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Is there an active Holly Black fandom out here on Tumblr?

If there is, I haven’t been able to hunt it down.

Seriously, guys. I want to talk Modern Faerie Tales, Spiderwick Chronicles, Curse Workers, The Poison Eaters, The Coldest Girl in Cold Town and Zombies vs. Unicorns with you.

Especially, though, I want to talk Valiant with someone. That book changed my life, and I’ve never come across someone who loved it like I do.



L e t ’ s  p l a y  a  g a m e . Let’s play Murder. Imagine someone’s going to get murdered at a wedding. Who exactly would you pick? More importantly, who could you only kill at a wedding? Most people you can kill any old place. As a mental exercise, I’ve often planned the murder of friends and colleagues. Now, John I’d poison. Sloppy eater, dead easy. I’ve given him chemicals and compounds - that way, he’s never even noticed. He missed a whole Wednesday once, didn’t have a clue. Lestrade’s so easy to kill, it’s a miracle no one’s succumbed to the temptation. I’ve got a pair of keys to my brother’s house. I could easily break in there and asphyxiate him. If the whim arose.

modern family sentence meme.
  • ‘"this crazy bitch just messed with the wrong crazy bitch.“
  • “aaaaaaah! i can’t even believe i’m talking to you right now!”
  • “you can’t just roll over on someone because it makes you uncomfortable!”
  • “you’re sweating like a heroin addict.”
  • “i want a white christmas. you know, like white people have.”
  • “i can’t wait to make a snow-person!”
  • “my options today are frat house, duck village, or car crash.”
  • “okay, woah, this is exactly how it started out when i found out my father wasn’t really in space.”
  • “where’s the little leprechaun?”
  • “all i wanted was to bribe my way into that school by making cubbies that stuff didn’t fall out of.”
  • “we’re like magnets, that sometimes take a break to date other magnets.”
  • “no, you’re not getting your hair straightened.”
  • “it would kill me if i thought that what i felt would hold you back from getting something that you wanted.”
  • “i wanna kiss you, but i have surgery breath.”
  • “oh my god, that burger was so good, i feel like i just cheated on you.”
  • “yeah, i heard the moaning.”
  • “i couldn’t be more relaxed if i was in a coma.”
  • “what are you constantly looking at on your computer?”
  • “you’ve never stolen anything before?”
  • “point is — a guy like me gets that lucky, he quits while he’s ahead.”
  • “you’re right, i’m sorry, your outfits perfect… if you’re applying to lumberjack school and majoring in having cats eat you when you die.”
  • “by the way, do not look up peeing games on the internet.”
  • “what have i said about sneaking up on me? i could’ve been shaving, this could’ve been a sweeney todd moment!”
  • “it’s gonna take more than that to ruin a morning that started out with a whipped cream smile on my waffle.”
  • “if it were easy, everyone would be hot.”
  • “there is a lot of pressure when one is a gay uncle. ”
  • “you do this every time. you go as a princess, i have to go as some freak. you’re a beauty, i’m the beast. you’re the beyonce, i’m… that guy.”
  • “i wanna hear your point but right now this magic juice is gonna help mama turn that bathtub into a swim up bar.”
  • “it’s a body spray called sex grenade, one of the divorced dad’s in the hotel recommended it.”
  • “with great hotness comes great responsibility.”
  • “we’re a family of fire starters, poison eaters and online prostitutes.”
  • “i didn’t mean for her to get hurt.”
  • “don’t cry, you’ll streak your bronzer.”
  • “i think i just broke a nail on a turtle.”
  • “you guys exhaust me.”
  • “you’re breaking my heart.”
  • “oh calm down, this can’t be the first time you’ve woken up with other men in your bedroom.”
  • “i don’t eat anything unless i know what’s in it.”
  • “this dipstick loves you too.”

Soul Eater Reverb: “Anticipation” And here is a link to my awesome partner, poisonedscarlett’s work. http://scurwrites.tumblr.com/post/123135857017/theres-a-screen-on-my-chest If you haven’t read this yet, go read it right away. If you’ve already read this, then go read it again. Scar is one gifted writer. I’m not good at giving a comment, but, well, it’s hard to believe this is her first time writing a pre-canon au!

