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can Poison Ivy's love spores effect Danny? cuz pretty much sure he doesn't breathe much (if at all) while in ghost mode

Maybe? I mean, if can be affected by fear gas then probably by love spores. He probably still has the reflex of breathing in and out, especially since his human side still needs to breathe. I think he would act a lot like when Ember’s love tune hit him.

A list of things our Chaotic Aligned Party has done:

- Liberated a Neutral Evil Race of Snake People from a Mummy Lord and helped them reclaim their kingdom

-Murdered a Mummy Lord and gave his Heart to a Morally Dubious Wizard Shopkeeper

-Introduced the Snake People’s Evil Religion into a Major Hub City 

-Brainwashed a good, pious priest to devote all his churches resources into the Evil Snake God’s church

-Repeatedly caused major psychological trauma to the same janitor 

-Gave the Ranger a Sentient Bow that demanded he murder anything in sight

-Entered a Country of Lycanthropes to steal from their King 

-Murdered two of their citizens and brought them back from death because they felt like it

-Deceived the Rat King that they’d aid him while plotting his assassination and replacement

-Had an audience with the country’s king



-Escape to the sewers, delve into the underground catacombs

-Get some poisonous spores, a Poison Goddess’s Chalice, and chat with a dead Dracolich 



- Somehow defeat the Demon 


-Promptly escaped with the most beautiful woman in the Were Rat City

We left the country in ruins, with two different racial leaders and King’s dead, its entire population poisoned, a serious demon of immense power summoned in the city’s sewers, and an Ancient Green Dragon roosting on top of this country’s Castle. We have left this country in complete tatters. 

me and a bunch of buds are drawing the pokemon on the rumored gen 6.5 list, drawing them how we think they look like in our style solely based on name and typing
i drew kinokooni and kinrinpu, poison fairy type based on fairy rings ☠🍄👹💀
look up inky cap mushrooms that shit is tite

to to the tune of hawaiian roller coaster ride

theres many bullets in my gun

(gonna go shoot my son for fun)

he loves to play fallout 4

(i accidentally ate a poisonous spore)

This set took a lot longer than I intended it to, and it was honestly a lot harder to make than the previous variants I have made. I’m not even that fond of the end result. I’ll probably start uploading other stuff here now though. I’ve got other fandoms and the like. Anyway, this might be the last one for a while, but if you have any suggestions or requests for me to do, feel free to hit the ask box.

“Parasect” is an umbrella term that refers to many various amalgamations between fungi and animals. As its name suggests, Parasects are a parasitic species that are known to be invasive to many forms of life, and it is incredibly hard to drive out a group of them when they have infested a certain location. The STANDARD Parasect is frequently found in damp, dark places in large groups, rendering such locations inhabitable due to the poisonous spores they can release. 

Another kind of Parasect is the HOLLOW Parasect, Where most of the species usually has the fungus dominant over the animal, Hollow variants are unique in that it is the opposite in its case. The arachnids are known to travel in the guise of mushroom-infested tree stumps that are coated in cobwebs that trap their prey easily.

A more common variant is the ENOKI Parasect. They are domestic nuisances, especially to gardens, which they can devour at ease. They are mildly poisonous, and there have been many of accidental consumption of the variant resulting as a result of their similar appearance to the Enoki mushroom.

Perhaps the most unusual Parasect is the MARIO Parasect. No one really knows how they came about, and what they actually are. Whether or not they are even Parasects have also been questioned. What is sure though, is that jumping on them is usually the safest way to destroy them.

There are definitely more kinds of Parasects out there, and interesting as they are, we must all be wary of the little creature. Many they may be, but there are surely more that we still do not know.

Take Me Home

TITLE: Take me Home


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki bringing home an abandoned child and you immediately fall in love with the little bundle.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: None, unless you count my (hopefully not failed) attempts at fluff.


    Marissa was used to strange things. A thousand years of observing and living human history will do that to a dryad, and marrying a god of mischief certainly didn’t help.

    Or did, depending on how you look at it.

    They had met a year ago, when Loki had quite literally crashed into the trees she’d been living in, followed by a particularly angry Thor. Marissa had no idea what they were fighting about, who started it, or who was in the right, and she hadn’t cared much; she had stopped them both by conjuring vines to wrap around them with vice-like grips and told them off for destroying her dwelling before poisoning them with spores from the deep red flowers that adorned her dark brown hair. The brothers had been sick for a week, though Loki, whose jötunn physiology had an allergic reaction to the spores, was worse off by far.

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Venomous, poisonous - what’s the difference.

Venomous animals inject venom through bites, stings and the like. Think snakes, spiders, stingrays…

Poisonous animals poison you if you absorb - perhaps by touching the skin of a poisonous frog - consume - perhaps by eating a poisonous animal - or inhale the poison - perhaps by breathing in some poisonous spores. Think amphibians, plants, fungi…

Oddly-typed pokemon entry!

Lullabelle (Lullaby + Belle)

Poison/Grass (looks like fairy/ice)

This pokemon is based off of indigo milk cap mushrooms and spores, designed to look like cold snow.

Lullabelle live in warm, tropical climates where lost prey might be lured towards Lullabelle with its kind face and cold-looking clouds. The clouds are not snow however, but poisonous spores that douse the prey and sends them to sleep.

I made some sprites for them in class too, so click on the picture to enlarge them! =D