poison thrower

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Do not like bloodborne solely because of trench coats? You can run around in a fetishized outfit created by a 4 legged Skelton monster from the interpretation of a woman a creepy old man had whom had a crush on said woman if you prefer. Like wow if that doesn't hook you in wow like

There is no heavy armor and there is no cool wizards, it’s just boring Victorian era shit. If you are going to have guns in a setting it should be ww1. I would love to see demons and monsters that are a crude fusion with metal stalking bombed out towns and trenches. Most guns should be like magic and you need both hands to used the good ones instead of making them some shitty parry replacement. In the early days of ww1 many nations still thought this would play out like every other war and would wear bright ornate uniforms and get slaughtered so there would be plenty of variety in clothing. Armor too since many concepts for body armor were used in ww1. Poison gas weapons, flame throwers. Broken down ww1 box tanks still manned by a deranged skeleton crew that think they are actually going somewhere.

It’s just a more interesting setting with a lot more potential instead of running around in a trench coat fighting werewolfs and cauliflower heads