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Be More Chill Senior Year, Little Shop of Horrors

“Hey Jer, are you feeling alright? Last night at the party you looked pretty freaked out and you’ve been acting weird all day.” The two were heading heading to the the first meeting of the year for drama club after a second day of nothing happening at school.
“Just tired, I think I got food poisoning or something.”
“That’s what happens when you aren’t prepared for Rich’s Unicorn Pizza.”
‘Is that what you kids are calling Rat Poison now a days? Because that’s what it tasted like.’
‘You can taste food now?’
‘One of the “perks” that comes with me being attached to your body. And of course I’m in control of the hand you use to masturbate with.’
‘It was just a scratch, I swear.’
‘There are not enough mm-hmms in the world to show how much I don’t believe you. I can’t shock you anymore but that doesn’t mean I won’t slap you.’ Jeremy sat down in next to Michael in the auditorium. Christine was already there sitting in front with Jenna excitedly rambling about this year’s production when they noticed the two.
“-and Michael!”
“No one cares.”
“That’s harsh Jenna.”
“You threw up on my shoes last night.”
“Yeah…sorry about that.”
“So what do you think the production is going to be this year? I’m hoping for a musical like West Side Story of maybe Fiddler on the Roof!”
“I’m not, that means we’ll have to sing. And I can’t sing.”
“Don’t be modest Jeremy, everyone in the locker room’s heard you,” Rich and Jake had appeared behind the group. Jeremy blushed trying to hide his embarrassment. “Seriously, I think you’re like the only guy in school that uses the showers.”
“Maybe that’s why he’s the only nice smelling one.”
‘You hear that? Michael thinks you smell nice.’ Chloe and Brooke entered followed closely by Mr.Reyes.
“Hello everyone, no new faces I see. Sad, yet expected and it saves me an introduction. Getting down to business the school has given us permission for a musical.”
“Yes!” Christine jumped up in joy.
“And that musical whether you like it or not is Little Shop of Horrors!”
“Yes!” Now it was Michael’s turn to jump for joy. He hated musicals with the one exception being The Little Shop of Horrors.
“Alright, we’ll start auditions tommorow. Now get out, the cheer team has the auditorium right after us and they hold seniority .”

// Hey guys, Emmun here. Where’s Cammun, you ask? Well, he’s got food poisoning at the moment, so that’s why he’s been so quiet uou I’ve been doing my best to take care of him, but he wanted you all to know what the deal was

// Please wish him a swift recovery!

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1-19 for Allison please. Also I love you and all of your sims 💕

1. What is their age? she’s the same age as rhen so like 25 
2. Do they have a middle name? elizabeth
3. Describe their sense of style. she just follows the trends ya know
4. Do they have any siblings? nope!
5. What is their zodiac sign? Does the related traits fit them? gemini lmao
6. What was their favorite subject in school? Least favorite? she was p god at english and didn’t like art too much
7. What is their favorite movie? romeo and juliet (the one w/ my boy leo)
8. What is their latest google search? “how do you stop food poisoning”  
9. Are they inspired by anything/anyone? nah she’s not like that
10. What is their favorite book? 1984
11. What are their hobbies? swimming!
12. What is their hogwarts house? hmmmmmm ravenclaw
13. What is their enneagram type? type 5 i would say
17. What food do they like? Dislike? she likes pb&j and hates onions!
18. Do they prefer coffee, tea or cocoa? she a tea gurl
19. How is their handwriting? people can read it but it’s not the best 

also thank u 💕

D&D Curses

There are initially four different ways to use the Bestow Curse spell in D&D 5e. Those are as follows:

  • Disadvantage on ability checks and saves for one ability score
  • Disadvantage on attacks against you
  • WIS save or do nothing during a given round
  • +1d8 necrotic damage when you damage them

The spell normally lasts for a minute, but if cast with a 9th level slot, it lasts until dispelled, which is worth noting because the best curses last until dispelled. if cast with a 4th level slot, it lasts for 10 minutes. A 5th level slot is 8 hours. A 7th level slot is 24 hours. These all have their uses for creative players, but the best part of the spell by far is the encouragement to invent your own curses, which many players and DMs have taken as a challenge for their own creativity. So while it is certainly not new, it’s my turn to take a crack at it!

