poison print

beansquishy  asked:

Please get a redbubble so I can get this stuff on a shirt or something PLEASE I WOULD GLADLY THROW MY MONEY AT YOU

i don’t think we should do that because it seems kinda bad to make merch of mcelroy content when the money wouldn’t go to them - but if you wanna like, print one of the edits onto a shirt for yourself, then go for it!

also if you didn’t know, there’s official merch for mcelroy content on maxfun which you can buy here!


Season 6 Game of Thrones nails for tomorrow’s premier. I do really love that show and am hoping beyond hope that a certain, special, ‘crow’ is not really gone. I hope I’m not giving anything away, but fans of the show will know what I’m talking about. This design was inspired by the art of Adrienne Rozzi of the @poisonappleprintshop. This is her photo and design, I love all of her stuff. Go check her out.

I watched suicide squad today and I really enjoyed it?? Like it was super fun, and I can’t believe my fave was Harley I thought she’d be super cringey but she was gr8

Anyway I’ve been slacking lately so here’s a cute gf’s print!

i love this one tiny flashback where beatrice gets !!!actual dialogue!!! and just wanted to say a couple of things about it -

  • she, too, calls lemony “mr. snicket.”
  • okay. so. this is a party at her house, which has already started, and she’s hanging out with lemony in her bedroom.
  • despite this, she actually seems to be a people person!
  • despite this, i’m… not sure she knows how to talk to people outside of vfd.
  • can you picture beatrice starting over with a new social set while distancing herself from vfd, desperately trying to figure out what normal people talk about. not codes, not spying… poison??? arson???