Khaleesi’s SoMa Fic Rec List

A while back I hit 1.5k followers, and I decided what better way to celebrate than compiling a list of my favorite SoMa fics.

This is a very long, tedious list of fics I have read in the last few months and in the year that I’ve been in the fandom. They are all fantastic reads that I adore a lot and memorable in some way. The list is sorted by one shots, WIPS, and completed multi chap things. Some sadly haven’t been updated in a while, but they are still worth the read/wait.

I want to thank everyone who chose to follow this crazy blog – even those that aren’t a fan of Soul Eater and handle my SoMa trash. Thank you to everyone who likes/reblogs my fics or posts; I seriously appreciate it so much. Thank you to those who have supported me during my moments of self doubt, sending me msgs of praise and love, and just being fantastic people. Thank you to those in the fandom that have made me feel so welcomed. 

Seriously, I wouldn’t still be doing what I do if it weren’t for y’all. So thank you to everyone in this wonderful fandom. A special thank you goes out to eisschirmchen who has been such a fantastic, wonderful friend since I met her. Thank you for being so supportive and there for me when I needed someone to cry to. I love you so much ♥♥♥

The fic rec list can be found below! Please enjoy all the lovely SoMa things ♥♥

Note: This list was supposed to be longer, but lately I’ve had no time to read things and this is so overdue so there shall be another list to come at a later date :)

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Sherlock's Best Man Speech

“Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, and … erm… others. Also… Right emm first things first: telegrams. Well they’re not actually telegrams I don’t know why wedding tradition because we don’t have enough of that already apparently. John Watson… My friend John Watson. John. When John first broached the subject of being best man, I was confused. I confess at first I didn’t realise he was asking me when finally I understood I expressed to him that I was both flattered and surprised. I explained to him that I had never expected this request and I was a little daunted in the face of it all. I nonetheless promised that I would do my very best to accomplish the task which was for me as demanding and difficult as any I had ever contemplated. Additionally, I thanked him for the trust he placed in me and indicated that I was in some ways very close to being moved by it. It later transpired that I had said none of this out loud.

I’m afraid John I can’t congratulate you, all emotions and a particular love stand opposed to the pure cold reason I hold above all things. A wedding is in my considered opinion nothing short of a celebration of all this is flase and specious and irrational and sentimental in this ailing and morally compromised world. Today we honour the death watch beetle that is the doom of our society and in time, one feels certain, our entire species.

But anyway lets talk about John. If I burden myself with a little help mate during my adventures this is not out of sentiment or caprice. It is that he has many fine qualities of his own that he has overlooked in his obsession with me. Indeed, any reputation I have for mental acuity and sharpness comes in truth from the extraordinary contrast John so selflessly provides. It is a fact that I believe brides tend to favour exceptionally plain bridesmaids for their big day; there is a certain analogy there I feel. And contrast is, after all, God’s own plan to enhance the beauty of his creation - or it would be if God were not a ludicrous fantasy designed to provide a career opportunity for the family idiot.

The point I’m trying to make is that I am the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant and all round obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So, if I didn’t understand I was being asked to be best man it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend. Certainly not the best friend of the bravest and kindest and wisest human being I have ever had the good fortune of knowing. John, I am a ridiculous man. Redeemed only by the warmth and constancy of your friendship but as I’m apparently your best friend, I cannot congratulate you on your choice of companion… Actually, now I can. Mary, when I say you deserve this man it is the highest compliment of which I am capable. John, you have endured war and injury and tragic loss - so sorry again about that last one - so know this: today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved. In short, the two people who love you most in all this world. And I know I speak for Mary as well when I say we will never let you down and we have a lifetime ahead to prove that.

So on to some funny stories about John. If you could all just cheer up a bit that would… be better. On we go. So, for funny stories, one has to look no further than John’s blog. The record of our time together. Of course he does tend to romanticise things a bit but then, you know, he’s a romantic. We’ve tackled some strange cases: The Hollow Client, The Poison Giant. We’ve has some frustrating cases, touching cases and of course I have to mention The Elephant in the Room. But we want something very particular for this special day, don’t we. The Bloody Guardsman.

