poison fashion designs

Past Pretending

This is from a shoot for a client to market its line of bow ties. They came with some concepts that were for another time or another photographer. I replied, maybe a bit boldly something to the effect of, “your ties are just, well, ties. I’d like to make them TIES.”

With the help of one of my favorite models, Crimson Reign - she travels and is responsive - I was able to help the client tell its story.  Crimson is new to tumblr, but a veteran model, http://crimsonreign.tumblr.com/, check her out and hire this beauty!!!

I value the brand of my clients and also the Simply Arlie brand. And, I’m glad that I shot what I envisioned and the client appreciated it as well.

The Designer is Poison Fashion Designs and the featured tie is from their Poisonous Bow Ties Bourganvilla Collection.