Unique Curses

* - A curse marked with an asterisk is a 9th-level only curse due to its powerful detriment or long-lasting nature. But who is to stop you from enchanting an innocuous item with such a curse?

  • Hair Growth/Loss: You are cursed to grow hair at a rapid rate for the duration of the curse or else lose all of your hair (it grows back after the curse ends).
  • Mute/Deaf/Blind: You are rendered either mute, deaf, or blind for the duration of the curse.
  • Forbidden Speech: You are cursed to never speak about a certain subject, topic, or word for the duration of the curse.
  • *Rapid Aging/Deaging: You are cursed to either age by one year each day, or to grow one year younger each day. After you reach your final day, you die.
  • *Phylactery: Your fate becomes tied to a creature or object. If the creature or object is slain/destroyed, you die as well.
  • Ugliness: You are cursed with horrible deformity for the duration of the curse. You have -5 on Persuasion checks and Deception checks for the duration and are easily noticed and shunned by most humanoids of any race.

image source: Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

  • Possessed Limb: One of your limbs (usually an arm) acts on its own for the duration of the curse, usually attempting to harm its host, harm others, or sow chaos.
  • Petrified Limb: One of your limbs becomes petrified and is unable to be used for the duration of the curse. It could turn into any solid mineral like stone, iron, glass, salt, or gold. Any damage it takes is retained once the curse is lifted.
  • Funny Looking: For the duration of the curse, anyone who you attempt to communicate with bursts into uncontrollable laughter. This does not prevent hostile creatures from attacking you, but prevents them from speaking.
  • Lichsight: For the duration of the curse, you can see the spirits of the dead. Whether real or illusory, you cannot communicate with them and you must make a WIS saving throw each round or become frightened and run in a random direction or cower in place (50%/50%).
  • Butterfingers: Each round while the curse is active, you must make a DEX saving throw. On a failed save, you drop whatever you are holding and cannot pick up or hold anything for the rest of the round.
  • Forgetful: You have a tendency to forget things. During the curse, whenever new information is revealed to your character, you have a 50% chance to not be able to remember it, even after the curse has ended.
  • *Lady of Shalott: You are doomed to die if you ever lay eyes directly upon another being, and must therefore look at the world through a mirror and avoid direct sight of others. The difficulty of maneuvering a hand mirror or the necessity to close your eyes effectively makes you blinded while in combat, imposing disadvantage on attack rolls.
  • Stingy: During the curse, you must make a WIS saving throw whenever you intend to part with money. On a failed save, you opt not to spend your money on it. You cannot make another such save for the same purchase, even from a different seller.
  • Empty Coinpurse: You are compelled to buy things until all of your wealth has disappeared. You will even go so far as to barter your own goods once out of money. Whenever you find something for sale, you must make a WIS saving throw. On a failed save, you will do anything you can to attempt to purchase it or trade for it. Only if the seller refuses three times will you give up.
  • *Baleful Polymorph: You are transformed into a small creature or tiny animated object for the duration of the curse. You retain the ability to speak using a disembodied voice emanating from the creature or object, usually paired with animation like a moving mouth (if a creature) or a mouth-shaped part (if an object; like a book opening and closing its covers and such). You can move with a move speed of 10 ft. per round if an object.