Private Bainbridge had just come off guard duty; he had stood there for hours, plenty of people watching and nothing apparently wrong, he came off duty and within minutes was nearly dead from a wound in his stomach but there was no weapon. Where did it go? Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to consider this: a murderer who can walk through walls, a weapon that can vanish but in all this there is only one element which can be said to be truly remarkable. Would anyone like to make a guess? Come on, come one there is actually an element of Q&A to all this. Scotland Yard, have you got a theory? Yeah, you, you’re a detective broadly speaking, got a theory?

There was one feature, and only one feature of interest in the whole of this baffling case , quite frankly it was the usual - John Watson. Who while I was trying to solve a murder, instead saved a life. There are mysteries worth solving and stories worth telling. The best and bravest man I know and on top of that he actually knows how to do stuff. Except wedding planning and serviettes he’s rubbish at those. The case itself remains one of the most ingenious and brilliantly planned murder or attempted murder that I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter. The most perfect locked room mystery of which I am aware. However, I’m not just here to praise John, I am also here to embarrass him so lets move on to… Embarrassment leads me on to the stag night. Of Course there’s hours of material here but I’ve cut it down to the really good bits.

Married. Obvious really. Our Mayfly man was trying to escape the suffocating chains of domesticity and instead of endless nights him watching the telly or going to barbecues with awful, dreadful, boring people he couldn’t stand, he used hit wits, cleverness, powers of disguise to play the field. He was… On second thought  I probably shouldn’t have told you about The Elephant in the Room. However, it does help to further illustrate how invaluable John is to me. I can read a crime scene the way he can understand a human being; I used to think that’s what made me special quite frankly I still do but a word to the wise should any of you require the services of either of us: I will solve your murder but it takes John Watson to save your life. Trust me on that, I should know he saved mine so many times and in so many ways.

This blog is the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures of murder, mystery and mayhem but from now on there’s a new story, a bigger adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, pray charge your glasses and be upstanding. Today begin the adventures of Mary Elizabeth Watson and John Hamish Watson the two reasons why every single one of us is… here today. Sorry, I… Now where were we. Ah, yes raising glasses and standing up, very good, thank you, and down again.

Ladies and gentlemen, people tell you not to milk a good speech, get off early, leave ‘em laughing. Wise advice I’ll certainly try to bear in mind, but for now: part two.

Part two is more action based, I’m gonna walk around, shake things up a bit. Who’d go to a wedding, that’s the question? Who would bother to go to any lengths to get themselves to a wedding? Well, everyone. Weddings are great, love a wedding. John’s great too, haven’t said that enough, barely scratched the surface. I could go on all night about the depth and complexity of his jumpers and he can cook. Does errr…. thing, thing with peas once. Might not be peas, might not be him. But he’s got a great singing voice or somebody does. Argh, too many, too many, too many, too many. Sorry, too many jokes about John. Now eh, where was I, ah yes, speech, speech. Let’s talk about murder. Sorry did I say murder, I meant to say marriage, you know they’re quite similar procedures when you think about it – the participants tend to know each other and it’s over when one of them’s dead. In fairness, murder is a lot quicker though.

Genene, what about this one, exceptably hot, more importantly, his girlfriend’s wearing brand new uncomfortable underwear and hasn’t bothered to pick this thread off the top of his jacket or point out the grease smudge on the back of his neck, currently he’s going home alone. Also, he’s a comica and sci-fi geek, they’re always tremendously grateful, really put the hours in. Jeff, the gents. Loos now please. The loos please. Oh I don’t know, maybe it’s your turn. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, can’t stand it when I finally get the chance to speak for once, Vatican Cameos.

No, no, not you, not you, you, it’s always you, John Watson, you keep me right. No, you’ve already done it; don’t solve the murder, save the life. Sorry, off piece a bit, back now, phew! Let’s play a game. Let’s play murder. Imagine someone’s gonna get murdered at a wedding. Who exactly would you pick? If someone could move Mrs Hudson’s glass just slightly out of reach, lovely. More importantly, who could you only kill at a wedding? Most people you can kill any old place, as a mental exercise I’ve often planned the murder of friends and colleagues. Now John I poison, sloppy eater, dead easy, given him chemicals and compounds that way, he’s never even noticed, he missed a whole Wednesday once, didn’t have a clue. Lestrade’s so easy to kill it’s a miracle no one’s succumbed to the temptation. I’ve got a pair of keys to my brother’s house, I could easily break in there and asphyxiate him, if, if the whim arose.

