They already were rebelling against Nohr, they would be completely on board.”

A, that would draw way too much attention to themselves. Iago is already monitoring their every move, and he would definitely let Garon know if Corrin was rallying them for a rebellion.

B, the people of Cheve were already fed up with Garon and weren’t willing to negotiate with Corrin in the slightest. Even if he told them that he needed their help to take him down, they would just assume that it was a trick, especially with Takumi leading the charge.

And C, because I know one dumba** is going to say this, there’s no way he’s going to get Hoshido on his side, since they don’t just want Garon dead, they want all of Nohr dead, including his friends and family in Nohr, so there’s no way Corrin is going to risk that.

This isn’t rocket science people, it shouldn’t be this hard to understand why they have to do this, why they have to take Nohr down from the inside.

“Well, they wouldn’t have to do this if it wasn’t for the curse! Why does that thing even exist in the first place?!”

Again, stop acting like you’re an expert on Valla. We don’t know why the land is cursed or how it got cursed, so stop questioning it like it’s just a random element made up for no reason. Besides, if the curse didn’t exist, then it would have made everything incredibly easy and the plot would have been incredibly boring. I don’t want another Birthright!

Every story needs a conflict, a challenge, something that makes the main character work towards their goal. If life just handed everything to them and never challenged them, they would never grow and come to understand how to handle bad situations. The curse isn’t just a plot device the writers pulled out of their a**, it’s meant to give the story a sense of intensity and thrill to see Corrin overcome his struggle to bring down Garon all the while dealing with everything he faces throughout Conquest. I realized this, why can’t others?!

“Wait, you said the crystal Corrin used came from Valla, and the three of them couldn’t go back by themselves. Why not just bring Xander and the others to Valla and explain everything to them?”

Think smarta**. They’re on the constant move towards Hoshido alongside thousands of Nohrian soldiers. At what point would they be able to get back to the Bottomless Canyon and go back to Valla?! No excuse they could give would be enough to get Garon to allow them to completely change routes for such a strange reason.

“You’re not gonna give up, are you?”

NO! That’s the biggest issue I have with this fandom!

People are way too quick to judge something in an extremely negative light when all they had to do to answer any question they had was to just sit and think rationally for a second. Do you want to know how long it took me to refute every question throughout this? 5 minutes! If you aren’t willing to spend five minutes of your day to just think about this scene and realize just how well executed it is, then you quite frankly don’t have the right to be expressing your opinion in the first damn place and act like it’s the end all be all of opinions.

“You are aware that you’re painting a giant target on you, right?”

Yes, but I don’t give a sh*t! I’ve said before that you’re allowed to express your opinion, but if you try to force it down someone’s throat, all that’s going to happen is that they’re going to choke and will hate you for it. And now I’ve come up with a new saying; if you’re going to tell someone that their opinion is not as good as they think it is, the least you can do is make sure that your own opinion actually holds some water. Because that is a very nasty thing I’ve seen in this fandom. People here are so defiant to prove that their opinions are fact, if someone comes up and tell them that they’re wrong, their natural reaction is to completely slam that person and accuse them of just trying to spread unjust hate, not ever realizing that they are the ones spreading the hate in the first place. You want a prime example of this?

Recently, a blog appeared called fe14littletruths, a blog created with the intention to knock some sense into the arrogant idiots in this fandom by pointing out the little truths in the games that most people just can’t be bothered to realize, specifically on the many faults in Birthright and the many great successes in Conquest. As expected, this person got daily hate mail from whiny a**hats who constantly accused this person of just being salty and baiting people in hopes of getting attention. But amongst the pile of sh*t were some people who genuinely appreciated this person’s bravery to speak up and call others out on their bullsh*t and actually agreed with what tehy had to say, and I was one of them. This blog was a place where I felt like I could say things I didn’t think I would ever get the courage to say because I know how quick others are to judge. Even if I didn’t agree with everything that was posted by this person (we have VERY different views on Takumi), I still respected their opinion enough because I could tell that this person thought these things out. But likely because of the constant hate, the blog shut down not long after it came up, something that legitimately broke my heart, not only because a well intentioned blog was gone, but because it just confirmed everything I feared this fandom has become. Overly negative, overly sensitive a**holes who will dogpile anyone who has a dissenting opinion on what’s considered the norm until that person either changes their mind or leaves, yet never once realize that throughout all of their needless shouting, they weren’t saying anything. No one who sent this person hate mail ever once stopped and realize that the only thing coming out of their mouths was verbal diarrhea and that they just wasted a full hour of their lives complaining about something that could have been easily solved. And do you want to know how I’m sure of that?

Because that’s exactly how the Soleil controversy got started.

Yeah, I told you I would get to this.

This whole controversy never would have gotten started if the people who created it just spent a few more minutes to use their brain and realize that they read the support wrong, they would have realized that they were way out of line and were complaining about something that was never a big deal in the first place. But guess what? They didn’t! Instead, these people turned something obvious into a toxic cesspool and accused Nintendo and IS of romanticizing daterape and gay rehibilitation. All because they couldn’t be bothered to act like a rational human being and think.

