poison week

I wanna turn into a beautiful, magical water fairy and go live in a secret lake in the woods only a few people ever visit and guide home little children who run away there and get lost

I can very honestly say that I cannot remember ever having a busier month. Work is crazy, it’s the end of the school year for Conner so there are all kinds of events (including high school orientation 😳), and after a slow recovery from the flu last month, I got horrific food poisoning this past week. I am just not a person who operates well through non-stop activity-filled days. I need some down time! I miss this space, and time to just sit, and feeling healthy and human (rather than permanently run down and constantly nauseous)…

I’ll be operating on autopilot for one more week and then June calls for a serious reset! At least, I managed to plan our summer trip yesterday! Something to look forward to! We’ll be going to Montana and Canada to Glacier National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Banff National Park, and Lost Trail Wildlife Rescue Preserve! Can. Not. Wait! Any must-see trails to hike??

#CivilWarsintheKastle Week

Day 1: The Devil’s Backbone or Poison & Wine

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“I’m sorry for the intrusion,” Frank mumbled as Karen helped sew the laceration on his cheek closed.

Karen snorted. “Please, Frank, we passed ‘sorry for the intrusion’ months ago.” She couldn’t resist rolling her eyes at his high-handed courtesy before she snipped the last of the stitches. “At least you used the front door this time,” she sighed, standing up from crouching in front of him at the bathroom mirror. “Coffee?” she called over her shoulder, walking out of the room.

“No, thank you, ma’am.” Frank declined the offer while peering at himself in her mirror. Her stitches were getting better and better each time, which reminded him… this should really be the last time. This… showing up at her place, letting her follow him around on missions, coffee… it all had to stop.

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@mgmks has created a great concept

The whole killjoy verse as just the imagination of elementary students

Joining BL/Ind would just be going to middle school where you have to wear a uniform and have more homework so less free time

The director is class president and does school tours
Korse is just one of her friends

The girl is like 3 and her parents want to let the director babysit her but the four fight against it


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“A fresh poison a week, for we were born sick”

“She loved so hard because she knew how it felt to be loved so little”

“I’m not a stop along the way. I’m a destination”

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