So, once again, who could you only kill here? Clearly it’s a rare opportunity, so it’s someone who doesn’t get out much. Someone for whom a planned social encounter known about months in advance is an exception, has to be a unique opportunity. And since killing someone in public is difficult, killing them in private isn’t an option. Someone who live in an inaccessible or unknown location then. Someone, perhaps obsessed with personal security, possibly someone under threat. Ooh, a recluse, small household staff, high turnover for additional security, probably all signed confidentiality agreements. There is another question that remains however, rather a big one, a huge one, how would you do it, how would you kill someone in public, there has to be a way, this has been planned. Oh hello again Archie, what’s your theory? Get this right and there’s a headless nun in it for you. The who the why the what the where?

Oh, not just planned, planned and rehearsed. Ladies and gentlemen, there will now be a short interlude. The bride and groom!”

Fic recs of 2015

Yes, this is a bit late. I started this on New Year’s Eve, but I grossly underestimated how many fics I read this past year, and of course, I had to reread some of them. You know, just to make sure they were still good.

These are the fics I read in 2015, so it includes both fics published in 2015 and earlier. I have refrained from reccing WIPs, not because I don’t think they’re worthwhile, but because I had to do something to cull the list a little. Yeah, it’s pretty long. (Oddly enough, and not on purpose, it ended up being 40 fics.)

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0 ways to kill Molly Hooper

Sherlock had said it before but now it haunt him in his dreams:

Four People stood under bright lamps. John was the first…

“John I’d poison. Sloppy eater – dead easy. I’ve given him chemicals and compounds – that way, he’s never even noticed.”

The images of John digging into Sunday Morning Breakfast. Sausage biscuits, and gravy. So Simple. Before afternoon tea poor John would be in a pool of vomit and blood staining poor Mary’s carpet.

..his light was turned off

Then came GARRET….no…GARY….Lestrade

“Lestrade’s so easy to kill, it’s a miracle no-one’s succumbed to the temptation.”

There where thousand…quite literally thousands of ways to do it. Meet him after a crime scene and pick pocket his own pistol off him, make it fast and to the head. Or a bit sloppier and just let one of the many death threats be carried out then Sherlock would not need to get his hands dirty.

….then just as John’s his light was turned off.

Next was smug Mycroft…oh how fun…

“I’ve got a pair of keys to my brother’s house – I could easily break in there and asphyxiate him.”

Pillow or bare hands…..He secretly grin as the thoughts pass through. Of course Christmas dinner would be left only to him and Sherlock would not dare be the only Holmes Child to have to suffer a whole day alone. Sherlock would not allow Mycroft that honor.

Sherlock practically cheered when the light shut off and left just one standing alone.


How would he kill Molly?

Sherlock approached the Molly under the light. She wore a simple of festive purple chiffon blouse with lime green cami under and black dress slacks. All completed with her signature doctor coat. She smiled up to Sherlock and raised an eye brow curiously.

“So Sherlock how would you do it?”

 Stepping out and around him circling him like a hawk the light followed her. 

“Slow and Nasty like John….Perhaps take me up on that cup of coffee and put me out of my misery?” She stopped and suddenly two cups of coffee appeared in her hands. Sherlock’s eyes widen and he quickly slapped them out of her small hands the liquid disappearing into the darkness. "No…then.“

She circled him once more.

"How about letting someone else do the dirty work…” As she came back around from be hide him Jim “from IT” was there. A hand around her beautiful neck squeezing tightly a butchers knife slowly cutting into her breast. Sherlock gasped out and tackled the Jim but the vision misted away leaving Molly standing there once again alone and smiling sweetly. “Ok scratch that….So that leaves you doing it yourself.”