The people in this fandom are not only downright lazy, they’re downright dangerous. Not only can they not be bothered to analyze their thoughts and come to a stable conclusion, but anyone who dares to come out and say that they don’t agree with them will be brutally castrated by people who just can’t handle other people disagreeing with them. And if this is what this fandom has become, I’m downright scared for what might come with the next Fire Emblem game. I want them to make more games like Conquest, I want them to try new ideas, do something unique, not be afraid to take some risks. After all, the best way to find out if something works is to experiment. But if this fandom is so against something different and so unwilling to use their brains, I’m worried that we might get another Birthright, and that is the LAST THING I want out of what is becoming one of my new favorite franchises. I want people to become more open and accepting, I want more people to look at things in a more positive light. I’m not saying that you have to look at Conquest the same way I do, which is asking a lot since Conquest is one of my favorite games of all time, I’m just asking you to not be so quick to judge.

But if you’re someone who’s just going to ignore everything I said throughout this discussion that took me 30-45 minutes to write and just scream at me in my inbox, please do me a favor and take your negativity elsewhere. I think 4chan is looking for people just like you.

And if you’re someone who does have dissenting opinions on what is considered the norm in this fandom, I want you to know that you can tell me anything you want. I won’t judge, I won’t mock, I won’t discriminate. So long as I can see that you are someone who is passionate about your opinion and spent more than 5 seconds thinking it up, you are always welcome here, my friend.

  • Snow: oh no! There's a new villain!
  • Emma: what? who?
  • Snow: I don't know, but he's pretty hot actually. He's got long dark hair and he's dressed all in black and he's got a parrot on his shoulder
  • Henry: ooooh, like a real pirate?
  • Hook: what do you mean REAL pirate?!
  • Charming: what do you mean pretty hot??!!
  • Emma: wait... long dark hair... parrot... like Jafar?
  • Hook: what do you mean "Jafar"
  • Hook: do you know him
  • Hook: Swan
  • Hook: are you telling me there's another sinfully attractive pirate around here and you KNOW him
  • Hook: because I do not like that thought at all whatsoever
  • Charming: agreed. This calls for drastic measures, mate
  • Hook: aye. You get the poison and the bear trap, I'll get the dynamite
Satan plants “seeds” of rejection in us. hoping they will grow into huge plants in our lives that will bear poisonous fruit. But, if we remember that God never rejects us and that His will for us is that we be loved and accepted, we can realise that rejection is an attack from the devil and we can refuse to let it have an adverse affect on us. Knowing how valuable you are to God, and that He has an amazing plan for your life, will enable you to endure the pain of rejection for the joy of what lies on the other side of it.
—  Joyce Meyer

My old lady drood! She’s in her late sixties. For most of her adult life she was strictly a healing harvest witch, who lived with her husband not too far into a forest. Their sons had recently left home to start their own lives and families. Her husband was a hunter, and one morning he was killed by a bear while on the job. Lennora was pissed, and took it upon herself to get revenge, so she poisoned the bear and stole its pelt.

I love some of the more witchy, folklore-y aspects of Gilnean druids, and couldn’t resist giving her some of that. After dabbling further into the darker aspects of witchcraft, she also stole the bear’s shape, turning into one herself at will. The spirits of nature weren’t too thrilled with that, and one day trapped her in the form. After a Brother Bear-like lesson, having nearly mauled to death one of her visiting sons, she learned to respect the spirits a lot more.

After that she picked up flying and aquatic forms, but that’s it :V She’s likely the only “main” character of mine who’ll actually wield an artifact (the Resto one), so maybe at that point she’ll learn tree form (a weeping willow, of course).

Her flight form was inspired by the old owl in Secret of NIMH, and the look of the other forms kinda followed suit from that! Everyone should look older/more gnarled, I’m just not good at that kind of detail yet lol.

Gas Station

San Diego, CA

(We’ve stopped at a gas station for drinks and snacks. My husband is purchasing a energy drink while I’ve got water and gummy bears.)

Me: That stuff is going to kill you.

Husband: Energy drink are good for you.

Me: They’re half poison.

Husband: Because gummy bears are healthy.

Me: These are completely natural. Made from 100% pure gummy bear.

Clerk: We catch them fresh in the wild every week.

Husband: I really don’t know what to say to that.


Because it’s out in English and I have to, OKAY?!

Can you handle bearing a poisonous body in…



  • You play as a woman named Cardia who bears an unfortunate feat: a body that emits poison. Anything she touches melts and dies, so she is forced into isolation and warned never to fall in love or interact with anyone. After having tried already, she accepts her isolation and wishes for death. However, a very mysterious and playful man swoops in and takes her away, bringing her on an adventure that not only teaches her how to control her power and escape harms way, but also shows her a true meaning of love.


Arsene Lupin - Jonathan Bullock

Abraham Van Hellsing - Bradley Gareth

Victor Frankenstein - Ethan Nakashima

Impey Barbicane - Charles Nguyen

Saint-Germain - Jonah Scott