image source: Star vs. the Forces of Evil 

  • Talking Tumor: You grow a tumor-like second head that can speak that embarrasses, berates, or otherwise annoys and inconveniences you. It has +6 for Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation checks, helping it be a complete jerk.
  • Evil Aura: Plants within 15 ft. of you wilt and turn brown or gray and animals within 60 ft. feel afraid or threatened by you for the duration of the curse.
  • Bad Taste: Eating food or drinking water causes you to become poisoned for 1d6 hours, or for the duration of the curse.
  • Bad Luck: Whenever you have advantage for the duration of the curse, you instead have disadvantage.
  • *Prophecy: You become destined to die under certain circumstances. Whenever it is possible for those circumstances to be met, you must make a relevant saving throw (falling boulder? DEX save. Poisoned apple? CON save. etc.) or begin dying. The victim cannot be threatened by the curse more than once every 2d4 hours. The curse will take increasingly convoluted measures to try and make the prophecy come true the longer the curse lasts.
  • *Guardian: The victim is polymorphed into a hostile creature of CR 6 or less. The victim is given some sort of command like guarding a location or spreading suffering, and will continue to do so until the curse is lifted or they are slain. They revert to their regular form if they are slain. The victim cannot communicate and is hostile to all creatures. The creature becomes immune to the charmed condition.

image source: Sleeping Beauty by Henry Meynell Rheam

  • Slumber: You fall into a deep slumber and cannot be awoken until the curse is lifted.
  • Eternal Rest: If slain while under the curse, you cannot be resurrected by any means even after the curse fades.
  • Phantasm: You believe that you have been polymorphed into a small creature (like a toad or chicken) and act as such for the duration of the curse.
  • Unquenchable Thirst/Hunger: You feel eternally hungry and thirsty. You must make a WIS saving throw whenever you encounter food or drink, no matter how dangerous or questionable it might be (swamp water, obviously poisoned food, moldy bread, etc.). On a failed save, you consume it.
  • *Obedience: Whenever someone you can understand issues a verbal command to you while you are cursed, you are compelled to obey. You may attempt a WIS saving throw to resist a given command for one minute.

Hold your tongue! (Ella Enchanted)

  • Magical Immunity: You become immune to nonharmful spells for the duration of the curse. Spells cast by enemies or damaging spells still affect you, but healing spells and buffs do not.
  • Unhealing Wound: A wound you have will never heal. Your maximum hit points are reduced by 2d4+the caster’s spellcasting modifier. This curse cannot reduce a creature’s health to 0 in this way.
  • *Wandering: While under the effects of the curse, you are compelled to wander. Each day at dawn, you must leave and never return to the same city/town or 2.5 mile radius (if in the wilderness).
  • *Deadly Descendants: All of your descendants are cursed to kill their birth parents, whether intentionally or not.
  • *Lonliness: You are cursed to die alone. Anyone you become romantically close to or close friends eventually leaves or dies or meets a horrible fate.
  • *Gargoyle: You are petrified during the daytime and return to normal at night for the duration of the curse.
  • Voyager: You cannot set foot on dry land for the duration of the curse, taking 1d6 psychic damage each round that you do.

Removing Curses

Yes, there’s always a Wish spell or a Remove Curse spell, but I often believe that if any cleric can remove a curse it undercuts the drama of the punishing spell. Instead, use an alternative way to remove the curse. Most of it depends on how the curse was placed and the reasoning behind it. For instance, if you refuse to give a gypsy shelter from the cold in your luxurious castle, you might get transformed into a beast until someone falls in love with you. Here are some ways that one could feasibly break a curse (if the situation allows).

  • Give back an item that was stolen from the caster
  • Complete a quest or mission for the caster
  • Kill the caster
  • Pass the curse onto someone else (through some deliberate means like a handshake or kiss or losing a wager)
  • Seek out a powerful extraplanar being
  • Seek out special magical ingredients for a cure
  • Find a loophole in the wording of the curse (either through tricky wording or by finding a liminal loophole. “No man of woman born” could exclude a man born by C-section. “Neither day nor night” could exclude twilight)
  • Change your alignment (an evil or chaotic character learns to be good or lawful.)
  • Change your ideal or traits after learning some sort of lesson
  • Overcome one of your flaws.
  • Let the curse run its course instead of fighting it.
  • Find true love/True love’s kiss etc.
  • Prove your worth to the caster
  • Atone for past sins
  • Selflessly risk your life for someone else
  • Convert a creature to worshiping the caster’s deity
  • Avenge the caster

image source: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Feel free to use this list and add to it your own ideas for curses! There are so many possibilities that it’s never out of the question to find a new curse that uses arbitrary magical rules to drive the plot of a story. I guess that makes curses the sitcoms of the fantasy world.