The sound of running water came from be hide him and he turned. How he didnt know but his sleeves where rolled up and he held the bare shoulders of Molly Hooper under the bubbled water. Startled he fell back and but Molly did not surface. When Sherlock crawled over to the claw foot tub he looked down into what he thought water…..but in fact was the roof of Bart’s. This scene all too real for him…he had seen the moment every time he closed his eyes. But now here was Molly grinning hanging on to the edge. Her legs dangled in the air and just passed them four floors down was a busy London street. Molly would fall and no fluffy safety net would save her. He grabbed her hand but too late. He watched her fall…….


Sherlock sat up in a cold seat yelling as he did. Molly turned on the bedside table and rubbed her eyes.

“Sherlock what is wrong?” she stiffed a yawn as she rubbed his arms trying to wake up. He looked over to her. She was alive….here in their bed…at Baker Street. Thank goodness. She sighed and ruffled his hair feeling the sweat chill his bare chest.

“Bad Dream….Sorry didnt mean to wake you two..” Sherlock kissed her forehead and leaned down and place a gently and tender kiss to the swell of her belly. Molly’s hands swam through his curls and pulled him into a loving embrace. “Back to sleep….” He pulled her down to laid on his chest and she gratefully took it curling up next to him wrapping her leg around his thighs. “I could never imagine you gone from my side…” He looked down to only find her exhausted and asleep. Smiling he kissed her head once more and closed his eyes.

(( morbidmegz this is for you darling!!! MWAH!!! Enjoy!!!))

rough sketch - Gengar and Mega Gengar.

for those of you tht dont remember, i wrote about Gengar before here —> http://catandcrown.tumblr.com/post/37747017847/this-is-constantine-a-new-addition-to-morts-team but i just decided to shove the info below too haha

This is Constantine, a new addition to morts team when i eventually update his app with his full team of six. I’ve been playing with the idea of gengar. i like the idea of ghastly being the top half of a skull, ill formed, this kind of phantom wrapping around itself forming a creepy face. as it develops, it beings to  form these skeletal hands out of bone, willing them into reality, and the top half of the skull being complete, but with no real lower jaw to speak of. so with all that ectoplasm it creates for itself, it can mould its body into various shapes and sizes (inspired by mouses gengar, Cyrus) but is always trying to create  a bit more solid body for itself. 

So when it fully evolves into gengar, it has a basic skeleton that its in full control of, and can melt it, bend it, sharpen it etc, into anything it wants. this kind of demoniac rabbit, Cheshire cat, bat ghost thing. So with its new ability to create more solid body parts, it can scratch, bite, and use more physical attacks than before, as well as being able to melt its entire body down into shadows . 

5) - Constantine - Gengar– able to sneak out from shadows on Mort’s command, nullifying psychic attacks and protecting Mort from mental invasion with dark pulse. He usually stays within Mort’s shadow, keeping him safe and hidden from sunlight.

 Also capable of hypnotising enemies, allowing Mort to interrogate them, then uses dream eater to incapacitate them should Mort not want them dead.  Also capable of poisoning people from the shadows with poison jab.

-  Dark pulse


-Dream eater

-Poison jab

just a rough concept, but i loved the idea of seeing the skull show through a bit more, along with the hands etc. just doodles, but i like it so far :)

I’m aware that this one is a touch further away than the original art than most people would like, but i really love how he turned out. Especially Mega Gengar, whose just a massive, stronger and wicked upgrade to an already demonic thing.  and a third eye of course.

Tunes of the Transcendence

The Transcendence AU blog gets a lot of asks about songs that fit characters or the AU in general. Here, I’ve compiled all (I hope) of the songs that have been suggested directly to us in our first year of the blog.

Nightmares Chameleon Circuit / Body Mother Mother / Transcendence Lindsey Stirling / Nightcore - Poison / Monochrome Dream Eater - Len Kagamine [Vocaloid] / Smoke and Mirrors Imagine Dragons / deCIPHER Madame Macabre / Transcendence (Orchestral) Lindsey Stirling / Starlight Muse / Shine Late Night Alumni / Sugar, We’re Going Down Fall Out Boy / Gravity Falls Theme for Orchestra Walt Ribeiro / Angel of Death Mafumafu Ft Ia / I Found Love Owl City / Confrontation Jekyll and Hyde / Another Story The Head And The Heart