poison gas pokemon

048-SMOKROACH [Smoke-Cockroach]
- The Roach pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This pokemon lives on places filled with garbage and waste, laying very close to the floor. If by accident you step on a hidden SMOKROACH, it will expel a noxious cloud of gas that can knock you out”
    -Bug Bite
    -Poison Gas
    -Acid Spray

049-KEMIKROACH [Chemical-Cockroach]
- The Toxic Gas pokemon
-Ability: Stench/Filter- Liquid Ooze(HA)
-“This mysterious pokemon live in places too toxic for humans to enter without proper protection, among the waste. In its back it has developed a tank-like bladder where it creates toxic gases and liquids that can be expelled at will”
    -Sludge Bomb
    -Clear Smog


40 Day Pokémon Challenge

Day 24: Favorite Poison type

¡A smiling smoke ball that seems to be going to explode in your face! 
That smile and his skull mark… definitely he was born to being an evil pokémon, from James’s Koffing to Roxie’s Koffing, all of them are pretty cool.