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So like it's pretty cool how humans figured out how to bake. Like we made edible chemistry, we like mixed all of theese reactions together to make a delicious cake. Imagine an alien seeing this for the first time.

Oh my goodness!! My first prompt! Thank you!

Hruk’ib didn’t understand why everyone was so concerned about the humans. For the most part, they were polite and friendly, they followed the orders of their superiors, and they didn’t hesitate when it came to tossing protocol out the airlock in dire times. Hruk’ib respected them and had known from Day One that these members of their crew were not just allies but assets.

So it was that when Hruk’ib smelled strange smells coming from the food preparation bay, he wasn’t too upset; a couple of the humans - Konani and Frederik - loved to work with food and did so regularly. Still, curiosity drove him to enter the bay, and it was when he entered, the doors’ hydraulics hissing open and then closed, that he sensed the excess heat.


He froze where he stood, every instinct of his species urging him to flee yet conflicting with the ingrained training of the fleet to make sure his crewmates were safe and away and not near fire! He couldn’t see it, there was no smoke, but he felt it – hot enough to reduce flesh to nothing more than charred ashes.

“Oh, hey, Hruk’ib!”

Hruk’ib’s head snapped around to find the two humans hovering around one of the many stovetops. In his peripherals, however (and it was a miracle in the first place that he noticed at all), he spotted the most unholy mess: white dust coating a prep table, glob-like splatters of what looked like sticky excrement in bowls and dripping onto the tabletop, and at least four or five of what looked like some kind of metal mesh trays on various nearby counters. The trays bore small, round objects that appeared solid and gave off a most enticing scent.

Then his eyes drifted back to the humans who stood uncertainly. Konani had heavy, cloth gloves on her hands and held a long, thin tray. Her brown eyes flicked from him to Frederik beside her and back again. “Um, this batch has to cool but if you want a cookie, there are some fresh ones, uh, everywhere.” She gestured with her elbow to the counters.

The humans were calm. Why were they calm in the face of fire? They weren’t that stupid. They were determinedly foolhardy at times, especially when ethanol was involved, but even humans got worried when fire threatened.

Hruk’ib forced himself to take a deep breath. The heat rushed down his throat and into his lungs – no ash, no smoke, just heat. It was a different heat, similar to when they passed too close to a star and the very ship felt like an… an oven.

The oven was not designed to give off this much heat!

“What is it that you are doing?” he asked, trying to calm down.

Konani busied herself with the…cookies, leaving Frederik to explain. “Ve are baking,” he said. “Ve asked Yensen to tveak ze oven settings because zey vere too low for baking cookies.”

“We asked permission first,” Konani added. “Captain K’alo said we could but only if we did it to one. We made a notice and everything so other crew won’t accidentally set fire to their food.”

Frederik stepped out of the way and Hruk’ib spotted the massive note tacked to the wall above the stove in question. The bright red sign was impossible to miss and the white letters were clear in both Earth’s English, as well as Hruk’ib’s native language of Jubri.

Hruk’ib nodded his head in the humans’ agreement signal. “Very well. I was afraid you had set the room on fire. We usually do not encounter this kind of heat outside of the engine cores,” he explained.

“Ah,” said Konani. “That makes sense.”

“Ve apologise for startling you, Hruk’ib,” Frederik added, pressing his palms together.

Hruk’ib smiled at the human displaying the sign for formal apology among his species. He lifted his left hand, palm turning inward and then upward to accept it, and Frederik smiled in turn.

With her hands still full, Konani simply inclined her head to him, also apologising.

“What is baking?” Hruk’ib asked.

“In a word, chemistry.” Shedding the gloves, Konani faced him fully, leaning against the counter. “It’s different from cooking because the ingredients in baking react to the heat and, if you get the recipe right, work together to create something else. It’s not like we’re roasting meat where we have to cook it to eat it safely. You can eat an unbaked cookie without much threat.”

