poison the affair

anonymous asked:

(This probably sounds so creepy but I have to know) in vampire verse how does George react every time a president gets shot? Like what are his opinions on Booth, Guiteau, Czolgosz and Oswald?

WHAT A FASCINATING QUESTION! I never would have thought of this on my own. Thank you for thinking of it. 

Hmmm, I think he’s not technically surprised? At least not after the first one. I’m sure he’s lived through the assassination of kings to have the concept, but those would have been more courtly affairs, poisonings? Death upon the battlefield. The French guillotining their King probably gave him some pause, but even that happened after a “trial.” 

But I’m sure Washington’s got a pretty dim view of humanity, so once he knows that they’d be so brazen as to shoot an elected official, well, it’s going to be much harder to shock him. I think he probably finds it deeply offensive, even so. (As he probably finds 95% of what humans did with the country he helped build.) 

As for what he thought of the individual assassins, I doubt he put much thought to it beyond, “scum and villainy.” At best he might have thought of them of examples of why democracy is such a tricky thing to manage, but I would think each time it happens he’s far more concerned with the continuance of his legacy (which is how he thinks of America). 

I think only the assassination of Lincoln would have truly personally affected him, because Lincoln would have been the first, and because Lincoln preserved the union, which I think would have been very personally significant to Washington.