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by any chance could you explain what happens in the brain when drinking too much make people forget what happened in the previous night?

So alcohol induced blackouts- when your memories from the night before are either fragmented or completely gone are caused by a large spike in Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). This often happens when we drink large quantities of alcohol very quickly, or if we haven’t eaten much that day- it’s also much more common in females. When our BAC rises quickly, a structure in the brain called the hippocampus is affected.

The hippocampus plays a crucial role in memory. More specifically, it helps the consolidation of information from short-term memory to long term memory. Now when we add alcohol to the mix, our hippocampus can’t do it’s job properly. Information in the short term memory can’t be transferred into your long term memory. So it’s not really a case that alcohol makes you forget, the (long-term) memory is never stored in the first place. 

When alcohol is consumed excessively, more lasting memory problems can be observed. Heavy drinking leads to your body absorbing less vitamin B12 which can cause memory loss symptoms sometimes referred to as ‘alcohol dementia’ which are generally irreversible. 

I wanna turn into a beautiful, magical water fairy and go live in a secret lake in the woods only a few people ever visit and guide home little children who run away there and get lost

Ranger Week: New Spells

image source: The Last Witch Hunter

Arrow Mind

  • 3rd level divination Ranger spell
  • Casting Time: 1 Action
  • Range: self
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Components: V, S

Whenever a creature leaves any creature’s threatened area, if it is in the range of a ranged weapon you are currently wielding, you may make an attack against that creature using your reaction.

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Summary/prompt: This is for @caplansteverogers Song Fic Challenge. My song was Hozier’s Take Me To Church.- Bucky is trying to find a way to deal with his past and all of the things that he’s done. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: very minor angst, mild smut- mentions/allusions to of reader and Bucky both being Bi-Sexual- mentions of the catholic church. 

Word Count: 2835 (including lyrics)

A/N: Okay! This is written very differently from my other fics, but I’m actually really happy with how this turned out. I was terrified to take on this song, but I love it so much I had to try. For this one I will be using my whole tag list, since some people may not have had the chance to let me know if they want to stay or not.   

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Commander of the Week

Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons 

Finally, a commander that can properly fit my disease theme. Hapatra is my favorite card to come out of Amonkhet, at least for commander. Her ability can avail itself of many cards from Amonkhet and Lorwyn/Shadowmoor and even Scars of Mirrodin block if you want to go the infect route. Hapatra herself is a a 2/2 for 2 mana in black and green, that can put -1/-1 counters on creatures when you deal combat damage with her. She also nets you snake tokens when you put one or more -1/-1 counters on a creature. 

Decay on Everything 

Hapatra’s ability gets snakes whenever you put a -1/-1 counter on any creature, even your own. So this means we can use creatures with Persist such as Puppeteer Clique, Rendclaw Trow and Woodfall Primus to trigger it. Creatures that enter with -1/-1 counters are also cool such as Carnifex Demon, Chainbreaker and Deity of Scars as well as several creatures from Amonkhet. Instead of Infect, I have decided to use creatures with Wither as Infect draws too much attention and causes the game to end too quickly. Smoldering Butcher, Midnight Banshee and Necroskitter are some such creatures as well as Corrosive Mentor to give all your black creatures Wither too. I have used one card Triumph of the Hordes that gives Infect and Trample to all creatures to end games that go on too long. 

Making the most of -1/-1 Counters

Now to talk about some ways to avail ourselves of these counters. Abilities similar to Hapatra’s appear on a couple of cards, one in Amonkhet and the other in Lorwyn. Nest of Scarabs does the same thing as Hapatra only you get an insect instead of a snake. Flourishing Defenses appears in Lorwyn and gets you an Elf for every -1/-1 counter put on a creature which is even better. Crumbling Ashes is another good enchantment that destroys creatures with -1/-1 counters on them, be careful though, as this includes your creatures. Blowfly Infestation allows you to put a -1/-1 counter on a another creature if a creature died with one on them. Devoted Druid can also generate both mana and snake tokens by allowing you to put a -1/-1 counter on it to untap it. 