“Alzough, zere are many people who zink you can get salmonella - zat is food poisoning - from eating ze dough because of ze raw eggs,” Frederik put in.

“Oh,” said Hruk’ib. “Then, you are conducting a chemical experiment.”

“In essence, yes. Want one?” Konani held a mesh tray out to him.

Now Hruk’ib drifted forward, purposefully ignoring the mess, and bee-lined for the tantalising aroma wafting from these strange, dark-brown discs.

“They’re a friend’s recipe,” Konani explained. “She made sure I had enough cocoa powder to last me ten solar cycles, though I’m not sure I’ll use it all.”

Hruk’ib chuckled, sensing the humour, and picked up a cookie. It was still warm between his appendages. It was solid yet somehow soft, almost moist… He flicked his tongue out, sampling, and was rewarded with a burst of flavour. He took a bite. Barely hard on the outside, it was luxuriously soft on the inside. He had never eaten one of these things in his entire life and yet something about eating it and the smell of it reminded him of home, of blankets and coziness and something that was better than camaraderie: family.

Science. This rapturous product was one of science. May the humans and their ingenuity never die out.

Hruk’ib licked his fingers before turning to the two humans who watched him with mixed expressions of humour and curiosity. “May I have another, please?” he asked.

Konani grinned while Frederik laughed.

“Of course!” she answered while Frederik continued to chortle. “But it is a universally acknowledged truth that a glass of cold milk always accompanies the eating of cookies.”

Hruk’ib took the glass Frederik gave him, interchangeably eating and drinking. Milk and cookies, together: a universally acknowledged truth, indeed.

Will had been having a rough day.

Of course, Will loved his job—being a doctor was what he’d always wanted to do, and helping people was what he loved, but sometimes things got pretty rough. Namely when he lost patients. Most of his coworkers were worn and experienced, less affected by the day to day hustle, but Will was easily the most sensitive.

Today’s loss had been particularly bad, a very young girl brought into the emergency room with trouble breathing. It turned out she’d inhaled some water in the pool, and they hadn’t known until her lips had begun turning purple.

By the time they had a diagnosis, it was too late, and she’d suffocated.

The children were always the hardest.

By the time Will’s shift was over, he was dragging, his shoulders slumped and his bag thrown haphazardly over his shoulder. He hadn’t changed out of his scrubs yet, his hair stuck back in a headband that he’d probably stolen from his boyfriend.

When he finally unlocked the door to his apartment and made his way inside, all he really wanted to do was cry, curl up with his boyfriend, and sleep for a solid 24 hours. He hadn’t been expecting the dark of the apartment, the lack of noise, with only the one sliver of light coming from the bathroom door. In fact, it looked a lot like it had that morning when he’d left for work.

Exhausted and worn and heavy hearted, Will wondered where Nico might be, moving toward the bedroom to take off his shoes and his jacket and to put his bag away.

He’d been expecting to find Nico napping in bed or something, maybe watching television, but the sheets were still made and the remote lay unused on the bedside table. By the time he made it over to the bathroom, he suspected something must have been wrong.

When Will entered the bathroom, gently pushing the door in after his knock received no response, his suspicions were confirmed. Nico was asleep, his head head propped up against the lip of the bathtub. The room smelled sour and Nico’s face was the slightest bit flushed, one arm draped over his stomach.

He felt guilty for the exasperated sigh that followed. Nico was easily the light of his life, and there was never a day he wasn’t happy to see him—but right now, Will desperately needed some sort of comfort, and he knew Nico wasn’t going to be fit to give it to him.

Forcing a more sympathetic expression, Will crouched down and, very gently, nudged Nico’s shoulder. He would have just carried him to bed, but if he’d been camping out in the bathroom, he was probably nauseous, and Will definitely wasn’t in the mood to be vomited on.

Nico shifted, groaned, and cracked open one eye. Will smiled sympathetically, carding a hand through his sweat dampened hair.