Radiation Poisoning

Carnifex Demon and Midnight Banshee both put -1/-1 counters on each creature and are both great ways to generate a large number of tokens from one of the above abilities.  Contagion Engine puts a -1/-1 counter on each of a players creatures when it enters. Black Sun’s Zenith is a great -1/-1 counter based board wipe that you can manipulate to suit you. Incremental Blight is a good removal spell that can distribute six -1/-1 counters among any creature of your choice. If you want you can use Melira, Sylvok Outcast to prevent you from becoming the target of these abilities, but you will lose quite a lot of opportunities to gain tokens in doing so.

More Fodder? 

Hopefully, Hapatra will stick around for a while and allow us to generate a large number of tokens. But even with these token generating abilities we’re not going to generate many. Why not use a Parallel Lives or Doubling Season to generate twice that amount? I thought that Seshiro the Anointed would be a good way to deal even more damage with snakes. And of course, Mycoloth is almost always an MVP in token decks.  

And Finally…

Apart from maybe a Grim Backwoods and a Grasping Dunes, I haven’t discovered any other lands that may be useful here, besides the usual barrage of shocks, fetches and check lands. So I’ll leave that part in your capable hands. I do hope you find this both helpful and fun and until next time, Happy Deck Building.

The River’s Curse

This is the first chapter of a Voltron/PJO crossover AU I’m writing. Posting today because it’s Percy’s birthday and Day 6 of VLD Whump Week- Poison! They’re all younger in this AU (Keith and Lance are both 15), and pretty much every character is going to be in it. If you want more details, you can check out the tags on AO3. Yes, there are multiple works. All other chapters I’ll just post a link for. It’s going to be really angsty (but also a decent amount of fluffiness) so get ready. Enjoy!

Summary: Lance McClain never wanted to be a hero. But he ends up at Camp Half-Blood anyway, thrown headfirst into a quest of danger, destiny, and demigods. Everyone seems to think that he’s the chosen one, but… he’s just a boy from Cuba.

Keith Kogane never wanted to fall in love. He learned at a young age not to get attached to people. Whenever he does, he ends up losing them. So, of course he just had to fall for the one person he knows he shouldn’t.

Chapter One

They had to have made a mistake, Lance thought, gathering his small number of belongings into a backpack.

Greek mythology was just that; myth. As in, not real. And if it was real, he couldn’t possibly be involved. That would be crazy… right?

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Step one: Choosing the victim!
You don’t really want to murder your next door neighbor because police investigate and question the neighbors and relatives also friends of the victim. Buuut, also don’t murder a person three states over, because then the police can say “Y/N took a road trip on the day before the murder- and that trip was to an area near the crime!” Boom, suspects list+ prison.

Basically, don’t murder your neighbor, but also don’t murder someone that you need a road trip to get to.

Make sure it’s not
•a friend
•a family
•a datemate

because those are the people that people usually murder.

Step two: Precautions and Preparations

Organized murders are always better.
Buuut always have a plan b

And c

Hopefully d and e.

Buy EVERYTHING at least a month in advance

With cash. Things bought in card are tracked.

And!!! Don’t buy everything at once. You don’t wanna be the guy who is at the checkout counter with rope, pliers, garbage bags, and kitchen knives. Just… Don’t.


Don’t forget the cleaning supplies! Hydrogen peroxide gets bloodstains out!

Step three: Method of killing

So you already have
•a victim
•a plan

Remember that you also don’t need to kill them at home! Homes have security systems quite a lot of the time.

But!!! Don’t make it a too public place! That’s gonna be important in step four.
Here’s some methods.

Use a thick pillow that belongs to the person, not you… Unless you burn it afterwards. That’s ok. Sometimes, your victim will fake a death. If they suddenly go limp, pinch them really hard and suddenly. If they flinch or tense up at all, keep applying pressure

Not recommended, as its a messy death that lets them scream unless you gag them. Again, hydrogen peroxide. Use an icicle! It melts afterwards, so there’s no murder weapon!

Poisoning is sooo last week. Simply get a hypodermic needle and fill the syringe with air. It mimics a heart attack but can’t be stopped by asprin, so you can even skip step four if you want.

Actually, if you wanna poison, make sure you use a strong poison like ricin. You can coat a needle with it and subtly stab it into someone’s thigh or buttcheek. They’ll never suspect that that person who bumped into them in the crowd was their killer.

Heck, you could just hang them and frame it as suicide.

Step four: Body Disposal

Ok, ok, I admit that this one is a bit overused. But oh well, this is my fave one, so you get a tutorial.
Satellites look for holes or patches of turned dirt that are about six feet long because, well, its suspicious!

Drain and portion the body.

Draining: put the body’s head against the side of the tub so that is is raised. Get a plastic chair, like a lawn chair even, and out the body’s feet and shins on it. Basically, you only want the lower back and butt to touch the floor of the tub. Make a couple slits in the butt and lower back, make sure they go deep. Two things to remember here.
•Blood. Is. Not. Nuclear. Waste. Chill. Please.
•dont feel bad friendo its a body it can’t feel any pain. K???
Ok so then proceed to mix the collected fluids with slaked lime but just a bit! and oxygen producing bleach. Then let it drain some more until you’re sure that there’s no more fluids in it, then sprinkle slaked lime and pour in the bleach.

Portioning is literally cutting it in bits. Nothing much to say except cut with a sharp knife at the joints.

Ok, so back to burial. There are a couple choices for location.
You can bury it in the hole where a casket will be buried soon. Just dig maybe three feet deeper and cover the body with a nice thick layer of sand. When the casket is buried, so will your body. Extremely low chance that the body will be found.

You could just bury it in a wooded or simply non inhabitated place by burying it with the rest of that slaked lime vertically 6-10 feet underneath a dead dog. If body sniffing hounds dig up the dog (or other animal) the police will assume that it’s a false positive and go away, phew.

But you could always mix it with some fish parts and go fishing. Chum the water a bit. Only if fishing’s your thing tho. Idk you might catch a marlin or somethin.


Body part.
Good method of destroying
Why destroying is needed

Knife, sharp shovel, fire
Mix of debris and bacteria is unique

Knife, fire
Pattern of rings and swirls is like a fingerprint

Toothpick (fun fact: eyes are mostly liquid on the inside, just pop it like a 🎈.) Fire, knife, fork
Retinal scans, my dear. Also digital face reconstruction.

Hammer, pliers
You want to pulverize teeth and turn them into a powder that you scatter. Dental records.

Knife, fire
Fingerprints and debris.

Fire, scissors (both is good)
The same reason you don’t want any of your hair at the crime scene, my dear.

Also!!! If you have the time and the tools, it will help if you cut up the pelvis into many many pieces and bury it separately. Pelvis can I’d gender. Basically, you want this body unrecognizable.

By anyone.

I’m serious.

Dead serious.

Sorry. I had to make that pun.

Step five: Last regards and rules of thumb

Don’t get cocky. That’s how serial killers get caught.

Wear clothes and shoes that are too big, and stuff the shoes so it isn’t too obvious that they are a different size. It also helps to sand down the soles so that they leave no unique prints. Burn all clothes and shoes after the murder.

Wear a hoodie or other hat so you don’t leave hair at the scene and so the color can’t be id’d. Use a spray on wash out dye in a natural color just in case.

Avoid the news and papers for at least three weeks after your crime, the police use those as tools to psyche you out and make you want to turn yourself in.

And remember…

Until they find a body, it’s just another dead person.

don’t kill friend
Clean up
Dry up and bury the body
Stay hidden


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warning(s): super light smut but smut nonetheless, slightly NSFW, fluff, 

Word Count: 892

Author’s Note: this is my entry for @soldatbarnes‘ writing challenge! hope you all enjoy! based off the song “take me to church” by hozier.  this is so different to anything i’ve ever written before but i kind of like it.  please let me know your thoughts!

Permanent Tag List: @palaiasaurus64 @oh-shjt @haydieenzzibug @buchananbarnestrash @ironstank @owhatshername1 @missycamillex @feistytravel @slender–spirit @in-winchester-we-trust @wintersghosts @ladyrevealedofcloak (let me know if you want to be added here!)

Drabble • Smut Fic • Oneshot

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