“Hey.” Will whispered, patting his cheek. “Not feeling too well?”

Nico nodded, groggily, leaning into Will’s hand as his eyelids fluttered closed again. “Been throwing up since lunchtime…” He croaked. “Think I ate something bad…”

“Why didn’t you call?” Will asked, taking Nico’s hand and squeezing. “I could have at least brought you something for the nausea.”

“I called your office earlier and someone said you were in surgery.” Nico said, swallowing thickly, his nose wrinkling. “They said it’d be a while, I didn’t want to bother you…”

“Still nauseous?” Will asked, frowning a bit. “If you feel like throwing up, you probably need to. Especially if you think you’ve got food poisoning.” Will said, kissing the side of his head.

“Yeah, I’m still—” Nico paused, clearing his throat, his eyes widening the slightest bit as it ended with an unexpected gag.

The next ten minutes consisted of Will keeping Nico’s hair tucked back while he threw up. The Italian, finally, finished, and Will got him water and painkillers, sending him to bed to rest while he finally got dressed in pajamas.

“Why are you still in your scrubs?” Nico asked from the bed, propped up against a couple of pillows with the remote in hand.

The question took Will aback, a bit, and he shrugged a bit. He didn’t want to stress Nico out anymore than he already was. “No reason. I just didn’t have time to change.”

“Bullshit.” Nico called halfheartedly, peering wearily over at Will as he changed. “Something happened. What’s wrong?”

Will shrugged again, though he could already feel himself unraveling. “Surgery just ran long, babe.” He said, dragging off his pants and sitting on the edge of the bed. “Can I get you anything before I lie down?”

“You can tell me what happened.” Nico looked washed out and tired, but it seemed like his stomach had settled, at least for the time being. He caught Will’s wrist, linking their fingers and squeezing lightly. “You know I’m fine, Will, you can talk to me.”

Will sighed tiredly, his shoulders slumping as he shuffled into bed. “Just—” he paused, sighing. “This… Little girl, came in, and…” He had to pause, leaning back into the pillows as Nico squeezed his hand. “She had swallowed water, but they didn’t know it… She’d been complaining of chest pain but then all of the sudden her lips were turning blue and they brought her in, and…”

Nico nodded a little bit, rubbing circles on the back of his hand. “And?”

“We couldn’t save her. It was way too late. She couldn’t have been more than 5, Nico.” He muttered, his voice catching. “I tried to talk to her parents, but they just.. Kept crying, the mom was…” Will exhaled sharply, bringing a hand up to his eyes.

Nico frowned gently, bringing his other hand up to cup Will’s hand. “Hey, it’s okay.. Come here..” He stretched one arm out, waving Will closer.

“You’re sick.” Will croaked, wiping at his eyes.

“So? You’re upset. Come here, Will.” Nico said, voice a bit more serious. “No arguments.”

Still looking hesitant, Will scooted closer, settling up against Nico’s side. Nico settled one arm around his shoulders, giving him a gentle squeeze.

“You were with that family through the toughest moment of their lives. You helped them understand, and helped them know they weren’t at fault. You couldn’t have done anything for her.” He said, lifting a hand to card through his hair.

“I know.” Will whispered, voice wobbly. “She was just so little, Nico…”

“Maybe this was for the best. Who knows what could have happened to her tomorrow.” Nico said, kissing his head.

“But still…”

“It’s over now. You did what you could.” Nico said. “Now just let me hold you and you can be sad and we can watch a movie together.”

As much as Will wanted to continue to wallow in self pity, Nico’s proposition was much more enticing. He nodded a little, and Nico lifted a hand to swipe away the wetness in his eyes.

“Turn on something good.” Said Will, moving closer to inch one hand up Nico’s shirt, tracing circles on his stomach.

They fell asleep like that, Will tucked under Nico’s arm, one hand under his shirt, Nico’s hand curled in his hair. The peacefulness of the night was just what Will needed, and the days events were excuse enough to let Nico snuggle him all night.